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Finding simple ways to provide our bodies with all the nutrients that we need can be a challenge some days. At times, we may be fasting or need to trim up a bit for a big event. Other times, we are looking for an easy way to get a boost of bioactive-powdered nutrition. Living Fuel Super Greens is our go-to solution.

How Was Living Fuel Created?

Our friend, K.C. Craichy developed this powdered Super Greens product to help his wife, who was suffering from the effects of nutritional deficits in her diet. Monica appeared healthy to the naked eye, but she was suffering from severe depression, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts that were so debilitating that she often was unable to get out of bed. After much medical research, K.C. created Living Fuel and sixteen years later, Monica is the picture of health.

What Is Living Fuel Super Greens?

Living Fuel Super Greens is a powdered Super Meal drink mix that can be used to create a complete meal in the form of a drink or added to a smoothie or other recipe to boost the nutritional content. It has been recently reformulated to meet the new standard of Ideal Daily Values for optimal health.

It is packed full of Superfoods, enzymes, probiotics, herbs, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. There is no added sugar, soy protein, milk, whey, gluten, nuts, eggs, GMOs, preservatives, fillers, hydrogenated oils, or artificial flavors and colors.

And to top it all off, it tastes absolutely delicious. Just ask little Bella! 😉

The World’s Most Nutritious Smoothie

Living Fuel is considered “the most nutrient-dense and most potent broad-spectrum anti-oxidant, anti-aging meal on the market.” It is:

  • A single food that is designed to support and enhance every major body system including genes, cells and organs
  • A single food that enhances energy levels, weight optimization, sleep, immunity, hair, skin, nails, vision, digestion & elimination
  • A single food that promotes cellular function, overall health, wellness & disease prevention
  • The only meal that is low calorie, nutrient-dense, high-antioxidant and low glycemic with healthy fats and ideal levels of protein and fiber
  • The only meal that delivers ideal levels of micro-nutrition essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals

What’s In Living Fuel?

  • More protein than a half dozen egg-whites. 
  • More fiber than two bowls of oatmeal.
  • More Omega 3 than 2 cups of edamame.
  • More phytonutrients than 10 salads.
  • More antioxidants than 10 bowls of mixed berries.
  • More probiotics than 6 bowls of yogurt.
  • More enzymes than 3 papayas.
  • More resveratrol than a bottle of wine.
  • More vitamin B-12 than 30 servings of cheese.
  • More vitamin C than 7 oranges.
  • More vitamin D & A than 10 fillets of arctic fish.
  • More vitamin E than 1 pound of almonds.
  • More Calcium than 2 glasses of raw milk.
  • More Potassium than 3 bananas.
  • More magnesium than 5 avocados.
  • More Trace minerals than 10 servings of leafy greens.

Try Living Fuel Today! Ready to try Living Fuel for yourself? Check it out here

What Are the Benefits of Living Fuel?

Living Fuel does so much to improve your body’s overall health and function. The vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds within the formula will boost your immune system and improve your body’s gut health. It increases your energy, vitality, and mental clarity while stabilizing your blood sugar and reducing cravings. It also revs up your metabolism and increases muscle and bone density.

Additionally, Living Fuel SuperGreens supports an alkaline diet. The average person consumes foods that create a very acidic environment in the body, throwing your body’s Ph balance out of whack. This lack of balance disrupts the body’s homeostasis, which over time makes the body’s systems susceptible to illnesses. It can also cause problems with the flora in the gut, resulting in digestive issues and other severe health concerns.

Not to mention the money you’ll save on multivitamins and other supplements!

Ditch Your Supplements!

Living Fuel commissioned a study of major US and EU Nutrition Databases and reviewed thousands of research journal articles to create a new, scientifically valid concept of “Ideal Daily Values” and applied this information to Living Fuel Super Meals. They wanted to know what people actually needed to thrive instead of relying on so-called “Recommended Daily Allowances)”, which is the previously established standard that only helps you avoid certain diseases. “Ideal Daily Values” are levels that have been proven through research to promote optimal health.

With Living Fuel you can ditch your supplements and get what your body needs from real food. Just think about how much money that will save you! Each serving contains more than 10 grams of gut enhancing fiber with prebiotics and probiotics, 27 grams of optimized plant protein, and enhanced levels of all 53 essential nutrients as well as other beneficial vitamins and minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, herbs, botanical extracts and essential fats!

How Do You Use Living Fuel?

There are a few different and simple ways to include Living Fuel in your diet. The simplest way is to mix 1-2 scoops of Living Fuel Super Greens powder with 24 ounces of purified water in a blender bottle. This will provide a low-calorie, complete-meal drink that will help boost your nutritional profile and help with loss of extra weight. You can also add it to fruit or vegetable juice for a change in flavor.

Adding Living Fuel to your favorite smoothie or drink recipe is a delicious way to get added nutrients without using dozens of supplements. Add in a scoop or two to your blender with the other ingredients and blend until your desired thickness.

You can even get creative with your delivery of Living Fuel by adding it to other recipes, such as Mama Z’s Super Green Chocolate Gluten-Free Pancakes. This is a wonderful way to deliver amazing nutrition to kids who might be resistant to trying new foods.

With so many great benefits for your overall health and well-being, Living Fuel Super Greens is something everyone should have in their kitchen. Everyone in the family will have more energy and enjoy the rewards of a stronger body and immune system.

NLF “Group Buy”!

Living Fuel is loaded with clean plant protein and optimized levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, prebiotics and probiotics so you can achieve super health with real food. Get all the health benefits of the best superfoods in the world in a simple, easy-to-use powder.

–> Get super food greens for your family TODAY!


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