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As a family of six, one thing we do on a daily basis (and then some!) is laundry. But with the chemicals from the laundry detergents being so dangerous, we want healthy options for our kids. See our MyGreenFills review below and why we love it so much, because DIY isn’t the only way to ensure healthy laundry cleaners. We love MyGreenFills laundry products for their healthy ingredients and earth-friendly mission.

The Importance of Natural Laundry Detergent

Most of us do laundry on a daily or weekly basis. But far too often we don’t give it a second thought. It’s easy to just shop by price, or scent, when selecting a laundry detergent, but there are some other factors you should keep in mind for the healthiest laundry room possible.

There are so many dangerous chemicals in laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and drier sheets that it’s important to make a switch. You will find that your laundry room can be a culprit in many health concerns because of the chemical cocktail of many commercial cleaners. These harmful chemicals include:

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – skin and eye irritant
  2. Formaldehyde – probable carcinogen
  3. Chlorine Bleach – respiratory irritant
  4. Optical Brighteners – highly skin irritating
  5. Fragrance – endocrine disrupting

You can avoid all of these dangerous chemicals when you use MyGreenFills!

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Learn more about the dangers of artificial fragrances like those in air fresheners, laundry detergent, and other cleaners.

Not only are these chemicals harmful to our bodies, but they are harmful to the earth as well. As Christians, we believe God calls us to be wise stewards of earth and it’s resources.

Phosphates, for example, destroy water balance and encourage unhealthy algae blooms, and harm fish, amphibian, and other marine life. Brighteners and benzenes are also toxic to aquatic life, sometimes impacting watersheds for years.

MyGreenFills Review – The Laundry Revolution

There are so many benefits to natural laundry products through MyGreenFills.

  • Convenience – MyGreenFills laundry detergent refills are sent right to your door so you never run out and don’t have to make a special trip to a health food store for a healthy, natural brand.
  • Personalized – Get the bundle of products, sizes, and frequency you need to fit you and your family’s unique needs.
  • Ingredients – MyGreenFills started from necessity – our friends’ need for hypoallergenic, clean laundry detergent. Their safe, non-toxic ingredients are clearly listed on every product.
  • Sustainability – The recyclable packaging on the refills, and reusable laundry jugs, are intentionally created with earth-friendliness in mind!

These are just a few of the things we love about MyGreenFills. But don’t take our word for it – try them for yourself today.

Sign Up for MyGreenFills today and get 100 loads (on us!) when you make your first purchase. We are friends with the owners and want to give you a chance to check them out for free!

Why We Choose MyGreenFills

One way to minimize the dangers of traditional laundry products is with some laundry room DIY magic.

  • Natural Laundry Soap – This natural laundry detergent recipe uses safe soaps and essential oils to make a healthier laundry cleaner. You’ll notice too that it makes a lot of laundry soap in one batch!
  • DIY Laundry Stain Remover – This homemade stain remover is lovely for spot-treating kids clothes or tackling other stains before tossing them into the laundry.
  • Wool Dryer BallsHomemade wood dryer balls can take the place of fabric softener sheets to eliminate harmful fragrances and chemicals, while still minimizing static cling.

But the truth is, as a family of six sometimes we just don’t have the time to DIY everything. That’s why we’re sharing our MyGreenFills Review, because I love it’s convenience, the ingredients that we can count on, and the compact earth-friendly size of the containers. Our friends at MyGreenFills are people we know and trust.

Mama Z talking about MyGreenFills in the Toxic Free Healthy Home Makeover Tour.

Natural products can be so pricey but we find MyGreenFills extremely cost-effective. I’m not paying for plastic that crowds landfills, chemicals that hurt my family, or water I can get right from my filter. It’s a total win/win!

MyGreenFills is my go-to company for non-toxic laundry products for so many reasons. That’s why we shared this MyGreenFills Review. They are –

  • Mission-Oriented – supporting a deaf community in Jamaica.
  • Sustainable – reduce landfill waste – “The last jug you’ll ever own.”
  • Safe – it does not contain any of the dirty dozen ingredients.
  • Effective – this stuff works! Just ask Mama Z and the 15 loads of laundry she does every week.
  • Convenient – have your laundry products shipped to you in the mail every month.
  • Options – you can get essential oil powered scented or unscented. Your preference!

MyGreenFills will be the last jug of laundry soap you ever buy. You get the refills in the mail, tear it open, pour it in your jug and add water. Shake it up and it’s ready to go!

Don’t Miss Out! Get 100 loads for FREE when you try MyGreenFills HERE. Trust us, you are going to LOVE this non-toxic product. Available in scented (powered by pure essential oils) & unscented. 🙂

What Are Others Saying

“Ok I’m really impressed. I had some clothes that didn’t smell good at all that I’ve done everything too, including soaking in vinegar. I can now wear a them!!! They smell delightful!”

~ Kimberley K.

A Mission Worth Supporting-The Heart Behind our MyGreenFills Review

Mama Z especially loves the Dryer Angel – it’s one of her favorite’s also. If you aren’t interested in making your own set of Wool Dryer Balls, you can pick up a Dryer Angel! No more harsh fabric softener chemicals – just add a drop or two of your favorite essential oils to your Dryer Angel for natural static control and fresh scent addition. Plus you’ll be helping women in a deaf community in Jamaica provide education, housing and employment. Their work making the Dryer Angels means they get fair wages, job training, and help build a supportive system that can bless others around them. Win/Win!

Our friends at MyGreenFills have worked hard to create products that are healthy both for you, and for the earth.

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