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If you’ve been around babies you’ve probably seen cradle cap because approximately 70% of babies get it. Many parents ask how to get rid of cradle cap. Is there a natural remedy that can help clear it up?

How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap

How do you know if your baby has cradle cap? Signs of it include skin flakes on baby’s head that look almost like bad dandruff. Sometimes they are very oily with yellowy scales, or slightly red and irritated skin.

This oily build up can look unsightly sometimes. The good news is that cradle cap is not contagious and usually clears up on its own by the time the baby is a year old.

However, as a parent I understand how it’s nice to help clear up your baby’s scalp. Here’s some information about how to get rid of cradle cap with natural products – even organic if you have organic ingredients.

This natural remedy for cradle cap can also be used for babies that have extremely dry skin on their head. You can even put a bit of oil on a cotton ball to use on the eyebrow area.

Don’t stress about how to get rid of cradle cap because there is nothing wrong with your baby’s skin and they will grow out of it.

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Natural Cradle Cap Remedy
  • Carrier oil of choice*
  • Optional – a gentle essential oil such as lavender, Roman chamomile, tea tree, lemon, or geranium. (see Notes below)
  1. Soften the skin with a carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc. by massaging the oil into baby’s scalp.
  2. Then brush with a soft bristle brush – back and forth – or carefully comb without scraping too hard.
  3. Rinse out with warm water and wash with a natural baby shampoo.
*If you have some calendula infused oil left from making breastfeeding cream you can use that oil as the calendula will add some extra healing properties.

If you’d like to add essential oils be sure you dilute them properly. We recommend only 1 drop per 4 teaspoons of carrier oil for small babies. If they are toddlers you can use 1 drop essential oil per 2 teaspoons carrier oil.
Lavender essential oil and Roman chamomile essential oils are the best essential oils for babies. If they are over 6 months, you could try tea tree essential oil, lemon essential oil, or geranium oil.


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