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It can be so frustrating when you’re trying to work and it just seems so difficult to focus. Sometimes diet can play a role and switching to natural sweeteners instead of sugar can help. Other times you may find you just have so much on your mind it’s hard to focus on just one thing. Whether you are struggling with mental fatigue, brain fog, or just need some help focusing this essential oils for ADHD or ADD roll-on recipe will come in handy.

And, yes, it’s safe for kids! 🙂

Why Essential Oils for ADHD Work

Chamomile and vetiver essential oils will help calm scattered thoughts. They are calming and great for stress – in fact chamomile makes my top ten list of essential oils for stress!

While those two oils help relieve stress, the orange, neroli, and bergamot bring the energizing effect of citrus essential oils to bear. Any blues or lingering brain fog will melt away! Neroli is an intense, uplifting oil I’ve recommended for mood, libido and more.

Geranium essential oil is a favorite for anxiety that over-active thought processes can bring and has been shown to help with the effectiveness of labor so those properties add to the power of this blend. Geranium’s floral scent is divine. It  and will add body to the blend.

For an additional potential application with school-aged kids, try using these essential oils for ADHD in our DIY and sanitizer with essential oils! Simply replace the other potential blends with the Help Me Focus Blend of essential oils.

Other Causes of Focus Difficulties

There can be many things that impact your focus from sleep to hormone balance to environmental issues and more! Here are some other aspects to consider and ways to help improve your focus, while you use essential oils for ADD to support.

If sleep problems are a contributing factor, essential oils for sleep might help. Then you won’t feel like you have to relay solely on caffeine or medications to help you focus.

Your exercise and eating patterns can affect your ability to focus as well – see our what to eat to stay fit article for more information on how intermittent fasting can help your body process food more efficiently and improve your overall energy levels.

Autoimmune diseases and hormone imbalances like hypo or hyper thyroid problems, often present with fatigue and focus issues as symptoms.

Even environmental toxins can trigger mind fog – for example EMF radiation in our homes. This is why we did our Toxic-Free Healthy Home Tour to help show people the possibilities for giving your home a healthy makeover and improve the health of their environment.

Focus issues can be short-term bumps in the road, or something you struggle with often. Regardless of how you’re struggling to focus, this uplifting blend of essential oils for ADD/ADHD should be helpful to you.

Whether you have an official ADHD diagnosis or not, this Help Me Focus blend has essential oils that can help you take control of scattered thoughts or cut through brain fog.

Mental Focus Roll-On
  • 1 drop neroli essential oil
  • 1 drop rose geranium essential oil
  • 1 drop bergamot essential oil
  • 1 drop German chamomile essential oil *
  • 1 drop vetiver essential oil
  • 1 drop sweet orange essential oil
  • Mama Z’s Oil Base or Carrier oil of your choice
  • 10 ml roll-on bottle
  1. Add one drop of each essential oil to your amber glass roll-on bottle.
  2. Add your favorite carrier oil to fill the rest of the bottle and apply to pulse points as needed.
  3. Mix the essential oils and carrier oil by rolling gently between your palms to combine.
  4. Apply to pulse points whenever you need a pick-me-up.
* Substitute with Roman chamomile if you don’t have German chamomile.


Essential Oils for ADD / ADHD: A Kid-Friendly Remedy that Works!


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