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Welcome to Mama Z’s ever-growing collection of DIY essential oil cleaner recipes! Truth is, she’s a DIY machine and my children and I are indebted to her for helping us live in a toxic-free home. If you’ve following me for a while, you know that I am HUGE advocate for living in healthy clean dwelling places, and using all-natural non-toxic products for home and body.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has evaluated over 10,000 products and have ranked them in an easy-to-understand guide to make sure that people have a resource to keep their families safe. (1) Check it out for yourself. You’ll be surprised that even most “all natural” products aren’t what they seem to be!

Exposure to these toxins cannot be avoided, unless you make your own homemade cleaners!

Mama Z’s DIY Essential Oil Cleaner Database

Any time Mama Z adds a new homemade cleaner recipe to the blog, I will update this database so you can find them all in one place! These recipes will help you avoid toxic cleaning products and give you the confidence of knowing exactly what’s in the products you’re using.

Now Enjoy!

Just click on the images below to be taken directly to the corresponding recipes…

Homemade Tile Cleaner floor cleaner

essential oil cleanser essential oil dusting spray

DIY Glass Cleaner homemade bathroom cleaner

DIY Kitchen Cleaner Homemade Dish Soap

homemade laundry detergent homemade stain remover for clothes

Homemade Shower Cleaner with Oxyboost


Toxic-Free Healthy Home Makeover Tour


DIY Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Looking for a quick and easy DIY hand sanitizer recipe? Make a few bottles of this spray hand sanitizer to carry in a purse, a vehicle, and in a baby's bag.
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