It’s critical to know and expect that the enemy of your soul will attack the most important things in your life, especially during hectic or difficult times. In John 16:33, Jesus clearly states that in this world we will have trouble, however, He also says, “But take heart! I have overcome this world.”

Knowing that we can expect these attacks allows us to prepare in advance to weather these challenges with the Lord’s help. In fact, these trials can strengthen us and shape us to live out our purpose in life.

Today we will equip you with practical tips and Bible verses for protecting two of the most important areas of our lives that the enemy will assail: our walk with God and our relationships with others. We’ll teach you what to do – and what to avoid – to stay safe under God’s protection so that you can keep living an abundant life even when you’re under attack.

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Natural Living Family Podcast, Episode 35 Transcript: The THREE Most Important Things in Life: A Year in Review (Part 1)

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[0:00 – 3:08] Prelude of The Most Important Things

Mama Z: I got home, there were beautiful flowers waiting for me, there was steamed beet and beet greens, which is like a love language for me, and all of my favorites that he either made or picked up. It was like, “Ahh.”

Dr. Z: He, meaning me?

Mama Z: Yes, you.

Dr. Z: Awe.

Mama Z: I was like, “Wow, this is … Whoa.”

Dr. Z: Are you saying this as a reminder, or are you putting pressure on me to one-up myself from last year? This is like-

Mama Z: Well, if you didn’t remember, if you had amnesia from last year-

Dr. Z: We’ve got a lot of people listening to this.

Mama Z: If you had amnesia from last year, I can’t wait to talk about what you do this year.

Dr. Z: Oh, man.

Mama Z: The pressure is on.

Dr. Z: I got four kids and myself this time. I’ve never had four kids. This is a lot. We have a lot of kids.

Mama Z: You got this. You’ve totally got this.

Dr. Z: This is the first time we’ve gone alone.

Mama Z: It is.

Dr. Z: We’ve always had a baby.

Mama Z: And it’s really cool because I get to see one of my sisters one of the weekends.

Dr. Z: Why don’t you bring flowers to me?

Mama Z: I’ll think of you.

Dr. Z:  What do I get out of this deal?

Dr. Z: Hi, this is Dr. Z.


[3:09 – 11:02] Introducing The Three Most Important Things

Mama Z: And Mama Z, and welcome to episode 35 of the Natural Living Podcast.

Dr. Z: Each week, we invite you into our home to talk about how you can master the art and science of natural living. And we share the same tips our family uses every day to enjoy an abundant life, and you’re going to love today’s topic.

Mama Z: So come on in and get comfortable, after all you’re one of the family, our Natural Living Family.

Dr. Z: But, before we dive into all of the fun, we are excited to invite you to a special event.

Mama Z:  Within the past few years we’ve lost Eric’s grandma as well as my aunt, brother-in-law, and one of my best friends to various forms of cancer.

Dr. Z: All the while, several of our closest friends and family members receive that horrifying diagnosis everyone dreads to hear.

Mama Z: So we’ve decided to partner with our friends at Cancer Tutor to do our part to help you not go through what we’ve experienced.

Dr. Z: For the past 18 months Natural Living Family and Cancer Tutor have been busy working on a film project to bring awareness to people that there is truly hope for cancer. We sponsored a stage two breast cancer patient to receive nontoxic therapies for one year, and have documented her progress along the way.

Mama Z: This story gives a candid look at her journey through integrative cancer treatments, and we want to give you a special access pass to watch the movie before we submit it to film festivals and online streaming services.

Dr. Z: We cordially invite you to a special screening of the global premier that will air this coming November, 6th.

Mama Z: Simply go to, that’s, to reserve your spot today, and you’ll get instant access to some of the behind-the-scenes footage and some other amazing goodies.

Dr. Z: We believe there is hope for breast cancer, and we invite you on our mission to helping stop this epidemic.

Dr. Z: Well, hey there everybody. It is episode 35, and we’re going to talk, kind of like a continuation of last episode, we’re going to talk about the three, capital T-H-R-E-E, the three most important things in life, a year in review. I’m assuming this is going to be a two-parter, so I’m just going to go on whim and call this part one.

Mama Z: Hey, I didn’t do it this time. You can’t blame me for that.

Dr. Z: No, usually part two is your fault. But okay, it’s September, 16th today.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: How are we doing a year in review?

Mama: Well, first of all, I was thinking about that and I really liked the idea when you mentioned it. Not only because people are now just getting back to school and all of that stuff, but you know, you have to think about immunity blends, and you have to think about … So there’s just so much that all kind of comes about this time of the year, beautiful flowers, all kinds of stuff around the house.

Dr. Z: Yeah, this could definitely be a play on words. A school year, a fiscal year, a whatever year, but the reason I came up with this topic was it feels like in September we’ve lived a whole year plus worth this year. It’s been a jam packed year from the word go, January first through today. And there’s been a lot of stuff that we’ve learned.

Mama Z: You know, it really isn’t stopping either, but-

Dr. Z: No, it’s not. And actually it doesn’t even feel like we’ve lived a year’s worth, it feels like we’ve lived three, four, fives years worth of life in the last nine months alone. Not even nine months, eight months. And everything just fast forward, launching this brand new podcast, coming out with your organic gardening made easy class, your gluten free Italian cooking class, your simple sensational salads class, the essential oils diet book, your Mrs. Georgia America victory, and then going to Mrs. America, and then getting prepped up for breast cancer documentary. And in the midst all kinds of stuff.

Mama Z: Wait, you forgot the book.

Dr. Z: Well, I know. In the midst we’re going to get-

Mama Z: And you forgot TV stuff and other stuff.

Dr. Z: Hold on here. That’s what I’m talking about.

Mama Z: Oh, my goodness.

Dr. Z: God has given us so much experience this year.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: So far I feel like we’ve lived a life worth of experience, and there are three things we’re going to talk about. I’m just going to put it out there, not in this episode, we’re probably going to cover a part and a half next episode. But first of all, what are the three most important things in life? And here’s why this came to me, the thing that we learned, and then we’ll go into the diffuser blend and off on announcements, but the thing that really struck me was that the three most important things in life are those things that will be most attacked by the enemy.

Mama Z: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dr. Z: That’s worth repeating.

Mama Z: Say it again.

Dr. Z: This is a meme. If you’re meme people, if you’re Pinterest people, do your pin on this one. This is a keeper. The three most important things in life … Hold on, I got to repeat that because we got to make this smooth. The three most important things in life are those things that will be most attacked by the enemy. Number one, your walk with God. Number two, your relationship with others. Number three, your health. And as we have experienced, quite frankly, some of the most unbelievable, amazing experience. August was just off the hook. To have a global streaming service come by our home for two days to film us for a unbelievably big deal documentary.

Mama Z: Yeah, you can’t really say anything. Wait, wait, wait.

Dr. Z: We can’t-

Mama Z: But you can say the bigger euphemism for it, right?

Dr. Z: To have a global steaming service come by our home to film us for a documentary on essential oils, to have to go to Mrs. America, to have us go through all of the TV and podcasts and get ready for our-

Mama Z: I don’t know, I thought it was kind of cool, the mic pack that was wrapped around my leg. That was really inventive. We are totally going to steal that for one of our-

Dr. Z: Yeah, Chris, you got to up your game. Chris has got to up his game here.

Mama Z: Except for the fact that I was allergic to the adhesive, the neoprene was probably fine.

Dr. Z: Poor Chris is a one man show, our audio, video extraordinaire. And here is this documentary crew, they just had an assistant. They just had this dude, cool dude, and all he did was get stuff for people. Like, “Hey, throw away this trash, please. We need some coffee.” Chris, you need an assistant.

Chris: A PA.

Dr. Z: A PA, a production assistant. And not only that, but you know what was really impressive?

Mama Z: Wait, we got Kennesaw State University, we need an intern for Chris.

Dr. Z: Hey, by the way … No, really, no joke.

Mama Z: Seriously.

Dr. Z: Our friend, Reggie, from Better Way Health, he’s moving his corporate office and manufacturing facility to be closer to KSU because there are a lot of marketing and tech seniors that need to go through a senior project.

Mama Z: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Z: Hey, if you are local to Kennesaw, Georgia, if you go to Kennesaw State University, we’d love to talk to you about an internship.

Mama Z:

Dr. Z: We have a global documentary coming out, we have a lot of cool stuff. But anyway, yeah, this was next level. And not only that, but August was just, we experienced things in August, really, that people, just in August, a year’s worth of life in August, and it was nonstop. It was like how many balls in the air?

Mama Z: And then as soon as we were done filming that day, then we had my going away party for Mrs. America.

Dr. Z: It was unbelievable. I mean, we had like 55, 60 people at the house.

Mama Z: And thank God for all of our friends and family that were a part of everything because we couldn’t have done it without them, for sure.

Dr. Z: We didn’t ask for this. This was not on our five, 10 year vision board. Things are just coming and coming and coming, and we’re just like, “Okay Lord, help us. I want to be faithful with a little.” But here’s the thing, in the midst of all of this, though, the enemy has attacked our walk with God. And the enemy, the devil, Lucifer, has attacked our walk with God, our relationship with each other, primarily within ourselves, our marriage, and our health. And this is why I wan to talk today about the three most important things in life because when you look back, and I’m kind of thinking, “Oh, here I am like 80 or 90 years old looking back, talking to my grandson or granddaughter.”

Mama Z: Are you going to talk about …

Dr. Z: You know, looking back at a life in review, like, “Hey, grandson, let me tell you about life.” Just like what happened to you. Two weeks before your Mrs. Georgia pageant, second, third degree burns on your leg.

Mama Z: Yeah.

Dr. Z: And three days before the documentary crew come by the house, I get second degree burns on my hand. It’s just like-

Mama Z: And then you got burned again. Didn’t you get burned a second time?

Dr. Z: It’s unbelievable. And, you know, again, this is what we’re talking about. So we want to help just refocus. And you know what? Regardless of where you are in your year, your business fiscal year, your school year, whatever year, right? Let’s believe God that this is the year of jubilee, let’s believe God that this is the year of redemption, that this is going to be a year of new beginnings. Let’s believe God that starting today, right now as you listen, will be the beginning of new things. Amen? Again, we’re going to talk about our walk with God, our relationship with others, and our health in context of these being the three most important things in life. And if you expect and want to do important things for God, and if you want to fulfill your call in Christ, you need to be prepared that these three things are going to be attacked, I promise you. Just open up your Bible, look at any story, look at any story of the prophets, look at any story of the queens, look at any story of the kings, look at Jesus Christ our savior, His walk with God, His relationship with others, and His health. Everyone, these are the things that the enemy will attack us because these are the things that will just rob you of your ministry, and rob you of the abundant life. Amen?

Mama Z: Amen.


[11:03 – 19:29] What’s in Our Diffuser, Announcements, and Reviews

Dr. Z: What’s in our diffusion?

Mama Z: Okay, so because people are going back to school immune systems are starting to be compromised. You know, we go back to school earlier, but they even had the flu go around. I mean, our kids didn’t get it or anything, but towards the beginning of the school year they had the stomach flu and some other things. So as you’re arming yourself in your car, as you’re getting back into your daily routine, think about for your diffuser, making your own immunity blends. For this one we have orange, cinnamon leaf, lemon, rosemary, clove, and eucalyptus. Now, in The Healing Power of Essential Oils, in our diffuser blend they also give the other options of cinnamon bark, and also frankincense, so you can spice that up in any way that you like, but that’s what we have in our diffuser today.

Dr. Z: Awesome.

Mama Z: Yup. The homemade immunity-

Dr. Z: Any fun announcements? Any fun announcements that you wanted to share? Where are you going in a couple weeks?

Mama Z: Well, we are going to be on daytime Tampa TV, so we’re going to be going there.

Dr. Z: That’s this Friday.

Mama Z: Oh, yeah. It’s quick.

Dr. Z: Where are you going to be in a couple weeks?

Mama Z: I am also going to be at the International School of Santa Claus, the CWH Santa Claus school known as the Harvard of Santa schools. And it’s an amazing time because there are Santas and Mrs. Clauses that come from around the world, and it’s a very interesting and eclectic group because each person has a different story, a different walk in life, but one of the things that we’ve been able to do with what we do with our ministry is speak on a variety of topics. And one of them, of course, is health, wellness, and fitness. Our message has really helped save lives, and we had found the first few years, and this is my 19th year teaching at Santa school, but the first few years I was just teaching marketing, and that was amazing, but we had a lot of Santas that passed away due to all different kinds of things. And when I asked the crew-

Dr. Z: You mean health related.

Mama Z: Health related.

Dr. Z: Yeah, health related. I mean, a common trend-

Mama Z: Right. So when I asked-

Dr. Z: What’s your saying about the Santa suit?

Mama Z: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can wear the fat suit, you don’t need to be the fat suit.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Mama Z: And that was partially a quote from a Santa. So some of my assistants have got black belt Santa, and I’ve got yoga Santa, Santa Jerry Julian, he originally was the one who … He was so passionate about my message, after the first couple years just teaching marketing and makeup and some other things we had some Santas that passed away, and I started asking questions. And we had so many people that everybody raised their hand for at least one of these three things, back pain, pre-diabetic, or diabetic. So with those common threads, we knew that we needed to do something, and we needed to reach out because if you think about it, Santa is probably not your most physically fit person in the world. And if they come out of not doing anything, and then pick up hundreds of kids and put them on their lap, they could technically throw their back out within the first couple of days if they’re not training and they’re not getting ready for that.

Mama Z: So part of what we do is talk about how to maximize the last third of your life, and one of the greatest books out there is Younger Next Year, and they have both a women’s book and a men’s book. And it talks about the different things that are important after retirement age and how to put your priorities in different places. And we actually have been sponsored by that book, and they’ve donated multiple copies to many of the Santas and Mrs. Clauses. It’s so funny, I tried to get my dad to read this book for 10 years, and then one year I came home, he goes, “I have the perfect book for you to show the Santas.” And he whips out the Younger Next Year book.

Dr. Z: There you go.

Mama Z: He says, “My doctor told me all about it.” I said, “Dad, I’ve been trying to get you to read that for 10 years.” So obviously, when it’s come from home, it’s just like a dull voice just speaking, but in the last five years I’ve had so many Santa Clauses that have partnered up with other Santas to be walking buddies and all of this stuff. One set of Santas had lost over a person between the two of them just by doing 10,000 to 15,000 steps a day and holding each other accountable.

Dr. Z: What do you mean, he lost a person?

Mama Z: They lost over 150 pounds between the two of them. And that’s just putting into play some of the little tips that we give.

Dr. Z: So you’ll be teaching, you’re an instructor. You’ll be teaching marketing, you’ll be teaching nutrition, and you’ll be hosting an exercise class, so how fun.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: This episode isn’t about Santa school, but it’s about-

Mama Z: Right, a lot of fun.

Dr. Z: It’s fun because I just want to let you all know, when Sabrina gets interviewed, people are always like, “What? There’s such a thing as Santa school?”

Mama Z: Yeah.

Dr. Z: It’s one of those fun little, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, no one even knows this thing exists, but it’s cool.

Mama Z: It is, and it’s great.

Dr. Z: It’s very fun for her, and you’re going to enjoy that trip. And then I’ll be, like I normally do, I’ll be playing … Keep me in your prayers, y’all, because I’ll be playing.

Mama Z: This year, it’s only like a week, so …

Dr. Z: No, it’s not a week.

Mama Z: It’s nine days.

Dr. Z: Closer to 10.

Mama Z: Oh, listen to that over there.

Dr. Z: I’ll be playing single dad.

Mama Z: “It’s 25 days that she’s gone. My hair will be just froed out.”

Dr. Z: You were gone … At one point I had a couple kids with me, and you were gone for a month. But I never have such an appreciation for single parents than I do, single moms especially, right, than this time. So anyway, I get a chance to go night time, wake up, do all this stuff.

Mama Z: And it’s kind of fun because I remember as a kid when my mom-

Dr. Z: And I appreciate that time with the kids because we fall asleep on the couch, we-

Mama Z: Oh, yeah, that does not happen when I am here. No way.

Dr. Z: We eat nice food. Seriously, no one’s going to bed. We’re just going to-

Mama Z: And guess what? The morning comes, so then he has to deal with all that. But I remember when my mom would go back home every year for two weeks.

Dr. Z: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Mama Z: In February. Her dad owned a number of companies so he was amazing with taxes. So he would do my mom’s taxes every single year, and my mom would always take the two weeks. Then finally when they got an accountant to do the taxes then she would just go home for two weeks. I remember the first thing that my dad would let us do is we’d all go to the supermarket, and we would all pick our own cereal. And of course, we picked the worst cereal in the cereal aisle possibly that you could pick because my mom would never go for that. I can only imagine. I’m not here, so as long as everything’s picked up and put away by the time I got home. Last time I got home there were beautiful flowers waiting for me, there was steamed beets and beet greens, which is like a love language for me, and all of my favorites that he either made or picked up. And it was like, “Ahh.”

Dr. Z: He, meaning me?

Mama Z: Yes, you.

Dr. Z: Awe.

Mama Z: I was like, “Wow, this is … Whoa.”

Dr. Z: Are you saying this as a reminder, or are you putting pressure on me to one-up myself from last year? This is like-

Mama Z: Well, if you didn’t remember, if you had amnesia from last year-

Dr. Z: We’ve got a lot of people listening to this.

Mama Z: If you had amnesia from last year, I can’t wait to talk about what you do this year.

Dr. Z: Oh, man.

Mama Z: The pressure is on.

Dr. Z: I got four kids by myself this time. I’ve never had four kids. This is a lot. We have a lot of kids.

Mama Z: You got this. You’ve totally got this.

Dr. Z: This is the first time you’ve gone alone.

Mama Z: It is.

Dr. Z: We’ve always had a baby.

Mama Z: And it’s really cool because I get to see one of my sisters one of the weekends.

Dr. Z: What about you bringing flowers to me?

Mama Z: I’ll think of you.

Dr. Z: What do I get out of this deal. Anyway, what’s in our … Oh, you already said the diffuser. Oh, man, where are we? All right.

Mama Z: I got him all off his game now.


[19:30 – 20:55] Your Reviews!

Dr. Z: Reviews. Thank you, thank you for leaving-

Mama Z: Oh, yes.

Dr. Z: I love this. This is actually one of my more favorite parts of the show because we read the reviews that you’re leaving on the podcast.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: And yay, we’ve been doing this podcast for about, what is it? Since February-ish? Late January? I mean, it’s been several months, and it’s been fun. And we got lots of reviews and a lot of, thank you so much, a lot of beautiful four and five start ratings. What’s are the more recent ones?

Mama Z: Okay, so this is Laurie, LNSDQ, and she gives us five stars.

Dr. Z: Yay.

Mama Z: Thank you. “So live giving. I first heard of Dr. Z and Mama Z on the Trim Healthy podcast and was so inspired. Then I bought the book that Dr. Z wrote, and it was awesome. I have since been listening to the podcast, and it has been a blessing. My favorite part about the podcast is how much truth they give me all wrapped up in lots of love. I love the length. It’s perfect to listen to while I’m cleaning. It has convicted me so many times, and kicked my rear into gear.”

Dr. Z: Oh, cool. Good for you.

Mama Z: “One of my absolutely favorite podcasts ever.”

Dr. Z: Awe, awesome.

Mama Z: So sweet.


[20:56 – 28:39] The Most Important Things: Trials are Meant to Strengthen You

Dr. Z: Well, praise God for that, Laurie, I love that. And this is going to be, hopefully, one of those convict y’all, kick you in your rear into gear kind of things because here’s the thing, y’all, how can we walk through life and expect that we’re going to be immune and protected from the very same things that our Lord dealt with? And we see in the book of Hebrews the Bible saying that Jesus is the perfect, He is the complete, high priest because He’s been tempted in all ways and he never succumbed to sin. So I want to begin this by first realizing when Christ was 30 He was baptized. You know, the dove floated from on high, landed on Him. The Holy Spirit landed on Him in the form of a dove, John the Baptist baptized Christ in water, He was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and what happened immediately? Did He just go out and minister and cast demons out of people and raise the dead? No, He was sent in the wilderness for 40 days to be tempted by the tempter, like, immediately once His ministry started. And it was like Jesus had to go through that experience to be cleansed, to have His heart purified, to have His motives tested, and to be strengthened in spirit, soul, and body for what God had for Him, which was the ministry that set us free for all eternity. Amen?

Mama Z: Amen.

Dr. Z: So are you walking through life ignorant of the fact that there is a tempter? And, like the Bible says, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whomever he may devour or destroy. Right? And we’re not here to be in fear of the devil because we know also, like James says, if you resist the devil, he must flee. So there’s no fear, there is none, but there are demons, there are evil forces that are trying to persuade you, tempt you from fulfilling your call. And what are those things that are going to be tempted? Your walk with God, your relationship with others, and your health.

Mama Z: And if you talk to a Santa, it’s definitely the cookies.

Dr. Z: And that’s health. So the only thing that could keep us from fulfilling God’s will in our lives is us.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: Let me say it this way. The only thing that will keep you from living the abundant life is you.

Mama Z: Amen.

Dr. Z: Did that sink in? Because that’s sinking into me. And here’s the thing that I noticed, and we see Jesus, once Jesus went through the temptation in the wilderness, He was in the flow. I mean, He had this, what, three plus year ministry, and he was just in the flow.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: It culminated again on the cross where He opened up, He rent the veil in two, opened up the floodgates of heaven and earth, and now people can now commune with God forever and every, amen. I mean, wow. But that too, that was a wonderful series of events that happened to Jesus, from feeding the 5,000 to raising up Lazarus, to opening the sights of the blind, the preaching, the helping, the ministering, to loving, to rebuking, to looking at Peter and saying, “Get behind me satan.” And the closest people in His life trying to persuade Him and take Him away from His ministry. He was in the flow. If you’re trying to get into the flow of what God has for you, and if you are in that flow, you must not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy. The Bible says we are not ignorant of the devices of the enemy. And I’m telling you, I promise you, you have to expect and be prepared for an attack.

Mama Z: Absolutely. You know, one of the things that one of our favorite pastors said is, “Flies don’t land on hot stoves.” However, have you ever been in the kitchen when there’s lots of good stuff going, and the flies are just going around you and they’re there. And that’s why it’s really important to recognize the presence of the enemy floating around, but you know, like you mentioned, as we resist the devil, he will flee.

Dr. Z: First off, you have to walk in life. I want to say this is a way that we’re not going to be paranoid because there are things we should, and that’s the purpose of today’s show, should do to prepare ourselves. You know, like fasting.

Mama Z: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dr. Z: Like prayer, reading your Bible, communing with God, going to church and spending time with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Your walk with God is foundational, and it’s so multifaceted. And you’ll see that the busier you are about the Father’s business, the more productive your life becomes for the kingdom, the more souls you’re winning, the more people you’re being able to preach to, the more people you’re laying hands on and are healed, whatever it might be, that your time with God will be squeezed. And it’s easy, and you talk to any pastor, because right now the number one issue, next to health issues, physical health issues that pastors are dealing with, are mental health issues. Burnout.

Mama Z: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dr. Z: Men and women of God devoting and essentially spending their very lives helping others, but they’re not really nurturing their own walk with the Lord, first of all. And because of that, they’re getting mentally burned out.

Mama Z: I mean, if you’re always putting out all the time you have to do things to fill yourself up.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Mama Z: Or you can’t pour out or else that cup is going to get empty.

Dr. Z: So first, expect an attack. Be prepared. Not in paranoia, but just like our government, just like your government, wherever you live right now, because we have a global audience, praise God, your government, your military is actively prepared for an attack. I mean, that’s the purpose of a military, right?

Mama Z: Mm-hmm (affirmative). The true purpose.

Dr. Z: Yes, the true purpose is to be in preparation for an attack, and that is one of the benefits of the tax dollar that we spend. It’s like, “Hey, at least I could rest assured that, God willing, something were to happen, our country will be prepared.” Right? Again, brief analogy. But what’s that mean to us? Well, let’s go to Ephesians chapter 6. “Finally,” Paul says, “Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.” That is a preventive measure, right? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So first, daily put on the full armor of God. “For our struggle,” and this is so important, “is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Dr. Z: Again, this is Ephesians chapter 6 verse 13. “Therefore, take up the full armor of God so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything to stand, to stand firm. Having girded your loins with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace. In addition to all, taking up the shield of faith, which with you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. Will all prayer and petition, pray at all times in the spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints.” So what can we do? Read this chapter, go through these verses, and put on the armor of God. And the way that we do that, very simply put, here’s some really, really easy practical things that you could do. What does that mean? How does this apply to me?


[28:40 – 37:59] The Most Important Things: Practical Ways to Put on the Armor of God

Dr. Z: Well, what does Micah say? Chapter 6, “He has told you oh man what is good. What does the Lord require of you? But to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.” What does Joshua say in chapter 1? “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth. You shall meditate on it day and night so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then …” wow, this is one of those you’ve got to star this, underline this, and highlight this in your Bible. “For then you will make your way prosperous.” Again, it’s not God making your way prosperous, it’s not your brother or sister making your way prosperous, it’s not your President, it’s not your Vice President, it’s not your pastor or rabbi, it is you who make your way prosperous, and then you will have success. It’s on us. And last, what does God say in Deuteronomy? Or Moses through God. “You shall therefore love your God and always keep His charge, His statues, His ordinances, and His commandments.” God tells you not to commit adultery, not to murder, not to steal, not to fornicate, not to do the bad things that are in the Bible because of your own good.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: If you do those things, you’re going to get hurt. You’re going to reap what you sow, and that’s why Jesus says God’s commandments aren’t a burden, they’re life. So the number one thing I’m telling you, I promise you it will happen, and look at the professional athletes.

Mama Z: Yeah.

Dr. Z: Look at Hollywood. Look how messed up these people are. Look what happened to Elvis Presley. Look what happened to all these people that started their ministry singing in the church choir, they need up dying drugged, drunk. They need up dying committing suicide. I’m telling you, when you reach the heights that you can in this world, temptation will rise and sin will be at your door. Drunkenness and sex, and all the things that’ll keep you away, the pleasures of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, all these things. The cry for more wealth, more money. All this stuff will rob you of the abundant life. And these are the things that you will be tempted with in your walk with God. And God’s just like, “Walk humbly before Me. Love justice. Be a good person. Follow me. Love me.”

Mama Z: Keep it simple.

Dr. Z: “Keep it simple. Get in My word. Obey my commandments. Don’t allow yourself.” Like the seven cardinal sins, think about these things. Think about gluttony. We’ll talk more about your health later on, probably in the next episode, but think about how the enemy will attack you. And why am I saying this? Because this is exactly what the enemy has done to us. The busier we get, and I’m pretty sure we talked about this is a previous episode, but Pastor Aaron, our pastor-

Mama Z: Yeah, I think …

Dr. Z: He hosted … I forget who this man was, I love this guy. I loved his preaching, but our pastor, he sometimes hosts other pastors and preachers.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: And this man of God preached a message about being busy, and about how being busy is very dangerous because what does busy stand for? B-U-S-Y, being under satan’s yoke. If you’re busy, you are most likely under satan’s yoke. God doesn’t want us to be busy in that sense, He wants us to be fruitful. He doesn’t want us to be bowed down working on things all day long and barely having time with our family, and not having time to exercise and be with our health, and not having time with Him. If you’re so busy, even if you’re so … This is the preaching right here, this is to the pastor, this is to the missionary, this is to the man and woman of God. If you’re so busy serving others that you don’t serve your Lord in prayer, in worship, in fasting, and in time communing with Him, your labor is in vain. If you’re so busy you’re not spending time with the people that God put in your life to love on them, if you’re so busy you’re not taking care of your health, your labor of the Lord is in vain. That’s what we do, and that’s why we focused on balance at Natural Living Family.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: So much, so long. And that’s why I’m convinced that this is the message we got to continue to share because I’m telling you something, August was ridiculous. But you know what was so wonderful? I didn’t get a chance last episode to talk about my part of the Mrs. America pageant because you shared all the fun little details. But one thing I didn’t get to share was I brought my mentor in Christ, Enoch, with us, and it was a wonderful trip with Papa Enoch. We exercised every day. We went to the gym every day in Vegas, spend family time with the kids, we preached the gospel to dozens and dozens of people. We prayed for people on the strip in Vegas. It was wonderful. It was a wonderful time of balance. It was a wonderful time of communion with the Father, but also with family and friends and getting a little R&R. I didn’t work 15 hour days. It was like, “You know, it’s about the life that God’s given us.”

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: And the walk with God wasn’t compromised because it was so busy going from documentary to travel to pageants to getting ready for the book to travel to Vegas. It’s like, “Ahh.” But you know what? Still focused on the things that we need to focus on.

Mama Z: And you know, for my best friend, Lisa, and my mom and Sally, they really focused on the health factors while they were there, and eating well, and stuff like that. And it was so cute because they were like, “We have no idea how to order whole foods to come anywhere.”

Dr. Z: Amazon Prime, baby.

Mama Z: Yup. So they had me do it, and they said, “We’ll camp out all night if we have to.” And I’m like, “Well, it’s only a two hour window.” You know?

Dr. Z: Yeah, you don’t have to do that.

Mama Z: It was so cute. But my mom lost like three or four pounds, and she’s like, she goes, “I don’t know. I didn’t go to the gym.” And Sally goes, “Yes you did. You pushed my wheelchair everywhere.” So their focus was health as part of their thing because they didn’t want to go and lose the things that they had also been working on as well to continue that balance because that was area that they had been out of balance. So just watching my friend, making sure that she went to the gym every single day and all of that stuff.

Dr. Z: Yeah.

Mama Z: And going back and forth from our room to their room, and then they gave me their daily report of what they ate, and stuff like that. It was so cute.

Dr. Z: Yeah, sometimes you get into … Actually, where you stayed, there was a wonderful looking gym. We had a real, like, rinky-dink gym, but we still had something. We still had something where we stayed, and I made sure that we stayed at a place, because we had eight people with us, I made sure that we stayed at a place that had a kitchen.

Mama Z: Yeah.

Dr. Z: So I essentially had a two bedroom. And I mean, Vegas things are cheap. I mean, like, two bedroom … I don’t think it was $200, $225. A two bedroom apartment with like a living room area with a kitchen. So the first thing we did was we went to Whole Foods.

Mama Z: Me too. That’s what I did too.

Dr. Z: And then Brother Jordan, we met Jordan who is a young man of God. We met him, he helped us bring up, because we had like four grocery carts, because again, eight people, and Brother Enoch knows how to eat.

Mama Z: Oh, my gosh, four carts?

Dr. Z: Oh, we crushed it.

Mama Z: Whoa.

Dr. Z: I won’t even say what our grocery bill was.

Mama Z: I don’t even want to know.

Dr. Z: And the food that we left behind, Enoch brought because he bought a couple extra cans of organic black beans. I’m like, “Brother, can’t waste.” So his suitcase was full of food.

Mama Z: So what was funny-

Dr. Z: But we prayed for Brother Jordan, and he was a young man who was from Chicago, and he went to Vegas.

Mama Z: Oh, my gosh.

Dr. Z: I really was surprised in how many Christians that we met in Vegas, and how many people that we met yearning for the Lord, and people crying out because their soul was just grieved because all the sin there. So many people said to us, “I can’t wait to get out of here.”

Mama Z: I had a number of Uber drivers that were Christians.

Dr. Z: Oh, yeah. I mean, it’s like a ministry for a lot of them.

Mama Z: Yeah, it was really interesting because some of them I wouldn’t have guessed that, and this one guy was literally with me for like all day. And he’s like, “You know, you don’t know where you’re going.” I remember having a cab driver once that, and I came on one of my first business trips to Atlanta, okay? And the guy took me probably all the way to Kennesaw and back, and I didn’t even know. Our hotel was only two minutes from the airport.

Dr. Z: Yup.

Mama Z: And my bill was like $160 in this cab. Okay, I’m so not kidding, first business trip. So then after that, back then they didn’t have the Waze app or anything like that, so I had to Google map it.

Dr. Z: Yeah, MapQuest or something.

Mama Z: And MapQuest, just to make sure that people-

Dr. Z: Print out the directions.

Mama Z: I mean, this guy was like … I mean, he just kept pretending he didn’t speak English and all this stuff, and he just clearly took me around the moon.

Dr. Z: No.

Mama Z: So this guy was like, “No, no, no. That’s not the fastest one if you want to go here and here.” And I’m like, “I’ve got a couple more stops.” But I said the app wouldn’t let me put more stuff in. And he goes, “Don’t worry. We just extend it.” And he’s like, “Just come on and sit up front.” Because I had all the stuff I had to return different places and go different places and stuff. And it was just so cool, the different Christians and stuff that I met along the way. Just super cool.


[38:00 – 45:56] The Importance of Making Time for God & a Prayer

Dr. Z: So some of you might be saying, “You know what, Dr. Z, Mama Z? I get it, but you know what? I’m single, I got kids, I’m on the verge of bankruptcy, I’m working two jobs, I’m sick, I’m this, I’m that, I don’t have time. I don’t have time to read my Bible, I don’t have time to pray, I certainly can’t fast, I’m not in the position to. I don’t have time to go to church.” I’m telling you something, we have time for the things that we make time. And I’ll never forget, it was DL Moody, or someone of those powerful men or women of God back in the turn of the century, that said, “I don’t have time not to spend an hour with God before I start my day.”

Mama Z: That’s right.

Dr. Z: And you know, it’s a matter of God has a way, and we see it over and over again in the Bible, a way of advancing our time and our efforts to a supernatural place where your five hour work day turns out to be 10 hours worth of production because God’s on your side, and you’re working smarter not harder. Working in the world with wisdom is much more productive than toiling by the sweat of your brow. And see, that was the curse, y’all. Here’s a really important truth bomb for y’all. God’s just giving you some cool stuff today. That was the curse that God gave to Adam. “You will toil by the sweat of your brow. Women, you will bear children in pain and agony.” That was the curse of sin, but in Christ Jesus we’re free from the curse. Amen? Amen. We’re free from the curse, so you shouldn’t be toiling for your bread, you shouldn’t be at work by the sweat of your brow, you shouldn’t be agonizing over your labor and delivery. I’m telling you something, there is something to be said about being free of the curse because that’s what Christ did, freed us from the curse of sin.

Dr. Z: So I’m telling you, this is where we need to shift the mentality, and I’m going to invite you all to pray with me. I just feel we should pray right now. If you have found yourself, like me, and I’m telling you from my own experience. I get it, it feels sometimes like we’re in survival mode. I’m telling this to Sabrina. I’m like, “I just feel like we’re barely getting by.” It’s month to month, we got all this stuff going on, I’m not getting ahead. The to-dos are above. You know, the kids and this and that. And, ahh, the air conditioning breaks or this happens, and Elijah breaks his collarbone, a tooth breaks. All kinds of crazy stuff happens. You burn yourself. Life happens, and it just feels like you’re at the end of your rope. And you know, that’s where we need to spend more time with God than ever. That’s where maybe 20 minutes, 30 minutes less watching Netflix, or maybe a little less time sleeping, or a little less time doing whatever it is that you do, maybe that’s the time that you just spend alone with God. And it’s doing that, it’s making the determined effort to stop that cycle. And if you find yourself, and I guarantee this, most of you listening are in that cycle because that’s the predicament that we’re in, that is the problem of our society.

Dr. Z: This is the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of wealth Matthew 13 parable that we’re in, and the word is being choked. The word of God is being choked in our lives because of the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of wealth. It’s the system that satan has set up, and it’s something that Americans struggle with more than any other country in the world, and other industrial countries. I know Australia and the UK and Canada can relate to this, and other countries in Europe and around the world. So let’s say a word of prayer before we take a break here because if this is you, and if you’re like our dear friend Laurie who says, “Sometimes I get convicted.” You know, “You kick my rear into gear.” This is one of those times when we repent. We repent right now.

Mama Z: And God will heal your land.

Dr. Z: Amen. Hey. Fist bump. “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, they seek my face, turn from their sin, I’ll hear from heaven, forgive your sin, and heal your land.” Do you need healing? Does your land need healing? Your business, your relationships, your family, your friends, your kids, your marriage, your home, your ministry, your church? What’s your land? Does it need healing? Let’s repent.

Mama Z: And also, you know, to note that God says that if we ask for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in all things, that He’ll give it to us liberally. That means without restraint. That God is not a respecter of persons, and He will give you all of those things as a gift. You need to receive that gift, too.

Dr. Z: Hallelujah. Let’s say a quick work of prayer and then we’ll go to a break. Father God, we recognize, Lord, that the three most important things in life are those things that will be most attacked by the enemy. And first and foremost is our walk with You. Lord, you love us, you designed and created us to commune with You, to fellowship with You, to be with You, and You just want to spend time with us, and you know the benefit that we get from that. You building us up in the spirit as we pray, as we read the Bible, as we learn your ways because we know that your rules, your regulations, your law is for our benefit so that we can enjoy a true abundant life and have fruit for relationships and have a ministry and a purpose in life that’s very pleasant. And Father, I repent. And on behalf of my family, Lord, forgive us for those times where we’ve allowed the busyness of life, and even the busyness of ministry to squeeze out our time with you. Maybe the fear, maybe the concern of finances, maybe whatever it is, the stress of life, the pleasures of the flesh that keep us away from you, Lord, forgive us.

Dr. Z: Forgive everyone listening, God. Thank you for that, and we know that you forgive us in Christ Jesus, but if we say we haven’t sinned, we make you out to be a liar. So we admit that, and we ask that you cleanse us of all unrighteousness right now. And everyone listening, and myself, and my family included, help us wisely prioritize our time with you. Strengthen us, build us up, keep us free from sin. Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from the evil one, Lord, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory now and forever, because we know, Lord, you will give us our daily bread. Thank you, God. Thank you so much for your provision, for your guidance, and for bringing us home. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Mama Z: More than half of you listening to this will be affected by cancer at some point in your lives, either personally or through a loved one.

Dr. Z: The first thing that goes through your mind is dread, fear, and the never ending question, “Can this be cured?”

Mama Z: My dear friend, Angie, went through this exact experience. A wonderful mom and wife, she was the picture of health, and a breast cancer diagnosis in 2017 shocked her to the core. It changed everything for her. The Hope For Breast Cancer documentary follows her story as she navigates the maze of cancer therapies to uncover some shocking truths about herself, her faith, and about her health. Visit, that’s, to reserve your seat for the upcoming global premier and to be the first to watch the free viewing when it airs.

Dr. Z: We promise tears, laughter, and most of all, hope.


[45:57 – 55:10] The Importance of Our Relationship with Others

Dr. Z: Welcome back. The three most important things in life are those things that will be most attacked by the enemy. This is our mid-year year in review. It’s been a wonderful 2019, and for the rest of this show we want to cover the importance of our relationship with others. I mean, next to our walk with God there’s nothing really more important. I mean, really. And that’s the reason why we’re here. We’re here for each other.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: I’m reminded oftentimes of what Paul said in the Bible. He’s pleading with the church, or just telling them, “I want to go home.” He’s like, “I’ve been beaten with rods, I’ve been stoned, I’ve been shipwrecked, I’ve been abused, I’ve been used, I want to go home. I want to be with the Lord. I want to be in paradise, but it’s better for you that I stay here.” If you’re born again, if you’ve accepted Jesus as your Savior, if you haven’t, you need to, and please do. I mean, you need to. We all need it. We all need Christ. I mean, we need the solution to our sin, we need the way, the truth, and the life to the Father, our creator. And if you could proudly say with us that you’re a child of God, then why are you here when it’s so much better to be with the Lord? We have just a drop in the ocean of life on this planet, and let’s make the most of it. And that’s because of each other.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: It’s because of each other, it’s not to create your own kingdom. It’s not to spend all your time alone with animals or with plants, it’s with people. That’s why we’re here.

Mama Z: Although, plants are sometimes nice to spend time with, and animals.

Dr. Z: They help you have a break from people because sometimes we need a break from people.

Mama Z: But I’ll tell you that there’s nothing more life giving than having fellowship with your Christian brothers and sisters.

Dr. Z: Because we know it’s not good to be alone.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: I mean, it’s one of the first observations of mankind when God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” And hence, the woman. My Eve, my love. My precious flower.

Mama Z: Oh, you’re going all Song of Solomon on me, whoa.

Dr. Z: Oh, baby, don’t get me started with fragrant myrrh and spices and white ivory towers and beautiful things, and a lot of imagery. The three most important aspects of life are the things that will be most attacked, and so, like we covered earlier, I promise you, it’s a promise because I’ve seen it, we know it, it’s confirmed by all of the stories in the Bible. What happened to king David? He was tempted, committed sin with Bathsheba, killed a man, destroyed his walk with God temporarily. Not destroyed, but really hindered his walk with God. And what else did it do, though? It created division, then his son came to kill him, and he was attacked. He was kicked out of the kingdom. Can you imagine, David, what happened to him. Like, have your own son come after you and try to kill you with an army. You know, losing your throne. I mean, this is a temporary hell on earth that he lived with because he allowed his walk with God to be compromised and he sinned a sin that he could never take back.

Dr. Z: And what was affected, primarily, was his relationship with others. And then, of course, his health too. I mean, you can’t emotionally and physically handle that stress, and we’ll cover a lot about that in the next episode, your health and how your health will specifically be attacked. But your relationship with others. What’s the second most important thing in life next to your walk with God? So share a couple things because I’ve noticed when, a year in review, when we’ve been going through what we’ve been going through, why do we end up arguing and having marital issues during the most stressful times, when we should be helping each other? You know? It’s like, come on. Here we are, so much happening to us, all kinds of stuff happening, and it’s usually the little, the stupidest straw that breaks the camel’s back. Why do you think?

Mama Z: Well, I think part of it, too, is that you’re most vulnerable during those times as well. And I think it’s so important to show your spouse love and support, and sometimes it’s not on purpose either. Just when you’re busy and you’re trying to get a lot of stuff done and all of that, then you need to make sure that you take the time and the effort to make sure that you keep everything balanced. That you keep your together time balanced, that you keep your family time balanced, and all of those things because then that brings it back in line. And I know even for us, then you feel more connected to me, and then there’s much more love. And I think that helps overall, and I think we need to make sure that we stay connected and in love, especially during the busiest times.

Dr. Z: Well, and let’s shift the word busy to stressful because-

Mama Z: It could be interchangeable.

Dr. Z: Yeah, because in life there’s a lot of stress.

Mama Z: It could be stressful, busy. It could be just a lot of things happening.

Dr. Z: Yeah.

Mama Z: It could be a lot of things happening in lots of different areas. And within our August, with school starting there was just a lot of factors, and we’re so blessed because our kids’ school works with us so amazing. You know, to be so supportive, to let the kids come with us. You know, to be traveling and stuff.

Dr. Z: Well, this whole year. Let’s look at the year quick. We had major deadlines.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: You know when you have major deadlines, you have whatever. Whatever, this Hope For Breast Cancer documentary, the manuscript deadline for The Essential Oils Diet, the new book coming out in a year and a half, financial situations, paying the bills, right? Extra expenses.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: Unexpected expense.

Mama Z: Right, because, you know, when you look at where we were 10 years ago, we have a lot more families, you know, with our business, that we care for through our business, and all of those things then. So when you look at 10 years ago, you see that it was just us trying to do all of that, but we feel, you know, we definitely feel that there’s more factors. And had it been 10 years ago, we wouldn’t have been able to handle all the factors that we have now. That’s why when we’re faithful few, God gives us more to be faithful for. So I think in each of those steps it’s so important to stay balanced and to make sure that you do some of the things that simply … we put … Just like our calendar time, I noticed, “Wow, there was not a lot of time of Eric and Sabrina there.” You know? So making sure that we do that, and then we took the kids to go do something together as a family, and all of that stuff. I think that it’s so important because if not, then you could say, “Oh, well, I have that hour. Why don’t I go sleep.” Or something like that. Well, I would never say that, but you might. So I think it’s important to make sure that we do do those things, and stuff like that.

Dr. Z: So I want to look this up. I got my Bible app here on my phone. Again, we’re not ignorant at the devices of the enemy. We can expect, we can be prepared for an attack. And who is better suited, maybe most appropriately suited to wound you? Whose wounds are most hurtful than those that are closest to you? Right?

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: Faithful are the wounds of a friend, right? You hear that.

Mama Z: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dr. Z: But I’m not talking about those wounds. I’m not talking about that tough love. I’m talking about a betrayal, I’m talking about a perceived betrayal where things are just, you’re barely getting by. It’s life, I get it, you’re barely getting by paycheck to paycheck, month to month, launch to launch, whatever it is that you’re going through, day by day. It’s like you just got enough grace to deal with today, right? Like, “Don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow has enough worries of its own,” Jesus said. But if you’re in that mode where you’re just barely hanging on and then something happens, are you going to let that be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? And one thing I’ve learned is when in doubt, keep your mouth shut.

Mama Z: That’s right.


[55:11 – 65:33] The Struggles of Our Flesh – The Most Important Things

Dr. Z: And it’s when you’re at your wits end that you say things. It’s basically when the natural man trumps the spiritual man. It’s when the flesh rises out. And we know what Jesus says, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” I mean, the body’s weak. Your earth suit will fail you. And like John the Baptist said, “I need to step back. Less of me and more of Him.” And it’s like there’s this place where it’s a daily walk, and this is something Enoch always impressed upon me when I was young in the Lord. He goes, “Eric, you have to buffet your flesh every day because …” Here’s Peter, what a perfect example of someone. Not just the denial, not just the everyone betraying Jesus the night before He was crucified. How did that happen? Three years with this guy. Three years. Three years watching Him change the world, do miracles that you only would think about and dream about or read in the Bible. And here He was, the Son of God, and they just betrayed Him. Not that, but what about a couple weeks before that, or whatever it was, a month or so. And Peter was trying to tell Jesus not to fulfill His call. Not to say, Oh, no, Lord, you’re not going to do that. You’re not going to go to the cross, you’re not going to be sacrificed for all of us.”

Dr. Z: Trying to take Jesus away from everything, and Jesus just turned around and said, “Get behind me, satan.” How can a man, a woman, be so engrossed and spend time with God every day, day and night, and then at the drop of a hat randomly just find themselves being a mouthpiece for satan? That’s our flesh. That’s the fall of humanity. It’s like daily, moment by moment we need to surrender to the Lord, and if you’re not in a position to surrender to the Lord, and if you’re just in a place where you’re like, “Man, I’m just not at peace. I’m anxious, I’m stressed,” let me tell you something. There is no confusion in the Lord. Confusion, and I’m not talking uncertainty, there’s a level of … That’s the spice of life, not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow. Really, that makes life kind of fun, if you really get to it. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about confusion. A double mindedness, which we know creates unstability in every way. I’m talking about anxiousness. I’m not talking about a moment of anxiety, I’m talking about anxiousness. I’m talking about stress, depression, emotional issues. I’m talking about this kind of stuff.

Dr. Z: If this is what you’re experiencing now, trust me, you’re not in the spirit. It’s a very carnal, human experience. Keep your mouth shut. Just keep your mouth shut because you’re going to say something you’re going to regret. You know the Lord, “Seek peace and pursue it,” the Bible says. “His peace which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.” There’ll be confidence, there’ll be peace, there’ll be love. How about this? Let’s go to the fruit of the spirit. What are they? Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. If you are experiencing those things, you are in the spirit. I mean, it’s it. That is the fruit of the spirit, but what if you’re experiencing other things? What’s the opposite of that? Well, it’s called the workings of the flesh because the flesh sets its desire against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh.

Dr. Z: Straight from Galatians chapter 5, “Because these are in opposition to one another so that you may not do the things that you please in the flesh, but if you’re led by the spirit, you’re not under the law.” Now here’s the thing. Here’s how you know if you’re in the flesh. I mean, it’s real and I physically feel it, I spiritually perceive it, and I emotionally manifest it. It’s like part of your being, spirit, soul, and body. “The deeds of the flesh are evident, immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger.” Okay, be angry and sin not. Are you screaming right now because your spouse forgot to put away the milk or your kids spilled something or because whatever? Like, outbursts of anger, that’s not of God. “Disputes, dissensions, factions, envying, drunkenness, carousing, and these things, I warn you,” Paul says, “Those who practice such will not inherit the kingdom of God.” Wow, we’re not talking about murder here. We’re talking about enmity, strife, jealousy.

Mama Z: Every evil work.

Dr. Z: That’s the litmus test. That’s why it’s important to read the Bible. That’s why it’s important to stay plugged in to podcasts like this and going to church and hearing a man and woman of God share the word of God in a unadulterated, unabashed form without apologizing for the word. And be like, “Look, this is what God’s word says, let’s deal with it together.” And your relationships with others will be sacrificed on the altar of sin if you allow this to overcome you. I promise you the enemy will attack your relationships, and he will use you like how he used me and Sabrina and Peter, and everyone else who’s every breathed beside Jesus, hallelujah, to get at each other’s throats. And that’s when be quick to repent, be quick to listen, slow to speak. Be angry and sin not. Allow the peace of Christ to rule in your hearts. And I can’t stress enough the word repent and confess your sin. Say I’m sorry. “Do not let the sun go down on your anger,” the Bible says. Don’t harbor unforgiveness. Don’t withhold sexual pleasure from your spouse. This is a big one. We got a whole episode on this coming up. We should do this one. Paul says it flat out, your body is not your own, wife, husband, do not deny the right of your spouse lest they be tempted.

Dr. Z: Is your husband, is your wife committing adultery? Well, you got to ask yourself, what did you do for that? Did you put them in a situation where they were tempted because you were withholding sexual pleasure to them? Right? If you’ve been married, or if you vowed your life to a person in holy matrimony in God, you are mandated, unless, Paul says, for a season of fasting and prayer, right? There should be seasons where you’re like, “We’re just going to pray and fast, we’re not going to eat sweet breads, we’re not going to have sex, we’re not going to watch Netflix, we’re not going to enjoy pleasures of the flesh. We’re going to fast and pray for a day or two a week.” This isn’t months. No way. This isn’t years. Like what Paul says, unless you’re fasting and praying for a quick season, you do not and better not deny your spouse the right because your body’s not your own. This is going back and forth. How many spouses are using that sexual gift as a punishment? Shame on you. Shame on us. Are you doing that in other areas? Are you withholding financial wherewithal, you know? Cutting them off, taking away the allowance. I don’t know what it is.

Dr. Z: Are you robbing your kids of time that you would spend with them reading them a story because you’re addicted to stupid Netflix or watching TV, or whatever it is? These are the things that will come and sneak in your way if your focus isn’t on the Lord and if your focus isn’t on serving Him. I’m telling you, the three most important things in life are those things that will be most attacked by the enemy. Number one is your walk with God. Number two is your relationship with others. Number three is your health. We’re going to cover, next episode, all about your health. We might have a couple more things because this relationship with others is a big topic, but I’m telling you something, our relationship with others is what makes life worthwhile. It’s so wonderful to be with people. There’s no greater pleasure than I’ve experienced next to being filled with the spirit and being baptized in the Lord and accepting Christ as my Savior, and then being married and having a family, and love. Love from another human, love from an individual. I’ve been blessed, but you know what? I also felt that with a brother in Christ. I felt it with a mentor in Christ before I got married, as a single person. That was cool too. That was a great season, by the way.

Dr. Z: So this isn’t just for married people, it’s for people that are not alone. It’s for people that have brothers and sisters, family that they can trust and confide in. And you know, not being raised in an environment where that was something that was really fostered well by my family, both sides of my family, coming into Christ and meeting people that I never met before, but they ended up becoming closer to me than my blood relatives really shook me. Like, “Wow, this is the family of God. Hallelujah.” That’s what we’re talking about here. The relationships that we have with people that make life because Jesus sent them out, how many? One by one? No, two by two.

Mama Z: That’s right.

Dr. Z: Jesus sent you out two by two.

Mama Z: And my mom always said as well, she’s like, “Family is what you make it.” And she said that they really had to learn that when they moved from Minnesota to Michigan because they didn’t have any family there, just like when we moved from Michigan to Georgia. And family is what you make it, and it’s the people that you surround yourself with, and it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you’re a blood relative either.

Dr. Z: Hallelujah. Folks, we love you, we appreciate you, we invite you to join us on our mission, on our journey to experiencing the abundant life in Christ. Please share this one with a friend, a loved one. Please listen to this one again, and stay tuned for the next episode.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: Because we’re going to cover the rest of a relationship with others and your health.


[1:05:34 – End] Natural Living Tip and Wrapping up The Most Important Things

Mama Z: And to wrap up today’s show we have a natural living tip for you.

Dr. Z: One of the most practical, easiest ways of enjoying the word of God and ultimately spending time with your Father in heaven through daily Bible reading is by picking up the book of Proverbs. There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs, and if you don’t know where to start in your Bible, or if you want a good reading plan that you can fall to, easiest thing in the world is look at today’s date and choose the corresponding chapter in the book of Proverbs and start your day with that. So if today is, like it is, September 16th, go to chapter 16 in the book of Proverbs. Tomorrow, go to chapter 17. The following day, go to chapter 18. And every day you’re reading a different chapter. And month after month after month you’ll be able to digest the book of wisdom, which has so many truth golden nuggets for your health, for your wealth, for your relationships, and most importantly, your walk with God.

Mama Z: Don’t forget, the free screening of the Hope For Breast Cancer documentary starts November, 6th.

Dr. Z: Simply go to, that’s, and you’ll get instant access to some behind-the-scenes footage and some other sweet goodies while you wait for the film to premier.

Mama Z: And please share this with a friend. The information and hope shared in this film could be a world of difference for someone in need. God bless.

Dr. Z: Well everyone, thank you for listening to today’s show. We hope you enjoyed it. And as a reminder, you can find all of the Natural Living Family podcast episodes, show notes, and transcripts on While on our website, please don’t forget to sign up for our weekly podcast newsletter, which includes a personal invite to join our private Facebook group so you can connect one-on-one with Mama Z and I, and more than 5,000 natural living lovers just like you. And don’t forget, please subscribe to our podcast and leave a review. We love hearing what you have to say. Well, as always this is Dr. Z.

Mama Z: And Mama Z.

Dr. Z: And our hope and prayer is that you and your family truly experience the abundant life. See you next time.

Mama Z: God bless.

Dr. Z: Bye.

Natural Living Family Podcast Episode Thirty-Five Highlights – The Most Important Things

  • Topic Intro (3:09)
  • What’s in our diffuser, announcements, and reviews (11:03)
  • Your reviews! [19:30)
  • Trials are meant to strengthen you (20:56)
  • Practical ways to put on the armor of God (28:40)
  • The importance of making time for God & a prayer (38:00)
  • The importance of our relationship with others (45:57)
  • The struggles of our flesh (55:11)
  • Natural living tip and episode wrap (65:34)

Favorite Quotes from Episode 35 – The Most Important Things

“Let’s believe God that this is the year of redemption and of new beginnings.” – Dr. Z

“The only thing that will keep you from living the abundant life is you.” – Dr. Z

“As we resist the devil, he will flee.” – Mama Z

“Working in the world with wisdom is much more productive than toiling by the sweat of your brow.”– Dr. Z

“Family consists of the people that you surround yourself with. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a blood relative.” – Mama Z

People and Resources Mentioned in Episode 35 – Most Important Things

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