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This natural homemade roll on deodorant is easy, fragrant, and fully customizable! You can use any combination of essential oils that you’d like. You can make a male and a female version. This is your chance to get creative and create your own unique and beautiful fragrance!

Essential Oils for Odor

  • Lemon essential oil (all citruses, in fact) help with odor-producing bacteria. However, you may want to avoid using citrus only in this deodorant because we know that certain citrus oils are photosensitizing. That means they can cause your skin to burn or develop sunspots. You’ll want to be sure you check a full list of photosensitizing oils, and individual oil labels before making your selection if you’ll be spending time outdoors.
  • Antibacterial essential oils – Other essential oils for body odor include those with anti-bacterial properties which help minimize the odor potential. That includes thyme, tea tree and pine essential oils.
  • Base note essential oils. Another technique when choosing essential oils for your fragrance blending is to consider adding one or more “low note” or base essential oil because the scent will last longer. So you’ll also add myrrh, sandalwood, vetiver, frankincense, or any of the other heavier oils. These will blend with the middle tones in the fragrance and help carry the lighter citrus oils a lot longer.

If you’d like to tone the blend down, reduce the amount of citrus and increase the amount of lavender. And remember when it comes to scent and fragrances each person (and each person’s body chemistry) is unique! Mix and match these fragrances any way you’d like.

Some of my personal favorites include grapefruit (which has cellulite reducing properties), patchouli, vetiver, frankincense, and pine which lend grounding benefits.

If you prefer a more solid deodorant, try this homemade deodorant bar instead!

This is one of the simplest deodorants to make. I recommend lighter carrier oils like jojoba or sweet almond which absorb into the skin quickly and without a greasy residue.

Homemade Roll-On Deodorant with Essential Oils
  1. Add 10 drops of essential oils to the roll-on bottle.
  2. Add carrier oil until you reach the top lip of the bottle.
  3. Replace the top.
  4. To use, roll on underarms.
*These carrier oils work great: Fractionated coconut oil, camellia seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil. Evening primrose will help if excessive sweating is hormone-related.

** Some good essential oils to use here are lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, vanilla,peppermint, thyme, tea tree, lavender, patchouli, frankincense, ylang ylang, and vetiver.



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