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Did you know most cleaning supplies are filled with toxic chemicals, even carcinogens. The very products you’re trusting to improve the cleanliness of your home, may be putting your family and pets at risk. Ditch your toxic cleaning supplies and try these simple, effective DIYs that use the power of essential oils to help you conquer your household chores!

DIY Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Looking for a quick and easy DIY hand sanitizer recipe? Make a few bottles of this spray hand sanitizer to carry in a purse, a vehicle, and in a baby's bag.

How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

This DIY will show you how to make wool dryer balls to replace one of these sources of toxins in your home - toxic laundry chemicals. Yikes!

Homemade Spider Spray with Essential Oils

This homemade spider spray recipe is an easy to make solution that you can use all around your house, even where a baby crawls. It is all natural and can be as simple as putting 2 ingredients in a spray bottle.

Homemade Carpet Spot Cleaner with Essential Oils

This homemade carpet spot cleaner took less than 10 minutes to make with ingredients that I already had in my house. No unpronounceable chemicals or questionable additives; and it cleaned up the spots just fine!
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One of the most common indoor pollutants we see in homes comes in the form of air fresheners and synthetic fragrances. You’d be shocked how often that “fresh scent” is filled with toxic chemicals that irritate lungs, disrupt your endocrine system, and even create an increased risk of cancer. So what can you do? In this category you’ll find essential oil blends for your aromatherapy diffusers that will create amazing fragrances for your home without putting your health and well-being at risk.

Our diffuser recipes are designed to freshen your home without risking your health. You’ll see recipes for a myriad of occasions from holiday entertaining to seasoning essential oil blends. Together they serve to keep your home smelling great. All while improving your well-being.

We also show you how to switch from toxic cleaners to non-toxic, essential oil based cleaners for your home. From sparkling windows, to sanitized counters in your kitchen, to floor treatments and more you’ll find many essential oil based cleaning tips here. Some essential oils help eliminate bacteria, viruses and can leave a clean, fresh scent without harmful chemicals.

Cleaning in the Natural Living Family also includes laundry soap, stain remover, and clothes dryer sheets. Much of what is commonly available on your grocery store shelves includes ingredients that are dangerous. Laundry soaps include optical brighteners which trick your eye into thinking stains aren’t there anymore, bleach irritates the lungs and skin, while dryer sheets are filled with carcinogens and synthetic fragrances. Yuck!

Our natural recipes for the laundry room will help you make your own laundry detergent and use natural enzymes for stain removing purposes. You’ll also learn how to make your own dryer DIYs using natural materials like wool and essential oils so not only are your clothes fresh and clean, but you are safe as well.

Toxic, chemical-laden cleaning supplies are one of the primary sources of indoor air pollution in our homes. By utilizing the power of essential oils and other natural ingredients from this section of our website, you’ll be able to make the shift. Enjoy a clean, fresh home without sacrificing your health!

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