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Without doubt, pure water is second only to pure air as the primary determinant of health. Truth is, we consume a ton of water during our life, but a vast majority of people are more concerned about their diet, supplement & exercise regimens and neglect the water that they drink… innocently allowing heavy metals and neurotoxins into their body at an uncontrollable rate. If you’ve learned the unexpected dangers of many drinking water options, you may be wondering how to purify tap water for you and your family. But you might be confused. Don’t worry – You aren’t alone. First off, don’t believe the lie: bottled water is NOT the solution. Not only does the plastic contaminant the water, the water is generally sourced from municipal water plants (i.e. tap water) and it gets “alkalinized” or “enhanced” with electrolytes. It’s all rubbish. You’re spending money on filtered tap water, when you can make your own and store in glass or other safe containers! We investigated many options and found AquaTru® – a fabulous unit with an amazing special price just for Natural Living Family members.

Why we Need to Filter Our Tap Water

Unless you get a water purifier, you can pretty much guarantee that your tap water is filled with heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, drug residues from your neighbors, herbicides, pesticides, and hundreds of other disease-causing contaminants. And, please don’t think that bottled is better, because it’s not! We turn the faucet and water comes out. For many of us, that’s the extent of the thought we give to our tap water. However, as we become more knowledgeable about the hidden toxins in our home, we begin to make improvements that better our health. Learning how to purify our tap water, is a big step towards overall health. Water is life! It’s necessary for our very survival in profound ways. So it’s no surprise that unclean water can have such a profound effect on our health and well-being. But if the government maintains water treatment plants, do we really need to filter our home tap water ourselves? Yes. We really do. Most of the minimum standards still allow unwanted chemicals and contaminants. What’s worse is that many water treatment plants are performing below these minimum standards! Yikes! These contaminants include:

  • Lead – Did you know USA Today identified almost 2,000 water systems, spanning all 50 states, where testing has shown excessive levels of lead contamination over the past four years. This isn’t just a Flint problem – this is a water problem.
  • Hexavalent Chromium – Also known as Chromium 6, this is the chemical Erin Brockovich was fighting against in the famous movie. This chemical has now been detected in the drinking water of more than 250 million Americans in all 50 states affecting about 70% of the population.
  • Herbicides – Commonly found in water supplies due to agricultural run-off these chemicals often affect well-water as well.
  • Pesticides – Another common contaminant found across the country due to water run-off pollution.
  • Chlorine – The cancer risk for people who drink chlorinated water is 93% higher than those whose water does not contain chlorine.
  • Flouride – Flouride has been added to many municipal water systems for years but can build up in the body and has implications in mental health diseases and brain function.
  • and more – including plastic contamination.

Additionally, these contaminants in our tap water have been linked to:

  • Allergies
  • Autoimmunity
  • Birth defects & infertility
  • Brain fog
  • Cancer
  • Dementia & Alzheimer’s
  • Obesity
  • And the list goes on and on

Read more about why tap water isn’t safe or watch the video below for additional insights.

Our Natural Living Family “group buy” will save you up to $100 off your AquaTru® unit and give you a free gift of AquaTru Perfect Minerals. Check out Aqua Tru here.

How is AquaTru Different?

What’s the solution? Aqua Tru…

  • Aqua Tru is the first CERTIFIEDcountertop reverse osmosis water purification system that can make better than bottled-quality water – right from the tap.
  • It requires NO PLUMBING or INSTALLATION and sets up in just minutes.
  • Aqua Tru can remove thousands of toxins and contaminants from your water, and is certified to remove 76 of the most toxic and dangerous ones (15x more than a pitcher filter).
  • Three replaceable filters are long-lasting and affordable.  They last from 6-months to 2 years (600-1200 gallons), based on average use. The AquaTru unit also keeps track of your filter usage and shows an alert when one needs to be changed.
  • Save thousands of dollars over the cost of bottled water
  • Aqua Tru is made of plastic, but it is Tritan plastic, the same high-grade non-BPA plastic used by Nurtri-Bullet.  (If a concern, we recommend transferring water to a glass pitcher.)
  • Aqua Tru water tastes great!

AquaTru will make better than bottled-water quality using your home’s tap water. No more clunky systems taking up precious cabinet space or expensive whole-home systems if you aren’t ready to make that level of investment.

Long-lasting filters, easy-to-use system, no plumbing needed – the benefits are profound. The filtration system isn’t just a single unit with charcoal to enhance the flavor, it has multiple filters that will completely purify any water. Not only that, but the filters will purify between 600-1200 gallons before they ever need replacing!

Special Price Just for Natural Living Family Readers! Get $100 OFF just for being one of our readers. Check out Aqua Tru here.

So what sets AquaTru apart?

  • Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology – The top RO technology made compact for countertops and more efficient than ever!
  • A TRU Water Purifier – Don’t just filter out your water, removing simple chemicals like chlorine, but rather AquaTru creates purified water, free from toxins and pathogens that are otherwise left behind. AquaTru can remove thousands of toxins and contaminants from your water, and is certified to remove 76 of the most toxic and dangerous ones (15x more than a pitcher filter).
  • Stop Buying Water Bottles – The plastic created by single-use water bottles is a huge pollutant in our environment. Not only that but the poor quality plastic leaches harmful BPAs and other chemicals into the water. Save money AND drink healthier water when you learn how to purify tap water from your own home with Aqua Tru.

Why we Love Our AquaTru Purifier

There are so many reasons we love having an AquaTru Purifier system in our home.

  1. High-Quality Filter System – We know that reserve osmosis is one of the best ways to purify and this is a compact unit that delivers top quality.
  2. Less Expensive than Other RO Systems – The AquaTru is less expensive to set up and less expensive to maintain with it’s long-lasting filters!
  3. Easy to Install Water Filtration System – You can get started using AquaTru right away! No plumbing or professional installation required!
  4. Long-Lasting, Replaceable Filters – Always have the cleanest water with our replaceable filters. But don’t worry – you’ll get 6 months-2 years worth of use from the filters before they need replacement.
  5. Tritan Plastic Construction – AquaTru purification units have a high-quality, non-BPA plastic water reservoir for added peace of mind.
  6. Never Miss a Filter Change! The AquaTru unit also keeps track of your filter usage and shows an alert when one needs to be changed.
  7. Clean you can TRUST. Remember bottled-water isn’t the answer. The State University of New York found that 93% of bottled water tested across 9 countries showed microplastic contamination, including major brands like Aquafina, Dasani, Evian, and Nestle PureLife. With AquaTru you get truly pure water right in your own home!

AquaTru Water Filter Review - How to Purify Tap Water

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It wasn’t until we completely detoxed our house and cleaned up our water supply in our home that we finally knew what health really was. Once we learned how to purify tap water for our family –

  • Gut issues disappeared.
  • Inflammation, aches, and pains vanished.
  • Skin issues cleared up.
  • Literally, our health (and lives) transformed within weeks.

The reason we’re partnering with Aqua Tru is that they have the best price, on the best solution out there. And, trust us, we’ve done the research. We HAD to because our tap water was causing us health problems (like headaches, gut issues, and worse)…

AquaTru Special for Natural Living Family Members

Our friends at AquaTru have created a special discount just for our Natural Living Family members.

NLF “Group Buy” (Get $100 off TODAY)! You don’t have to wait another day wondering about the dangers in your family’s drinking water. Our Natural Living Family “group buy” will save you up to $100 off your AquaTru® unit. Don’t miss out on your free gift of Perfect Minerals as well! –>> Go HERE to learn more & get yours TODAY!


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