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Whether you are a man or woman, hair loss can be a devastating event. And it doesn’t just affect aging people. Many young people lose their hair due to stress, bad health, pregnancy, or hormone imbalance. I’m asked a lot about my favorite essential oils for hair loss and regrowth and today I want to share a DIY essential oil for hair loss recipe that helped me when I lost a ton of hair after my molar pregnancy.

Favorite Essential Oils for Hair Loss

Tea tree essential oil is anti-fungal so it will help to heal your scalp of any issues that may be causing itchiness. Peppermint essential oil is so invigorating and will help with blood flow. Rosemary essential oil and geranium essential oil are great for smooth silky hair, especially when battling frizz. Many DIY shampoos and conditioners use these oils to promote healthy hair and a clean scalp. I also use some of these in my homemade hairspray recipe which you absolutely must try!

Pair these essential oils for hair loss and regrowth with some magnesium gel and you’ve got a great root treatment or hair serum to combat hair loss!

Ready to get started? Gather up your oils, a small glass bottle (I love an amber glass bottle with a dropper for this) and your magnesium gel!

Essential Oils For Hair Loss & Regrowth Gel for Strong Hair!
  1. Add the essential oils and magnesium gel to a glass bottle or a PET plastic squeeze bottle.
  2. Replace the lid and shake well to mix.
  3. To use, massage a small amount of the mixture into your scalp after showering.
*My favorite oils to use in this recipe are rosemary, peppermint, lavender, and tea tree. If the humidity is making my hair frizz, I’ll add a few drops of geranium.

You can use whatever combination of these oils you’d like; just don’t exceed 10 drops total. I typically use 2 drops of each essential oil and find that it makes a lovely blend.

Magnesium gel is what you want to use because it’s different than magnesium oil. My favorite is magnesium gel with seaweed extract so it has all the micronutrients that your hair needs.

Eliminate caustic and dangerous chemicals from your bathroom routine and use healthier options like homemade shampoo, DIY conditioner, and gentle hair detangling spray to minimize the stress on your hair.


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