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Finding natural cleaning products can be a challenge, so I decided to create chemical-free options for our Natural Living Family that genuinely work. My Homemade Glass Cleaner Spray With Essential Oils is powered by citrus, and it leaves surfaces streak-free.

A clean home is one of my simple joys. There’s nothing better than a sparkling home that smells amazing! While the cleaning process can get tedious, I am always happy that I put in the effort! With great products like these, cleaning doesn’t feel like a chore! I’ve been on a mission for years to create a clean, comfortable home that’s toxin-free.

3 Toxins in Conventional Glass Cleaners

Sparkling, streak-free windows are the cherry on top of a clean home. Commercial options get the job done, but they wreak havoc on your health. There are many different toxins in these cleaners, but here are some of the top offenders.

1. Ammonia

Manufacturers include ammonia in window cleaners because it gives windows a streak-free shine. Unfortunately, this toxin is highly poisonous and irritates the mucous membranes. (1) On top of everything else, this gas smells awful! Cleaners that contain ammonia are dangerous to keep in your home as they turn into chloramine gas if mixed with the wrong chemical. There are safer ways to get squeaky clean windows!

2. Synthetic Fragrances

Our brains have been wired to associate “clean” with certain smells. An example of this would be a specific pine-based cleaner. The truth is, these artificial fragrances are one of the worst things you can clean your home with. The “fragrance” label covers more than 4000 different chemicals, many of them known carcinogens. (2)

Most people find that their body reacts badly to at least one fragrance component, and these reactions can range from mild skin irritations to horrific migraines. When you cut these chemicals out of your family’s life, you’re sure to notice a difference. We don’t even like walking down the cleaner aisle at our local big-box store!

3. Phthalates

Phthalates are a fragrance component, but they’re so toxic that they deserve their own spot on this list. These toxins are major endocrine system disruptors, especially to males. (3) They can lead to horrific symptoms during male puberty and reduced sperm count in older men. If you’re pregnant, you should be especially careful not to expose yourself to these chemicals. Studies have shown an IQ decrease in infants whose mothers were exposed. (4)

Safe & Natural Glass Cleaning Ingredients

This natural, homemade glass cleaner has simple ingredients. With just a few elements, you can have sparkly windows in no time! The best part is that you can add your favorite citrus essential oils. I prefer using lemon, but you can use any of my suggestions. Here’s what you need.

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap: You’ll find this ingredient in most of my DIYs. I love Dr. Bronner’s products because they’ve genuinely stood the test of time. They don’t compromise on ingredients or quality! A tiny bit of liquid soap helps cut through any dirt. If you have little ones who like to put their hands on glass, you’ll appreciate this addition!

White Vinegar: Vinegar is acidic, which helps dissolve grease, dirt, and other components that create dirty windows. Some people shy away from using vinegar in their DIYs because they’re worried about a sour smell. Essential oils combat this issue perfectly!

Distilled Water: Diluting cleaners is always a wise idea. Adding water to your glass cleaner bottle makes your solution last longer and ensures the formula isn’t too strong. When possible, I recommend using distilled or purified water.

Citrus Essential Oils: Citrus EOs are my favorite! Not only do they make my house smell fresh, but they also assist the vinegar in creating a streak-free surface. Here are some of our most-used options:

I want to encourage you to get creative with your DIYs! Mix and match until you find your favorite combination.

Homemade Glass Cleaner With Essential Oils

This recipe comes together in minutes! It’s so easy; even kids can help. You may want to put a towel down first, though!

Homemade Glass Cleaner Spray With Essential Oils
  1. Pour the soap, vinegar, and essential oils into a spray bottle.
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water, replace the pump, and shake heavily.
  3. Spray directly on glass windows and mirrors for cleaning.
* Essential Oils for Cleaning Glass:

Wild Orange

Step One: Add Ingredients to Bottle

Pour the liquid castile soap, vinegar, and essential oils of choice into a spray bottle. Unfortunately, EOs tend to make plastic bottles break down, so we don’t use them! I recommend using a dark amber glass bottle, as it keeps essential oils potent.

Step Two: Add Water and Clean!

Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. Doing this dilutes the mixture and helps it stretch further! Replace the top and shake vigorously to blend. To use, spray directly on glass windows and mirrors. Enjoy your streak-free windows!

Next Steps in Creating Your Non-Toxic Household

If you enjoy our Homemade Glass Cleaner Spray With Essential Oils, chances are you’ll love the other amazing DIYs we have to offer! Whether you’re deep cleaning a crusty oven or simply swiping counters, there are safe, effective ways to get the job done without using harsh chemicals. Creating your own products means that you know just what’s in each cleaner, with no toxic surprises around the corner!




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