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Even the cleanest homes have stubborn odors from time to time. They can be embedded in your carpet, the kitchen drain, and they love your kid’s sports gear. Harsh chemicals are not the solution, but you know these awful smells have got to get packing. This odor-eating powder contains the best deodorizing essential oils to purify carpet and sports gear! It’s non-toxic and smells great!

Lemon essential oil will be your ultimate hero as it’s an odor-killing machine. When paired with an assortment of clean-smelling EOs and baking soda, you have a stellar odor-fighting powder that is easy to use and clean up. This multi-tasker is a must-have for any cleaning caddy.

Dangers in Odor-Erasing Cleaners

Many odor-erasing chemicals contain ingredients you don’t want in your home. Here are a few chemicals to avoid in these types of cleaners.

Synthetic Fragrance

This is by far the most popular ingredient in any odor-eliminating chemical. These scents may mask odors, but they also cause various symptoms. Many people are allergic to synthetic fragrances but don’t realize it. If you’ve ever experienced a headache or allergy-like symptoms after being around a specific cleaner, you might be part of this group. These toxins can be dangerous for people with breathing issues and prompt asthma attacks.

Certain chemicals in fragrance can alter mood and even hormones. (1) Manufacturers can hide many different ingredients under a general “fragrance” label, and chances are, you’re sensitive to at least one. Even if you learn just what component irritates you, you’re still going to have a hard time avoiding it as companies aren’t legally required to disclose what is in their formula. (2)


Acetaldehyde is a human carcinogen found in the most popular odor eliminators. This chemical is found in chemicals and cigarette smoke. Breathing this chemical in can also lead to tumors in the nose and lung issues. (3) Honestly, I have no clue how it would be allowed in people’s homes!

The worst thing about these chemicals is that you’re risking many harmful side effects and not solving the root issue of odor. These chemicals can temporarily mask odors, not eradicate them. If you’re used to only using commercial products, you’re going to love how essential oils purify the air!

Natural Deodorizing Powder Ingredients

I believe that natural living should be sustainable, so I try to create recipes that use ingredients you’d find in your cupboard. This DIY is a perfect example of that! Here’s what you need to make this recipe.

Baking Soda: I love using baking soda in my cleaning recipes. It has exfoliating power and can dissolve tough stains. Baking soda is also an excellent odor eliminator. Maybe you’ve heard of people who keep an open box in their fridge or closet. This is the same concept! Baking soda will literally absorb odors by neutralizing them. On a practical note, baking soda is incredibly cheap.

Essential Oils: Essential oils create a long-lasting, clean scent. The best part of essential oils is they are all-natural. There are no side effects, no ingredients you can’t pronounce (unless you look at the oil’s scientific name!), and no long-term damage. I recommend using our lemon-fresh blend in this recipe, but you can always substitute oils to fit your needs.

This recipe makes one 5 ml bottle of our beloved Lemon Fresh Blend. Some of these EOs might be new to you! I chose a combination of the best lemon essential oils to stop odors once and for all.

  • Lemon Essential Oil: This essential oil has a fresh, clean scent. Lemon EO can help decrease anxiety while it freshens. (4)
  • Lemon Basil Essential Oil: Lemon and basil are such a purifying duo! This blend is created with a mix of basil oil and citrus essence. The result is heavenly!
  • Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil: This fresh scent comes from one tree, not two separate components. Lemon eucalyptus is one of my favorite scents because it leaves everything smelling sparkling clean.
  • Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil: This EO comes from the lemon myrtle tree. It is known primarily for its cleansing properties, but it can promote positive feelings like other citrus oils full of d-limonene.
  • Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil: This powerhouse has antifungal properties. It’s the perfect ingredient to include in an odor-fighting formula. Bonus: It’s also an excellent insect repellent

Best Lemon-Fresh Essential Oil Blend
  • 40 drops: Lemon essential oil
  • 20 drops: Lemon basil essential oil
  • 20 drops: Lemon eucalyptus essential oil
  • 20 drops: Lemon myrtle essential oil
  • 20 drops: Lemon tea tree essential oil
  • Supplies:
  • 5 ml glass bottle
  1. Place all essential oils in a 5 ml bottle and shake gently to blend.

Supplies: To make this recipe, you’ll need a glass jar with a shaker top for storage.
Odor-Eating Powder w/ Deodorizing Essential Oils
  • 20 drops Lemon Fresh Blend
  • ½ cup baking soda
  • Supplies:
  • Glass jar with a shaker top
  1. Combine the ingredients in the jar and shake well to distribute the essential oils evenly.
  2. Sprinkle the powder inside your shoes or on top of stinky athletic gear.
  3. For extra odor protection, apply after a workout or game when you put away your shoes for the night.
  4. Store the mixture in the fridge- it should last for a few weeks, and deodorize your fridge in the meantime!
Alternatively, you can shake some of this blend on your carpet- then vacuum to freshen up the house.

This recipe is so simple; even a child could make it. In fact, this would be an enjoyable chore for little ones.

Step One: Combine the Ingredients

Combine the baking soda and Lemon Fresh essential oil blend in a glass jar with a shaker lid. Shake well to distribute the EO evenly.

Step Two: Store and Use

Store in the same glass jar and use to freshen up shoes, carpets, and more! For a long-lasting formula, keep it in the fridge.

Alternative Deodorizing Essential Oils

In my opinion, our Lemon Fresh Blend is the best at purifying the air. Sometimes, it’s fun to switch things up! There’s an essential oil to fit every mood. Here are some of our favorite blends.



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