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It can be hard to get rid of nasty odors, whether they’re embedded in the carpet, the kitchen drain, or your kid’s softball cleats! You don’t want to use chemicals, but by golly, those smells have got to go! And deodorizing essential oils come to the rescue!

Let lemon deodorizing essential oils be your super hero. Lemon is an odor killing machine! Pair that with lemongrass essential oil and baking soda and you’ve got an odor-fighting powder that is easy to use, and to clean up.

Using Deodorizing Essential Oils Powder

This essential oil powered recipe is SO useful. You can use it in many ways to fight odor where ever it occurs. It’s perfect for gym bags, musty carpets and more.

Freshen Up Athletic Shoes with Deodorizing Essential Oils

Sprinkle this powder liberally inside your shoes and let sit overnight. Vacuum out the powder the next day. If odors remain, do a second time or put the offending shoes in a ziplock back in the freezer for 24 hours to help kill the bacteria causing the odors.

Lemon Essential Oil Carpet Deodorizer

Did someone spill milk, or did your furry friend have an accident on the carpet or your upholstered furniture? This essential oil carpet deodorizer powder can be safely sprinkled on these surfaces and let to sit for 24 hours or more, then vacuumed up! We’ve rescued a few pieces of furniture this way, and carpets too!

Clean the Sink and Deodorize the Kitchen Drain at the Same Time!

Lemon Essential Oil Odor-Eating Powder

This blend works great as a cleanser to polish the kitchen sink, and when you’re done you wash it all down the drain, deodorizing the drain in the process!

Odor-Eating Powder w/ Deodorizing Essential Oils
  • Glass jar with a shaker top
  1. Combine the ingredients in the jar and shake well to distribute the essential oils evenly.
  2. Sprinkle the powder inside your shoes or on top of stinky athletic gear.
  3. For extra odor protection, apply after a workout or game when you put away your shoes for the night.
  4. Store the mixture in the fridge- it should last for a few weeks, and deodorize your fridge in the meantime!
Alternatively, you can shake some of this blend on your carpet- then vacuum to freshen up the house.


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