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Harmoni Pendant offers personal EMF protection and it has been an answer to prayer. To know that we are safe (wherever we go) is pure peace of mind.

Yes, we have a whole-house EMF Protection & Blocking system, but what worried us was when we left the home – especially when we traveled!

With the current concerns around electromagnetic frequencies, EMF protection is something that’s been weighing heavily on my mind.

My concerns around these issues have only grown in the past few years year, and I began searching for a solution to protect both myself and my family. That’s why when I came across the Harmoni Pendant, it felt like an answer to a prayer. There are a lot of EMF protection devices out there, but many of them are either incredibly expensive or lack any evidence. The Harmoni Pendant checks all the boxes, and my kids even love it!

Importance of EMF Protection

EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are everywhere in your environment being emitted from your favorite electronics (cell phones, laptops, iPads, etc.) as well as the ever-pervasive WiFi that surrounds you no matter where you go.

These frequencies cause disturbances to your own electromagnetic field (that’s right you have an electromagnetic field as well) and may exacerbate health imbalances like fatigue, brain fog, stress, and more.

That’s why when you go into a doctor’s office for an X-Ray, you have to wear a protective shield around your body. The difference between X-Ray EMFs and the EMFs that are polluting our airwaves is that X-Ray EMFs are “ionizing,” while EMFs from electronics are “non-ionizing.”

Ionizing EMFs have known effects that can damage your DNA– hence the protective wear. (2) Non-ionizing EMFs, on the other hand, are not as strong as ionizing EMFs, so they aren’t taken as seriously. (3)

The problem is, non-ionizing EMFs can still contribute to health imbalances, and they’re much more pervasive in the environment than ionizing EMFs.

In fact, research suggests that lack of EMF protection and exposure may be associated with health concerns such as: (1,4,5,6,7,8,9)

  • Abnormal cell growth
  • Nerve cell damage
  • Infertility
  • Oxidative stress
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Sleep disturbances

As if life isn’t stressful enough, the idea of having to fend off pollutants in my energy field overwhelmed me when I learned about how harmful EMFs could be.

I didn’t want to be that family that didn’t have the internet or TV, but I also didn’t want to be exposing my kids and wife to EMFs all day. That’s why I am so grateful to have found the Harmoni Pendant because it offers EMF protection for my family…


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What Are Some Common Side Effects of EMF Radiation?

We highlight some of the common complaints associated with low-level EMF radiation in this article. They include:

  • Fatigue & Sleep Disorders
  • Occasional Headaches
  • Mood or Attention Issues
  • Occasional Nausea
  • Changes in Heart Rhythm
  • and many more…

Electromagnetic Frequency Spectrum

The Problem with 5G, 6G & Beyond

We’ve written about the dangers of microwave and EMF radiation before but since publishing that article even more studies have come out. Plus we are seeing the global expansion of 5G, 6G and the future networks which surround us in a fog of EMF pollution. This means we are going to be facing even more exposure than ever before.

What is 5G Technology?

5G stands for Fifth Generation wireless network. The goal is to provide faster, more stable, internet for mobile devices which sounds wonderful. After all, we run an online Bible health ministry so good internet lets us reach more people. Good thing, right?

Not for our health. Study after study is showing the dangers of the radio frequencies produced by these towers and the 5G systems will blanket us in these RF or EMF emissions. The World Health Organization classified RF as a Group 2B Possible Human Carcinogen back in 2011.

And we haven’t seen all the long-term studies on the safety of the higher frequency emissions from the 5G towers that will be coming out. I’m sure as we begin examining the long-term effects we will see the higher frequencies, at more prolific levels will amplify the negative side effects.

As you would imagine, 6G is the ‘next step’, the 6th generation technology for wireless technology and the 10G is being marketing as the furture…

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Q & A with Harmoni’s Co-Founder

Our friend and colleague Wendy Myers co-founded Harmoni and we discussed the answers to most of the questions our Natural Living Family has about her pendant and the EMF protection it provides. You can watch that below!

Harmoni Research Study Results

Recently, Harmoni just completed a clinical trial to assess the efficacy of the Harmoni Pendant in reducing stress and the impact of EMFs.

If you’re a research geek like I am, you can read the entire study HERE.

The study was conducted by 8 doctors with 100 volunteers total. Participant’s stress measurements were assessed at three time points with HeartScientific HRV technology.

  • Baseline
  • After the introduction of a high EMF source (a portable fan)
  • After activation of the Harmoni Pendant + EMF source

The study proved that wearing a Harmoni Pendant:

  • Reduced EMF stress by 700%
  • Thus, reducing the effects of stress-induced by EMF by 50%
  • Improved heart rate variability, a measure of stress, by 940%
  • Significantly increased energy reserves and mitochondrial power by 520%
  • Increased total energy even greater than the baseline (before EMF stressor)
  • Lowered biological age by 80%, or 2 years
  • Improved sleep rhythms by 148%
  • Significantly improved overall health by 140%
  • Enhanced the body’s aura, also known as the biophoton field, by 140%
  • Improved the body’s psychoemotional state, or ability to handle stress, by 100%
  • Improved the body’s ability to adapt to its environment by 90% (Neurohormonal regulation)
  • Rescued Energy output dipping into the negative and enhanced it by 80%
  • Enhanced the body’s autonomic regulation of the body by 300%

The remaining study results are currently being compiled and will be published soon.

How the Harmoni Pendant Works

The Harmoni Pendant works through something called bioenergetics. Bioenergetics is a study of vibrational frequency and explains that everything has its own vibration. Every organ in your body, your cell phone, WiFi, electricity — everything in your world vibrates at its own frequency.

For the physical body, this frequency can be measured by something called biophotons. Biophotons are light particles that your body produces in the powerhouse of your cells called your mitochondria from sunlight. (10)

Biophotons carry energy around your body and emanate from your skin to create a field of light that surrounds you. When measured, biophoton emission is correlated with health and wellbeing both physically and emotionally. (11, 12)

The incredible thing is, when you wear the Harmoni Pendant, you’re enhancing your body’s ability to create biophotons, and therefore creating a brighter energy field

In other words, you’re more efficiently turning the energy from the sun into usable energy in and around your body. This results in a more balanced frequency that can protect you from harmful outside forces like EMFs.

In a way, you’re fighting fire with fire. Except instead, you’re fighting energy with energy. The high vibrational field that the Harmoni Pendant creates around your body blocks the harmful frequencies that are emitted from electronics and wireless internet.

I know this can all sound a bit woo-woo and out there, but trust me when I say I’ve read the research. In fact, in an article published in the scientific journal Nature scientists explain the concept of bioenergetics and how energy frequencies can quite literally change the function and structure of your DNA. (13)

How to Activate It

Once you order your pendant, you’ll receive an email explaining how to activate it. The steps are incredibly simple, and you want to repeat these steps each week.

  • Take the pendant off
  • Take a 12-inch ruler and hold it against your sternum, pointing outward.
  • Hold the pendant on the edge of the ruler farthest from your body, with the pattern side facing out.
  • Hold here for one minute.
  • You’re done!

This process tunes your body’s energy field, helping to clear any energy blocks and bringing balance to the field around your body.

The reason you want to repeat this process once a week is that as you live your day-to-day life, you’re going to come up against stressors that can throw you off — mold, food, emotional stress, EMFs, they all play a part.

Why the sternum, you may ask? The founder of the Harmoni Pendant worked with thousands of people, including professional athletes, to find the area of the body that works best for calibration. He tried all different places on and around the body and eventually came to about 12-inches off the sternum as the ideal location.

Why We Love It!

Bella loves her Harmoni Pendant. Our entire family wears one!

The reason we love the Harmoni Pendant so much is that unlike other EMF protectors out there, you can take it with you wherever you go. Instead of trying to protect ourselves from EMFs by avoiding electronics and WiFi, my family and I can travel and move about freely knowing our own electromagnetic field is primed to resist harmful frequencies.

In the past, when we would go on trips to places like Disneyland, we would be inundated with EMFs. I would feel it almost immediately — the anxiety and sense of unease. Disney and other heavily trafficked areas tend to be hotbeds for EMFs.

Now when I go to events or places like Disney, I feel solid and grounded. Just like I would when I spend time in nature.

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But don’t take our word for it – the testimonials pouring in from Natural Living Family
members who have tried it already.
  • I bought two Harmoni Pendants small for me & large for my husband. I normally have an irregular heartbeat. None since I activated it and put it on. And my knees don’t hurt when I got out of car like they usually do. Amazing.” – Penny L.
  • Hi all. I just wanted to say that I ordered the Harmoni Pendant and I love it. I have felt such a tremendous calm. I was very skeptical, but truly this is amazing.” – Susan M.

Benefits of Wearing the Pendant

The Harmoni Pendant does so much more than simply protecting from EMFs. It balances your energy, which results in a coherent field around your body. The result?

  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced stress
  • Higher energy levels
  • Balanced nervous system
  • Relaxation
  • Better performance/workouts

And, because of all of these benefits, it promotes healthy immunity!

Beware of Knock-Offs

If you do a google search for EMF protectors, you’ll come up with hundreds of results. Everything from stickers to stones to headphones — you name it. While some of these products certainly offer value, most do not work as claimed

Most EMF devices also don’t offer any protection if you move away from the device – like ones on your cell phone, computer, office or home. A Harmoni Pendant goes with you everyone you go. So you have peace of mind with protection from hidden sources of EMF.

Buyer beware.  

With the Harmoni Pendant, you get EMF protection from all your devices in one package. And unlike many of the high-tech EMF protection out there, the Harmoni Pendant is affordable and accessible.

The Harmoni Pendant is what I entrust with the protection and health of my wife and children when it comes to EMFs. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Our Natural Living Family “group buy” will save you up to 66% off of the Harmoni Pendant that’s been clinical proven to reduce EMF stress by 700% and provide on-the-go protection for you and your family!  Check out this life-changing technology HERE!

Baby Ezekiel enjoying sweet sleep with his Harmoni Pendant. He approves. 🙂

FAQ (How it Works & More!)

Pendant Activation

Q. How do you activate the pendant to achieve the most benefit?

Upon purchasing the pendant, you will be emailed a step-by-step video and a PDF with instructions on how to activate your pendant. You can watch the video here. Your pendant will also come with a card in the box that contains a QR code that leads to the activation video and PDF guide. 

Your pendant will work to a small degree if you simply wear it, but you can only enjoy the maximum benefits when it is properly activated and tuned to your body. This is a very simple process that will only take a couple of minutes. 

The easiest way to do this is to use a 12-inch ruler, and hold it against your sternum/heart facing straight outward. Then, hold the pendant at the end of the ruler for 1-2 minutes. This will tune the pendant to your body’s energy field. You can also estimate the approximate distance of 12 inches from your sternum/heart rather than using a ruler. 

We strongly recommend that you repeat this activation process once a week to keep your pendant tuned to your body’s energy field. You are constantly bombarded by various stressors that can throw off your body’s energy field, and you want to keep the connection between you and the pendant optimized. 

You can also repeat it anytime you feel mentally or physically off. 

Q. Why do I have to hold the pendant a foot away from my sternum to activate it? 

We found that when the pendant is held right at the 12-inch mark from the sternum, we get the greatest degree of benefits to support the body coming into balance energetically and clear it of disruptive energies. It is where the pendant best resonates with your frequency. This can help support your energy levels, optimize communication in your energy field and keep you in an optimum energetic state. 

In bioenergetics terms, we’re creating resonance between you and the pendant; it is analogous to the relationship between two tuning forks. Through working with the thousands of people we’ve harmonized with Harmoni Pendants, we have determined the master harmonizing or clearing points that can support most of the energetic clearing needed by the body. This is 12 inches from the sternum. 

Q. Do I need to repeat the activation process? How often should I do the activation process with my pendant?

Generally, once a week has produced optimal results. You can also repeat it anytime you feel mentally or physically off. 

If you are ever exposed to a high general state of stress, or a major individual stressor (a bad fall, a car accident, or anything that rattles you and shakes you up), that is always a good time to reset and re-harmonize. It depends on the person, but once a week is a great rule of thumb for achieving optimal benefits from the pendant. We’ve found it helpful to just set a recurring calendar reminder so you don’t forget. 

Q: If I forget to reactivate it, does it stop working? 

No. But the pendant’s effect may be diminished. Remember, your body and the energy field around it is always changing due to your environment, stress levels, diet, sleep, and countless other factors. To ensure that your Harmoni is always “in sync” with your body, we recommend you set a weekly reminder for yourself to go through the 60-second reactivation process. 

Q. How does the Harmoni pendant work?

When you hold the pendant 12 inches from your body and activate it, the sacred geometry inside communicates with your body to finely tune your body’s frequency. This clears disharmonious frequencies and makes it so that your body is better able to regulate and deal with any stressors that it encounters (including EMF). This amplifies your vibrational blueprint to help reset it back to when it was perfectly tuned, as the trauma and stressors that have impacted you throughout a lifetime are released. 

Science tells us that the activities of cells and tissues generate energy fields that can be detected on the skin’s surface. One of the biggest discoveries in this area was in 1962, when Gerhard Baule and Richard McFee of Syracuse University, NY detected the biomagnetic field projected from the human heart. Everything in the physical universe has a field and a frequency. Have you ever been inside a holy place or in a pristine area in nature? What feels so good about those places is that their fields and frequencies are more compatible with ours. On the other hand, we’ve all had the experience of being someplace where the energy field and frequency felt “off.” The bottom line is that some fields and frequencies are compatible with the body and support health, while others aren’t, and produce disharmony and potential health issues. When it comes to the body, we all have a biophoton field that can be measured. 

The pendant uses very precise geometry to align with the body’s field and help signal it to return to its optimal state. This is necessary because there are so many things we’re exposed to that take the body OUT of its natural frequency and field. This can include pollutants, negative people, trauma, and even things like dirty electricity and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. 

Upon activating a pendant, one’s biophoton field lights up, and the body’s waveform and electron spin are positively altered. There is a book that explains this phenomenon, in fact, called The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton. This book explains how thoughts are waveforms with specific frequencies that can impact the body’s biology in different ways. The pendant works like this, only utilizing precise geometry to send a signal to the body. This signal acts as a reminder to the body, helping it remember its natural, optimum state—even in the face of stressors.  

Q: What happens after you activate the Harmoni Pendant? 

You may feel a sense of calm, peace, and relaxation. Many report they sleep better and feel less stressed. A lot of people notice a reduction in their aches and pains, leading to better mobility. Athletes and people who’ve had injuries often note that they feel much better and have better performance and coordination. 

A general sense of good natural core energy throughout the day is another oft reported benefit. People often experience improved sleep and mood also often improves, as the body is better able to adapt to stress. This calm, adaptive state also helps one to feel more connected with other people and the environment. 

Some people feel worse. This is not a bad thing — it’s a sign the pendant is working. We find that some people don’t like the shift from their stressed-out, sympathetic nervous system state to the more relaxed, parasympathetic state. Many people live on the adrenaline from being stressed out all the time and don’t know how to relax or don’t like the sensation of feeling tired after their pendant is activated. However, this feeling passes as you adjust and get better sleep. 

After Harmoni Pendant activation, your body can relax and function normally and start detoxing. And because of that, some people don’t feel well while their body is releasing toxins. Due to this phenomenon, we recommend taking a heavy metal binder like Citricleanse or any other binder, like activated charcoal, once a day to support your body as it cleans up any toxins that may be released upon pendant activation and mitigate detox symptoms. 

Some people don’t feel a change. However, we were able to see in our HRV study that people who did not report feeling any different still experienced improvements (per their HRV report) in the minimization of the effects of EMF stressors, circadian rhythms, the autonomic nervous system, and other positive effects. You can view that study here. The Harmoni pendant can impart benefits even if you do not notice them. 

Q: What is HRV (heart rate variability)? 

According to Harvard Health Publishing, “HRV is simply a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat. This variation is controlled by a primitive part of the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system (ANS). It works regardless of our desire and regulates, among other things, our heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and digestion.”

HRV is often used by elite athletes to determine how recovered their nervous systems are—and therefore how well they can handle the stress of intense training. In non-athletes, HRV can be a way to tell whether you are in “fight or flight” (sympathetic nervous system) mode or the calm state known as parasympathetic mode. Lower HRV scores generally mean more calm and being more able to handle stress without feeling overwhelmed. 

Q: How do I know the Harmoni Pendant is working?

It is truly different for everyone. If you have access to HRV tracking (available in many wearable fitness devices or available for purchase separately through HeartMathTM) you can easily track your before-and-after progress with Harmoni. Those who are sensitive to energy or have EMF sensitivity can often notice feeling calmer and less “overwhelmed,” especially when in areas with higher levels of electromagnetic frequencies. 

The benefits of Harmoni usage are often subtle and more noticeable over time. A greater overall sense of relaxation, better sleep, feeling more rested upon waking, being less “triggered” or irritable with others, an overall improved sense of wellbeing—these are all gentle benefits that one may notice after a period of time with Harmoni. 

Even if you don’t feel a change, in our HRV study people who didn’t notice any outward changes did nonetheless enjoy improvements in the minimization of EMF stressor effects, circadian rhythms, the autonomic nervous system and others benefits. 

Q: Please tell me how the pendant tunes to my bioenergetic field in comparison to any other stainless steel necklaces. What has been done to it? Is it just a placebo effect?

The Harmoni Pendant holes — their exact locations and size — were developed from the principles of sacred geometry. It has been tested on thousands of people in an effort to design a pendant for maximum benefits. 

By improving the body’s energetic communication, the Harmoni Pendant can improve communication efficiency and may clear stressors resulting from energetic blocks in your biofield. This is the level that human intention and thought works on as well, as observed and reported in Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief. 

Working at the quantum level like this, which sets the stage for good physical and emotional wellbeing, is the missing link so many are looking for in meeting their health goals. You can potentially change your biochemistry by working at this quantum level — by changing the geometry you change the waveform, cell function, tissue, organ, and organism. This is a far more elegant way to work with the body than endlessly trying new internal solutions. Using the pendant can be a first step in improving the efficacy of any protocol you are doing.

We have seen evidence of this before and after pendant activation using many different types of tests, including GDV cameras, thermography, HRV testing, EMF meters, bioenergetic testing, Equiscope, and many others. After 20 years of struggling with a long list of health challenges, the creator conceived of and designed the pendant. He’s been using this pendant for almost 15 years and has shared it with thousands of people. 

We have seen him activate pendants on hundreds of people, and many of them have reported how much better they felt immediately. As soon as the next day, people report improved sleep quality, higher energy levels, fewer occasional aches and pains, and a greater sense of emotional wellbeing. 

Anything can have a placebo effect, of course, but we have completed a study of the Harmoni Pendant that showed an average reduction in the stressful effects of EMF of 48% (per HRV tests)! 

Per the study, the pendant also improved mitochondrial power, biological age, emotional and physical stress indicators, and many other variables. In addition, Harmoni has a second study underway that is looking at HRV and EMF mitigation as well. 

If you are not completely satisfied, Harmoni offers a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Q. Can you explain the concept of bioenergetics? 

All matter in the universe has a unique frequency unto itself. This is called the resonant frequency, and is demonstrated by quantum physics. Everything in existence, both visible and invisible, has a vibrational blueprint. In our environment, there are harmonious frequencies that can make us stronger, healthier, and increase our performance when we come into contact with them. There are also disharmonious frequencies in our environment that can make us weaker — like EMF (electromagnetic fields). We call these disharmonious frequencies in our environment stressors, as they actually stress the body. They can disrupt the normal inflammation response, and we now know that prolonged inflammation can destroy cells and mitochondria, speed up the aging process, and interfere with good health. 

We’re exposed to these stressors throughout our lifetimes, from structural trauma (physical injuries), chemical trauma (pollutants and microorganisms), emotional trauma, and EMFs (from electronics, cell phone towers, microwave radiation, etc.). This can cause our vibrational energetic systems to become disharmonious. This is where the Harmoni Pendant comes in; when you hold the pendant 12 inches from your body and activate it, the sacred geometry inside communicates with your body to finely tune its frequency. This clears disharmonious frequencies and makes it so that your body is better able to regulate and deal with any stressors that it encounters (including EMF). This amplifies your vibrational blueprint to help reset it back to when it was perfectly tuned, as the trauma and stressors that have impacted you throughout a lifetime are released. 

Q. What exactly are you measuring in the study that shows that the Harmoni Pendant is working?

Using HRV and other testing equipment, we can actually take a snapshot of a person’s autonomic nervous system. We can see your heart rate, the total mitochondrial power that you have in your body, and the amount of systemic stress in your body. We can see if you have enough mitochondrial power to address stress in a healthy way. We can also see to what degree you are in the sympathetic ‘fight or flight’ mode, and what percentage of your cellular energy is being used for this ‘fight or flight’ response on a given day. 

We observe a lot of people who are using 60% or even 70% of this energy for the fight or flight stress response. We are also able to see how much energy is being used by your parasympathetic branch for resting, regenerating, and detox. In addition, we can detect on another indicator, VLF, whether your hormones are functioning properly. We take a snapshot of all of this on an HRV meter before activation, and then we take another snapshot of the individual after activating with the Harmoni Pendant. We consistently see a marked reduction in sympathetic response energy, and a boost in parasympathetic regenerating function. This is all within five minutes of initial activation of the Harmoni Pendant. 

We just received the findings of a research study conducted across the US with 8 doctors and 101 volunteers. The study was single armed, open label with three timepoints (before, during and after EMF exposure) where participants were measured for bodily stress using a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitor. 

In the end, the researchers found that following activation with the Harmoni Pendant: 

  • EMF-induced bodily stress was significantly reduced by an average of 48%
  • total energy reserves and mitochondrial power were significantly increased by 530% on average
  • biological age was lowered by an average of two years
  • the body’s biorhythms and circadian rhythms (sleep cycle) was improved by an average of 160%

The vast majority of the 101 study participants saw a corrective shift in one or more variables, including their heart rate variability scores.

Q: What is the distance of the protective field when wearing the pendant?

We do not have a definitive answer for this, however, we do know that the pendant offers benefits to the body in that it regulares and harmonizes the body’s energy field. The body’s energy field extends about 10 ft in diameter around the body.

The Effects and Benefits of the Harmoni Pendant

Q. What are some of the benefits that one can expect after activating their Harmoni Pendant?

First off, many people feel very relaxed or even sleepy in the first 30 minutes after activating their pendants. The most common thing people report is improved sleep, and mood is also often improved, as the body is better able to adapt to stress. A general sense of good natural core energy throughout the day is another oft reported benefit. This calm, adaptive state also helps one to feel more connected with other people and the environment. 

A lot of people notice a reduction in their occasional aches and pains in the days following activation, leading to better mobility. Athletes and people who’ve experienced injuries often note that they feel much better. 

Q. How long does it take to experience the benefits of the Harmoni Pendant?

It takes time to energetically release long-held past traumas and stressors from the body. In the first four or five days you may feel some shifts in your sleep patterns and quality, or you may feel some detox symptoms (sometimes you may even not sleep as well due to this). 

Many people feel the effects right away. They feel more relaxed and less stressed, even sleepy. 

After about four or five days of this adjustment process, you should start feeling the overall benefits. Some people who are severely in need of detoxification may experience some detox symptoms. These could include a slight headache, occasional aches and pains, and even rashes. It is not the pendant causing this, but it is indicative of the fact that the pendant is doing its job by optimizing the body’s regulatory systems. These are signs that your body is trying to remove toxins that could be damaging your cells. 

The worse you feel, the more you really need to harmonize. The pendant can actually be very helpful for those in need of detoxification who may be having a hard time releasing toxins. Approximately 5% of people experience these symptoms; it is not terribly common.

Note that once you begin feeling the benefits of wearing the pendant, you will begin to habituate to a new normal. So you may feel that the pendant is no longer doing anything, even though you are at an elevated new normal. Be aware of this. People sometimes take off their pendants thinking they’re not working but when they put them back on and activate them again, they feel much better. 

Q. Can you explain how the pendant improves sleep quality?

Due to the structural, chemical, emotional, and electromagnetic stressors bombarding us each day, our bodies are in constant ‘fight or flight’ mode. Our cortisol levels may be high, our normal inflammatory response is disrupted, and we’re feeling stressed. When we are in that fight or flight state and we attempt to sleep, it is difficult to achieve the deep REM state because our bodies can’t get into the necessary parasympathetic rest and regeneration mode. By activating the pendant, we are able to energetically release stressors and trauma that get us stuck in that sympathetic fight or flight response. 

We can then shift normally into the parasympathetic state and achieve proper communication of our organs, glands, and all systems of the body, enabling it to maintain homeostasis. This helps one to achieve an anabolic state when sleeping. This has great anti-aging and cellular benefits. If one is unable to shift into the parasympathetic sleep state, it becomes difficult to maintain good health.

Many of our customers notice improved sleep quality with Harmoni, especially those who are more sensitive to EMFs. Also, those with high levels of stress (and therefore high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol) often notice better sleep—because cortisol is a powerful sleep disruptor. In fact, it’s what your body releases to wake you up every morning. Harmoni may help you to relax more before bedtime and therefore fall asleep more easily. Harmoni Pendant fans notice waking up less often and waking up feeling more refreshed. 

Q. Can you discuss some of the benefits of the pendant for athletes/active people?

Athletes are always pushing themselves to the limit. Stress is good if you can adapt to the stress, but when you can’t adapt, it tears your body down. The better it can adapt to the stress of athletic activity, the better it can perform. In addition, the better it can achieve an anabolic sleep state and regulate, regenerate, and heal through proper autonomic nervous system regulation, the better it will be able to function. 

One of the main testimonies we’ve gotten from athletes (many of whom are professionals or Division 1 college level), is that the tenderness and pain from their injuries decreases due to the body being better able to release the trauma from the injury and start healing normally. They also experience a more calm and peaceful state leading up to athletic events. We’ve also had reports of overall increases in strength, endurance, coordination, speed, and improved performance and athleticism.

Q. How does the pendant help to reduce stress levels?

Obviously, Harmoni cannot change whatever stressful circumstances a person may be in, but it can help with the response to stress. We know this because, in initial testing, Harmoni has been shown to improve HRV (heart rate variability) and, through one test case, improved alpha brainwave production. Higher HRV and higher alpha brainwave scores are both indicators of an improved response to stress. For those who are stressed out, we recommend finding ways to improve stressful life circumstances while also including Harmoni as a way to improve overall stress resilience.  

In our pilot study with 101 humans, subjects saw a 700% average improvement in their HRV scores, a measure of stress—that is pretty astonishing. 

Let me explain how the body deals with stress. The autonomic nervous system has two branches that help us adapt to stress: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. When in sympathetic mode, we experience a fight or flight response. Immediate stressors that require attention cause us to shift into this sympathetic fight or flight mode, in order to deal with that stressful situation. 

Your body is intended to stay in the sympathetic mode for a short time while dealing with a stressor, and then regulate back into the parasympathetic mode, which is where you rest, regenerate, digest and detox, repairing your body. This is a very delicate balance, and this is the way the body maintains homeostasis and deals with stress. Unfortunately, because of the structural, chemical, emotional, and electromagnetic stressors impacting us, we’re finding that 90% of people are stuck in a sympathetic fight or flight mode daily, all day long. This affects blood pressure levels, heart rate, and cortisol levels. This nervous mode causes people to burn up all their ability to adapt to stressors so that they cannot address and adapt to the stress they’re currently under. 

When this happens, people get stuck in a destructive, catabolic mode in which the body is degenerating due to using all of its power in this fight or flight mode. The body is not regulating into parasympathetic mode at night when it is supposed to sleep and regenerate and recover. There’s no power left, so even if your body wants rest, regenerate, detox, and digest, it can’t. People go to bed but they can’t fall asleep because they are still in that fight or flight mode, and the body is degenerating as a result. 

Harmonizing with the Harmoni Pendant is a very simple way to support normal stress management and take us out of this high-stress state. Once you activate your pendant, the sacred geometry in the pendant communicates with the body to help it tune and regulate the body’s energy field. By clearing stressors normally, the body is then able to slip into parasympathetic mode and one feels less stressed and more relaxed. 

Q: Can Harmoni help me feel less anxious? 

Anxiety is a medical condition and something we absolutely cannot make any claims about. There is evidence that stress and anxiety levels can be connected in some individuals. And therefore it is possible that addressing stress resilience with Harmoni can be helpful.

Q. I experienced headaches while wearing the pendant. Why is this?

Harmonizing the pendant starts the process of stress release, which may be the reason why you’ve been experiencing headaches. It may take some time for this process to complete.

Additionally, as the body sinks into a more relaxed, parasympathetic state, the body will begin detoxing pollutants that can cause headaches. We recommend mitigating this detox symptom by taking a binder, like Citricleanse or activated charcoal. You can also drink more water and take lemon baths (baths with cut-up lemons and juice). 

Q: I have noticed my heart pounding after wearing the pendant for a little while. It would then subside after 20 minutes or so. Is this a normal response?

If you are experiencing this symptom or any other uncomfortable symptom, you can take the pendant off and wear it for an hour a day to “work up” to wearing it for longer periods of time.  It may take up to 4 or 5 days for your body’s energetic field to regulate, calm down, adjust, and acclimate to the pendant. During this time people can have varying symptoms. 

We suggest that you take a binder, like Citricleanse or activated charcoal to absorb toxins that your body is releasing and mitigate any symptoms that may result. As the body responds to these changes, some people experience a rapid heartbeat or other uncomfortable detox symptoms. This is nothing to worry about. The Harmoni Pendant cannot harm you. Your body simply needs time to adjust. 

How the Harmoni Pendant Aids in EMF Minimization

Q: How is the Harmoni Pendant different from other EMF solutions? 

We cannot speak to the effectiveness of other EMF solutions. We can only speak to the fact that the Harmoni Pendant has been found to reduce the effects of stress in the body when exposed to EMF by 48% on average

As noted above, we also have strong initial testing data showing that Harmoni improves HRV (heart-rate variability) by an average of 700%, and brainwave data, including alpha and theta. These are quantifiable indicators of an improved stress response when in the presence of EMF.

Q: Is there any difference in the EMF minimization offered between the small and large pendants?

No, both sizes are equally effective in reducing the effects of stress-induced by EMF. We offer two sizes for aesthetic reasons.

Q: What metal is the pendant made of, and is it the metal that causes the pendant to protect the body from EMFs?

The pendant is made of surgical-grade stainless steel that is nickel-free. Nickel in jewelry often causes rashes. We chose stainless steel because it is hypoallergenic, so it doesn’t cause irritation to the skin. 

Q: Since the pendant is metal, wouldn’t it act as an antenna/receiver for EMFs as well?

Since the Harmoni Pendant can transmute or convert electromagnetic frequencies into harmonious energy that is beneficial for the body, the stainless steel that the pendant is made of will not act as an EMF antenna. The energy that is produced when one wears the pendant won’t allow harmful EMFs to be attracted and absorbed by the pendant. The pendant helps the body to metabolize EMFs by improving its biophoton field regulation, helping it to adapt to and metabolize EMFs. This outweighs the extent to which the metal could function any sort of mini-antenna.

Q: I’ve heard Nick Pineault, Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Mercola, and other EMF experts say that pendants don’t work to protect from EMF. How do you respond to that? 

We would agree! Everything we have tested over the years has not proven to protect against EMF. 

The Harmoni Pendant is NOT solely an EMF device. By tuning up and clearing the body’s energy field, the pendant helps the body to deal with the stress of EMF more efficiently. EMF mitigation is just one benefit of the pendant. 

In a study with 101 participants, we measured HRV (heart rate variability), an indicator of stress, before, during, and after EMF exposure and then after activation with a Harmoni Pendant. The results were impressive. It clearly shows the pendant’s ability to support healthy function after EMF exposure. You can review the results of that study here. 

This study showed that the Harmoni Pendant can help mitigate the effects of EMF. We do not claim 100% protection against EMF but our initial observational studies have found that on average people enjoy 48% mitigation of stress caused by EMF.

One main point I want to make is that the Harmoni Pendant is a stress reduction device. It works to support the body’s energy field and resilience to stress. It just also happens to do that by improving the body’s resilience to stress, and EMF is a major type of stress. 

We’ve had hundreds of people report to us that the Harmoni Pendant resulted in a number of benefits for them, including stress and pain reduction, better sleep, better mood, and much more. 

The pendant works at the bioenergetic level. Remember how we said that everything has a frequency? Well, this includes electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their radiation. A big problem with EMFs is that they can disrupt your body’s own natural, optimum frequency response. The Harmoni Pendant does not block out electromagnetic radiation (this is only possible with a Faraday cage or barrier)—but what it can do is help your body KEEP its optimum frequency levels, even in the presence of EMF radiation.  

Wearing the Harmoni Pendant

Q. How do you activate the Harmoni Pendant to achieve the most benefit?

Upon purchasing the pendant, you will be emailed a step-by-step video and a PDF with instructions on how to activate your pendant. You can watch the video here. Your pendant will also come with a card in the box that contains a QR code that leads to the activation video and PDF guide. 

Your pendant will work to a small degree if you simply wear it, but you can only enjoy the maximum benefits when it is properly activated and tuned to your body. This is a very simple process that will only take a couple of minutes. 

The easiest way to do this is to use a 12-inch ruler, and hold it against your sternum/heart facing straight outward. Then, hold the pendant at the end of the ruler for 1-2 minutes. This will tune the pendant to your body’s energy field. You can also estimate the approximate distance of 12 inches from your sternum/heart rather than using a ruler. 

We strongly recommend that you repeat this activation process once a week to keep your pendant tuned to your body’s energy field. You are constantly bombarded by various stressors that can throw off your body’s energy field, and you want to keep the connection between you and the pendant optimized. 

You can also repeat it anytime you feel mentally or physically off. 

Q: How often do I need to reactivate the Harmoni Pendant? 

We typically recommend doing the reactivation process about once a week. It only takes 60 seconds and ensures the Harmoni Pendant is calibrated to your body’s unique biofield. Click here for instructions on how to reactivate it each week. 

Q: If I forget to reactivate the Harmoni Pendant, does it stop working? 

No. But its effect may be diminished. Remember, your body and the electrical field around your body is always changing depending on your environment, stress levels, diet, sleep levels, and countless other factors. To ensure that your Harmoni is always “in sync” with your body, Harmoni recommends you set a weekly reminder for yourself to go through the 60-second reactivation process. 

You may find if you forget to reactive it for a while, the day you reactivate it, you may feel particularly good that day.

Q: Does the Harmoni pendant need to be worn on the outside of your clothing?

You can wear the pendant either way; outside or under your clothing. It will not affect its performance. 

Q: How many hours per day do you need to wear the Harmoni pendant to experience benefits? 

For best results, we recommend that the pendant be kept on or near the body at all times. You could put it on a keychain, in a pocket, or just wear it as a necklace. The minimum recommended wearing time for one to experience benefits is one hour per day.

Q: Can I/should I wear the Harmoni pendant when I sleep? 

Yes, you can wear the Harmoni Pendant when you sleep but the chain could break. We recommend placing the pendant, icon down facing away from the body, under your pillow as opposed to wearing it around your neck while you sleep. 

Q. Can you keep the Harmoni pendant in your purse, wallet, keychain, or pocket?

Although some may want to put it in their purse, you really want the front of the pendant facing away from you as much as possible. If it is in your purse it may be too far away from you, and it may be turned the wrong way. If it is in a wallet or directly in your pocket, it may be close enough to the body to be optimally effective, but you should keep the Harmoni Pendant icon on the front facing away from you. 

The same applies if putting it on a keychain, carrying it in a purse, wallet, or pocket — make sure the Harmoni Pendant icon is facing away from the body. 

We also recommend placing the pendant underneath your pillow, sheets, or mattress cover when you sleep. This will make sure it comes in closer contact with the body to ensure you’re getting the benefits.

Q. Can you wear the Harmoni Pendant in the shower or when swimming? Is water going to hurt it?

Yes, you can shower and swim with the pendant as much as you would like. Water will not harm it. In addition, if you were to accidentally wash the pendant in the washing machine, this will not damage it. As long as the shape of the pendant isn’t damaged in such a manner that interferes with the symmetry of the hole pattern, the pendant is fine. In addition, any type of cleaner you want to clean it with is not going to damage it whatsoever. 

Miscellaneous Questions 

Q: Do you carry adjustable chains for the pendant? 

Unfortunately, we do not carry adjustable chains. You do, however, have the option of using any chain that you like with the pendant. It will not affect the pendant’s benefits or performance. 

Q: My chain broke. Do you have replacement chains? 

If you break your Harmoni Pendant chain, Harmoni is happy to replace it and ship it absolutely free! Please contact for replacement chains.

Harmoni Pendant Protocol

Q. Can I share my Harmoni Pendant with anyone else after it is activated to my body? Can I recycle an old pendant and give it to my friends? 

No, you cannot. You cannot share your pendant with others once it has been activated to your body. There’s a good reason for this. All matter in the universe has its very own resonant frequency, or its own vibrational blueprint. 

The pendant works by holding it 12 inches from the body and activating it to your individual body. Your energetic pathways pass through the pendant, causing the pendant to resonate at a frequency that matches your frequency. Now that the pendant has been activated and your energetic pathways have been passed through it, it’s harmonized to your vibrational blueprint. 

If someone else attempts to activate the pendant to their vibrational blueprint it, in essence, dilutes the pendant and it is only able to offer about half of the benefits it will offer to the original wearer. So, once it’s harmonized or activated to your vibrational blueprint, you will want to keep it with you. 

If somebody touches it, or holds it, or puts it on for a few minutes, that’s not an issue. However, if somebody were to wear it for a day or two, or to activate it to their body, then it would be activated with two different people’s vibrational blueprint. This would dilute the benefits of the pendant for the original owner as well as the second person wearing it. Needless to say, you should not share the pendant with a pet, either.

Q. What if I accidentally let someone else wear my Harmoni Pendant for a day or more once it was or before it was activated?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this if another person were to wear it for any extended period of time. You would need to get a new Harmoni Pendant. You cannot share the pendant as it will dilute its effectiveness for you if worn by another person. 

Q. Is it a problem if I wore the Harmoni Pendant without activating it before understanding the activation process?

If you have it on for a good four or five hours, it will start to naturally harmonize to your vibrational blueprint; not to the extent that it would through proper harmonization 12 inches from the sternum, but it will start harmonizing nonetheless. This is easy enough to fix! Activate your pendant and then repeat the activation process once a week. 

Q. How can I avoid mixing my Harmoni Pendant up with the pendant of a family member or anyone else?

You can mark your pendant, engrave it, use a different chain, put some sort of tie on it, or use some other indicator just to make sure you know which one is yours. It is also good to just keep it on you as much as possible, especially considering that the more you wear it, the more benefits you will experience. 

Q: Can children wear the pendant?

Yes. The Harmoni Pendant can be used by anyone. 

Q: Can pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding wear the pendant?

Harmoni has not done any research to date on pregnant and nursing mothers. Though they have not had any reported issues with customers wearing the pendant while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Mama Z has worn one all throughout her last pregnancy and while nursing with no complications at all.

Q. Can cats, dogs, or horses wear the Harmoni Pendant? How do I harmonize the pendant to a pet?

Pets, just like humans, are exposed to stressful situations and are traumatized throughout their lives. So, they can receive the benefits of the Harmoni Pendant just like human beings can. The shift in animals is quite apparent; a lot of times they suddenly feel very relaxed and almost fall asleep. They may bark less and have visibly reduced anxiety. 

As for activating or harmonizing the pendant to your cat or dog, it is pretty simple. Just hold the pendant about three to four inches from the animal, right between their eyes straight out from their forehead for about two minutes. Do this with the front icon of the pendant facing away from them. You can do it while they’re sleeping or relaxing to make it easier. They can wear it on their collar, or if they have a place where they sleep, you can place the pendant icon face down under where they sleep so they sleep on it at night. 

With horses, you will want to harmonize or activate the pendant how you would with a dog or cat, but in front of the horse’s head about 12 inches. A good way that horse owners keep the pendant on their horses is to sew the pendant into the bridle, or into the saddle, to keep it on the horse at all times. We’ve seen remarkable benefits with cats, dogs, horses, or with any animal in terms of physical as well as mental and emotional wellbeing.

Q: What is your guarantee and refund policy? 

Harmoni offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Harmoni Pendants no questions asked. If you are unhappy with your Harmoni for any reason within the first 60 days, or if you have any questions or concerns about your order, please contact Harmoni at and let them know how we can help ensure your satisfaction. 

Harmoni Pendant vs other pendants and EMF devices

Q. If I have an energy balancing bracelet from another company, or I’m using a different type of energy balancing pendant, will the Harmoni Pendant work along with these other energy balancing devices that I have? What about regular jewelry?

The pendant will actually allow the body to harmonize even better with the other energy balancing devices you may be wearing, so it will only improve the benefits of anything else you may be using. The pendant will also harmonize you with any other jewelry you are wearing, so you can certainly wear any other jewelry with the Harmoni pendant. They will not interfere with the Harmoni Pendant and the pendant will not interfere with them. 

Q. What is the difference between Qlink and the Harmoni Pendant?

The Qlink has crystals inside. Crystals are charged with frequencies and the type of crystals in the Qlink are known to absorb or protect against EMF. This is a great technology. People do feel benefit from that. But it’s a one size fits all approach. 

The Harmoni Pendant, through the activation process with your body, actually tunes up your individual body energy field and clears distortions or energetic blocks in your energy field, which impede proper function and communication. 

The Qlink crystals emit frequencies, which can make you feel better, but don’t address the root cause of one’s issues — distortions or blockages in one’s energy field where most communication takes place in the body. 

Additionally, crystals typically need to be energetically cleared on a regular basis as they can pick up negative energies. And if that happens, they can be disharmonious to your energy field and body. 

Q. What is the difference between the Harmoni Pendant and EMF protection or transmuting crystals like Shungite, Obsidian, Shungite, Charoite, Hematite, Sodalite, Himalayan Salt, Black Tourmaline, Lodestone, Magnetite, Pyrite, Amazonite, Fluorite or Indigo Gabbro? 

Crystals have amazing energy and capacity to send frequencies to the body and even protect from EMF. People do feel benefits from that. But it’s a one-size-fits-all approach.  

One thing people may not be aware of is that you have to energetically cleanse your crystals periodically. They can pick up and carry detrimental energy.  And if that happens, they can be disharmonious to your energy field and body.  If they are not cleared energetically periodically, their EMF neutralizing and protective effectiveness can be significantly reduced. You can set them out in the sun to clear them. You can also consult with experts on crystals to clear them. 

The Harmoni Pendant, through the activation process with your body, actually tunes up and clears your individual body’s energy field and removes distortions or energetic blocks in your energy field, which impede proper function and communication. It’s a customized approach.  

Crystals emit frequencies, which can make you feel better but do not address the root cause of one’s issues  — distortions or blockages in one’s energy field where most communication takes place in the body. 

Crystal energy can be quite strong and have unintended effects, like keeping you awake if they are kept by your bed at night. 

Other stones or crystals used for EMF protection include epidote, serpentine, pyrite, copper, malachite, unakite, azurite, jasper, lepidolite, turquoise, and green aventurine.

Q: Is the Harmoni pendant a harmonizer? What is a harmonizer? 

A harmonizer is an object that creates a spinning torus field around itself (such as the electromagnetic field of the earth, or our personal electromagnetic fields). The strength and size of the torus field is determined by a variety of factors. 

All non-harmonic energies/frequencies that come within the torus field of the harmonizer are converted into the harmonic energies/frequencies produced by the harmonizer. 

While we did not design the Harmoni Pendant to be a harmonizer in the strictest sense of the word, the way it works is very similar. 

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