Organic gardening is the easiest and most enjoyable way to grow your own healthy produce. You don’t want to negate the benefits of gardening by using toxic chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. Learn to grow organic food and beautiful pollinator attracting flowers right in your own backyard with our Mama Z Gardening tips.

How to Build a Pollinator Garden

If you're ready to build a pollinator garden choose the most attractive plants! Be sure to follow these tips for organic gardening success.

Indoor Garden Ideas Anyone Can Do!

Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or huge homestead on the prairie, these indoor garden ideas will spruce up your home in a jiffy!
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When you are growing your own food, you want to use sustainable, healthy organic gardening techniques. Organic gardening doesn’t mean ugly gardens filled with pests and bugs. In fact, quite the opposite – our garden spaces are gorgeous and filled with a variety of beautiful plants.

Natural pest control and weed control methods use essential oils and other organic compounds. And when pollinators visit your garden, they flourish instead of dying. From tropical hummingbird gardens, to amazing herb gardens you’ll see how to grow beautiful plants without using toxic chemicals.

Sustainable gardening starts right from the beginning with your seed selection and what types of plants you choose to grow. Look for non-GMO seeds that are for heirloom plants so you can save seeds year after year. Heirloom plants have been around for generations and are often available in unique colors or variations with amazing flavors. When you grow and heirloom vegetable, herb, or flower, you’re growing a piece of history in your backyard!

Small-space gardening is one way to maximize what you grow in your garden. Using vertical gardening and container gardening techniques you can enjoy plants for small spaces. In order to grow vegetables in containers you want to make sure you have rich, nutritious soil that will provide the nutrients to support plants in a small garden area. See some of our container garden ideas for the best dwarf plants and awesome hanging basket plants for beautiful, productive growth no matter what your space.

The edible landscaping tips include organic gardening how-tos so you know what you’re growing is healthy for you and your family. Maximize your vegetable garden through successive planting and keep your garden productive from the very first of spring well into fall’s cool season. Planning a garden in the spring with heirloom vegetables will set you up for organic gardening success. From cool-season plants like broccoli, to delicious summer vegetables like tomatoes and eggplant we’ve got you covered.

And once you learn how to grow vegetable gardens take it to the next level with your herb garden! Enjoy a variety of delicious culinary and medical herbs right at your fingertips. Use an old-fashioned cottage garden combination of fast-growing annual herbs like basil with favorite perennial herbs like lavender and rosemary.

Organic gardening is one of the best ways to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and beautiful flowers right from your own home. Learn more here!

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