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The benefit of making a homemade floor cleaner is you can customize the blend and use essential oils for bugs to help keep them away!

Apparently, the state bird in our backyard is the mosquito. We have all different types, and some have the most painful bites we have ever experienced. Not to mention the spiders, gnats, aphids, snakes, stink bugs, water cockroaches (aka giant cockroaches that fly), moths, and so many other friends that gross me out.

When I first saw some of the Georgia bugs, I thought they were small dogs or at least wondered why they were so big that they had their own zip code. At night you always turn on a light before entering a room so you don’t get surprised by the bugs that might make a cameo. Hence, the reason to make an essential oils homemade floor cleaner.

Essential Oils for Bugs

Bugs, You’re NOT Welcome In My Home. Thank You Very Much!

The bugs are not welcome and we need to make our homes as unattractive as we possibly can so that they won’t want to visit. We also want to make it child friendly and use the least amount of chemicals possible! Making your own homemade floor cleaner with essential oils can be so helpful.

I don’t use toxic chemicals in my garden where I grow food, or on my skin to keep pests away. So why would I use these dangerous chemicals in our homes?

When I did my research on essential oils repelling bugs there were certain essential oils that were recommended repeatedly. For instance, anything with menthol effect like peppermint was mentioned so it made me think. When I go outside to water the garden in the heat of the day and rub peppermint essential oil on my body it helps because it’s cooling like icy hot. If you use too much or put it near your eyes you can hardly see and everything feels on fire. Imagine being as small as a little bug. All that peppermint power would make something that small burn up alive. So here’s a great recipe to make your house and perimeter via the washable floors unattractive to the bugs.

You can mix just the essential oils listed below in a bowl and use cotton swabs to put this mixture around your doors to the outside, problematic areas, or baseboards. I highly recommend this if you are leaving to go out of town for any length of time this summer.

But I prefer to use this essential oil recipe as a floor mop mixture so I can clean and repel the pests at the same time. Win/win!

Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipes

Homemade Floor Cleaner With Essential Oils for Bugs
  • 1 gallon distilled hot water
  • ¼ cup Murphy oil soap
  • ¼ cup Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap
  • 4 drops pine or fir needle essential oil
  • 4 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil
  • 4 drops orange essential oil
  • 2 drops cedarwood essential oil
  • 2 drops lemongrass essential oil
  • 2 drops tea tree essential oil
  • Large bucket
  • Mop
  1. First, mix the soaps and oils together in a large bucket.
  2. Slowly pour in hot water and gently stir to mix.
  3. To use, dip your mop in the solution and start cleaning!

Try this spider repel spray with essential oils if pests continue to be a problem!


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