When people start eating healthy the common misconception is thinking that they have to give up all sweets - that is no more desserts. Well thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth. Even following the principles of The Essential Oils Diet book, there are still plenty of treats you can enjoy.

Healthy Baked Apple Pancakes

We do ALL kinds of fun and messy stuff at home sometimes. Today we made gluten-free healthy baked apple pancakes that were super delicious!

Brown Rice Pudding

Looking for a healthy dessert option? By using rice & coconut milk instead of dairy milk - this brown rice pudding has a healthy spin.

Homemade Nut Butter Cups

This gluten, dairy and soy free homemade nut butter cups recipe is one of our favorite desserts. Healthy eating doesn't have to be bland.
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All of our desserts recipes are sugar-free. Anyone who’s been watching the news has seen the dangers of sugar. The recipes Mama Z has developed use stevia, honey, fruit, or other natural sweeteners that don’t impact your glucose levels as severely as sugar. They are delicious AND healthy – a complete win/win!

Many traditional desserts also use dairy – a common source of inflammation for many people. That’s why all our Natural Living Family dessert recipes use non-dairy ingredients. Imagine dairy-free ice cream recipes, dairy-free cheesecake, and even dairy-free whipped cream. It’s amazing how decadent these allergy-friendly treats can be.

More than just not-unhealthy, many of our dessert recipes are actually nutritious, incorporating superfoods into the ingredients. For example, our avocado chocolate mousse uses one of my favorite superfoods – avocadoes. Black bean brownies use the powerful cancer-fighting black beans as one of the main ingredients. Delicious AND nutritious – what could be better?

Some of our recipes simply enhance God’s delicious foods like fruit. For a show-stopping centerpiece dessert try the watermelon fruit basket. Bonus points for topping it with a dab of coconut milk whipped cream. Our gluten-free crustless cranberry pie and homemade fruit rolls both use the sweetness of natural fruit as well.

All of our Natural Living Family dessert recipes follow the principles of The Essential Oils Diet book so look for the Fast Track and Essential Lifestyle badges. That means all our recipes will help support you with whatever your dietary needs are. Whether you’re gluten-free, sugar-free, or dairy-free these recipes are for you.

Use these dessert recipes to create healthy meal plans for you and your family. They will help you reach your weight loss, wellness goals, whatever those might be.

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