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Does your dog get the blues when you leave him home alone?  This DIY Anxiety Spray for dogs with anxiety is perfect to help them relax while you are out of the house.  Contrary to the myth, essential oils for pets can be powerful healing tools. This essential oil blend works wonders when you take a vacation or are gone for an extended period of time and your dog is left feeling anxious.

How to Help Dogs with Anxiety

Dogs are extremely sensitive to essential oils so you must always dilute well before use or diffuse. Never add essential oils for dog anxiety directly to their skin.

Having said that, our friend Dr. Janet Roark is a veterinarian who has shown us that essential oils can be powerful healing tools for dogs, just like for us. She does give this safety tip though: “I tend to avoid with dogs include Melaleuca, Birch, Camphor, and Wintergreen simply because there are safer, less controversial oils that we can use that are just as effective.

And just like with humans, wise essential oil dilution is appropriate. Generally speaking, the smaller your dog breed, the more you should dilute.

Dogs get anxiety sometimes, just like their people do. Other behavioral issues such as extreme separation anxiety, thunderstorm anxiety, and fear or fear-based aggression can create problems for your furry friend. That’s where this spray can be SO beneficial.

You can create this highly diluted spray for dogs with anxiety to mist on their fur.  It’s also great to spritz on their pet bed, toys or even diffuse in the home while you are gone.

Another option for keeping your dog calm is to add a couple of drops of the anxiety blend to the back of your dog’s collar.  By adding to the back of their collar there is no risk in them being able to lick or consume the essential oils for dog anxiety.

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DIY Anxiety Spray for Dogs by Mama Z
  1. Add the essential oil to the alcohol in and mix it well in your 2 oz bottle. Slowly add the distilled water.
  2. Mist your dog’s back, their toys, their bedding and/or diffuse in the home while you are away.

Anxiety Dog Collar – Add 2 drops of the Frankincense, Lavender and Vetiver blend directly to the back of your dog’s collar.


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