Most of us are familiar with the concept of detoxing our food, water, personal products, and so on. But did you know that it’s just as important to detox your emotions in order to prevent disease? Detoxing your emotions by learning to forgive and feel can be key. 

In fact, research supports this idea. Dr. Karen Schwartz, MD, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins, found that ongoing emotional states can weaken your immune system. Over time, this can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, depression, heart disease, and other diseases.

Emotional struggles and stress have also been linked by research to obesity, cancer, fibromyalgia, pain, and more. It’s time to get rid of those negative emotions!

But how do we detox our emotions? In this episode, we’ll discuss 7 specific steps that you can take. We’ll share how we’ve implemented these and give you practical tips on how to achieve each one of these steps.

Get on the road to better mental and physical health with an emotional detox today!

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Natural Living Family Podcast, Episode 28 Transcript: Detoxing Your Emotions – Forgiveness, Crying, and Letting Go

The contents of this presentation are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This presentation does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

[0:00 – 0:54] Prelude to Detoxing Your Emotions

Dr. Z: I like to be in nature.

Mama Z: Yea, you’re a pacer.

Dr. Z: I like to move.

Mama Z: I know you’re really in deep thought if your hair is standing up straight, and you’ve gone back and forth in front of the house at least twenty times. I’m like, “It’s deep out there.”

Dr. Z: Hah, hah! And now we have a nice big back yard, so I can go up and down and pace our back yard. If I really want to have

Mama Z: I’ve got to get you in the garden, picking weeds while you’re doing that.

Dr. Z: No, it’s not the same.

Mama Z: Come on, you can do it.

Dr. Z: No, it’s too focused. No, you need to be able to just wander. I can’t like be picking something. It’s not like that. You need to just let yourself go.

Mama Z: We just need to retrain you. That would be great.

Dr. Z: Yea, you’re trying to get a free weed picker.

Mama Z: Weed picker, yea! Hey, I’ve picked thousands. You could start anytime.


[0:55 – 1:28] Intro for The Importance of Detoxing Your Emotions

Dr. Z: Hi! This is Dr. Z.

Mama Z: And Mama Z. And welcome to episode 28 of the Natural Living Family podcast.

Dr. Z: Each week we invite you into our home to talk about how you can master the art and science of natural living. And we share the same tips our family uses every day to enjoy an abundant life. And you’re going to love today’s talk.

Mama Z: So, come on in and get comfortable. After all, you’re one of the family, our natural living family.

Dr. Z: But before we dive into all the fun today, we’re excited to share a special note about today’s sponsor.


[1:29 – 1:54] Sponsor Spotlight: Thrive Market

Mama Z: As a special gift to our Natural Living Family podcast listeners, Thrive Market is giving you twenty-five percent off your first order.

Dr. Z: Plus a free thirty-day trial. Simply go to to find the special link so you could redeem this deal on the show notes from today’s episode.


[1:55 – 5:34] Diffuser Reveal: Focusing Blend (Perfect for Detoxing Your Emotions!)

Dr. Z: Well, hey there everybody! Today is, what’s today? I think this is going to air July 29. Summer is almost done, at least for us.

Mama Z: Oh, stop it! We’ve still got another month.

Dr. Z: No, the kids go to school in like two days.

Mama Z: They might be going to school, but technically summer is not over until the third week of August.

Dr. Z: Well, you tell that to our kids and every other kid in Georgia. I still can’t get over the fact that Georgia goes to school—

Mama Z: Well, actually isn’t summer?… It’s in September when it actually technically ends.

Dr. Z: Well, technically, the kids are going back to the school, so their summer vacation is done. Well, this is airing July 29. And we’re talking about “Detoxing Your Emotions.” And we anticipate this is going to be a two-parter. So, we’ll explain why. We’re actually going to uncover our twelve-step emotional detox program from The Essential Oils Diet book.

Mama Z: Huge!

Dr. Z: It is huge. And it’s going to be life-changing. And it’s going to be life-transforming, because we need to detox our emotions even more than we need to detox our liver and our kidneys and our skin and our gut.

Mama Z: And I like a good liver cleansing like nobody’s business.

Dr. Z: Oh, you do.

Mama Z: But I’ll tell you, it’s really important.

Dr. Z: But before we talk about it, what’s in our diffuser?

Mama Z: It’s a focusing blend today. So, we have Indian and Hawaiian sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, lime, and ylang-ylang.

Dr. Z: Cool!

Mama Z: Yea! You said it was very focusy.

Dr. Z: It is very focusy. I came down here and I’m like, here’s the thing. I have a love-hate relationship with these focusy blends.

Mama Z: It’s the patchouli.

Dr. Z: No, it’s the focusy blend. Every focusy blend I’ve smelled, I’ve inhaled, I like how it makes me feel. But it’s not my favorite smell.

Mama Z: Are you focusing so much on the scent that you can’t get over it to focus?

Dr. Z: I’m focusing on, yea, it’s one of those things. So, anyway, this is where, you know, I know this isn’t an essential oils class. And we really don’t focus on essential oils on this podcast a lot. Because if you want to learn about essential oils, we’ve got the books, we’ve got the master classes, the website, and all that stuff. Really, the point of this podcast is for us to share, because we’ve had so many people ask us about our life, how we live, what we do. How to raise four kids in a very toxic and very sinful world.

And we are just giving you our heart. But when it comes to essential oils, the same lesson that I’ve learned with food applies. Do you eat to live? Or do you live to eat? So, do you use oils to live? Or do you live to use essential oils? And so, there’s a balance there. And so, for me, when it comes to these focusy blends, I like to utilize them for times like this when my focus is required. But I’m not going to put this on before we go on a date, or if I’m going to be hanging out with my guy friends, because I don’t like the smell. I don’t. But it doesn’t affect me in a negative way.

Mama Z: Well, it’s just one drop of each of those. So, maybe there’s something that you just don’t like.

Dr. Z: Yea, it’s just the whole thing. And it’s not a bad thing. But anyway, it’s not a bad thing. Like you don’t need to love broccoli to eat broccoli.

Mama Z: Yea, I don’t love broccoli, but I eat broccoli.

Dr. Z: But you eat broccoli in your gluten-free brown fried rice. By the way, that’s a secret for y’all. If you want to have your kids and yourself eat veggies, get some brown fried rice, because it all tastes like brown fried rice. Really, it doesn’t taste like anything. And the kids love—

Mama Z: My recipe.

Dr. Z: Yes. And they love homemade brown fried rice.


[5:35 – 8:49] Testimonial Time!

Dr. Z: So, anyway, we’ve got a testimonial.

Mama Z: Oh, great!

Dr. Z: Do you want to read this one, or do you want to read this one?

Mama Z: I think it’s your turn.

Dr. Z: Are you sure?

Mama Z: Yea. I’m reading the next one.

Dr. Z: People always complain I talk too much. You’re asking me to speak.

Mama Z: Okay.

Dr. Z: Are you sure?

Mama Z: Well, then, I’ll read it.

Dr. Z: Because they’re like

Mama Z: Okay. And if we ever bore you and read another one that we’ve read before, or there are ones that are similar, just go with it, because some of them are super funny.

Dr. Z: No, the reason you’re saying this, to be honest, is because we forget. And we actually don’t remember if we read this one. And Chris, our audio/video guy, Chris, are you there?

Chris: Yes sir.

Dr. Z: Chris is there. We even asked him. He’s like, “I don’t know.” So, we’re trying to figure out. Here’s the thing we have to do. We have to organize this. We need a spreadsheet that says, “Hey, episode 30, this is the testimonial we read.” Anyway, my not so organized organization. So, if we’ve read this one before, it’s worth reading again. But anyway.

Mama Z: Okay. But I like the emojis that are in here, too.

Dr. Z: Very cute emojis. You go.

Mama Z: Okay. “My New Favorite Podcast.” Five stars. Thank you!

Dr. Z: Oh, thank you!

Mama Z: “I just found Dr. Z and Mama Z this week. I’ve been binge listening to the podcast.”

Dr. Z: I love binge.

Mama Z: Yea, you’re really good at that. “Today, just when I was about to stop listening because Mama Z was talking too fast, I realized somehow my phone got bumped up to one-and-a-half speed.”

Dr. Z: What?!

Mama Z: And then she has the emoji, you know like with her hand over her face.

Dr. Z: Face palm or palm face.

Mama Z: Yea, yea, yea. And then like, “Uh, oh!” Yep. And then like laughing hysterically. “All better now. Thanks for all you do to educate us. PennyJ from Louisiana via Apple podcast.” And that’s, of course, United States.

The other one is “Amazing Podcast.” Five stars. Thank you!

Dr. Z: Oh!

Mama Z: “I love Dr. Z and Mama Z. They are hysterical and super fun to listen to if you want to take your eating and health to the next level. All right, love you guys! Love, Chantel Ray via Apple podcast.” And that is United States.

Dr. Z: And who’s Chantel?

Mama Z: She is our really good friend from Virginia.

Dr. Z: Yea, we just met her; or you just met her. And you guys like hit it off.

Mama Z: She’s like a soul sister, seriously.

Dr. Z: And you can check her out at “Chantel Ray Waist Away.” She has a podcast that you and I were both on.

Mama Z: Yes. And I was just on it this last week, recording all about my Mrs. Georgia protocol, in relation to the essential oils diet, what I do as far as training, how do I step it up, some of the things that I do within my diet. And as I am honing in to the last few weeks of training, what does that look like, what do I do, what do I eat, and just the preparation.

Dr. Z: You know, this is a perfect segue into today’s talk. We’ve got to talk about Chantel for a minute.


[8:50 – 14:34] Some People Should Not Internet!

Dr. Z: But first, a couple of things. That review from Penny.

Mama Z: See, I didn’t even know you could do that.

Dr. Z: You and all the other people who shouldn’t be interneting. So, Erica, our tech gal, Erica Mueller has been with us since the very beginning. Actually, Josh Axe. Thank you, Dr. Josh Axe. Josh Axe, our friend, referred Erica to us over five years ago. Erica was working for Josh. This was before Josh exploded at the time. Like Josh was just getting up in the blogging world. And he was dating his soon-to-be wife, who I was going to school with at the time. So, we had a lot of cool connections. And I asked Josh, like, “Hey, I need someone to help me with the website. I’ve got fifteen-hundred bucks.” And I saved all my pennies.

Mama Z: I remember.

Dr. Z: We got a grant. That was one of my recent grants we got from public health research. And that’s where we came up with our website.

Mama Z: I remember like that was a lot of money, too.

Dr. Z: Like huge.

Mama Z: I mean, it was like a serious investment. It was.

Dr. Z: Well, let me tell you. How about this? This will put this into perspective. Our last website redesign, this is a redesign, not a development from start to finish. The redesign was over twenty-five thousand. That was just tweaking it, making it look like current.

Mama Z: To provide all that amazing free resources online.

Dr. Z: That was a redesign. If we would have been a complete start to finish development, that would have been over fifty-thousand dollars.

Mama Z: Wow! That’s crazy!

Dr. Z: Well, yes and no. You go to the mechanic, and they have tens of thousands of dollars in tools.

Mama Z: Well, yea, but if they would make our cars so that we didn’t have to go the mechanic to change a battery, that would be like so much better.

Dr. Z: I don’t want to get sued by Chrysler.

Mama Z: My battery last week, it is in the floorboard in front of where Elijah sits. And we couldn’t find it.

Dr. Z: We can’t change our battery. I can’t even change a lightbulb anymore. We can’t change lightbulbs.

Mama Z: Yea, because remember when you did, we ended up having to get a whole new cassette assembly.

Dr. Z: Yea, because they make them so you have to take out the bumper.

Mama Z: Well, just like you said, some people shouldn’t internet. You should not do cars, automotive things.

Dr. Z: Anyway, no, no, no. My dad taught me lightbulbs, oil changes, basic stuff.

Mama Z: Yea, but they made these cars not like that anymore.

Dr. Z: Well, I’m exonerated from that, because it’s not my fault.

Mama Z: It took us fifteen minutes actually to find the battery. Because where you put the little things in to jump it, where you jumped it, that was easy. That was right there. But it was not under the hood. So, we went to the trunk, and then we went there.

Dr. Z: So, going back to Erica. Erica has been with us forever. And she’s a stay at home mom, and she’s a blogger, and she’s a writer, and she’s a tech jack of all trades. And something’s that’s fun, she’s been working with us part-time forever. And something she’s always said that’s funny, because sometimes we get like Penny, in a nice sweet way. Penny, we love you.

But some people have no idea how to use the internet. And they’re like on YouTube, and it’s not playing. And they’re angry, and they’re like spitting fire and raining brimstone on us and saying, “How dare you! How frustrating! You guys don’t have your sound up. And how do you expect us?” And people get angry. And then you know what happens? The default setting is on mute. It’s not our fault. Just unmute it. And it’s like, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Mama Z: Oh!

Dr. Z: So, Erica is like, “Some people just shouldn’t internet.” So, anyway, it’s kind of funny, because if you’re like that, if you’re like me and Penny and Sabrina and you’re still kind of learning how to internet, typically speaking, there are a lot of default settings. And if we talk like this, and you think we could talk better—no, no, no. No one talks like that. It’s probably on a faster speed.

Mama Z: Yea, if we sound like the chipmunks, it’s time to turn it down.

Dr. Z: But Penny, good for you for figuring it out, because you’re learning how to internet now. We’re proud of you.

Mama Z: Our friends, we told this story. And our friends said, “Actually, we have to confess something.” They said, “We listen to you really slow.”

Dr. Z: Hah, hah! Jason and Lauren? Yea, Jason Carver.

Mama Z: Yea. And then they played it for us, and it was

Dr. Z: Because we talk like this. And he was like, “You just sound like you’re drunk, Eric, or you’re high.” And they’re just laughing at us, because they know we don’t.

Mama Z: Why would anybody mess with the speed?

Dr. Z: They’re doing it on purpose.

Mama Z: I’m like, “That is so crazy.”

Dr. Z: We had them over for dinner.

Mama Z: Oh yea, that’s right.

Dr. Z: We had them over for dinner, but that’s a whole other story. But wasn’t that funny? You can have a lot of fun with this stuff.

Mama Z: So, anyway, I don’t even know how to change the speed of it. Don’t change the speed on us. Just go with it.

Dr. Z: Well, if you’re learning internet like me, Sabrina, and Penny are, don’t worry. There’s always a solution. You can always contact support at I love when people contact.

Mama Z: And they will gently walk you through all of your technical needs.

Dr. Z: I’m excited about today. I’ve got my Bible in front of me.

Mama Z: Hey!

Dr. Z: Actually, Chris, I need a desk. If you’re watching right now, we actually record these. We put these up on You Tube and Facebook. I’m not saying we do need one. But I actually probably need a desk. Actually, you know what? If I could, please, could I get another one of those benches? That would help. Thanks, buddy! I’ve got my Bible out. I’ve got The Essential Oils Diet book out.

We are going to cover emotional detox, because a couple of weeks ago, we were covering—thanks, brother! A couple of weeks ago—and you can’t show your face. Oh, there it is, there it is, Chris. If you notice something about Chris, if you guys are watching the podcast and stuff, Chris is like Wilson from Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. You’ll never see Chris’ face. He’s just like, he’s just there. It’s like the mysterious, and we’ve done that. We’ve done some really fun pictures where it’s just Chris’ shoes.

Mama Z: Yea, yea, yea. I was going to say, “Or his socks.”

Dr. Z: It’s just fun. But Chris is actually a really good-looking guy. He’s cool. He’s not embarrassed about how he looks. He’s actually an actor, too. So, he’s actually really good in front of a camera, which makes it really funny.


[14:35 – 20:20] Content Production: Behind the Scenes

Dr. Z: So, three weeks ago and two weeks ago we covered how to detox your home and your life. And we mentioned about how we were going to cover emotional detox, and we never did. So, Sabrina is like, “We’ve got to talk about it.” Last week, please listen to episode 27. It was like the anointing of God. It was like the pillar of fire and the cloud was there with us. I felt God’s anointing on last week’s episode in a very sweet way.

And I’ll let you know, it’s been a lot. If you’re watching, you can see the crown. Mama Z is Mrs. Georgia. This Mrs. Georgia victory has been a blessing. But it has also been a lot. It’s been a lot for us to adapt to. Sabrina has been traveling a lot. She’s been doing a lot more appearances, interviews. And thank God. And Chris actually said we should talk about how we do all that we do.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: Because we have a great support system. But it’s been a lot. It’s been a lot on me. And don’t get me wrong. I love being with the kids. But a little more extra time with the kids, a little less time away from managing the business. And last week, when we did last week’s podcast episode, I was just tired. I was stressed.

We started late because of stuff. You were doing stuff. Like you were all over. You were doing your dresses and your fittings. You are getting ready for Mrs. America, which is coming up next month. And I remember not wanting to do this episode at all.

Mama Z: And I’m like, “No, we need to.”

Dr. Z: I was done. And I was at the limit. Like I haven’t said this yet. You have said this a lot. You’re like, “Okay, I can’t do another one.” Because I’m like always pushing. We like to record two every time.

Mama Z: But I like to put everything I have into each one of them. And so, like usually that’s two for me, because if we get into three, then you start making fun of me because I start yawning.

Dr. Z: I didn’t say it. You’re my witness, I didn’t say it. I said it one time.

Mama Z: It’s not because it’s boring. It’s just because I put everything into those two episodes. So, I think it’s important to keep it really fresh.

Dr. Z: Well, I’m good for three. But she’s good for two. And so, you’re usually like, “I’m done.” And once you say, “I’m done,” that’s your limit. Last week, I was done after one, because it was like 7 o’clock at night. I’ve had a long day.

Mama Z: And I’m like, “Nope, let’s push through.”

Dr. Z: Because you mustered up your third wind, because this was Mrs. Georgia power, like super woman power. We had to rearrange our whole schedule. Chris, bless you, because Chris was here until 9 o’clock that night.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: We had to rearrange everything, because you had to do a last-minute out of town trip to go to the Mrs. Minnesota event, and help support. You had some training.

Mama Z: It was amazing. I mean it really was.

Dr. Z: But we had to make this happen. So, why am I saying this? I was done. I was spent. And when we started, I was like, “Okay, whatever. We’ll just do it.” And I was going to do it. I basically did it in faith. And within like three or four minutes, something happened. It was like the glory cloud was over me. And it one of the most anointed, blessed talks that I ever had.

Mama Z: Yea, I always know it’s good when Chris goes, “Well that was a good one.”

Dr. Z: Yea. Natalie upstairs, our intern, I was like, “You know it was a good one when Chris keeps on talking and Chris shares his heart and starts preaching.” He was like, “You know what I think about that?” No offence to Chris. He doesn’t have a lot of those comments about our detox and health stuff. But when we get deep into spiritual stuff, Chris always has great opinions and wisdom that he has learned over the years. So, Chris and I started talking about stuff.

Mama Z: Yea, you guys were talking for a while. And it was funny, because I was like, “Where did Eric go?”

Dr. Z: What was the topic? The topic was—I should know this—but chasing your dream or pursuing your dream in the face of opposition. Also, pursuing your dream when people are against you.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: And so, we really shared, and we talked. And we went deep into some Biblical concepts that we learned from the Gospels and throughout the Old Testament. And anyway, make sure you listen to episode 27.

And I just invite the Lord’s presence into these talks, because unlike the other ones, and episode 26 was really a brain dump. It was like, boom, here’s all the products that you need for all this different stuff. It was great, though. People love it. But we dumped a bunch of different things for bathroom and garden and all kinds of things and makeover.

Mama Z: Pantry and laundry room.

Dr. Z: Yea. And so, one thing that we realized is that when you’re detoxing, there’s a whole element to your physical body. There’s an element to the things that you could buy. But what about the immaterial?

Mama Z: That’s right. I mean that is huge. And the spiritual part of it and the emotional that we’re going to talk about today, and that’s why I brought it up was because that is such a huge component. And that’s one of the reasons why Tony Jimenez uses the emotional recall in what they do.

I remember Angela saying, “I was raised in a two-parent home.” And this was during our documentary that will be coming out in the fall with her, The Hope for Breast Cancer. And she said, “I’m good.” And then she said literally ten minutes into it she was like needed the box of tissues, because there are just so many elements to it that we may not think has any bearing on things. And our emotions have a huge bearing on so many of the things that go on in our physical body.


[20:21 – 26:33] Excerpts from The Essential Oils Diet Book

Dr. Z: So, what I want to do is I’m actually going to read from The Essential Oils Diet. If you haven’t, pick it up. Pick it up anywhere books are sold. You can actually go to, if you haven’t. And you can get a nice sweet package of bonuses that we give you just for getting the book, to help you get the most out of the book. So, this is page 190. And then we’re going to transition to our twelve-step emotional detox program. But I like what we wrote. It’s kind of funny. It’s been a year since I read this. So, it’s like, “Oh, that’s good.”

Mama Z: I know. Other times you’ve read little parts of it and you’re like, “It’s really good. That’s good; that’s really good.”

Dr. Z: You know, that’s the thing. You write the book. That’s a whole other story. Man, I’ve got a lot of little side stories. But actually, how about this. This is funny. I remember—I hope I don’t get into trouble.

Mama Z: Oh man.

Dr. Z: Yochum and Rowe. Dr. Yochum is a radiologist. And Yochum and Rowe is like the guidebook for radiology for chiropractors. So, all of your radiology classes, you study Yochum and Rowe.

Mama Z: I just remember radiology was not your favorite.

Dr. Z: Yea. Dr. Fox, I’m still dealing with some emotional detox. That was the first class I ever failed. Like Dr. Fox had a system where he failed like fifteen percent of people like on purpose. Like he took it to another level. And I take blame, because when I failed that class the first time when I took it—

Mama Z: I think that’s when it was at a really crazy—

Dr. Z: No, it was my fault, because I was traveling a lot with research at the time. I was overseas in Italy. I was focused on retention.

Mama Z: Yea, I remember I was on bedrest.

Dr. Z: We had a baby. You were on bedrest. We had two kids. I was traveling. And I took like the hardest class. And so, when you’re going through this and you’re barely passing, or you’re going by the skin of your teeth… And he’s known as the gatekeeper. He was one of the gatekeepers at school, because there are three gatekeepers during this doctorate program, because they were really committed. Like, “Look, if you’re going to get through this program, you’re going to be qualified to take care of patients.” So, he was one. He was the midway gatekeeper. And Dr. McCoy was the last gatekeeper. I love that guy. He was my research mentor. He was harder on me, actually.

Mama Z: He was, on purpose. And he even said that during your speech.

Dr. Z: I remember. He did. That was really

Mama Z: When he honored you.

Dr. Z: When I got that research award. That was really sweet.

Mama Z: He was like, “Yea.” He’s like, “Most people would have to just complete one. And he completed twenty-eight.”

Dr. Z: Yea, something like the standard was high.

Mama Z: And my dad was just like grinning from ear to ear.

Dr. Z: So, I remember being one of like a million students waiting to talk to Dr. Fox about like a bad test score and wanting to see my grades and wanting to see what we can do. And I remember seeing Scantrons on his desk. And I saw Yochum, Dr. Yochum, the dude who wrote the book, I saw his grade, his grade. Because Yochum would come in every year, because he would teach continuing education to the chiropractors. And just for kicks and giggles, Dr. Yochum would sit in on a mid-term, and he would take a test with the students. And what do you think? You know this.

Mama Z: Did he get a D?

Dr. Z: No, he got a seventy-two percent, the dude that wrote the book. And Dr. Yochum, by the way, I know you’re brilliant. So, no offence. Dr. Fox is asking like what percentage of just the most ridiculous minute details that even the author of the book can’t remember. So, anyway, it’s kind of funny, because when you write a book, you don’t remember everything you write, especially the details.

Mama Z: I do. Speak for yourself.

Dr. Z: So anyway, it made me feel better, because if the author of the book and the expert got a seventy-two, I could live with, maybe not seventy-two. But anyway, thank God, I passed.

Mama Z: Well, you did. You passed that.

Dr. Z: Hallelujah! So, reducing toxic emotions, page 190 of The Essential Oils Diet. “When you read about pesticides and other toxins in chapter eight,” (also, when you listen in episodes twenty-five and twenty-six about how to detox your house and your life, when you’re going through this)”, you may not have considered some all too familiar toxins, those in your heart and mind. Emotional detoxing is as essential as the other types of cleansing that we have discussed earlier.” Again, this is from the book, The Essential Oils Diet.

“It’s natural to have both positive and negative emotions, but when we can’t properly manage the negative ones, we can find ourselves in a downward spiral. This can have a serious impact on every aspect of our lives, and especially our health and ability to achieve and maintain one’s ideal weight” (and to prevent disease). “Just as chemicals can build up in the body, causing a toxic overload, negative emotions can accumulate, torpedoing your relationships, career, overall stress levels, and your body. And emotional- healing detox can help you regain control of your life and achieve mental and emotional balance and, eventually, happiness.”

So, who doesn’t want to get this out of their life? The last chapter, this is good. “If you are feeling angry, bitter, hurt, discouraged, resentful, regretful, shameful, sorrowful, powerless, or a combination of any of the above, you need to detox yourself of such feelings. According to Johns Hopkins psychiatrist, Karen Swarts, MD, such ongoing emotional states can weaken your immune system and over time increase the risk of depression, heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases. Regular emotional-healing detox breaks will help you get a handle on your emotions and cleanse your entire system so that you can reach your full potential and enjoy the abundant life. Try our Twelve-Step Detox below.” We’re on page 191 right now. What are your thoughts?

Mama Z: Well, first of all, your voice is so soothing, I feel like we need like a fireplace right here, and you’re like on Masterpiece Theatre. You have such a radio voice. You do. I love what you said, though.

Dr. Z: Hah, hah, hah! Well, we’re trying to help people detox.

Mama Z: I know. But like you just have such a radio voice. I was like, “Oh.”

Dr. Z: Well, you look beautiful, too.

Mama Z: Oh, thank you.

Dr. Z: I love you.

Mama Z: I love you, too.

Dr. Z: So that’s your feedback. Hah, hah, hah!


[26:34 – 33:45] 12-Step Detox Program – Step 1: Let Go

Dr. Z: All right, “Twelve-Step Detox Program.” Let go.

Mama Z: Yea, let it go.

Dr. Z: Our goal this episode is to cover the first six steps. And then next episode, we’re going to wrap it up and cover the final six.

So, step one is, “Let it go. Forgive those who wronged you, and your entire outlook on life can change, along with an improvement in your physical, mental, and emotional health. The past is the past, and no amount of regret can change that.” That’s in the book. Okay, what’s the response to that? How do you let go?

Mama Z: Well, letting go isn’t that you completely forget about something, because even if we get a physical wound on our body, we still have a scar. And it’s important to remember that. You can still have a scar in your heart. You’re still going to have a sore spot in there.

But releasing the person from it. I remember one of the first messages at our church back home was on forgiveness, and people that have wronged you. You have to let it go enough that if you were to see that person in the grocery store that you can look at them as a child of God and not think about what’s happened in the past. Even though you will still remember the things that have happened to you, and that’s part of your story and your testimony, it can’t be to the place that it is affecting you anymore, either.

Dr. Z: Yep.

Mama Z: Remember, when you forgive, you’re taking it from your balance sheet and passing it off to God’s balance sheet. Forgiveness isn’t always for that person, but you need a release from it. And that’s so important, because if you can’t release that, then you’re going to be the one holding on to it. And it’s only going to hurt you, not that other person. And sometimes some people don’t even know that they did anything to you.

Dr. Z: Yea, that’s tough.

Mama Z: And so, it’s important. And I remember Dr. Norman Vincent Peale saying, and I’ve tried this technique and it really works. When you’re really trying to get through a tough spot like that, just ask for the love of God to fill your heart for that person. And then also have the love of God flood your soul for that person. And just pray for that person and as part of that, release. So, it may not be a one and done thing. It could be, but it may take time. And over that time, just let the love of God fill your heart and release you from whatever situation is going on.

Dr. Z: So, what I’m doing right now, I’ve got the Bible. Actually, it’s the first time I’ve had the Bible opened when we’ve done these podcasts. This is going to be more of a habit. I’ve been really into Isaiah lately, and the chapters 40-43, 44, I could spend weeks.

Mama Z: And just to think, you didn’t want to name our child Isaiah.

Dr. Z: It’s a good name.

Mama Z: See, and you’re spending lots of time in there. See, you did give me trump since I was birthing the baby.

Dr. Z: Well, because, I was from Detroit. And when you think of Isaiah, you think of Isaiah Thomas. And he was a professional basketball player.

Mama Z: I never did.

Dr. Z: I did. And so, I had to get out of this whole

Mama Z: I was thinking of books of the Bible. And that was a good one.

Dr. Z: Yea, I know. People name their kids after sports people all the time. So anyway, again, this is in the context of forgiveness. This is Isaiah chapter 43, verse 18. And again, I’m just kind of like scrolling through these verses just as God directs, just to see if there’s something really sweet, because there’s a lot of wisdom, just in these few chapters.

But listen to this, chapter 43, verse 18. God says, “Forget all that.” And what is all that? Just forget it. It is nothing compared to what I’m going to do. Like God is talking about He just redeemed Israel from Egypt. And He called forth the mighty army of Egypt with all its chariots. And He drew them beneath the waves and they drowned, and their lives snuffed out like the moldering candlewick. Like He parted the Red Sea.

God’s like, “Okay, that was great. That was awesome. But forget about all of that. It is nothing compared to what I’m going to do. I’m about to do something new. See, I have already begun. Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. The wild animals in the field will thank Me, the jackals and owls, too, for giving them water in the desert. Yes, I will make rivers in the dry wasteland so my chosen people can be refreshed. I have made Israel for myself, and they will someday honor Me before the whole world.”

And for those of us in Christ, we are grafted into Israel. So, the wonderful thing about reading the Old Testament, the Tanakh, is we all should actually. All the promises that we see are applied to us today. They are yes and amen in Christ Jesus, Paul said, right? So, what’s God saying? Let me take liberty in this.

When he says “forget about all that stuff,” actually I think God is really saying, “Forget about all that stuff,” just whatever it is that’s happened. In the context of letting and go, in forgiveness, if you’re going to harbor, if you’re going to really hold on to things. What’s love? It’s keeping no record of wrongs. So, it’s not tallying this list of things that people did to you. It’s really about kind of forgetting, if you could. It’s about forgiving. It’s about letting it go and realizing that God is trying to do something new in your relationship with that person and your relationship with Him, in your own heart and in their heart.

What if your forgiveness is the key to unlocking someone’s salvation? And ultimately maybe bitterness and unforgiveness and not showing someone that love might be that thing that keeps people in bondage.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: We cannot be that responsible. And I don’t want to be responsible that way. It’s like Sabrina said, having unforgiveness in your heart is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to be hurt. You’re going to get yourself hurt.

And so, let that sink in. He’s going to make rivers in the dry wasteland. Like maybe there are elements of your life right now that you just are seeking out the Lord. And you feel like the Bible talks about in Deuteronomy, like the, what is it, not the roof, but the ceiling. Your ground is like brass, and the sky is like iron. It’s like you feel like nothing is working. What you’re planting isn’t working. Your prayers are just kind of bouncing back at you. Maybe this could be a way opening in some blessings in your life.


[33:46 – 37:35] Are You Lashing Out? Detoxing Your Emotions from Anger

Mama Z: Well, and the thing is, sometimes people think if somebody has done something to me, then I need to retaliate or do something in return. And the thing is that if you do that, it says in Proverbs that the ditch you dig for someone else you will fall in it.

Dr. Z: Yep, Amen. That’s a good one.

Mama Z: So, it’s really important to remember that even if you were to get back at somebody, and think about times that you have, it’s empty. You don’t get any satisfaction, and you would want more. You know what I mean? Because it’s not done in a godly way, like there’s no satisfaction in that. And so, learning that and being able to let go is huge.

Mama Z: And one of the biggest benchmarks, too, is listening to people who comment on the internet. And I know we talked a little bit about this last time. But you’ll see the people that lash out the most are dealing with a lot of stuff on the back end. And so, as a personal benchmark, if you find that you’re being negative on Facebook or whatever, then really take a step back and do a good little spiritual inventory or emotional inventory.

And maybe it’s time to rest all those cares and anxieties upon the Lord, because He does care for you. But not only that, in your wounded state, you could really be harming somebody else and not just yourself. So, it’s important, because we don’t know how far our sphere of influence goes. And each one of us has our own sphere of influence.

So, it’s important to kind of recognize where we’re at, and have people around us that will sharpen us. Like it says in the Bible, “Iron sharpens iron.” What was that from “Facing the Giants or whatever? “How’s your attitude, Brock?”

Dr. Z: Yea, yea.

Mama Z: And just make sure that you have other people around you. If everybody around you is telling you all positive things, then you might be surrounding yourself with people who aren’t challenging you to be your best self.

And I was just telling that to somebody the other day, because they didn’t see anything wrong with what they were doing. And everybody around them doesn’t say anything to them. And it’s important to recognize that if all of us have the same opinion, then maybe one of us isn’t needed. So, it’s important to really challenge people, too, if you see somebody that’s struggling in this area, in a loving way. There’s a way that you can help them in that in that season, too.

Dr. Z: “Well, Dr. Z and Mama Z, you have no idea what this person did to me, and you have no idea what happened to me. I was abused. I was hurt. I was thrown away. I lost my family. I lost my job. I lost my house. I lost my, I lost my, I lost my . . .”

In verse 22 of that same chapter, God kind of gives an answer. And again, this is a completely different context, but I love how the Word of God is just eternal and how it applies to a lot of different situations if our heart is open to it. God says, “But dear family of Jacob, you refused to ask for My help. You have grown tired of Me, O Israel.” I mean have you asked God to help you? Have you grown tired of seeking the Lord? Have you allowed yourself to be ministered to by the almighty God, regardless of what’s happened to you?


[37:36 – 38:59] Can Unforgiveness Manifest as Disease in Your Body? Detoxing Your Emotions from Unforgiveness

And I know we’ve talked about this before, but it warrants repeat. It is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, scientifically, that especially women, and this is the research, that women who battle feelings of being abused or taken advantage of, they suffer with low back pain and fibromyalgia more than women who don’t. So, if you want to heal your back pain.

And that’s something, too. I started researching this because I helped a woman overcome fibromyalgia. And it was primarily through forgiveness. And I saw just resentment and unforgiveness and anger let go. And the next thing you know, “Oh, my back is better.” Like what did you do differently? “Nothing.” They’re like, “Oh, God healed me.”

No, not really. Yes, we can give glory to God. But it wasn’t like that. That was more like God helped you get healed. That wasn’t a miraculous thing. That was like forgiveness healed, right?

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: And I believe God was withholding the healing to help her, because He knew that eternally the unforgiveness would have been such a rot to her soul. And it would have affected her in so many ways that it was necessary to allow her to live in some pain, so she would be “motivated” by the pain to change. Like wow! And then you put the two, you connect the dots.


[39:00 – 42:14] Steps for Detoxing Your Emotions. 12-Step Detox Program – Step 2: Forgive Yourself

So, anyway, what do you think step 2 is on our emotional detox program? Well, forgive others. Now you’ve got to release yourself as well. Having a self-forgiving attitude is indicative of fewer mood disturbances and a better quality of life. Once you forgive others, it’s easier to forgive yourself and eliminate guilt and shame instead. Focus on the future and achieving your full potential.

I mean this sounds like a transformation, doesn’t it? And this is part of our diet program, by the way. We have found that a lot of people who are overweight and obese really battle self-loathing. They battle unforgiveness. They battle with abuse and trauma and PTSD. So, step one to emotional detoxification is forgive others. You have to. Ask God to help you. Step two is to forgive yourself. Essentially you release yourself of any of the burdens.

Mama Z: I totally agree. And I remember in another case, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale looked at this woman, and she had terrible eczema and wouldn’t stop itching these areas. And he asked her, “What’s eating you?” And the lady just like threw down and walked out. And then she ended up coming back weeks later. And it was just so raw, she couldn’t even talk about it.

And so, sometimes we have to get to the place where we see that there’s an issue. And then other times we know that the issue is there and we’ve got to move through it. And we know that God is well able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all we could ask or think. And we really have to commit it to Him, because He’s made us more than conquerors. And so, if we don’t put God as our steering wheel, then we’re never going to get to the place where we need to go.

And if we’re still battling with all of this other stuff from the past, then we can’t move on to what’s in the future. And I remember a really cool quote one time: “If you spend your time looking in the rearview mirror all the time, you will end up in an accident.: So, let’s not end up in any accidents. And let’s keep our eyes on the prize and focus on what God has for us. And that is a growing process, because we’re all in a different place in our health journey. We just have to recognize where we’re at realistically and then be able to move on and move forward.

Dr. Z: Again, folks, this is science. And that’s one reason why I quoted Schwartz from Johns Hopkins. We see that ongoing emotional states can weaken our immune system. And like I mentioned earlier, it has been linked to disease, a number of diseases, including cancer. And so, what we’re talking about today in The Natural Living Family podcast can be life-saving for some of you. This could be life-extending for many of you. And we want to share more about how to release yourself, forgive yourself, and then rest as we continue on The Twelve-Step Detox Program, right after a brief discussion and thanks to our sponsor today.


[42:15 – 42:54] Sponsor Spotlight: Thrive Market

Dr. Z: There’s nothing like hearing the doorbell of the delivery person, letting me know that a Thrive Market package has landed on our doorstep. It’s like Christmas time every time we get a package.

Mama Z: Yes, from ingredients to snacks, it’s so awesome. And the kids go nuts.

Dr. Z: We love Thrive Market, the convenience, the price, and just the movement, because we know that every dollar spent goes towards a more sustainable, healthy, natural world. So, if you haven’t joined, then what are you waiting for? You’re going to absolutely love it.


[42:55 – 49:29] 12-Step Program for Detoxing Your Emotions  – Step 2: Forgive Yourself

Dr. Z: All right, welcome back. This is episode 28 of The Natural Living Family podcast, “Detoxing Your Emotions, Part One.” And we’re covering The Twelve-Step Detox Program that we talk about in The Essential Oils Diet book. We’re actually on page 191 of The Essential Oils Diet. And we’re on step two.

We’re going to be covering step one and step two pretty much at length. And then the next couple of steps we’ve actually covered before in previous podcasts, but it’s worth repeating. But these first two are really important. And they’re worth it.

And I’m going back to Isaiah chapter 43. This chapter can just uncover so much about what God feels about us, how He sees us. And maybe those of you out there can resonate with Sabrina and I in various different ways. Maybe you don’t feel like you are forgivable. Maybe you feel like you’ve committed the unforgivable sin.

Mama Z: The thing is, we’ve all made mistakes. And it’s important to own up to them. And God always has plan A. And sometimes we take our way. We know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. And sometimes it’s a really back and forth, back and forth way to get to somewhere.

And it’s really important to recognize that sometimes we can get mad at ourselves because we caused this or that. But it’s important to recognize, too, that we all do stuff in our life. It’s part of life and it’s part of learning. And we have to forgive ourselves. We have to. And when we know better, we should do better.

And sometimes even when we have known better and not done better, we know that God is right there ready to forgive us of all our sins. And it’s important to take Him up on that offer. And I know just like that footprints thing that sometimes I only saw one set of footprints in the sand. And it was because God was carrying us at that time.

Dr. Z: Yep.

Mama Z: And let God do His part. Like we can’t always be in charge.

Dr. Z: No. And here’s a good sign whether or not you’re dealing with guilt or sorrow or true repentance. The reality is you need to repent. We all need to repent. We need to be seeking for pleasing God. Like Peter said, “Be holy as I am holy.” “Be perfect as I am perfect,” quoting the Word of the Lord. God calls us to that. And in Christ Jesus we are made perfect, because we can never be perfect. But we’re still supposed to strive for that in a way that isn’t condemning, in a way like, “Look, what would my Lord do?” Like WWJD, what would Jesus do, right?

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: So, the Bible says in the book of 2 Corinthians that godly sorrow produces repentance unto life, but guilt, demonic shame, produces death. And that’s where people get into this downward spiral of I’m not worthy. And again, self-loathing, unforgiveness to yourself, is a main cause of obesity and disease, just because you don’t feel like you’re worth it. Or again, “I’ve committed the unforgivable sin.”

Mama Z: Or something has happened to you and—

Dr. Z: You blame yourself.

Mama Z: Right. Or I’ve known many women who have been abused and things have happened.

Dr. Z: Yep, right.

Mama Z: And then they’ve purposely tried to make themselves unattractive because of things that have happened to them.

Dr. Z: Yep.

Mama Z: Just so they would not be a target again, when you really get down to the bare bones of it. And it’s really important to get a hold of that before you do that. We’re all going to be beautiful in the image of the Lord. But we also have to take good care of ourselves as well.

Dr. Z: Now here’s what God thinks of you. And again, He’s talking in the context of Jacob and Israel. But remember, we are the new Israel in Christ Jesus, right?

“But now, O Jacob, listen to the Lord who created you. O Israel, the one who formed you says, ‘Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name. You are mine. When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned. The flames will not consume you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior.”

And then He goes on. Here’s the why, the reason like, okay, why? What’s the point? Like God has a reason for this. And it’s just not so He can be our sugar daddy so we can enjoy a life of luxury. It’s like verse 10. “You are to be my witnesses, O Israel.”

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: “You are My servants. You have been chosen to know Me and believe in Me and understand that I alone am God. There is no other God. There has never been, nor will there ever be. And there will be no other Savior.” Like that’s the purpose. It’s for us to be living epistles. So, the walking book of Eric, the walking book of Mama Z will be out there. And we’re living Bibles. We’re living testimonies so people can see us as the living hands and feet of the Lord.

Mama Z: Right. And if you look at a lot of the characters, per se, in the Bible, not all of them are perfect. And we aren’t either.

Dr. Z: So, here’s the thing. God predicted your rescue. He says, “Then I saved you and I proclaimed it to the world.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: This is verse 13 of Isaiah 43: “From eternity to eternity, I am God. No one can snatch anyone out my hand. No one can undo what I have done.”

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: Forgive yourself. Ask God to help you. And let go and enjoy the freedom. And if ever that inkling or suspicion of guilt ever comes your way or regret, you cast that down in the name of Jesus. And that’s what Paul says: “You cast down all vain imaginations that come against the knowledge of God.” That is the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus. You’re not supposed to live in guilt. You’re not supposed to live in shame. It doesn’t matter what you did.

However, if you’re in drunkenness, if you’re in adultery, if you’re in sin right now, you need to get out of it. And you need to ask God to help you. And once you get out of it, don’t look back. Don’t be like Lot’s wife and turn into a pillar of salt. I don’t want to be a salt lick for a deer. We use salt to deter our deer so they don’t eat our grass.

Mama Z: Yea, it’s like dessert out there in back, so that they don’t jump the fence.

Dr. Z: That’s a natural living tip for gardening.

Mama Z: There you go.


[49:30 – 56:01] 12-Step Program for Detoxing Your Emotions – Step 3: Practice Self-Love

Dr. Z: Anyway, number three.

Mama Z: Hey, we should have saved that for the end.

Dr. Z: We’ve actually got to figure out what our natural living tip is going to be.

Mama Z: But in the process, sometimes we try to rush God’s timing.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Mama Z: And in the process do that kind of thing. But remember, “You will reap in due season if you faint not.” We know that “the trying of our faith works patience.”

Dr. Z: I want to reap.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: I reaped you. I did. You were a catch.

Mama Z: Aww, you’re so sweet.

Dr. Z: You like my Barry Manilow voice.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: And you’re just so pretty. You’re so cute today, by the way. You look adorable with your Mrs. Georgia-America sash and your crown, next to us.

Mama Z: I’ve got to tell you, we had a blast of a weekend with all the girls, with all the pageant girls and my director and her husband, who’s such a good sport. And so anyway, we had a blast.

Dr. Z: And that’s actually number twelve, pamper yourself. And that’s actually number ten, remove distractions. You got away from it all. And that’s number nine, find a retreat. See, you lived our detox program.

Mama Z: “A merry heart works good just like a medicine.”

Dr. Z: Hallelujah.

Mama Z: We spent so much time laughing. So, I had to call some people out on their eating, I’ve got to say. And I’m now known as the food police.

Dr. Z: You’re dealing with beauty queens and stuff. I mean they’ve got to step it up.

Mama Z: And so, I had actually caught two of my friends eating Chick-Fil-A in the car, because they didn’t want me to catch them eating it. So, they were eating it in the car.

Dr. Z: With their sodas?

Mama Z: Yes. And I had to go out and get my dress. And it was a priceless view on Instagram or Facebook. But it was like, “I caught you in the act.” And then another time I walked out, and one of them was about to grab like a donut or a baked good of some sort. Why they would ever have all that stuff out there at a pageant, I don’t know.

Dr. Z: That’s what Carl brings. The pageant director walks in the day of like rehearsals, and he brings a box of donuts. He says, “Okay, you girls have been training. Now’s the time to splurge.” It’s like, “No, you don’t do that.”

Mama Z: No.

Dr. Z: That’s exactly what he did the first year.

Mama Z: So, one time, and this was one of the other contestants comes in with a bag of McDonalds. And I said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. Were you hungry?” I said, “I have a protein bar. I’ve got a shake. You can have anything that I have.” And she goes, “No, no, no. I bought this on purpose.”

And I was like, “Oh, Lord, I’m sorry.”

Dr. Z: Anyway, she practiced self-love. This is number three of The Twelve-Step Emotional Detox Program, self-love. Let me read from the book here:

“Instead of hating yourself because you don’t meet some unrealistic standard of looks, income, social status (maybe spiritual power like super spiritual Christians), intelligence, or whatever, love yourself as you are. Doing so can make you more able to acknowledge errors and be less hurt by criticism,” if you truly love yourself.

And we actually talked in a previous two-part series. So, go back and listen to the art of self-love. We actually gave our synopsis of our dear friend, Kim Morrison’s book, The Art of Self-Love.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: So, we’re not going to talk about self-love, other than to say go back and listen to those podcast episodes. But I do want to read from 1 Corinthians 13, because, okay, what does that mean for a Christian? How do I love myself the way that God told me to love myself? Well:

“Love is patient, love is kind, love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable. It keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice, but rejoices whenever truth wins out. Love never gives up. Love never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

There is no way in the world you could love someone else that way if you don’t love yourself that way. Do unto others as you wish would be done to yourself. So, let 1 Corinthians 13, make that your anthem. And this is an encouragement, a challenge, because how long did it take me just to read those few verses, ten seconds? Read that every day. Write it out. Make it an anthem.

Mama Z: And you’ll notice it applies to so many areas.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Mama Z: So, for us, especially how busy we are, we try to honor our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit. And so, when I do travel like I did, I bring a food suitcase. We bring a food suitcase with us so that we have all the tools and the things that we need at our disposal. And that whole proper planning prevents poor performance.

And really you can study it in terms of body. But you can study it in terms of your relationships with other people, your relationship with yourself. Because how are we going to be able to love other people if we can’t love ourselves? So, you can look at it in a variety of different ways. And when you meditate on it, you’ll even see other ways. And God will reveal even other ways that you can relate 1 Corinthians 13 to your life.

Dr. Z: “Well, Dr. Z, Mama Z, this sounds like a lot of work. I’ve got to forgive others. I’ve got to forgive myself. I’ve got to practice self-love. What do I do? How do I do it?” Well, for those people listening, a lot of people out there do the work when it comes to fasting and detoxing, buying food that they should be, and buying those Air Doctor purifiers, or getting a sauna. By the way, we’ve got to talk more about our Health Mate Sauna. I love it. That’s probably like the number one detox strategy.

Mama Z: I love the chromatherapy in it.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Mama Z: The light therapy.

Dr. Z: People will spend the time. They will go on retreats. They will spend thousands and thousands of dollars “detoxing their body” so they can look good and feel good. We’re asking you… And by the way, all of this is free.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: Oh, all those people that complain that being healthy costs money, they’ve got to listen to this one. Chris, we’ve got to do like a whole segment from the beginning of the podcast and say, “Hey, by the way, everything we talk about today is free,” my favorite four-letter f-word; because it is, everything.


[56:02 – 1:00:06] 12-Step Program for Detoxing Your Emotions – Step 4: Recite Positive Affirmations

Dr. Z: And this next one is free. Number four: “Recite positive affirmations.”

Mama Z: And I think this one is so key.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Mama Z: And it’s so key to sometimes the clinch-pin for people losing weight.

Dr. Z: Clinch-pin?

Mama Z: Yea, sorry. Oh my gosh.

Dr. Z: Are you getting tired on me?

Mama Z: No.

Dr. Z: Push through, Honey. We can do this.

Mama Z: Well yesterday when we took off, we were supposed to come to Atlanta. It was supposed to be like a straight flight. And we got over Atlanta and there were storms. So, we circled and circled and circled. And then we went to Nashville. That was really cute because our friend, Angela, who we did our documentary on, she said, “The Lima-mobile can pick you up at any time.” And then we actually dropped some people off that that was their final destination. And then we finally came back; so, getting back on Eastern Standard Time today.

Dr. Z: Okay. So again, we’re on page 192 now of The Essential Oils Diet book.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: This is about how to emotionally detox, how to detox your emotions. You need to recite positive affirmations and specific statements.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: Break the cycle of negative thinking and help you visualize change. It’s really important. So, whatever it is, it could apply to anything. You need to start speaking and believing, meditating, visualizing, and ultimately in Christ manifesting this change.

Mama Z: And if you don’t know where to start, even Google “best encouraging Scriptures,” and “best encouraging quotes.”

Dr. Z: Oh no. Just go to the website,

Mama Z: I was going to tell you, when I did that, because I was giving somebody else a tip, what came up first was our website.

Dr. Z: Whoop, whoop!

Mama Z: Yea. So, it was so cool.

Dr. Z: That means someone on our team was doing a good job. Good job Whit, John, and Derrick.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: That’s what we want to do. We want to get the truth out there.

Mama Z: But it’s so crucial, because when people are first making the transition, especially off of sugar and some of the things that have really been keeping them back within their diet, or within their paradigm, this is one of the single biggest things you can do.

And I guess one of my good friends said it really well. “I didn’t realize I wasn’t going to God with my issues until I realized that every time I was dealing with some emotional thing, I was going to food.” And when they couldn’t do that, it was because at that time they were here and I was making all their meals for them and giving them the right portions and all of that kind of stuff.

Then they had to focus on those Scriptures and those things that would motivate them and realize that even though real life was going on, those things weren’t an option. They had to make a different way. And by focusing on the things that God said, or what God says about us, or encouraging quotes, it opened a whole new door of being able to deal with things emotionally.

Dr. Z: We have a collection, dozens of collections featuring hundreds and hundreds of verses on Natural Living Family. Just click on the INSPIRATION tab and you’ll see a bunch. But in the book, The Essential Oils Diet, we have a few for you. Let me read them for you. Especially you know why I want to read this is because it will go in the transcripts. And a lot of people, they go to and they want to see the transcripts. They’re right there. They’re free. It’s our gift. We actually do that for you as a service just to help you out.

So, I want to make sure this hits the transcripts. So again, this is what you do. You take a Scripture like Psalm 91, verse 10, and you personalize it. And that’s how easy it is. I mean it’s so easy to pull any Scripture that’s encouraging and helpful. So, whether you’re trying to overcome betrayal, disease, whether you’re trying to overcome poverty, or just a feeling of blah.


[1:00:07 – 1:02:38] Why Feeling Numb Is So Dangerous

Dr Z: And that’s something that we’ve got to actually talk about. That’s a good topic. Chris and I were talking about what’s the next episode we want to talk about. We kind of make this as we go along sometimes, too. And feeling flat, overcoming the feeling of flatness and blah, that’s one of the most dangerous things, being numb.

Because if you’re numb emotionally, then that puts you at a risk of just losing purpose. That puts you at a risk of depression. When you’re numb, you don’t feel the pain of eating. You don’t feel the pain of addiction. You don’t feel the pain of sin.

Being numb is probably the most dangerous physical, emotional, mental state to be in. And so, if you are in that place, then you need to take those Scriptures like “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Say, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” “I am joyful in the Lord.” “I am strong in the Lord.” You want to be full of joy.

And you also want to be down sometimes; you do. You want to experience sorrow at times. You don’t want to just be constantly high all the time. You need to be like Jesus. He’s on the Mount of Transfiguration. The next thing you know, He’s crying, weeping with Mary, who just lost her brother. Like, there’s emotion. You just don’t want to live in that depressed state. You really don’t want to live always high, because you’re going to be addicted to that high.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: And that’s really important. That’s what happens to addicts. That’s what happened to me. So, recite positive affirmations. Here are a few:

“I serve an awesome God who promises no evil will befall me and no plague will come near my dwelling” (Psalm 91:10).

“I serve a faithful God who promises to never leave me nor forsake me” (Deuteronomy 31:6).

“I serve an awesome God who proclaims that He is my healer” (Exodus 15:26).

“I am made in God’s image and He has given my body the ability to heal itself” (Genesis 1:27).

“I know that God will perfect that which concerns me to the end” (Psalm 138:8). (That’s in honor of Mama Z, one of her favorite Scriptures)

And also, because we’re talking a lot about Isaiah, I love this from Isaiah chapter 40, “Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” Well, how do you personalize that? Say, “I trust in the Lord. I find new strength. I soar high on wings like eagles. I will run and not grow weary. I will walk and not faint.” That’s how easy it is.

And this is part of emotional detoxification, because those toxic negative thoughts of “I’m fat. I’m stupid. I’m ugly. I’m this. I’m that,” will weigh you down to the point where you will not feel empowered to do what it is that you’re called to do in Christ Jesus. Amen?

Mama Z: Amen.

Dr. Z: Hallelujah! Amen!

Mama Z: Amen!


[1:02:39 – 1:06:22] 12-Step Program for Detoxing Your Emotions – Step 5: Don’t Look Back

Dr. Z: Number five: “Don’t look back.” Let me read what we wrote, and then you can riff. “Don’t beat yourself up over past decisions (don’t be like Lot’s wife). Coping with that regret is key to maintaining proper physical and emotional health. Remind yourself that life is a journey, and we all make mistakes. Learn from them so you don’t repeat them.” What have you got? I just talked about God saying, “Don’t look back at what I did.

Mama Z: Right. The journey is a trip.

Dr. Z: How has it helped you? So, looking back, especially in the things that you’ve done incorrectly in your life. I know you’ve made a mistake once.

Mama Z: Wasn’t it when I thought I was wrong when I was really right?

Dr. Z: Yea, that was the only mistake. Hah, hah, hah!

Mama Z: Yea. Hah, hah, hah!

Dr. Z: I actually thought of that.

Mama Z: Again, remember what I said. If you live looking in the rearview mirror, you will get in an accident.

Dr. Z: Yes. All right, so, how do you now do it, practically speaking? “Okay, Mama Z, easier said than done. I’m not a pageant queen. I’m not married to the awesomest Dr. Z in the world. How do I get there?” Hah, hah, hah!

Mama Z: Hah, hah, hah!

Dr. Z: I got Chris laughing on that one. No. How do I get through this? How do I do it practically?

Mama Z: You have to look onward and upwards toward Jesus.

Dr. Z: How do you do that?

Mama Z: If you are in His Word, if you are fellowshipping with His people, and you are practicing the simple things that God has for us, whether it’s reading a Proverb a day, or whatever you have to do to keep yourself connected to God.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Mama Z: And pray. Pray without ceasing. And have that be your anthem then. If you’re tied to your Creator, then you have a lot less time where you’re focusing on some of those other things. And you’re always looking onward and upward, rather than downward and in the reverse.

Dr. Z: Now, people, you’ve got people not familiar with our podcasts, maybe who have not listened to all the episodes. You’ve got to tune back when Mama Z is talking about overcoming all odds and perseverance, and how she competed for the Mrs. Georgia pageant four times and she won. And so, you didn’t look back.

Mama Z: No.

Dr. Z: You could have easily gotten discouraged.

Mama Z: And the other thing that is key is not looking at other people.

Dr. Z: That’s good.

Mama Z: Because the moment you start looking at other people, then your focus gets off God. And, I remember, and I always vowed to do this, because I was in a pageant once. The lady had like three batons. I didn’t even know there was a baton twirler in the pageant. And I think she lit them on fire or something.

Dr. Z: That’s cool.

Mama Z: Anyway, I didn’t even know. And then I guess there was like a tuba girl in there, and she didn’t even have accompaniment. So, it was like, “bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk.” I mean I didn’t even look. I would never look at anybody, because I figured I’ll watch the video. I’ll watch it all on the video. Because if you get your eyes off of what you have in your heart or what God has told you, and you start comparing yourself to other people, then you’re going to find excuses. You’re going to find ways to cower down and back out of things. And it’s really important to keep your eyes on Jesus, and keep your eyes on the prize.

Dr. Z: Amen! Amen! So many songs, so many hymns are devoted to that. You know, as we wrap up, I can see the time here. I think we could squeeze in the next two, because they’re kind of related. So, we’ll cover seven of the twelve today. And then we’ll cover five next time. Sound good?

Mama Z: Sounds great.

Dr. Z: I know you read a testimonial last week or the week before that said, “It’s alright. You guys can go longer than sixty minutes. Dr. Z, stop stopping Mama Z.”

Mama Z: Well, you’re really pushing it now, because it’s at fifty-eight minutes. And you forgot to push the start button.

Dr. Z: Yea, so, it’s actually probably closer to sixty, so our time is messed up.

Mama Z: Go for it.


[1:06:23 – 1:09:38] 12-Step Program for Detoxing Your Emotions – Step 6: Have a Good Cry by Yourself

Dr. Z: So, number six and number seven have to do with crying. Number six: “Have a good cry by yourself. Crying releases toxins from body, including those found in cortisol, the stress hormone (that’s research based). Crying is self-soothing and can actually improve your mood.” Alright, this is more to the men. I think men typically have a reluctance and a stigma against crying and allowing yourself.

Mama Z: You’re really good at it though.

Dr. Z: Well, I’m getting there.

Mama Z: You know, like you are. You can

Dr. Z: I cry at the weird moments. So, I’m crying at Toy Story Four, but I don’t cry at our kid’s birth. It’s weird.

Mama Z: I know. I mean I’ve seen you cry many times in the movies. And then you’ll look at me and you go, “Oh!”

Dr. Z: Yea, it’s like, “Oh!” It’s sweet. But allow yourself to release.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: And allow yourself to cry bitter tears. Allow yourself like Jesus, who essentially just released in the agony of the garden everything. I mean it was like He was in agony. I know people listening, because we’ve got a lot. We actually–by the way, I didn’t tell you, we had a hundred-thousand downloads. That’s a lot of downloads.

Mama Z: Cool!

Dr. Z: We’ve got a lot of people listening. We’re so blessed. Thank you, y’all. And I know some of you are going through like real significant stuff.

And between Sabrina and I, we can relate to a lot of it. We really can. And that’s one reason why we do this. And we want to let you know like, “Hey, we’ve been there.” And we’re blessed, because we’re young, younger than some. But we’re kind of in the middle age right now. We’re forty. I’m thirty-nine. And we’ve experienced enough. And you know Michael Terrell, our good friend from WholeTones I was talking about? He’s sixty plus, by the way. He’s ageless.

Mama Z: Oh my gosh! When I told the girls upstairs. It was really funny, because our lawn guy, he says, “Is it okay if I go today? I see lots of cars over there, and a guy that looks like a movie star.”

Dr. Z: Michael has got the long flowing hair.

Mama Z: Yea, he does.

Dr. Z: He’s been a musician.

Mama Z: He’s been like a rock star. And it was so funny, because he doesn’t; he does not age.

Dr. Z: I told him how old we are and how I felt, like, “Man, this has been a really tough decade. Thirties have been really hard for me. And I look forward to forty.” He goes, “You know, that’s good, because a German proverb says a man shouldn’t speak until he’s forty.” Like you don’t have enough experience and wisdom in your life to even warrant a thought. So, just keep your mouth shut. Just get through life. And then once you’re forty, you have a right to speak. And he was kind of talking, because he spent a lot of time on tour in Germany.

Mama Z: His story is amazing.

Dr. Z: Oh, yea. He actually shared. Yea, we actually fellowshipped with the brothers and Lillian. You missed it.

Mama Z: I called. And you didn’t answer my call, so I actually had to call Reggie, so I could at least say hi to all of you guys. You were silly.

Dr. Z: But it was wonderful. Yet, this is one reason why we’re grateful that we’ve gone through this. Because we know that by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, we can defeat the enemy.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: That’s straight from the book of Revelation. And we believe it and hold onto it. So, allowing yourself to cry, and the men, this a challenge. But women, too, some of you need to mourn the loss of things and mourn the loss of loved ones, dreams, visions. There is an element where you need to just, essentially, don’t look back. This is the way of letting that go. And like, “Okay, Lord, I’m giving it to you.”


[1:09:39 – 1:13:43] 12-Step Program for Detoxing Your Emotions – Step 7: Cry with Someone You Trust

Dr. Z: But number seven, we’re going to talk a little bit about crying in a minute. But “Cry with someone you trust.” So, first, cry by yourself. And there is a reason we recommend this. First, you need your time alone with God, your proverbial prayer closet, whatever it is. I like to go outside. I like to be in nature, in a place where—

Mama Z: Yea, you’re a pacer.

Dr. Z: I like to move.

Mama Z: I know you’re really in deep thought if your hair is standing up straight, and you’ve gone back and forth in front of the house at least twenty times. I’m like, “It’s deep out there.”

Dr. Z: Hah, hah! And now we have a nice big back yard, so I can go up and down and pace our back yard. If I really want to have—

Mama Z: I’ve got to get you in the garden, picking weeds while you’re doing that.

Dr. Z: No, it’s not the same.

Mama Z: Come on, you can do it.

Dr. Z: No, it’s too focused. No, you need to be able to just like wander. I can’t like be picking something. It’s not like that. You need to just let yourself go.

Mama Z: We just need to retrain you. That would be great.

Dr. Z: Yea, you’re trying to get a free weed picker.

Mama Z: Weed picker, yea! Hey, I’ve picked thousands. You could start anytime.

Dr. Z: So, have a cry by yourself. I find going out in nature, I love hiking. We’re blessed. We live in a beautiful neighborhood with trails that we could go to, with little roaming, bubbling stream and babbling brook. We love it. I love it.

And I’ve actually done this with Bella. I’ll put Bella on the backpack carrier, and baby Bella and I will just go on a walk. And I’ll have some time alone with God. And like Jacob, I’ll wrestle with God on things. Some things I have to agonize over. Some things I don’t understand, some areas where it’s like, “Lord, I don’t get it.” And I get upset or frustrated. And then I feel so much better laying it at the foot of the cross. Like you have to give your Heavenly Father what it is that you’re holding onto and really work it out.

And so, first have a good cry by yourself. And I would say with God, right? And then try to find, and from the book, page 192 of The Essential Oils Diet, this is a quote: “Confide in a nonjudgmental friend, or a loved one, or if you need a professional counselor who can relate to your situation. According to the American Institute of Stress, ‘Strong social and emotional support is a powerful stress buster that improves health and prolongs life.” We need that emotional support. We need that social support.

Mama Z: Yep.

Dr. Z: But here’s the key—a nonjudgmental friend who can handle it.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: Don’t just be dumping your problems on people. And this is something that I get in the church. You say, “Hey are you doing? My name is Eric. What’s your name?” “Hey, my name is Sue.” And the next thing you know, blah. Or Jim, and they are just like, because some people are in that state.

Mama Z: There has to be a balance there.

Dr. Z: And you’re at like a Bible study, and they will like vomit all of their life on you. And you’re like, “Whoa! I just asked what you did yesterday for dinner.”

Mama Z: Yea, don’t life on it.

Dr. Z: And this is something where I will caution you all, don’t be that person, because oftentimes you’re not going to get the reaction that you need or want. And most importantly, now you’re going to put the burden on the other. But I can’t tell you how many times, especially at church and Bible studies, it’s just like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re trying to get a home run with me, and we just met. Like let’s get to first base, first. Let’s find out what your dog’s name is.” You want to establish rapport.

If I’m a blabbing Bobby or tattling Thomas or whatever, you don’t want people talking about your business. And you really want to trust and be able to confide in someone that you know can handle the situation. And that for you, how many friends have you got that you could do that to? I mean really. Out of all the people you know, all the friends, how many people can you just be like, “Look, this is my junk”?

Mama Z: About four.

Dr. Z: Four, that’s a lot, by the way. You know, that’s a lot. If someone has two, good for you. I’ll never forget my dad saying, “If you have two good friends when you’re older, you’re a blessed man.” I mean if you can have two people you can call a good friend after high school, after college, after the party years, after the single I’m out dating scene. If you can get two guys, these men, good for you. Good for you—you have four. Bless your four.


[1:13:44 – 1:14:39 ] 12-Step Program for Detoxing Your Emotions – Steps 1-7: Recap

All right. “Twelve Steps to Emotional Detoxification” from The Essential Oils Diet book. Number one, let it go. Number two, release yourself as well. Number three, practice self-love. And go back to the episodes, what is it, eight and nine, I think? I forget. But go back to the episodes—I’m pretty sure it’s eight and nine of the Natural Living Family Podcast. Learn all about the art of self-love. Recite positive affirmations—that’s number four. Number five, step five, don’t look back. Don’t beat yourself up. And number six and seven is all about crying. Cry by yourself. And Cry with a loved one, a friend.

Folks, this is the key to helping you experience a very real and true abundant life in Christ Jesus. And next week, we’re going to cover the rest, the final five of the top twelve ways, the ways to detox our emotions.

But before we say goodbye today, we have a natural family tip for you.


[1:14:40 – 1:15:46] Natural Living Tip: Budget-Friendly Self-Love Strategies

Mama Z: So, for today’s natural living tip, I want to talk about some self-love that you can do while being budget-friendly. One of the things that we love to do is have some of our friends over. And we make healthy pizza. And then we fellowship with one another. So, a lot of times it’s the girls upstairs and the guys downstairs.

But it works really well, because you can get couples together, hang out together, make food that’s healthy and life-giving, but also be able to connect and help each other. We’ve had people get jobs from doing that, being here, fellowship with one another in a time that was tough for them. But also, you always leave encouraged and you feel good. And when you’re eating healthy food, you’re going to feel great afterwards as well.

And so it’s not a burden on you, just make it a potluck. And everybody brings a dish to pass. And one of the things I always do is make special desserts when the guys go downstairs for the girls.


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Dr. Z: Now keep in mind, Thrive Market’s prices are already twenty-five to fifty percent off. And now, they’re giving you an extra additional twenty-five percent off your first order, plus a free thirty-day trial.

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[1:16:30 – end] Detoxing Your Emotions Part 1 Episode WrapUp

Dr. Z: All right everyone, thank you so much for listening. We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s show. As a reminder, you can find all the Natural Living Family podcast episodes, show notes, and transcripts on

And while on our website, don’t forget to sign up for our weekly podcast newsletter, which includes a personal invite to join our private Facebook group, so you connect one on one with Mama Z and I and now more than four-thousand other natural living lovers just like you. And don’t forget. Please subscribe to our podcasts and leave a review. We love hearing what you have to say about our show. And who knows? Maybe next episode, we’ll read your review. Well, this is Dr. Z.

Mama Z: And Mama Z.

Dr. Z: And as always, our hope and prayer are that you and your family truly experience the abundant life. God bless y’all.

Mama Z: God bless you! Bye, bye!

Dr. Z: Bye, bye.

Natural Living Family Podcast Episode Twenty-Eight Highlights – Detoxing Your Emotions

  • Topic intro and what’s in our diffuser (1:55)
  • Testimonials and reviews (5:35)
  • Some people just shouldn’t Internet! (8:50)
  • Behind the scenes: life after Mrs. Georgia and emotional detox (14:35)
  • The Essential Oils Diet: excerpts and stories (20:21)
  • 12-step emotional detox program: Step 1 – let go (26:33)
  • How to handle it when you want to lash out (33:46)
  • Can unforgiveness manifest as disease in your body? (37:36)
  • Emotional Detox: Step 2 – forgive yourself (39:00)
  • More about self-forgiveness (42:55)
  • Emotional Detox: Step 3 – practice self-love (49:30)
  • Emotional Detox: Step 4 – positive affirmations (56:02)
  • Why feeling numb is dangerous (1:00:07)
  • Emotional Detox: Step 5 – don’t look back (1:02:39)
  • Emotional Detox: Step 6 – have a good cry by yourself (1:06:23)
  • Emotional Detox: Step 7 – have a good cry with a friend (1:09:39)
  • Steps 1-7 recap (1:13:44)
  • Natural living tip and episode wrap (1:14:40)

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Favorite Quotes from Episode 28 – Detoxing Your Emotions

“Emotional-healing detox can help you regain control of your life and achieve mental and emotional balance and, eventually, happiness.” – Dr. Z

“What’s love? It’s about letting things go when people hurt us. Realize that God is trying to do something new in your relationship with that person and your relationship with Him.” – Dr. Z

“It’s important to remember that even if you were to get back at somebody, it’s empty. You don’t get any satisfaction.” – Mama. Z

“We all do wrong things. It’s part of life and it’s part of learning but we have to forgive ourselves.” – Mama Z

“Break the cycle of negative thinking. Doing that can help you visualize and make change.” – Dr. Z

People and Resources Mentioned in Episode 28 – Detoxing Your Emotions

Detoxing Your Emotions, Part 1: Forgiveness, Crying and Letting Go - Podcast Episode 28

A Special Gift from Our Sponsor...

And before we get any further, we want to give a huge shoutout to our friends at Thrive Market.

Special Price Just for Natural Living Family Readers! Get 25% OFF your first order just for being one of our readers. Start your Thrive Market shopping list here and enjoy a free 30-day trial.

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