Guy don’t like fancy, smelly body products… or do they? These 5 DIY Christmas Gifts for Men will help you to pamper your favorite guy with some natural products to replace what he’s already using! I promise these will make amazing stocking stuffers this year for every guy from your grandpa down to your sons and nephews!

5 Great Natural Christmas Gifts for Men

Pull out your essential oils, your little glass jars and your carrier oils. It’s time to get started!

Super Easy Beard Oil

Now is the time to show our husbands the love. Show them they too can use essential oils in their life with this easy beard oil recipe with essential oils. The ultimate beard-taming, beard-softening, and smell good all day DIY beard oil recipe.

Natural Aftershave Recipe

If your man hates shaving because it hurts or because his skin is too sensitive, make him a batch of this aftershave. It works! You can make this one yourself super easy with your guy’s favorite essential oils.

Natural Muscle Rub

Lots of muscle rubs and muscle pain relief oils and lotions contain all kinds of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Even if you could, where do they come from? Our homemade essential oil muscle rub is all natural, and made from very basic ingredients that nourish your skin while providing relief for all your sore spots.

DIY Lip Balm with Essential Oils

Homemade lip balm makes great gifts and stocking stuffers. We make a batch of 50 or more at a time and keep on hand to give to people. When I tuck a few extras into my purse I put my name on mine so I know which I’ve used, then I always have the extras to giveaway when someone needs one.

All-Natural Cologne for Men

Store-bought colognes can help you smell delightful, but at what cost? Synthetic fragrances have serious effects on the body (especially the brain) and have been linked to Alzheimer’s, dementia, auto-immunity and even cancer. Seriously, folks, Chanel No. 55 is NOT worth it! With my DIY Essential Oil Cologne blends, you can enjoy your cake and eat it, too. Not only will you smell nice, but they are non-toxic and beneficial to living an Abundant Life!
What are your favorite DIY Christmas Gifts for Men? If you’re looking for the perfect homemade stocking stuffer gift for a woman in your life, check out these!


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