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You are what you eat, the saying goes, but what does that mean when it comes to true health. Our nutrition posts help cut through the confusion out there about what to eat, and why. Each is medically reviewed by Dr. Eric Zielinski, co-author of the new book The Essential Oils Diet. If you’re wondering what the research says about food, supplements, and more, you'll find answers here. Stop being trapped by labels and start living a healthy lifestyle where food works for you.

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When it comes to understanding the difference between healthy foods and unhealthy foods, it can be difficult to know the difference. There are so many conflicting articles and recommendations being made – not all of them with your best interest in mind. Unscrupulous companies and industries twist facts to sell more products. And your health can suffer as a result.

We also highlight some of the most nutritious superfoods that everyone should be consuming! Whether is healthy greens, cruciferous vegetables, or even cancer-fighting foods, there are amazing benefits God has placed in the plants around us for our good. The more science uncovers these marvels, the more we can benefit from them. And learn to wisely consume the truly healthy foods that will help us live a more abundant life.

For many, our modern diets have led to issues like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation and so much more. Often as a direct result of what we are eating. You’ll find simple tips for weight loss that won’t have you scrambling to tally points, count calories, or stress over food labels. Instead you’ll be set free to attain a healthy weight level with simple, smart strategies that align with Fast Track and Essential Lifestyle principles taken straight from The Essential Oils Diet book. These nutritional principles ensure you are consuming a variety of healthy, nutritious foods that will transform your health.

Natural Living Family Nutrition posts also cut through the confusion surrounding vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Do you need a multi-vitamin? Powders? Mixes? Shakes? Bars? From vitamin D to less heard-of supplements like beta-glucan you’ll learn some of the supplements we recommend for men, women, and children. You’ll also see why some of the things being sold as healthy must-haves aren’t worth the money for you to invest in.

Finally, in our nutrition category we break down the benefits of many nutrient-rich staples; oils, sweeteners, herbs and spices that you can add to your kitchen cupboards with confidence. Olive oil, manuka honey, turmeric, ginger root and so many more natural food items have healthy benefits to our bodies. Our goal is to give you the information you need to fill your pantry with foods that will nourish you and your family!

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