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Hibiscus-Green Iced Tea is as refreshing as it is pretty. I love drinking this red-hued tea on its own, but adding green tea to the mix elevates it to another level. This tea is a crisp drink that does wonders for your body. It’s great to serve on a hot day & even tastes great at room temperature if you have sensitive teeth or during a cool winter day!

What is Hibiscus Tea?

Hibiscus tea comes from the hibiscus flower and most likely originated in Africa (1). Over the past few years, it’s become popular in other countries, including the United States. Hibiscus’s biggest claim to fame is Starbucks’ “Pink Drink.” Thankfully, you don’t have to succumb to sugary beverages to enjoy this tea. There are many different blends of hibiscus that you can make at home.

Refreshing No-Sugar Hibiscus Green Iced Tea

Hibiscus tea is made by steeping the plant’s petals, dried or fresh, in hot water. The flower gives the tea a gorgeous red color, making the prettiest drinks. The flavor of this tea is slightly tart, almost like sour cherries, and it pairs well with milder teas, like green tea! When purchasing hibiscus tea, your best bet is to go with tea bags versus a pre-made tea. Pre-made teas can often include hidden chemicals and sugar.

Benefits of Hibiscus & Green Tea

The health benefits of hibiscus are astounding. It’s high in Vitamin C and can support your immune system. Hibiscus is great for detoxing your liver, and it’s full of antioxidants (2) that help your organs perform better. Some say that this tea works as a diuretic (3) and helps get rid of excess salt and bloating. I find that this particular recipe energizes my body, and I like that hibiscus is caffeine-free.

Drinking a cup of herbal tea is excellent for your waistline. It’s low in calories while indulgent enough to trick your mind into thinking you’ve had a treat. Drinking herbal tea boosts your water intake and helps you feel fuller. When your body is hydrated, you stave off false hunger pangs, which are really “water me” signals!

Green tea has been an abundant living staple in the health community for decades. In my opinion, green tea is what makes this recipe so great!. Sipping green tea always makes me feel like I’m at a spa. It’s my little oasis amid busyness. The flavor of green tea complements hibiscus beautifully. Aside from the flavor factor, green tea boosts the nutritional benefits of this recipe too. It can speed up your metabolism and reduce abdominal fat (4).

If you need a little pick-me-up, brew a mug of this tea! Green tea contains a little less caffeine than coffee, so it’s an excellent substitute for your morning cup of joe. Aside from caffeine, this tea also contains L-theanine (5), an amino acid that can help with anxiety and increase dopamine. Talk about happiness in a cup!

What Do I Need to Make Hibiscus-Green Iced Tea?

Hibiscus-Green Iced Tea

We are taking the simple route with this recipe. Instead of drying hibiscus leaves, you’re going to purchase hibiscus and green tea from your local grocery store. There are a lot of great herbal tea combinations, including coconut hibiscus and strawberry hibiscus. This recipe uses tea bags instead of loose leaf tea.

Pro tip: Compost your teabags! If the tea bag is made of something biodegradable like paper, you can compost the whole bag. If not, empty the contents in your bin and toss as you usually would. Damp tea leaves help speed up the decomposition process and add richness to your garden.

You’ll also need liquid stevia. You may not know that I have a stevia plant of my own. Growing stevia is effortless once the plant itself is stable. I prefer using stevia from my garden or liquid stevia because you have more control over it. Plus, liquid stevia blends into drinks without leaving clumps.

Hibiscus-Green Iced Tea Recipe

Hibiscus-Green Iced Tea
Recipe type: Beverages
  1. Place the green tea and hibiscus tea bags and the stevia in a 32-ounce glass water bottle.
  2. Add the boiling water.
  3. Steep for 10 minutes.
  4. Add the cold water and fill the bottle with ice.
  5. Serve immediately or refrigerate.
* If you're using essential oils, remember that water and oils don't mix, and you should never just drop an EO in water and take a gulp. Just be sure to mix the essential oils with a bit of liquid stevia or honey beforehand. These natural sweeteners as act as dispersants to prevent you from irritating your mouth when you drink it.

*If you like making a lot of hot drinks, I recommend purchasing an electric kettle. I love having hot water ready when I want to make a quick cup of tea or a latte. I use an electric glass kettle similar to this one.

Even though this recipe calls for two different types of tea, it’s simple to make. The best part is it serves 4, so there’s more for later! Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Steep The Tea

Hibiscus-Green Iced Tea

First, place the green tea bags, hibiscus tea bags, and stevia in a 32-ounce glass water bottle. You can find glass water bottles on Amazon, Whole Foods, or most health food stores. Add the boiling water and steep for 10 minutes. The longer your steeping time, the better your tea tastes! I find that 10 minutes is perfect for most recipes.

Step 2: Add Additional Water

Hibiscus-Green Iced Tea

Next, add the cold water and fill the bottle with ice. Serve the tea immediately or place it in the refrigerator.

What Do I Serve With This Tea?

I love pairing this tea with fresh lemon. Adding a slice to the rim beautifies the glass even more and makes it extra special for guests. If you want a more substantial lemon effect, you can stir in the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon. A drop of lemon or lime essential oil is another excellent option.

Just be sure to mix the essential oils with a bit of liquid stevia or honey beforehand. These natural sweeteners as act as dispersants to prevent you from irritating your mouth. Remember, water and oils don’t mix and you should never just drop an EO in water and take a gulp.

Hibiscus-Green Iced Tea

A Note About Water Safety

You’ll notice that in all of my recipes, I recommend using purified or distilled water. Purified water is better for your body because it doesn’t allow any toxins to enter your system. Though advertised as safe, tap water contains chemicals that can cause cancer, obesity, congenital disabilities, and so much more.

Does this mean that you’re doomed to a life of bottled water and expensive filters? Not at all! I recommend using AquaTru’s water filtration system. This system is unique in that it hooks right up to your tap; no professional installation is needed. The water that comes from this system tastes terrific! As a busy Mom, I love how hands-off this filtering system is. AquaTru’s filters last over two years, so you can literally forget about it. Plus, you’re saving the environment (and your wallet) a lot of trouble. See all the reasons we love the AquaTru water filtration system here.


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