Main Dishes

A healthy, mostly plant-based diet doesn’t mean skimpy meals. These main dishes provide delicious, hearty meals perfect for a large family dinner. Or a lovely lunch entertaining guests. These recipes all follow the principles of The Essential Oils Diet so you can trust they are not only delicious but also truly nutritious for you. Look for the Fast Track and Lifestyle badges on each recipe.

Homemade Gluten-Free Lasagna

One of my most requested recipes is my Homemade Gluten-Free Lasagna. I love sharing this dish with family and friends.
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One of our favorite types of meals is Italian dishes like lasagna and pasta. In fact, that’s why I taught the Gluten-Free Italian Cooking Class – because so many people don’t know how to eat non-inflammatory foods that also taste good. See my spaghetti and lasagna recipes here for family-friendly foods everyone will love.

If you prefer Mexican food for your main dishes you’ll love our dairy-free taco dip. It’s also a vegan recipe for those who want meat-free meals. (Do you do meatless Monday?) Or use the homemade taco seasoning mix to create your own meal with amazing flavor.

Casseroles are a favorite meal for our family and something the kids always look forward to. Some of our dinners can be made ahead of time for easy meal-prep. Others cook up very quickly. But all our main dish recipes follow the Fast Track or Essential Lifestyle principles from The Essential Oils Diet book. They are sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free so perfect for anti-inflammatory diets to maximize your health.

Love Chinese food? The sweet and sour chicken recipe is a perfect example of how you can adapt family-favorite recipes to be healthier by substituting out sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. These switches turn unhealthy main dish recipes into healthy meal options for your family and friends.

Often many main dishes can have hidden sources of sugar. The rubs and spice mixes include sugars. Or the ketchup, pasta sauce and other condiments are filled with sugar unbeknownst to you. By replacing this hidden sugar with natural sweeteners you create healthier meals for yourself and you’ll improve the health of your entire family.

These family-favorite, main dish recipes are ALL nutritious – free from sugar, gluten and other inflammatory ingredients. But they are also delicious and have been time-tested by Mama Z and all the Z kids. So you know these recipes are going to be meals you can plan on using during your weekly meal planning on a regular basis.

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