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With the increase of EMFs and radiofrequencies from the increase in 5.G. technology, many people are looking for solutions, like Qi-Technology. Same with us. Yes, it’s true that we wear personal EMF-protecting pendants, though with the advent of 5.G., we wanted extra protection, and we are so glad that we got it!

Dangers of EMF & Radiation Pollution

We’ve written about the dangers of microwave and EMF radiation before but since publishing that article even more studies have come out. Plus we are seeing the global expansion of 5.G. networks which surround us in a fog of EMF pollution. This means we are going to be facing even more exposure than ever before.

What is 5.G. Technology?

5.G. stands for Fifth Generation wireless network. The goal is to provide faster, more stable, internet for mobile devices which sounds wonderful. After all, we run an online Bible health ministry so good internet lets us reach more people. Good thing, right?

Not for our health. Study after study is showing the dangers of the radio frequencies produced by these towers and the 5.G. systems will blanket us in these RF or EMF emissions. The World Health Organization classified RF as a Group B Possible Human Carcinogen back in 2011. This level includes chemicals like lead, petrol, chloroform, to help put that in perspective.

And we haven’t seen all the long-term studies on the safety of the higher frequency emissions from the 5.G. towers that will be coming out. I’m sure as we begin examining the long-term effects we will see the higher frequencies, at more prolific levels will amplify the negative side effects.


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What are Some Common Side Effects from EMF Radiation?

We highlight some of the common complaints from low-level EMF radiation in this article. They include:

  • Fatigue & Sleep Disorders
  • Headaches
  • Depression or Attention Issues
  • Nausea
  • Changes in Heart Rhythm
  • and many more…

How can we Implement 5.G. Protection?

  1. Join the debate! There is probably a local group in your state fighting to raise awareness.
  2. Minimize exposure – especially for children. We are seeing that children are more vulnerable to this radiation because of their smaller size and thinner bones (the waves penetrate further into their bodies.)
  3. Take simple steps to protect yourself. There are several things you can do to help minimize your exposure to give your body a chance to recover from the near-constant bombardment.

How to Get EMF Protection for Your Home

We are so pleased that we have found some real, practical solutions to protect our home and our children from the increasing levels of radiation around. Not only do we take simple steps like getting rid of our microwave, turning off our wifi network at night, and keeping cell phones out of children’s bedrooms. We also have discovered a protective device that helps protect your entire home from EMF radiation made by Qi-Technologies.

EMFs or Electromagnetic Frequencies produce EMF radiation. And the longer wave lengths used for cell phones and wireless devices (bluetooth included) fall into the microwave, human-made EMF spectrum.

Qi-Technologies has EMF busting devices which will help you create a protected environment in your home, office, or even car. This gives your cells a chance to repair the damage done by the otherwise near-constant bombardment they experience. The accumulation of oxidative stresses add up and create an environment for your body to break down and “suddenly” you are dealing with chronic disease.

In addition to the other steps you can take to minimize your exposure, Qi devices are an extremely tangible, productive way to protect your family.

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Why We Love Qi-Technologies in Our Home

We found that we experienced health improvement as soon as we added the Qi to our home. Bella, our three year old, would often have trouble sleeping through the night. Remember infants are more sensitive to the effects of this electronic pollution! But the first night we placed the Qi device in our home – sleep, sweet sleep!

We also notice what many others have noticed emotionally. More peaceful, calm feelings and less anxiety and irritability throughout the house, especially as we get to the end oft the day.

Many users cite additional benefits as well, including:

  • fewer headaches
  • more stable heart rhythms
  • increased focus and mental clarity
  • less fatigue and exhaustion
  • and more….

The devices are carefully made by real people so you know each and everyone one is precisely calibrated to provide EM radiation busting protection for you and the whole family.

A Web Class About EMF Protection Devices & 5.G. Dangers

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Benefits of Qi-Technologies EMF Protection System

The free electrons that are bombarded and destroyed by radiation pollution around us, is what these Qi devices help to generate. By restoring these electrons to the space around the device, it’s creating a zone that buffer you and your family (pets included) from the damage cause by EMF radiation.

  1. You can use Qi Home Devices without it effecting your cell phone and other devices. (They can both be “on” at the same time.)
  2. They have a Qi Mobile Device that you can take with you in a car or airplane to protect yourself from the higher exposure levels that can come when traveling.
  3. They have different devices available for different needs – Qi Home will protect a 25 foot radius, Qi Shield will protect an entire vehicle, and Qi Mobile is a personal protection device. Whatever your needs, there is a device available for you.
  4. There is zero assembly or installation needed.
  5. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can see for yourself how awesome it is, and a two-year warranty should it need repairs.
  6. Manufacturing is not automated or out-sourced.

The Germany-based company makes all their devices with care using quality materials sourced as locally as possible. Then each Qi device is checked to make sure it does what it was designed to do – protect your home from EMF radiation. Start protecting your family and your home as well.

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