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Relax! No, seriously take a minute (or quite a few) to soak in the suds and feel the fizz of this wonderful, essential oil bath bomb recipe you can make right at home. Turn the lights down low and turn on your Himalayan salt lamp. Que up your favorite music playlist and chill.

Relaxing Essential Oils

Make your bathroom a sanctuary of shalom (peace). The Epsom salt will help promote detoxing while the almond oil softens the skin. Meditate on some Scriptures for anxiety relief for the ultimate in physical and spiritual relaxation.

This DIY bath bomb recipe calls for 45 drops of relaxing essential oils but you can mix-and-match the ones you love best.

Favorite relaxing essential oils to choose from include:

  • Lavender – A familiar scent with profound anxiety-relief benefits
  • Roman chamomile – Calming and soothing, this is one of my favs
  • Clary sage – Use this when you need female support and hormone balancing
  • Geranium – Great for sensitive skin and hormone support
  • Ylang ylang – Sedative and deeply calming this oil will help you sleep
  • Rose – Uplifting for depression and soothing to frayed nerves, plus it smells great!
  • Vetiver – Very relaxing with a deep, smokey fragrance.

Favorite Blends:

  • Joyful Blend – Orange and vanilla in equal parts
  • Valentine’s Blend – 3 parts Orange, 2 parts lavender and vanilla, 1 parts geranium
  • Passion Blend – 3 parts lavender, 2 parts jasmine and patchouli, 1 parts sandalwood, orange, and ylang ylang
  • Focus Blend – equal parts Hawaiin sandalwood, Indian sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, lime, ylang ylang
  • Get ‘er Done – equal parts peppermint, vetiver, frankincense, and orange
  • Aches and Pains Blend – equal parts wintergreen, pink pepper, and sandalwood
  • Stink no More – equal parts peppermint and cilantro
  • Fall Leaves – 2 parts Frankincense, 1 part pine and cedarwood
  • Holy Night – 3 parts white fir and orange, 2 parts bergamot, 1 part peppermint/spearmint and wintergreen
  • Forever Young – 1 part Frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, myrrh, and rose (optional)

Once you know how to make bath bombs with essential oils, you can customize them to your liking! Add your favorite essential oils to complete the tranquility feeling. Spice up the colors to match the decor in your bathroom. So many options to play around with. These also make the best gift for someone you love!


DIY Bath Bomb Recipe
  1. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl with a whisk.
  2. Add almond oil and essential oils and gently mix by hand. If you have sensitive skin, wear gloves during this step. Choose essential oils that are calming such as lavender, vetiver, or cedarwood.*
  3. Once combined, lightly mist with water from the spray bottle and mix. Do not add too much water all at once or it will get too soggy – that’s why I recommend using a spray bottle. This step will be done several times until mixture gets to a molding consistency.
  4. Stop when the mixture holds together.
  5. Now time to add some color. Depending on how many colors you wish to use, separate mixture into separate smaller bowls. Start with 5 drops of color, and more as needed.
  6. Spray a little mist again to ensure hold.
  7. Overfill each side of your molds. This is the fun part! Get creative and mix some colors.
  8. Now press your molds together until you hear a click.
  9. Remove from mold and let set overnight before use.
  10. Store in airtight container for up to two weeks.
  11. Now time for a bath! <3
* We love using lavender and Roman chamomile for this recipe. Nice gentle, calming oils. Other times we like to use hormone-balancing oils like clary sage, geranium, ylang ylang and fennel. Another great blend is my Joyful blend – orange and vanilla. Any citrus would be great paired with vanilla.

Some essential oils are hot and would not be suitable for application on the skin like this, such as cinnamon or wintergreen. Others such as lemongrass have a lower dermal limit so you’d want to use less than 45 drops. Also remember when using an essential oil that causes photosensitivity you should avoid being outdoors in sunlight for the next day.

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