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At Natural Living Family, we believe that God has gifted our bodies with the remarkable ability to heal itself under the right conditions and, yes, that includes the ability to beat cancer.

How each person “beats cancer” is unique, and the end result can take on a multitude of outcomes. (I cover this in more detail below.)

For some reason, when it comes to using natural therapies, it is hard for people to believe that cancer can be properly prevented, managed or successfully treated by alternative medicine. In fact, our hope and belief that people can beat cancer naturally has caused us much grief, criticism and backlash online. And, no, for the record, we have never or will ever claim that essential oils “cure” cancer, but there is valid research to suggest that they can help in a myriad of ways.  People have condemned us giving our readers “false hope” (as if there is such a thing), and many folks are just unwilling to recognize or believe in the regenerating power of the human body.

But it’s true. It’s a fact of nature and a Biblical truth that God is a God of life (not death), and that He created all living organisms to thrive here on earth.

Simply observe what happens after you cut your finger with a knife, you’ll see regeneration in action as your body immediately responds to heal the injury at the cellular level:

  1. First, your blood starts to clot within a few minutes as your body works hard to stop the bleeding.
  2. Then, blood clots dry and form a scab, which protects the skin tissue underneath from germs.
  3. At this point, your body’s immune system has been triggered to protect the wound from infection.
  4. Clear fluid oozing may be excreted from the wound to help clean the area.
  5. And blood vessels quickly open in the area, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the wound essential for healing.

All of this happening within minutes of cutting yourself and we see similar healing mechanisms in nature when a tree branch gets sawed off or when a bird breaks a wing.

Fact is, sometimes the body requires support when an injury or disease is too severe to heal on its own, and that’s where medication and natural therapies play a part. And we believe that God will provide the blueprint for your healing – it’s just a matter of trusting and obeying what He’s saying to you.

When it comes to beating cancer, or any disease for that matter, there is no right or wrong. No set protocol. No set outcome. Only one constant remains: God loves you, and He wants to see you well…

Beating Cancer God’s Way Defined

According to the most accurate research to date from Cancer Research UK (1) and the British Journal of Cancer (2), one in two people will develop cancer at some point in their lives. This fact shook the cancer world to the core when it was released. When you think that Americans alone spend more than $124 billion on cancer care (3), it’s obvious that something isn’t working.

More and more people are being awakened to the fact that the one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare that most providers have adopted is the major contributing factor. Truth is there is no diet, no natural remedy protocol or chemotherapy strategy that will work every time. In other words, the answer for you will not necessarily be the answer for your loved ones. Focus needs to be placed on customizing protocols and strategies to fit each individual.

Beating Cancer God’s Way is not a promise for a “cure.” It’s a way of life guided by the Spirit and birthed in prayer and spending time with God.

  • Sometimes people “beat cancer” when they uncover emotional peace or mentality stability during their crisis.
  • Other times, people “beat cancer” when they start to sleep better or their pain goes away or their desire to live returns.
  • Some “beat cancer”when they “win” the battle and complete their healing journey and go into “remission.”
  • And, the same can be said of ALL chronic disease including diabetes, obesity, heart disease & more

We’ve helped coach and educate chronic disease patients across the globe and have found one commonality: many people feel lost, hopeless and beat up by cancer. So, instead of letting cancer beat you up, we want to encourage you with the reality that, YES!, you can beat it.

To Beat Cancer God’s Way someone must live a well-balanced life (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, socially), and it is our family’s mission to help you along your journey.

The key is to trust and obey what He’s telling you. It’s as simple as that, but oh so hard for people to follow through on.

Have you heard from God?

Have you seen the path that He is directing you on?

Have you even asked Him for the solution?

Sometimes He’ll speak through your friends or family members. Other times, He’ll use your doctor. In either case, we all need to be spending time alone with Him in prayer and silent meditation on a daily basis to put ourselves in a position where we can quiet the noise around us to hear Him properly.

Some people have beat cancer through conventional methods like chemo and radiation therapy. Others have beat cancer by following certain juicing and essential oils protocols. Still others have chosen a hybrid model utilizing both medical and natural strategies. This is known as “integrative oncology.”

Others have beat cancer by not seeking God’s hand for healing at all, but by discovering their purpose in life after the diagnosis. Manifesting their mission or destiny, these people have found purpose in the pain, and have birthed local or global ministries to help people – all because cancer knocked on their door.


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There are different theories about what cancer really is, but at its core cancer is a disease of the immune system. Essentially, this means that anything you do to boost your immune system will help prevent, and even treat, cancer. It’s true! Cancer simply cannot thrive in an environment when the immune is functioning at full capacity.

Cancer is a global epidemic and chemo & radiation have not solved the problem. In spite of billions of dollars of medical research and interventions, cancer is still a major public health crisis in the United States, and throughout the world. Currently the second leading cause of death in America, it is expected to surpass heart diseases as the leading cause of death by 2020.

To put this into perspective, a total of 1,658,370 new cancer cases, and 589,430 cancer deaths are projected to occur in the U.S. alone this year! The American Cancer Association (4) has recently published some other data that will absolutely SHOCK you!

  • 171,000: The estimated number of cancer deaths this year that will be due to smoking. That is nearly 30% of all the cancer deaths predicted!
  • 68%: The 5-year relative survival rate for all cancers combined diagnosed between 2004 and 2010. Meaning that 32% of all cancer patients will not live 5 years after being diagnosed!
  • 231,840: Number of women expected to be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer this year. Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women, with the exception of cancers of the skin.
  • 220,800: Number of men expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year – the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men, aside from skin cancer.
  • 132,700: Number of colorectal cancer cases expected to be diagnosed this year. An estimated 37.5% of these people will die from the cancer.

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Finding the Right Solution for You

Believe it or not, the solution is up to you…

By and large, cancer is a preventable condition. This is good news, because it’s largely a disease caused by environmental factors and a weakened immune system; which is usually linked to poor lifestyle habits.

For some, there is a genetic component. Though, the study of epigenetics has made it clear that our genetic expression can be altered by our environment. In other words, you can turn your genes “on” and “off” with the foods that you eat, liquids that you drink, products that you put on your skin and even through your thoughts!

The bottom line is that you are NOT a victim of the genetic lottery, and CANCER DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR PORTION in life. And (yes!) you do have a choice!

If you have made the decision to Beat Cancer God’s Way (5), what is the next step?

First off, remember everyone is different. What works for a 7-foot-tall African American basketball star will probably not work for a 5-foot-tall woman from Tibet.

This is known as “biochemical individuality,” and your primary focus should be on figuring out what works best for you. This is why working with a team of health care professionals is best – ideally a group of people that support each other and your decision to customize your own protocol.

We filmed the story of a young mom with stage 2 breast cancer and documented her travels as she worked tirelessly to Beat Cancer God’s Way. She found an integrative oncology path that worked for her, and the end result of her inspirational story is an award-winning documentary.  Go HERE to enjoy a FREE screening of Hope for Breast Cancer!

Top 10 Natural Cancer-Fighting Strategies

Because we specialize in holistic therapies like nutrition and essential oils, it’s natural for us to be interested in purely natural cancer-fighting strategies. We are also supportive by integrative oncology because we recognize that not everyone will want to go all-natural, nor do we believe that everyone should. Sometimes, taking a balanced-approach of conventional and natural therapies is required to help someone beat cancer, which is why we filmed the movie, Hope for Breast Cancer.

If you’re interested taking an integrative approach, below are some of the most popular natural cancer-fighting protocols right now that you may want to discuss with your health care team. Many are used to prevent and treat cancer alone, but they can be used in combination with each other and also with conventional therapies.

Beat Cancer God's Way 1: Vegetarian/Vegan Diet


1. Vegetarian/Vegan Diet

If eating raw vegan food doesn’t excite you, let me tell you about my friend Chris Wark. He is a cancer-free blogger that eluded cancer by removing processed foods from his diet and replacing junk food with raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

He says, “The vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes in raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts are bioavailable. Plants take these minerals from soil and convert them into a form that the human body can absorb and use to repair itself.” (6) In other words, when the body is fed processed foods, the body can only use what little (if any) nutrients are available.

By eating a vegetarian/vegan diet that is rich in bioactive compounds the body is given all the nutrients it needs. Although Chris’ story may be anecdotal, studies have been published confirming his claims. (7)

Beat Cancer God's Way 2: Gerson Therapy

2. Gerson Therapy

In the words of 1952 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Albert Schweitzer, MD, “…I see in him one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine. Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them. Yet, he has achieved more than seemed possible under adverse conditions. He leaves a legacy which commands attention and which will assure him his due place. Those whom he has cured will now attest to the truth of his ideas.” (8)

Schweitzer was referring to Dr. Max Gerson, who developed one of the most effective natural cancer treatments nearly 100 years ago. Coined the “Gerson Therapy (9),” Dr. Gerson helped hundreds of cancer patients activate their body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself by recommending: (10)

  • Organic, plant-based foods
  • 13 glasses of raw juices each day
  • Coffee enemas
  • Beef liver
  • Natural supplements

Beat Cancer God's Way 3: Budwig Diet

3. Budwig Diet

The Budwig diet, also known as the Budwig protocol, is a diet considered to be excellent in the prevention of cancer and as a natural treatment for cancer. It promotes the consumption of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids to repair damaged cell membranes. By combining the two fats in a meal, the cells are given the optimal conditions needed to heal.

One such meal with the Budwig diet consists of cottage cheese (saturated fats) and flaxseed oil (unsaturated fats) combined together to create a super potent meal that makes the fats more soluble and able to be absorbed by the cell readily. “The Basic Rule with the Budwig diet is ‘if God made it, then it’s fine and try to eat it in the same form that God made it.’ (11)

Beat Cancer God's Way 4: Vitamin D

4. Vitamin D

A link has been made between Vitamin D deficiency and certain types of cancers, suggesting that the deficiency may have contributed to premature deaths. The best way to get it is directly from the sun (and, yes, that includes skin cancer patients as well!).

For those of you living in dark, cold climates, vitamin D is one of the easiest supplements to get access to as most drug and grocery stores carry it. According to the Am J Public Health Journal, “The majority of studies found that a protective relationship between sufficient vitamin D status, for example by Vitamin D supplementation, could reduce cancer incidence and mortality at low cost, with few or no adverse effects.” (12)

5. Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been practiced by many different cultures for centuries, however in the United States it is just catching on as a way to lose weight and heal the body naturally. To do a daily intermittent fast, most people only eat during an eight hour window; say 11am to 7pm daily. This gives the body time to use any glycogen and begin burning stored body fat.

With that said, fasting and binging will lead to unhealthy behaviors and possible acceleration of certain cancers. Fasting must be combined with a sensible, balanced diet. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, the founder and director of The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, the benefits of intermittent fasting far outweigh any uncomfortable hunger pangs (13):

  • Produces weight loss
  • Decreases cardiovascular disease risk
  • More effective for reducing insulin resistance
  • Boosts metabolism and human growth hormone
  • Improves brain function
  • Protects against some effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

With so many benefits, there is no reason not to try intermittent fasting today.

Beat Cancer God's Way 6: Juicing

6. Juicing

Nutrition Research and Practice published a study stating, “High consumption of fruits and vegetables has been suggested to provide some protection to smokers who are exposed to an increased risk of numerous cancers and other degenerative diseases.” (14) The great news is all of the benefits found do not apply only to smokers, but to everyone.

Another study found a link between ingesting carrot juice and reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in overweight breast cancer survivors. (15) With more studies being conducted on the benefits of juicing, it really is an easy step in the right direction in addressing cancer naturally.

Juicing makes it simple to get the proper nutrition and amounts needed for protection and each vegetable used contains its own worthwhile nutrients. For example, carrots are an excellent source of beta-carotene and tart cherry juice with its polyphenol is associated with a lower risk of cancer. (16) Even pomegranates and citrus fruit juices are associated with preventing colon cancer. (17)

Beat Cancer God's Way 7: Beta Glucan

7. Beta Glucan

You have probably seen the television commercials touting the heart benefits of eating a bowl of oatmeal every morning. Turns out that is not just a marketing ploy to have you buy oatmeal; science confirms this claim. The heart-healthy soluble fiber has been shown to lower cholesterol and the superior source of this benefit is beta glucan.

You can get soluble fiber from beans, fruits, lentils, bran, and peas. However, studies are being published about the benefits of using beta glucan (18) for cancer. One reason may be that beta glucan is scarce as a surface component in tumor cells. It has been shown that when taken as a supplement it will prevent cancer growth in a number of ways.

Beat Cancer God's Way 8: Essential Oils

8. Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is all the rage at the moment, but what is the truth about using essential oils for cancer? Can they really help? In vitro and animal studies strongly suggest that they can!

Additionally, the National Cancer Institute reports that essential oils can be effective at improving the quality of life for a cancer patient. (19) The aromatherapy can be combined with massage and other treatments to help address virtually every side effect a cancer patient may be experiencing.  Bottom line: learning about essential oils can be a game-changer for cancer patients.

Beat Cancer God's Way 9: Stress Relief

9. Stress Relief

Next to sugar consumption, stress is arguably the #1 cause of disease in the human body. It’s relationship to cancer patients, unfortunately, is cyclical. Meaning, that stress can cause cancer and cancer can cause stress; which exacerbates the problem! Thankfully, effective coping strategies are available:

  • First and foremost, prayer
  • Training techniques in relaxation, meditation, or stress management
  • Counseling
  • Cancer education sessions
  • Exercise to raise endorphins and increase circulation and cognitive function

It is suggested to ask for help from a trusted Christian counselor if you are experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression related to a cancerous condition.

Beat Cancer God's Way 10: Prayer/Meditation

10. Prayer/Meditation

Through the centuries prayer and meditation have been used in different forms in different cultures. Indigenous cultures do not separate healing and sacred, ancient traditions. According to the Permanente Journal, 73% of adults believe praying for someone can heal them. This is not a minority number! Additionally, 50% of adults go so far as to say they would like their physician to pray for them. (20) So can prayer and meditation really bring about healing and improve quality of life? 

In 2012, a randomized, blinded study of the impact of intercessory prayer on spiritual well-being in patients with cancer was published. Upon evaluating 999 patients over the course of 5 years, it was discovered that cancer patients who were being prayed for showed “significant improvements in spiritual well-being.” (21) Having a direct effect on lowering the risk of developing depression and hopelessness, which can complicate cancer considerably, enhanced spiritual well-being can positively affect cancer in a multitude of ways. (22)


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No matter the strategy you choose, research the ones you want to try to find one that will work for you and consult your physician before starting anything new if you are currently battling cancer.



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