Side Dishes

When you want to round out a meal, or bring a dish to a potluck, family gathering or other special occasion, a healthy side dish is perfect. These recipes all follow the healthy-eating principles found in The Essential Oils Diet book’s Fast Track and Essential Lifestyle plans. They all include allergy-friendly ingredients that focus on bioactive foods to nourish your body.

Sam’s Easy Bruschetta Recipe

This easy bruschetta recipe is bursting with bold, robust Italian flavors. Simple to modify for an allergy friendly side dish or appetizer!

Healthy Homemade Ketchup Recipe

This homemade ketchup recipe was created because at the time I had no access to healthy condiments at my store. So, I learned to make my own!
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Healthy snacks and side dishes don’t have to be flavorless or complicated. All our side dish recipes are full of amazing ingredients that will support any eating preferences and dietary needs.

Dairy-free casseroles and side dishes can be tough to find but our kimchi, butternut squash souffle, and guacamole are all delicious and have no milk. Savory flavor and health benefits from the cultured veggies or superfood ingredients make all of these recipes family-friendly must-tries for your healthy meal planning efforts.

Like budget-friendly potatoes? Mama Z has adapted some family-friendly potato recipes to include ingredients that will support your healthy eating habits. For example the healthy scalloped potato recipe is dairy-free. The southern potato salad is vegan and pure comfort food full of flavor. For an afternoon snack or finger-food side try the oven-baked herbed potato wedges.

Speaking of afternoon snacks, many of these recipes are completely kid-tested and perfect for snacking between meals. Or to prepare for a game day party when you want to watch your diet at the same time.For example, the fill-in-the-gap is a healthy nut snack recipe that you can adapt and flavor with any variety of spices and seasonings you desire.

When you are looking for a healthy snack or finger food treat, one tricky element can be avoiding harmful sugars. That’s why we love our sugar-free homemade fruit roll snack. Or try a snack roll with either the coconut snack bite, or protein power bite.

Another time we see snacks take center-stage is when you have holiday meals and want to make a true feast for everyone. Be sure to look at the gluten-free gravy recipe and a family-favorite, sugar-free cranberry salad recipe. These will keep everyone happy no matter their dietary needs.

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