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Need a healthy boost? My Cleansing Beet Juice Recipe is perfect for your digestive system and leaves you feeling energized. It’s full of fruits, veggies, and delicious herbs.

This drink is an all-natural cleanse that’s safe for your body. No gross chemicals are needed. Bonus: It tastes delicious!

Benefits of Beets

These gorgeous root vegetables add color to your diet, but they’re also full of health benefits! Here are just a few of the wonderful things beets bring to the table.

Can Increase Your Stamina

Did you know that beets are popular among athletes? They can increase endurance, and many drink beet juice before events. (1) Even if you’re not an athlete, you can benefit from this unique vegetable.

Nitrates in the beets maximize your oxygen intake, giving your cells a boost of energy. (2) Beet juice might just replace sugary electrolyte drinks!

Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The compound that gives beets their beautiful hue can also reduce inflammation in the body. (3) Inflammation can be caused by several factors, including an overabundance of free radicals.

These free radicals wreak havoc on your body and cause it to become inflamed. When inflammation is on the rise, it can turn into diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and even COPD.

It’s essential to use the gifts God gave us to fight against inflammation! Your body will thank you.

May Decrease Your Risk of Cancer

Studies are limited but promising; beets may decrease your chances of developing cancer. This veggie contains at least three cancer-fighting properties that can kill cancer cells and slow their growth. (4)(5)

If you want a cancer-fighting elixir, make my Cleansing Beet Juice Recipe. It contains multiple ingredients that fight disease.

You can use red beets or golden beets. I prefer the taste of red but have used golden in a pinch.

Ingredient 101

This delicious juice contains simple, easy-to-find ingredients. Here’s what you need to add to your shopping list.

Carrots: This bright vegetable adds natural sweetness to the beet juice recipe. It contains beta-carotene, which your body turns into vitamin A. This nutrient is one of the most important for a healthy body!

It helps your vision stay sharp and keeps your immune system strong. (6) Bonus: Carrots are delicious and an excellent replacement for unhealthy chips.

Italian Parsley: Your kidneys play an essential part in eradicating waste from your body. Your kidneys can get sluggish every so often, especially if you’re prone to kidney stones.

This is where parsley comes in! Parsley can eradicate excess mineral deposits that lead to kidney stones and even balance PH levels in your urine. (7) Plus, it’s versatile, and you can put it in so many different dishes.

Apples: Apples have a high fiber content, which is excellent for those who struggle with overeating. This fiber turns into a thick substance in your stomach that takes longer to digest. (8) This increased digestion time means your hunger signals are put on hold.

I recommend using two different kinds of apples in this recipe. Doing this creates a unique flavor profile! Experiment with your favorites. You never know when you’ll find your new favorite combo.

Ginger: Ginger adds a hint of warm spice to this beverage. This spice is anti-inflammatory and can reduce oxidative stress in the body. (9) People have used it for ages to treat digestion problems and relieve nausea.

Ginger can balance a slow digestive process, one of the biggest causes of indigestion. (10)

Cayenne Pepper: I love garnishing my beet juice recipe with a bit of cayenne pepper. The combination of sweetness and spice is perfect!

All spicy peppers are full of capsaicin compounds that can boost metabolism, protect against heart disease, and act as a pain reliever. (11) The hotter the pepper, the higher the capsaicin count! I try to include a little spice whenever I can.

Cleansing Beet Juice Recipe

This recipe comes together in minutes and uses a juicer, one of my favorite appliances. A juicer is a fantastic tool to keep on hand. You can create the best concoctions using whatever produce you have in the fridge!

Mama Z's Cleansing Beet Juice Recipe: An Energizing Beverage!
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1 serving
  • 3 organic carrots
  • 3 Italian parsley sprigs
  • 1 organic beet, leafy greens included
  • 1-inch piece of organic ginger root
  • 1 organic Granny Smith apple
  • 1 organic Empire apple*
  • Organic ground cayenne pepper (optional)
  1. Put the carrots, parsley, apples, beet, and ginger through a juicer. Stir the juice gently to mix. Garnish with cayenne pepper, if desired.
*For a veggie-based drink, omit the apple and double the ginger and beets. I also add 1 stalk of celery (broken in half) and a handful of organic greens.

My favorite greens are chard, kale, and spinach. This lightens the beverage, but it still tastes great!

Step One: Juice the Produce

Place the carrots, parsley, apples, beet, and ginger in a juicer. Gently mix the juice to combine. Garnish with cayenne pepper if desired. Enjoy!

Mama Z Pro Tip: Place a supermarket bag in the waste bucket of your juicer. This prevents the beets from staining your juicer and cuts your clean-up time in half.

Next Steps to Detox

Drinking this cleansing beet juice will make you feel rejuvenated and healthy. You may find yourself inspired to detox other areas of your life! Here are a few things you can do to keep your body feeling great.

  • Purify your water. Traditional tap water is full of toxins that contribute to congenital birth disabilities, obesity, diabetes, and more. Consider an in-home water filtration system.
  •  Eat clean, healthy foods. Fuel your body with fruits, vegetables, wholesome grains, and lean protein. We have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert ideas if you need inspiration!
  • Spend time outdoors. Even if you live in an urban area, you can still find local trails or hang out in your backyard. You can also practice forest bathing in your home through aromatherapy. Doing so gives your body a natural dose of vitamin D and promotes relaxation. 
  • Consider detoxing emotionally as well as physically. Anger, resentment, bitterness, and unforgiveness can all take root and manifest physically.
  • Utilize essential oils! Aromatherapy is one of God’s greatest gifts to man. Essential oils can boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, and promote positivity. Get a diffuser and start filling the air with unique blends!
  • Get a good night’s rest. Learn the amount of sleep your body needs, and stick to a bedtime routine. Hint: Turn off blue-light devices and shut down the wi-fi at night! Trust us, eliminating these things is a game-changer.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg! In Dr. Z and Mama Z’s Toxic-Free Healthy Home Makeover, we take you on a tour of our home. You’ll learn the steps we took to transform our space into a toxic-free haven.

This free screening will save you so much hassle, time, and even money as you implement one simple change at a time.



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