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Spiders tend to have a bad reputation and, for most people, are unwanted guests. The rare few don’t care one way or another, but most will do whatever it takes to get that spider away from them! Unfortunately, these measures often include toxic chemicals. This homemade spider spray recipe is an easy-make solution that you can use all over the house.

It’s safe for the whole family, including babies! It is all-natural and as simple as putting 3 ingredients in a spray bottle!

Table of Contents

  1. An Important Word About Spiders
  2. Homemade Spider Spray Ingredients
  3. Make Homemade Spider Spray 

An Important Word About Spiders

Before we talk about keeping spiders away, let’s think about the fact that these little critters are God’s creation too. Our goal isn’t to kill off all the spiders – just to keep them out of our house! After all, spiders are helpful and a necessary part of the food chain. They eat other insects and are food for birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Spider silk is used in making gun sights, range finders, bombsights, surveying transits and levels, astronomical telescopes, and optical reticules. (1)

You may be thinking, “That’s great, but I still don’t want them in my house!” You’ll be happy to know that the following homemade spider spray recipe will be a big help to you. Here are some other things you can do outside to make your home even more unappealing to spiders:

  • Check around your house and garden to see if you have inadvertently created refuges for bugs  – examples include firewood or another woodpile, stacked flowerpots, unused bricks, a recycle bin that hasn’t been emptied in a while, and other debris. Move those items away from your house.
  • Evaluate your flower beds to find where they are active. Use cedar mulch to repel many types of bugs. Sprinkle cinnamon around the foundation of your house; it is spicy and bitter to spiders and ants.
  • Plant herbs that repel spiders, especially by your doors and windows. Some good herbs that spiders hate include mint, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon verbena, lemongrass, and lemon balm. As you may have guessed, anything “lemon” is a good spider repellant. Bonus: These herbs smell good to humans. Everyone wins!
  • Add a thin layer of diatomaceous earth in areas with a lot of spider and insect activity. Preferably not in a place where you will be walking or working. If you have a raised foundation, try dusting a layer of DE on the ground under your home.
  • Our homemade spider spray aims to hit them with solid scents that they can’t stand. You’ll want to spray it weekly at the start to keep the smell pungent. After they’ve decided that it is more comfortable to live somewhere else, you should be able to spray once or twice a month.
  • Many people only need to keep homemade spider spray on hand during the seasons when spiders are most likely to be on the move. Remember, if you spray it outside in the spring, the rain will wash away the scent, and you’ll need to respray.

If you have trouble with ants or wasps in your garden, check out this recipe for Ant & Wasp Killer.

If you’re looking for a bug spray to use on your family’s skin, this Essential Oil Bug Repellent is the recipe for you! Repel mosquitoes with essential oils in this natural spray blend! And lastly, this Homemade Bug Repellent Floor Cleaner will make your house unattractive to many types of bugs.

Homemade Spider Spray Ingredients

If you’re used to using chemical-laden insect repellants, you might be surprised at the simplicity of this recipe. I promise it works like a charm! You may have some of these ingredients in your cupboard.

Distilled Water: When possible, I recommend using purified or distilled water. Regular tap water has been linked to congenital birth disabilities, obesity, and more. Many fantastic in-home water filtration systems make filtering your water simple!

Grain Alcohol: Alcohol is an important addition to this recipe because it preserves your mixture and helps dissolve the essential oils. You don’t want to skimp in this area because lower grain alcohol doesn’t do the job nearly as well.

Essential Oils: Essential oils as spider repellant…what could be better? Spiders will get ousted while your senses get an aromatherapy experience to remember. Here are a few essential oils that are amazing in our homemade spider spray.

Mix and match to create a scent that you enjoy!

Make Homemade Spider Spray

Homemade Spider Spray
  1. Place the essential oils, water, alcohol, and vinegar (if using) in a glass spray bottle.
  2. Gently shake to mix.
  3. To use, clean any webs or egg sacs left behind by spiders. Spray around windows, doors, crevices, under cabinets, and anywhere else you see insect activity.
Essential oils for spider repellant include peppermint, cedarwood, citronella, lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree.

Step One: Mix All Ingredients

Since this DIY includes essential oils, you’ll want to steer clear of plastic! Place the essential oils, water, alcohol, and vinegar (if using) in a glass spray bottle. Shake gently to mix.

Step Two: Repel Spiders

Before you get to spraying, it’s a wise idea to clear out any signs of spiders. This can include webs and egg sacs. Once your space is clear, spray anywhere spiders like to lurk. Familiar places include door frames, windows, cabinets, and the corners of ceilings. Enjoy your spider-free home!



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