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Essential Oils Diet Book Fast Track Approved RecipeEssential Oils Diet Book Essential Lifestyle Approved Recipe

In our humble opinion, there is nothing more refreshing and invigorating than iced matcha green tea. Our homemade recipe is super creamy, super sweet, blends perfectly in under a minute, and (of course) does not include dairy or sugar. This gorgeous drink is sure to become a warm-weather favorite for your mid-day pick-me-up needs. 🙂

Be sure to try my “fat-burning” option that uses essential oils to support you on your journey to reaching your ideal weight!

Matcha 101 Understanding Green Tea

Western culture has only recently realized what the Japanese have known for centuries; Matcha tea tastes terrific, and it works wonders for your whole body. The Camellia sinensis plant that matcha comes from is grown specifically to create this superfood. It’s shaded more than other tea plants (1), which increases amino acid levels. The increase in amino acids causes it to have a deeper flavor than most tea and more nutritional benefits. One cup of matcha is equal to ten cups of green tea.

Matcha means “ground tea,” which is appropriate given its processing. When you consume most teas, you’re consuming just a tiny portion of the leaves. Whether you steep your tea in a bag or loose-leaf, you still end up discarding most of the leaf and a lot of health benefits.

Thanks to its many benefits, matcha has been a buzzword in the healthy living community. Matcha is ground into a fine, dissolvable powder, so you’re essentially drinking the entire leaf and getting all of the health benefits. It also adds a gorgeous hue to baked goods, drinks, ice creams, and more! When you pair matcha with essential oils, your body will thank you!

3 Reasons to Drink Matcha Green Tea

Many people have found that they can lose weight with matcha green tea with just one cup a day. Especially when they add a drop (or two) of hunger curbing and blood sugar balancing essential oils like peppermint and cinnamon!

Here are four reasons to try matcha and make a vegan morning latte:

1. Natural Energy & Mental Clarity Boost

Matcha is as intelligent as it is pretty! This is an excellent option for your pantry if you’re sensitive to caffeine. It has a little less caffeine than a cup of coffee, but it contains an amino acid called L-theanine (2) that releases the caffeine slowly instead of all at once. The high L-theanine level means that your body can slowly process the caffeine to give you what matcha drinkers call a “calm alertness” rather than the jitters.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you might be familiar with the crash that keeps you coming back for cup after cup. Matcha contains long-lasting energy, making it a better pick-me-up than an energy drink or sugary frappe. The energy that matcha gives usually lasts 4-6 hours.

2. Antibacterial Palate Cleanser

Matcha has antibacterial properties (3) that can help cleanse your mouth as you sip on it. If you’re trying to ward off periodontal issues, this is a tasty proactive step you can take! If you make my “Fat-Burning” variation, you’ll have an extra dose of freshness because of the essential oils.

3. Weight Loss

Matcha comes from the same plant as green tea extract, speeding up metabolism and increasing fat-burning. Matcha creates a thick liquid, so it helps you feel full.

Bonus: The essential oils we use in this recipe are also great for weight loss support!

Iced Matcha Ingredient List

Iced Matcha + Variation Ingredients

You need matcha green tea powder, liquid stevia, ice, and a dairy-free “creamer” type beverage to make this recipe. Let’s go over why each of these ingredients is important!

Matcha Green Tea Powder: Calmness, alertness, amino acids galore. Matcha’s list of benefits goes on and on! If you’d like to learn more, check out this post. We prefer Pique brand matcha green tea.

Unsweetened Vanilla-Flavored Almond or Coconut Milk Beverage: This ingredient gives the iced matcha creaminess. You don’t need dairy to make a beverage decadent. I like using Nutpods or Califa Farms Better Half. Creamers that list both coconut and almond milk create extra smooth drinks.

Whatever brand you choose, make sure you’ve grabbed the unsweetened variety. Surprisingly almond milk can have hidden sugars!

Liquid Stevia: When I’m not using the stevia from my garden, I love adding liquid stevia to this drink. I’ve found you have a lot more control over liquid stevia versus powdered. There are fewer additives with this form of stevia. I like KAL Sure Stevia because there are so many different flavors. In this recipe, vanilla and coconut are both excellent.

Blender: The last thing you need is a blender of some sort. I like to keep things simple around here, and a blender is the easiest method I’ve found of mixing matcha. Blending the tea also creates a bubbly effect that’s just plain fun.

How Do I Make an Iced Matcha?

Iced Matcha + Variation
  1. Pour the matcha powder, almond milk beverage, and stevia into a blender. Blend for 30 seconds until frothy.
  2. Pour the mixture into a 32-ounce glass bottle. Fill to the top with ice. Serve immediately or refrigerate.
Fat Burning Iced Matcha: Add 2 drops each of cinnamon bark and peppermint essential oils.

If you like making a lot of hot drinks, I recommend purchasing an electric kettle. I love having hot water ready when I want to make a quick cup of tea or a latte. I use an electric glass kettle similar to this one.

When purchasing an almond milk beverage, be sure to buy the unsweetened variety.

There’s nothing better than the peace of mind that comes with making coffee-shop-style drinks in the kitchen! I can’t tell you how much money I’ve saved by making my daily latte at home. Bonus: I can customize it with the essential oils of my choice. I know you’re going to fall in love with my version of an Iced Matcha.

I highly recommend trying out the Fat-Burning option! It tastes delicious and gives you a boost of bioactive ingredients. Here’s how you make it.

Step One: Blend and Froth

Iced Matcha + Variation Step One

First, gather your ingredients. Pour the matcha powder, almond milk beverage, and stevia into a high-powered blender. Blend it for 30 seconds or until it’s frothy.

Step Two: Pour Over Ice

Iced Matcha + Variation Step Two

Once your mixture looks like the above photo, pour it into a 32-ounce glass bottle. Fill to the top with ice. Serve the matcha immediately or refrigerate for later.

Optional: Make the Iced Matcha Fat-Burning

Iced Matcha + Variation with Essential Oil

Are you interested in burning some extra fat while indulging? Add these two oils for an extra boost:

Cinnamon Bark Oil: Cinnamon or Cassia bark can help regulate your GI tract. When your GI tract is in good shape, bloating, gas, and cramps decrease. Eliminating GI issues makes a huge difference in how your pants fit!

Peppermint Oil: This is another tremendous digestive oil. If you’re following along with the Essential Oils Diet plan, you’ll notice this oil is one of our “Big Four.” This oil effectively eliminates food cravings (4) and helps you feel full faster. Feeling full helps reduce your daily calories!

If you’re experiencing PMS cravings, this oil can help you overcome them. Along with weight loss benefits, peppermint is a great energizer!

Safety Disclaimer about Essential Oils

Oils and water don’t mix, so use wisdom when ingesting them! This recipe blends the oils with a natural sweetener, which acts as a dispersant. Adding stevia prevents you from irritating your mouth. Enjoy this recipe, but remember, you should never just drop an EO in water and take a gulp!


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