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I find it rather surprising that no one seems to talk about emotional detox more. Both positive and negative emotions are important and part of being human, but when we can’t manage them properly we can find ourselves in a downward spiral fast. This can have a serious impact on every aspect of our lives – especially our health!

Take an Emotional Detox Break

Taking regular emotional detox breaks will help you handle your emotions with ease and cleanse your entire system so that you can reach your full potential and enjoy the abundant life. If you don’t, you actually put yourself at a higher risk of disease and illness!

You’ll know you need an emotional healing detox if you find yourself struggling with an abundance of negative emotions such as:

    • Anger
    • Resentment
    • Regret
    • Hurt
    • Discouragement
    • Bitterness
    • Shame
    • Sorrow
    • Powerlessness

Research by Dr. Karen Schwartz, MD, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins, found that ongoing emotional states can actually weaken your immune system! We talk in-depth about this in Episode 28 of the Natural Living Family podcast and give practical steps for helping you free yourself from the bondage of negative emotions in your life.

Essential oils can help support this emotional healing process. Contrary to popular opinion, there are actually much fewer ways to use essential oils to detox your body compared to using essential oils to detox your emotions.

For example, frankincense is known to be grounding and often part of essential oil blends for meditation. Ylang ylang is proven to help calm anxious feelings.(1) Lime, while typically considered an energizing essential oil, also helps protect from the ravages of stress hormones. (2) Together, the inhaler blend works synergistically to support emotional detox.

EOs help calm your mind, boost your mood and help put you in a meditative, mindful state. Keep this inhaler with you on your emotional detox journey and start to experience the Abundant Life today!

Emotional Detox Inhaler
  1. Mix your essential oil blend in a glass bowl or jar.
  2. Cut down your organic cotton pad to the desired size to fit inside your inhaler tube.
  3. Place the cotton pad in your glass bowl to adsorb your essential oils.
  4. Use tweezers to remove cotton pad and insert into your inhaler tube.
  5. Place top section onto inhaler tube.
  6. Use during your emotional detoxing exercises – especially when you’re practicing forgiveness, self-love and reciting positive affirmations.




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