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While many of us think of infrared sauna benefits being relaxing in nature, you may not realize that they also provide some amazing whole-body benefits. In fact, Mama Z and I are convince that regular infrared sauna treatments should be part of your holistic natural living regimen along with essential oils for detox, proper nutrition, and exercise!

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Top 4 Infrared Sauna Benefits

First off, it’s important to recognize that sweating is super healthy for you. When you add in the therapeutic cardiovascular and calming effects that happen when you spend time in an infrared sauna, these health benefits are all be inevitable.

  1. Detoxification of harmful chemicals
  2. Aides heart and brain function
  3. Weight loss
  4. Skin health

1. Detox

Today, we have more chemicals in our environment than ever before and it is increasingly difficult to avoid them. We need to find safe ways to detox our bodies from elements such as heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. One way to do this is through chelation, however, this process has risks along with its benefits.

Fortunately, sweat is detoxifying (i.e. helps removes toxins) if you have a higher concentration of these metals in your blood. Infrared sauna benefits can help you produce that sweat. Sauna therapy also helps you remove BPA, a chemical that increases your risk for diabetes, dementia, memory loss, and cancer. The detox benefits of infrared sauna cannot be overstated!

2. Cardiovascular

But there are even more benefits to sauna therapy. It helps you relax your muscles and promotes recovery after a workout or athletics. It improves circulation and enhances blood vessel function by increasing the production of nitric oxide, a compound that helps improve blood flow and blood pressure control. A few small studies even show that sauna therapy helps people with depression and anxiety.

Today, the health benefits of infrared sauna therapy are recognized by the medical community. In 1981, the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that for infrared sauna, “regular use may be as effective as a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning calories as regular exercise.” Even the space agency NASA claimed that infrared sauna would “help the American astronauts maintain cardiovascular conditioning during long space flights.”

Infrared sauna therapy has also been associated with decreased risk of heart attacks, strokes, and dementia. A 2018 study of 1,628 men and women from Finland showed that regular sauna use (4-7 times per week) was associated with a 61% decrease in stroke risk compared to those who used it once a week or less. Another 2018 Finland study followed 2,266 men for 26 years and showed that those who had frequent sauna use had 40% fewer cardiovascular events than those with rare use. For the subjects with high levels of fitness, that number rose to 60%.

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3. Weight Loss

Finally, infrared sauna benefits can include weight loss. In a sauna session, you will lose water weight quickly: 250-500ml of sweat during a 20-30 minute session. That’s not real weight loss, though, and you should take care to replace that by drinking purified water before, during, and after your sauna treatment as well as replacing electrolytes.

However, while producing that sweat, the body burns calories, creating “real” weight loss. During that same 20-30 minute session, you could burn 125-250 calories depending on your size, which is similar to jogging 1.5 to 2.5 miles! And the bigger you are, the more you sweat and burn. Using an infrared sauna 5 days per week for a year, the average person could burn 52,000 kcal and lose 15 pounds. Now that’s amazing!

4. Skin

Due to the nature of sweating and cleansing, your pores will start to detoxify at the cellular level and will your skin will regain its natural glow again. Consider dry brushing in the sauna to help slough off dead, hardened, diseased skin and apply a nice essential oil-based salve over your body during your sauna session.

Why We Love Influence Sauna

We have searched and searched for the best infrared sauna on the market. We kept coming back to Influence Sauna as we fell in love with their story and products.

They are the only infrared sauna manufacturer that truly cares about the quality and materials that go into their saunas. It is the only infrared sauna company that is also the manufacturer and the only infrared heater on the market that is UL-listed for their safety standards. And speaking of safety, Influence Sauna products have the lowest EMF, a type of energetic pollution, compared to other saunas. See why we care about EMF in our home.

I’m also impressed with the construction of Influence Sauna units. They are built with untreated cedarwood and no wood glue is used. That means there is no off-gassing of toxic fumes. From being mill verified to sourcing their own trees, to owning their own factory, you can rest assured your new Influence Sauna unit is built with the highest quality materials available.

The owner and manufacturer have 40 years in the business, Influence Sauna has the experience and knowledge to bring a safe, infrared sauna into your home. When you are looking for the most effective health benefits of infrared sauna use, you will want the best unit possible.

Why Influence Sauna Is THE Best Sauna

Influence Sauna products come with a lot of wonderful options that provide additional health benefits.

Flexible Full Spectrum Infrared

Infrared sauna benefits come from utilize duel wavelength technology so your body can benefit from full spectrum rays. Influence Sauna has a faster warm-up time than any other sauna heater on the market. It’s also is the only sauna available that reaches 150 degrees and higher, giving you more flexibility.


Chromotherapy, also known as color light therapy, can have an impact on our mood and health. How does it work? Research tells us that light can impact our physical bodies. “Colors generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents or fields of energy” that impact our biochemical and hormonal processes.

To address this, Influence Sauna has added chromotherapy to their sauna. Each light has a different physical and/or mental health benefit. Choose the color you want with the click of a button for maximum mental and physical benefits.

The Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna - Health Mate Review

Guess what our favorite color is?!? Isaiah and I love having the green light on on during our sauna sessions. The benefits of chromotherapy are amazing!

Options include:

  • Orange: Stimulates mental activity, enhances mood
  • Red: Activates collagen cells and stimulates skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, energizing
  • Yellow: Promotes a lighthearted, grounded, and positive feeling
  • Green: Used for Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter blues)
  • Blue: Eases pain, anxiety, and depression, reduces inflammation, relieves migraines
  • Purple: Recommended for neurological pain, slows down an over-active heart
  • Grey: Increases levels of vitamin D


Influence Sauna also offers an aromatherapy cup accessory that attaches to the grill. This makes it easy to add a few drops of essential oil, transforming your sauna into a calming space. You can add some simple essential oil blends such as:

  • Stress Relief: 2 drops bergamot, 2 drops lemon, 1 drop geranium
  • Anti-Anxiety: 2 drops lavender, 1 drop clary sage, 1 drop of ylang ylang, 1 drop vanilla

Price, Quality, and Security

Finally ,Influence Sauna has the best price for a product of this quality and it comes with a lifetime unconditional warranty on their Tecoloy heaters that you can count on!

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Potential Contraindications

Like any health intervention, infrared sauna may not be beneficial to everyone –but not every claim is accurate. For example, it has been suggested that these saunas may be bad for people with congestive heart failure. However, multiple clinical studies with subjects who have this condition show that infrared sauna benefits include improved blood pressure control, normalization of heart size, and better exercise tolerance without any adverse events.

Some people, however, should not use an infrared sauna, or at least consult their healthcare providers before doing so. They include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children under 12 years of age
  • People with acute injuries, which may swell with more sauna use
  • Excessive alcohol or recreational drug users
  • People with surgical metal implants or artificial joins; ask your surgeon
  • Those with silicone nose and ear implants; ask your surgeon
  • Leaking silicone breasts may also contraindicate sauna use
  • Those taking specific medications such as ephedrine, anticoagulants, or corticosteroids appear contraindicated with sauna use; check with your medical provider first
  • People with uncontrolled and complex medical problems

You should also exercise caution when using a sauna. If used to excess, it can lead to dehydration especially if you have medical problems. 20-30 minutes 4-7 times a week at a temperate that is comfortable for you is enough to benefit your health. And remember to always hydrate during and around your sessions.

Regular infrared sauna benefits your ability to detox, lose weight, and enhance your overall health. It is also a great way to unwind and relax, allowing you to maintain proper self-care every day. If you haven’t considered adding a sauna to your home before, this might be the best time to think about it. Influence Sauna is a brand with 40 years of experience in sauna technology. For us, it’s the best sauna on the market.

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