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Whether you’re an athlete who is constantly pushing the limits, or a parent of littles, you’re going to have a sore muscle now and then. And when that happens, it’s nice to have a natural DIY muscle rub for relief without toxins!

Why Use a Natural DIY Muscle Rub?

Lots of muscle rubs and muscle pain relief oils and lotions contain all kinds of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Even if you could, where do they come from? Our homemade essential oil DIY muscle rub is all natural, and made from very basic ingredients that nourish your skin while providing relief for all your sore spots.

These essential oils will help ease inflammation and rub away pain as you apply to the spot needed.

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You can make this a rub, like a salve, or more of a massage oil depending on the base you choose! We like the lotion/salve version for on the go because it’s less messy. But, the oil version is great for a light massage of sore muscles.

Natural Muscle Rub with Essential Oils
  1. Mix essential oils into the base of your choice and store finished product in a glass jar.

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Note – This is a 4.8% dilution rate so you wouldn’t want to use this for a full-body application or massage oil, rather to spot treat specific muscles that were strained and sore. If you find this is too strong for your skin or you prefer a lower dilution simply add an additional ounce of carrier oil.

You can learn more about diluting and dispersing essential oils here.



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