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Biblical health takes us beyond rumor and speculation to examine how to live an abundant life physically. You'll find essential oils, health conditions, and wellness articles here. All our health articles are research-driven, robust posts to help you learn how to make more informed decisions. Dr. Eric Zielinkski, D.C. gives his medically fact-checked stamp of approval on each post to ensure the highest quality content.

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Finding trustworthy health information can be difficult and confusing sometimes which is why we work so hard to present evidenced-based articles that have been carefully vetted. You will only find research-driven, easy to understand articles here. More than that, you see some common health myths debunked and examined step-by-step as we dig into the truth of living a healthy, abundant life.

Biblical health and wellness includes many aspects and one of those is exercise and fitness. Within our Health category you’ll find practical, proven tips for getting your body moving. From high-intensity interval training, to workout routines for busy people the information will help you improve your physical fitness without hurting yourself. Sabrina, or Mama Z as her fans call her, has been an athlete all her life, and is a certified fitness instructor. She knows what it takes to move beyond fad fitness trends and experience true health in your body.

And of course, when it comes to Bible health, one of our favorite ways to enhance it is through the wise use of essential oils. If you are new to using essential oils, you’ll find many aromatherapy 101 posts to get you started. These posts will help you learn to select the best essential oils, teach you how to properly dilute them, and give you tips to easily use them as part of your daily life. Move beyond curiosity and learn to use essential oils with confidence by the same teachers who brought you The Essential Oils for Abundant Living Masterclass, which you can preview free here.

As you master these essential oil basics, you can begin to incorporate aromatherapy as needed for specific health concerns. Perhaps you want to support positive mental health and diminish the effects of stress on your life. Or perhaps you struggle with an autoimmune disease. Whatever your reason for incorporating the healing power of essential oils in your life, you’ll find tips here to help you get started. And who better to teach you than the author of the best-selling book, The Healing Power of Essential Oils.

Essential oils are powerful indeed, and that’s why many of our Natural Living Family Health posts highlight the benefits of uses of specific essential oils. From popular oils like lavender, peppermint and frankincense, to less-common essential oils like vetiver or copaiba, each has a unique profile you can learn here. See all our essential oil profiles to learn about these healing oils for yourself!

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