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When I was pregnant with my oldest, Esther, I put together this essential oil base recipe to use on my pregnant and postpartum body. I combined some of my favorite ingredients based on their certain benefits. I used raw organic coconut oil for the anti-fungal & antibacterial properties; sweet almond oil because it was a great carrier that wouldn’t affect the essential oil scent I planned to add and it’s great for the skin; jojoba oil because it permeates the dermis of the skin deeper; vitamin E for its awesome skin repair as well as to help keep the collagen & elastin bond tight behind the skin.

All-Purpose Carrier Oil Base & Video

You can add essential oils as you use the base to fill dispensers in your home. Use 1-2 drops for every one ounce of the mixture or use the carrier oil base in your other recipes and roll-ons as directed. Depending on the climate carrier oils for skin may go back to a solid or semi solid state so you can easily apply the same method that I use to melt the coconut oil above.

This mixture worked wonders for keeping our baby’s skin nourished. I applied it to her skin daily, even on the days we didn’t bathe. I love this for everypne from babies all the way up to adults!

Mama Z's Carrier Oil Base
  1. Allow the coconut oil to turn to a liquid. Set in a warm place (76 degrees or higher) and depending on the climate this could take 1-2 days. You do not want to get this mixture too warm or it will destroy the natural antifungal and antibacterial properties that you get from a raw organic virgin coconut oil. I have used a space heater to heat a room to 80 degrees or the top of my gas stove while everything is off to gently warm my oil.
  2. Use a large cooking pot and mix all the ingredients together.
  3. Store in quart size mason jars.

Index of DIYs Using Mama Z’s Oil Base

You can use this customized oil base mixture in almost any DIY or remedy that calls for carrier oils but here are some of the recipes on our site that specifically call for this wonderful blend.

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