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Could This Ancient 5,000 Year Old “Goo” Be The Anti-Cancer Protocol We’ve All Overlooked?

With no known side effects and powerful immune-enhancing benefits, it’s shocking that this “miracle molecule” isn’t yet a standard part of cancer prevention, management, and recovery…

More and more, researchers are learning that NATURAL solutions hold the key to unlocking the full potential of our body and our health…

And a recent discovery of a 5,000-year-old “goo” may hold the key to helping the immunocompromised fight off illness and reclaim good health.

That’s right.

See those white, gooey blobs above? What if we told you what’s inside them may have the power to ward off cancer cells?

That’s great news for folks who want to protect their immune system, whether they’re already undergoing cancer treatment after a recent diagnosis, trying to stay in remission or want to prevent cancer in the first place. Little do most people know, those gooey blobs hold a powerful anti-cancer, an immune-boosting compound called Beta Glucan.

It’s a natural molecule that’s found in oats, barley, mushrooms, and even a “bread fungus” that’s been safely used by humans for the last 5,000 years.

According to more than 190,000 scientific studies (1) Beta Glucan health benefits include the ability to fight cancer. And, we see that when this “miracle molecule” is isolated, it has the power to naturally restore your body’s innate primal immunity — without any known side effects.

The key is the potency and purity because no other supplement on the market today can compare to it’s immune-boosting efficacy.

As a result, Beta Glucan is suggested to significantly enhance the immune system to help your body fight against the cancerous cells that lay dormant in ALL of us at any given time, waiting to be “activated” by stressors or genetics.

So, how does someone who has a genetic tendency to develop cancer…

Or, someone who’s had a previous diagnosis…

Or, someone who simply doesn’t want to become a “1 in 2” statistic (2) with a new cancer diagnosis…

Use Beta Glucan’s immune-boosting capability to protect themselves from one of the top 3 causes of death in America? (3)

Read on to discover how…

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First, it’s important to understand how the immune system works…

Your immune system is your body’s “coat of armor.” It’s your body’s built-in protection for everything from the common cold to cancer and is made up of two components known as innate (general) and adaptive (specialized) immunity. (4) Innate immunity kicks in quickly as a rapid defense mechanism when invading pathogens or toxins appear in the body, or if we get injured.

On the other hand, your adaptive immunity is a much more complex, specialized, and long-term response system. (5) Both innate and adaptive immunity play a very important role in determining how your body deals with illness. If you’re immunocompromised, your body has a hard time activating either one of these immune responses to protect itself.

Beta Glucan Benefits: Cancer Fighting, Immune Boosting, and more One of the most common foreign invaders we’re all familiar with (especially these days) is viruses. As virus particles enter your body, your immune system springs into action and sends special fighting cells to surround the virus cells. If your immune system is in tip-top shape, it can usually overcome these ”invaders” and you won’t get sick.

But your immune system also has another function that many people aren’t aware of. It has to do with cleaning up and recycling old, damaged, and mutated (i.e., cancer) cells. As mentioned, at any given point, every person alive has at least one (and usually far more) cancerous cells in their body. And if that’s the case…

Why do some people get cancer (sometimes even multiple times) and others don’t?

As you might have guessed by now, it has to do with the strength and vitality of your immune system. If your immune system is working well and able to “clean up” these mutated cells that are constantly forming (a process called phagocytosis), you stay healthy. (6) But when your immune system slows down, these cancer cells can grow and multiply — which is why additional immune support is especially important for those who are immunocompromised.

Unfortunately, as we get older our immune system doesn’t function as efficiently as it once did. (7)

And, some of us are more genetically susceptible to those cancer cells “slipping through the cracks” of our immune system’s baseline defenses (i.e. those of us with close family members who have had cancer). That’s why foods, lifestyle practices, and substances that can enhance immune function – without causing any negative side effects – are so beneficial if you value your good health.

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With so many other amazing beta glucan benefits, you can consider THIS your “Cancer Plus” Protocol.

Although Beta Glucan benefits may have incredible anti-cancer properties, ANYONE with an immune system can benefit from taking Beta Glucan. In today’s world, a healthy immune system is more important than ever…

And while the human body is a VERY complex, powerful tool… Our immune system can always benefit from additional help. The bottom line is that Beta Glucan can help ANYONE…

  • Enhance their immune system (8)
  • Lower their cholesterol and boost heart health (9), (10)
  • Improve their gut health (10)
  • Decrease inflammation (11)
  • Fight cancer (and protect against it in the first place) (12), (13), (14)
  • Regulate blood sugar levels (9)
  • Lower the risk of obesity (15)

WebMD say: “Beta glucan has shown significant antimicrobial (stops the growth of microorganisms), anticancer, anti-diabetic, and anti-hypercholesterolemic (controls cholesterol levels) properties in countless clinical trials.” (15)

And it’s even beneficial for animals… so it’s great for your furry little friends, too! With no known side effects and thousands of successful studies, there appears to be no reason NOT to enjoy these Beta Glucan benefits, however…

Not all suppliers are pure enough to experience these real-life beta glucan benefits

Beta Glucan Benefits: Cancer Fighting, Immune Boosting, and more Structurally, not all molecules are the same, which affects their purity and ability to deliver beta glucan benefits to the body. (16) See the image above? The glycosidic bonds in positions 1 and 3 need to have as close to a straight line as possible between them. If they don’t, the molecule lacks purity, making it ineffective.

Unfortunately, a lack of transparency in the market makes it difficult to determine if what you’re getting is truly pure. But because we wanted to be able to share more about this important, powerful supplement with our community, we dug in and did the research on where to find the best source of Beta Glucan and ended up connecting with a very special company…

Their product is manufactured right here in the USA… it’s derived from the cell walls of yeast, ensuring MAXIMUM purity and potency…

And they GUARANTEE a minimum purity level of 85%… Giving your body the BEST immune response possible.

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Beta Glucan Benefits: Cancer Fighting, Immune Boosting, and more Their Beta Glucan goes through a rigorous purification process developed by creator and 20-year immunologist, AJ Lanigan. Once this purification process takes place only about 10% of a given “batch” meets their 85% minimum purity standard.

The “scraps”, so to speak, are sold off and marketed by other companies. In addition, the product has been tested time and time again proving its efficacy. When compared to other heavily marketed immune system products it comes out on top every single time.

Most of these studies are conducted by a disinterested third party researcher at the University of Louisville (18). In these studies, immune response levels are safely tested on both humans and animals. It’s BY FAR the most effective and SAFE product you can get your hands on!

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We managed to get in touch with our favorite Beta Glucan supplier and secured an exclusive discount for our readers.

That’s why we were beyond grateful when their team responded to our request with an offer just for our readers a special discount for up to 30% Off + FREE Shipping!

This is your one-time offer to get the highest-dose Beta Glucan in the world that is the preferred quality for cancer prevention and ultimate immune function!

100% Risk-Free, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

And, they back every single purchase with their 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee, which means you can try their high-dose Beta Glucan with total confidence.

Update: Due to limited beta glucan harvest availability, they’ve limited the number of discounts to our readers. We’re doing our best to keep this offer running as long as we can, but we can’t guarantee it’ll be available for long.

–> Get The Most Effective, Affordable Beta Glucan HERE to Save Up to 30% Off + FREE shipping!

Beta Glucan FAQ

Q: This is soluble fiber, right, with the benefits of soluble fiber?

A: Yes and No – you will get some of the benefits of the fiber with beta glucan product, but it is a non-soluble Beta Glucan. It has a very specific mechanism of action that is specifically for the Immune System.

Here is a video that explains the mechanism. Quick summary of the video:

Once you swallow your Beta Glucan capsules, the product it enters the stomach through the small intestine. It is taken up into a special region known as the Peyer’s Patches. In the Peyer’s Patches there are M cells, which transport the Beta Glucan to Phagocytes. These immune cells “chew up” the Beta Glucan and digest it into smaller SOLUBLE molecules. The Beta Glucan fragments bind to Neutrophils, Macrophages, and Natural Killer cells. The binding of Beta Glucan to these cells is only possible with something known as the CR-3 Receptor. This binding of Beta Glucan with immune cells is what activates them. The whole process takes about 3 days to fully distribute and activate Immune Cells. 

Q: Where does the baker’s yeast come from in terms of production methods — from flour and water, from being grown on fruits or mushrooms or ?

A: The source of the Beta Glucan we recommend is a baker’s yeast – Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is found inside the cell walls of this yeast, and is extracted and highly purified. 

Q: What are the countries of origin of the ingredients, especially the key source ingredient, the baker’s yeast?

A: The yeast is grown in Colombia South America, and then brought to US for the purification process

Q: Which organization verified non-GMO / how is that verified? And is 100% naturally true or marketing — there is NOTHING synthetic at any stage?

A: The beta glucan that we recommend has not paid for the Non-Project GMO certification yet. In the past yeast has not been genetically modified, but this is changing. 

Q: When you write “the highest purity of Beta 1, 3-D Glucan” is that just marketing or is there any independent or other firm verification of that? Purity / clean matters in a big way to our tribe.

A: Absolutely. You can see the above technical documentation for purity – each batch of beta-glucan that is made by our manufacturer is tested multiple times. 90% of what is produced by them does NOT meet our specification of 85% purity. In other words, our favorite Beta Glucan manufacturer only accepts the top 10% of what is produced in order to get the highest purity possible. 

They test every batch twice – before and after it is finished to measure the purity levels. This is done by third parties. 

Q: Is this vegan? If not, what’s animal-derived in it? – I was told that beta glucan was 100% vegan, organic and non-gmo.

A: It is Vegan – the only thing in the veggie capsule is 100% pure Beta Glucan and MCC (Microcrystalline cellulose which is wood pulp to help it not stick). It comes from the cell walls of baker’s yeast. No animals involved at any part of the process. 

Q: “In side-by-side comparison studies and found to be on average 34x more effective. ” What exactly would make this 34X more effective than others, esp other beta-glucans derived from similar source?

A: There have been 9 different comparative studies published by the University of Louisville. They have compared over 200 different Immune System Products like Beta Glucan, Vitamin C, Echinacea, Elderberry, etc. 

Here is an example of one of those studies. You can see the side by side comparison data here for most of the products that are listed in the studies here.  On average, our favorite Beta Glucan is 34x more effective than the 200 products tested across the 6 assays.

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Beta Glucan Benefits: Cancer Fighting, Immune Boosting, and more

We have finally found a cancer-fighting, immune boosting supplement that is MD-approved, backed by more than 100,000 research studies and is 100% completely non-toxic! This High Potent Beta Glucan is God’s gift to the immune system and we HIGHLY encourage you to stock up and make this product part of your natural living protocol.

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