Are you afraid of flu season? You don’t have to be! For 99% of people, the flu poses no fatal harm, but it can be extremely unpleasant and derail your work or obligations. Unless you are severely immune-compromised, you can boost your immune system naturally and avoid potentially harmful measures.

Today, we’re going to share what steps you can take to boost your immunity to help prevent the flu. We’ll detail strategies you can take every day to keep your body healthy enough to safeguard it against viruses and infections.

That said, sometimes stress or overwhelm can weaken our immunity and we get sick-even our family! We’ll tell you exactly what to do – and what NOT to do –if you do get the flu. And Mama Z shares tips on how she gets our kids through the flu.

Instead of walking into this season with a spirit of fear, join us today and enjoy the fall in good health!

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The contents of this presentation are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This presentation does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


[0:00 – 1:05] Prelude

Dr. Z: Let me give you this as an overall tip. Look at what your kids do. And if you don’t have kids, find some kids. Find some sick kids, and see what they do. Kids are so in tune with their bodies, that what’s the first thing that kids do?

Mama Z: Our kids would be like, “I need the roll-on for immunity.” That’s so cute.

Dr. Z: But not that. Like when the kids are really, really not feeling well, which happens, they sleep, and they sleep, and they sleep. And guess what they don’t do? Eat, like anything. I mean a sick kid, they don’t want to eat. They’re just like, “I just want to rest, lie down.”

Mama Z: And you’re like, “Oh, wow! This is awesome! I’ve never had a child like this that’s so cuddly.”

Dr. Z: Well, now.

Mama Z: Yea, more like, “It’s awesome. We get to actually cuddle for like a couple of hours.” Bella is like the biggest cuddle-bug, especially when she’s not moving.

Dr. Z: I know. She’s really active. We have really active kids.

Mama Z: So, if they slow down, then we know like something is not right.


[1:06 – 1:42] Intro to Prepping for Flu Season

Dr. Z: Hi! This is Dr. Z.

Mama Z: And Mama Z. And welcome to episode 37 of the Natural Living Family podcast.

Dr. Z: Each week we invite you into our home to talk about how you can master the art and science of natural living. And we share the same tips our family uses every day to enjoy an abundant life. And you’re going to love today’s talk.

Mama Z: So, come on in and get comfortable. After all, you’re one of the family, our natural living family.

Dr. Z: But before we dive into all the fun, we’re excited to invite you to a special event.



[1:43 – 3:10] Special Invitation: Hope for Breast Cancer

Mama Z: Within the past few years, we’ve lost Eric’s grandma, as well as my aunt, brother-in-law, and one of my best friends to various forms of cancer.

Dr. Z: All the while, several of our closest friends and family members received that horrifying diagnosis everyone dreads to hear.

Mama Z: So, we’ve decided to partner with our friends at Cancer Tutor to do our part to help you not go through what we’ve experienced.

Dr. Z: For the past eighteen months, Natural Living Family and Cancer Tutor have been busy working on a film project to bring awareness to people that there is truly hope for cancer. We sponsored a stage 2 breast cancer patient to receive non-toxic therapies for one year and have documented her progress along the way.

Mama Z: This story gives a candid look at her journey through integrative cancer treatments. And we want to give you a special access pass to watch the movie before we submit it to film festivals and online streaming services.

Dr. Z: We cordially invite you to a special screening of the global premiere that will air this coming November 6.

Mama Z: Simply go to (that’s h-o-p-e-f-o-r breast cancer, dot com) to reserve your spot today. And you’ll get instant access to some of the behind the scenes footage and some other amazing goodies.

Dr. Z: We believe there is hope for breast cancer. And we invite you on our mission to help stop this epidemic.



[3:11 – 4:44] Diffuser Reveal: Fall Blend 1

Dr. Z: Yay! Hey, everybody! Welcome to flu season.

Mama Z: Officially.

Dr. Z: Achew! Achew! We don’t get the flu around here. But if we do, because we’re humans, sometimes it happens, we only like don’t feel well for maybe a day.

Mama Z: And we don’t even know what it is that is even a threat.

Dr. Z: It might be the flu. It might be something else.

Mama Z: We don’t know.

Dr. Z: We don’t know.

Mama Z: But it doesn’t stick around.

Dr. Z: But we’re blessed. And we want to show you how to start prepping for flu season, because out of all the questions we get, this time of the year, end of September, early October, every one starts to get sick. October through approximately January is the official flu season. God knows what’s going to be in the flu shot this year. Let me talk about that for a minute. But, what’s over here?

Mama Z: Yes. So, a variation of what we’re going to do next time, and that is three drops of orange, two drops of cinnamon, and one drop of clove. So, a different variation of a fall blend we’ll have this time and next time. So, enjoy your fall scents, as we do it naturally and not artificially. And you’ll find that not only does it not give you a headache, but it’s actually very life-giving. And these oils do a lot of things, not just in our body, but also help with blood sugar and uplifting the mood, as well as being an awesome antioxidant.



[4:45 – 7:49] Testimonial Time!

Dr. Z: Awesome. Do you have a cool review for us today?

Mama Z: I do.

Dr. Z: We’ve got some really great reviews lately. Thank you for reading them, by the way.

Mama Z: This is one is “Great podcast,” five stars. Thank you.

Dr. Z: Oh, I love that!

Mama Z: I love listening to Dr. and Mama Z. They are so knowledgeable on natural living, and share in an informative and entertaining way.” This is TBOHRER, via Apple podcast in U. S. So, thank you. And hopefully the entertaining is just our bantering back and forth, and not that you’re laughing at us. I’m just kidding.

Dr. Z: Well, we won’t say.

Mama Z: If you are, I am so glad that we can be a brunt of the joke.

Dr. Z: Today is going to be a very informative talk.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: And next week is very informative, too. But next week we cover something a little bit different, a different approach to health and healing. We’re talking about hope. And this is really all inspired and has been inspired by the documentary that we currently, like as we speak, because this airs September 30, episode 37. Chris and I are just knee deep. We’ve never worked closer together before. Chris, how’s the documentary going?

Chris: Oh, it’s fantastic. We’ve made some really nice additions and adjustments.

Dr. Z: You want to talk? Well, closer. I put the mike closer to you so you can say stuff.

Chris: I don’t know if this is going to pick up or not. But yea, it’s really cool. We’ve had a chance to really go through it with a fine-tooth comb. It was good to begin with. And I think we have made quite a few little adjustments, and just a few little adds that really make it much more personable and make it feel much more now and immediate. So, I’m actually really looking forward to just watching it through without thinking about it technically, just to absorb it myself. It’s going to be great.

Dr. Z: That’s awesome.

Chris: And it’s going to be a huge blessing to a lot of people.

Dr. Z: Hallelujah!

Mama Z: And even though Chris and Dr. Z got to spend time working, I actually got to spend time with my girlfriend, who is Chris’ wife. And we actually had lots of fun. So, even though you guys were working, we were actually having fun.

Dr. Z: I love it. I mean I’m so grateful for Chris, our audio-visual extraordinaire, who is now a documentary producer. Got that on your tip sheet, man. You’re a big deal. I’ve got to get your autograph. He’s laughing.

Mama Z: He’s got to like to add it to his working resume.

Dr. Z: I know.

Mama Z: Because you don’t realize how much you like need a working resume until you need a working resume. Or someone like Dr. Z says, “Yea, where’s your resume so I can show your credentials?” And you forgot to do that for the last five years, because it blew by. And at the pace we’re going, five years blows by actually faster than you think. Can you imagine five years ago? I was only thirty-six. You were younger than that.

Dr. Z: Yea, we barely had three kids.

Mama Z: I know. It’s hard to believe.


[7:50 – 9:01] Hope for Breast Cancer Documentary

Dr. Z: Hey, we’ve got to get started. We’ve got flu season tips.

Mama Z: That was in school.

Dr. Z: But, okay, so, we’re on the verge of October.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And just on a side note, please support this work, this Hope for Breast Cancer documentary. Please check it out. Go to Tune in to it. Watch the behind the scenes sneak peeks that you get instantly once you register. You’re going to fall in love with Angela. And I hope you really are touched; like Chris said, inspired by the film. And keep us in your prayers. This has been a full self-funded documentary film, where we personally sponsored a breast cancer patient to receive non-toxic therapies for one year.

And through just a bizarre, quite frankly, divinely ordained set of circumstances, we decided to film it. And God provided the filming of it in a very unique, awesome way. And we want to do more of this. We want to sponsor more people. We want more partnerships. We want to get deeper and bigger with other non-profits.

And our hope and prayer really is that people not only get hope for cancer, but the solution they’re looking for. And that’s what this is. It’s a general, huge public service announcement.


[9:02 – 15:10] Are You Flu Shot Deficient?

And with that said, the main component to this talk is that this is going to be a lot of Mama Z giving you flu season tips. My main component to this discussion here is that you, me, Chris, Sabrina, our kids, we’re not flu shot deficient. And I want to stress the importance of thinking two, three, four times, praying about it before you get the flu shot this year. And if you’re a nurse or a medical provider, and if they force you to get the flu shot, or if you have to wear the mask, wear the mask.

Every single year, the CDC comes out and says, “Oh, well, we messed up again. Out of the millions and millions of flu strains out there, the one that we chose wasn’t it. But still get your shot, just in case.” And it’s just the most ridiculous, non-scientific approach to health.

And I’m telling you something, unless you’re immune-compromised, which this is for ninety-nine percent of everyone listening, there is that one percent that really need to consider other things. But for ninety-nine percent of people, the flu will never kill you. You’ll get a little sick. You won’t feel good for a couple of days, maybe a day, maybe two weeks if you’re really not well. But it’s not going to kill you.

The only people that are dying are those that are significantly immune deficient, AIDS patients, people that have end-stage cancer. Again, cancer doesn’t kill anyone. It’s the flu that kills people, because your immune system is shot. So, think of it this way. For ninety-nine percent of people right now who are just generally healthy, even if you have heart disease, even if you have liver issues. I’m talking about like significantly immune-deficient. The flu is not going to kill you.

And so, with that said, we walk into this season without fear. We walk into this season thinking about practical ways that we could prevent and treat the flu if it happens. And some years we don’t get hit. Other years, between the six of us at the house, and we have a nanny and a babysitter. Between the eight or nine of us in the house when you consider Chris coming in a couple of times, a few times a month, someone is bound to be sick. But it never, praise God, never knocks us out like it used to. I used to be knocked out for two weeks. And no.

And so, this is the Mama Z show. Let me kind of stage it by, let’s talk about prevention first. And then when you’re sick, what do you do? So, it’s September 30. People are freaking out.

Please, please, by the grace of God, think twice, three, four times before getting your flu shot. And find out, ask them what’s in it. And when I went to the local Kroger to ask them what was in the flu shot, they wouldn’t give me the ingredients. But thankfully, a friend of mine who’s a doctor had a patient who is a nurse who like smuggled out the flu shot box.

And I saw embryonic eggs. I saw Triton X-100, which is a chemical surfactant made by Dow Chemical. I saw thimerosal (mercury). I saw these ingredients. It’s actually on Facebook, by the way. It’s on my Facebook page. This is legit. Make sure you know what the ingredients are. And don’t put mercury in your blood.

Mama Z: Or floor cleaners.

Dr. Z: Don’t put surfactants in your blood.

Mama Z: Embryonic eggs.

Dr. Z: Don’t be putting, yes, chicken eggs and things. Anyway, please think twice about it.

Mama Z: Especially if you have allergies to any of them, or sensitivities, which most people do to all of those.

Dr. Z: Yea.

Mama Z: Then be very careful.

Dr. Z: Every single person I’ve ever met who ever gets a flu shot always feels worse. And they normally get sick afterwards.

Mama Z: Yep. And when I worked for the county government, the few years that I had it, I never had the flu in many, many years. And those two years I got the flu and got it worse. And I’m like, “I’m never doing that again.” And guess what? I didn’t get the flu until Esther was young, and she drank out of somebody’s sippy cup. And the person told me, “I’m very sorry. My daughter had the flu shot last week. I hope she doesn’t get it. She drank out of the sippy cup.”

And sure enough, I don’t know if you remember, but it was probably the last time we actually had the flu. And you had it for six hours. I had it for six hours. And Esther had it for twelve hours. She was 1. And I remember crawling into the bathroom. And I felt like I was going to die. But you and I are both still here today.

Dr. Z: The flu is horrible.

Mama Z: It is.

Dr. Z: I’m going to be blunt. It sucks. The flu sucks. But it’s not going to kill you. There’s no fear.

Mama Z: There’s no fear.

Dr. Z: So, we’ve got to say something, a disclaimer. This is not an anti-vaccine discussion, okay? I do not want hate mail from people. And if we have iTunes and Google callers, please listen to what I’m saying. Don’t shut down my website because I’m talking about the flu shot, because that’s what’s happening right now. This is not a vaccine discussion. This is about the flu. And this is about a disease that’s not life-threatening, and about people getting preventative inoculations that are not proven.

And I’m telling you something. There are a million other natural ways to do it. I’m telling you, I’m not touching anything regarding vaccines. I’m not touching anything. I’m talking primarily about adults and children of all ages that are being forced to, that are being manipulated by fear tactics to get something. So, anyway, I want to get off my soapbox for a minute.

Mama Z: And that was ten years ago. And that was before we created that immune-boosting shot.

Dr. Z: Yea.

Mama Z: So, if we had that, we probably wouldn’t have experienced what we did.

Dr. Z: Yep.

Mama Z: And it doesn’t matter whether we’re preventing illness or whether you are sick, whether it’s with cancer or other things going on in your body, we all need to boost our immune systems naturally. We need to do it regardless of what our circumstances are, to prevent things from happening, or to build up our body so that bad things don’t continually break our bodies down. And it’s very important.

Dr. Z: Yep.



[15:11 – 20:34] Fighting the Flu with an Essential Oil Immunity Blend

Mama Z: So, I know we’ve talked about our immunity blend that you can naturally make. A lot of different companies make immunity blends. But our immunity blend is equal parts of lemon, orange, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, and rosemary. And you can do one drop of each in your diffuser.

Or you can, what we do is we get a bottle, or you can use an old bottle of essential oils, sanitize it, and then put this one to one combo in there, so you already have it premade, ready to go, and you’re able to do a lot of things with it, which we will talk about going further. But that immunity blend is so critical, because you can use it in so many things, from the diffuser to your body products to making your own hand sanitizer, etc., etc.

Dr. Z: And each individual component is powerful. Like clove oil has some of the most potent antioxidant ability of any substance on the planet.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: When you combine all of them, they have a synergistic, wonderful, compounding effect. They even make your body respond more profoundly. So, the thing is that if you can only use each individual oil, or if you only have each individual oil, that’s a great start. But if you can, and all these oils are relatively cheap.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: Like these are not like the frankincense, Melissa, and the rose oils that cost hundreds of bucks a bottle. These are cost effective. So, make sure you get those oils.

Mama Z: Some people do like to add some of those essential oils in with it. So, you can, of course. But these are the components that you use.

Dr. Z: So, what do you do? Because here we are. We’re “flu season.” The kids are going to school. Everyone is coming in and out of the house.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: How do you transform our home? How do you prevent?

Mama Z: And when you look at all of the components of this immunity blend, it all kind of has a fall-ish scent to it as well. And I’ll never forget, Elijah’s teacher now, but it was Isaiah’s teacher and Esther’s teacher, I remember picking up the kids at school. And I had sprayed all of this around the car, and I did this morning and used the last couple of sprays. And they all love it.

But she said, “You know what? Your car just smells different. You should smell some of the cars we smell.”

Dr. Z: In car line?

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: Because you’re spraying them before they get out of the door.

Mama Z: Exactly. And spraying a little bit of the car before they get back in, and then spraying that. So, they all wanted to be sprayed today. And so, I used the last bit of stuff on them.

Dr. Z: Bella is so cute. And Bella’s three. She’s going into 3K.

Mama Z: She closes her eyes.

Dr. Z: Opens her hands.

Mama Z: Opens her hands. And it’s just like it’s so cute.

Dr. Z: It’s like a little miniature water park, I think. It’s like, “Spray me again.”

Mama Z: I know. It’s so cute. Anyway.

Dr. Z: And make it fun. Hey, that’s one thing. Make it fun.

Mama Z: Yea, we make it fun.

Dr. Z: Health doesn’t have to be a chore.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: It’s a family event.

Mama Z: Also, with that in mind, the kids go to the computer lab. And I create their hand sanitizer spray. And the school is really conscious about not using the hand sanitizer spray on our children. But they wanted to make sure that there was something in the computer lab for the Zielinski kids.


So, I made an additional bottle that is just for the computer lab, because other people are touching everything and all of that. Not that we’re afraid of germs, because we want our immune system to be strong. But if you’re going to make a natural hand sanitizer spray, just remember ten, ten, ten. So, ten drops of aloe vera, ten drops of essential oils, ten drops of a grain alcohol.

And you know, for some people, they don’t really have that kind of stuff in their house, so on the fly we’ve even used vanilla extract. Just go, go, go. And then fill the rest up with distilled or purified water, shake it, and you have a hand sanitizer. So, that’s kind of our quickest version of what we do.

But the kids, and this is, I wanted to have a bottle that had said, “natural hand sanitizer,” besides my little printout bottle, so there was something hoity-toity on there. So, I went and picked up a couple of bottles. Well, the kids thought it was like what mommy made. And even though it was very clean, it had other things in it. So, they were spraying it in each other’s mouths and doing all this stuff. Oh my goodness!

Anyway, we ended up dumping out whatever was in there. And it was something pretty clean like Dr. Bronner’s, you know, another one of the companies that makes that. And I’m like it’s just safer if we just make it ourselves anyway.

So, now the computer lab and each one of our kids in their classroom has one of these immunity sprays. And especially this time of year, just think, if you make these things for your kids at school, then if school started for you like us, August 1, about now is when you want to see how the spray is doing. Do we need to refill it? And let your teachers know that when it does get down close to empty, just send it home in their bag and we’ll send it back tomorrow and have it all filled up. Super easy.



[20:35 – 25:52] Are EOs Effective Against Resistant Strains?

Dr. Z: And there’s something important to know. A variation of this immunity blend that we came up with is actually in the medical literature and shown to kill the flu virus.

Mama Z: Mic drop.  

Dr. Z: I mean flu, influenza; medical research. And there’s a lot more research hopefully coming that’s going to substantiate that with other clinical trials. So, this is not hocus pocus stuff. This is about using a natural remedy and natural solution to something that’s in nature.

And the problem that we’re having with a lot of these anti-bacterial products and the flu shots and the drugs and antibiotics that people are taking, and antifungal, because the flu is a virus. The problem is the flu virus is developing resistance. And the flu virus will continue to develop resistance to anything synthetic.

But the wonderful thing about essential oils and natural therapies is bacteria and fungi and viruses do not develop resistance, from what we can tell from the research. So, when people get infected by MRSA, antibiotic-resistant bacteria that’s deadly, guess what works? For a lot of folks, lemongrass and clove and oregano and tea tree. It’s in the literature. It’s researched.

So, what doesn’t work is anything else. And you remember when one of our dear friends came down with MRSA? Nothing worked until they started using our essential oil recommendations. And it was like, “Wow! This stuff is legit.” So, when it comes to the flu, this isn’t just hocus pocus stuff. I mean this is very scientific, and it’s very evidence-based.

I also want to say Biblical. I think it’s faith inspired, because God doesn’t want us to be sick all the time. And we can’t have a good prosperous abundant life if we’re down with the flu. And just realize, though, if your immune system is rocking at a hundred percent, you won’t get sick. I mean you get sick, that’s a sign that there’s a deficiency somewhere.

And that’s why we’re helping you do things ahead of time to make sure that your immune system is functioning, because you don’t have to be afraid going in public. And many people are. People are literally afraid now to go in public. They’re not going shopping at stores. They’re wearing gloves and masks. I can’t believe it, people in the airports and everywhere.

Mama Z: I know. And my aunt always said, “Eat a tablespoon of dirt if you want to increase your immune system.” And I was running at Kennesaw Mountain and some mom came in. And the kids had picked up some rocks and stuff. And she made the kids wash the rocks. And then she made the kids wash their hands before and after. And I’m like we’ve got to at least have some healthy bacteria. We need to make sure that our microbiome is being supported on our skin and that we’re not annihilating everything.

So, one of the other natural approaches that we use is by making this blend we use, in most standard diffusers it’s four to six drops of essential oils to filter your water line and then push on. So, it’s a good option to rotate this particular blend within the cycle of what you do during the day or night, in order to have this going to help build up the immune system. Also, use the same combination in your body oil, with the Mama Z body oil, the Mama Z oil base. You can use that six to eight drops for every one ounce.

And then also, an unscented soap, an unscented organic soap, or the baby unscented Dr. Bronner’s. There’s a variety of different soaps out there for a very easy DIY, which you could always, of course, make your own soap and then add the essential oils to it as well, Again, it’s going to be six to eight drops for every one ounce of your mixture.

Dr. Z: And so, give your house a once-over.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: Your soap dispensers, your lotion dispensers, your diffuser. Your aerosols, throw them away. Give your house a quick once-over and get ready. And all your cleaning products, too. Hopefully, you’ve got whatever.

Mama Z: Our all-purpose does have our immunity blend in it as well. And thankfully we have such a great cleaning team that comes to the house. And they use all of the products that we make. And work with the people. If you’re not the one that’s cleaning the house, work with the people that you have cleaning your house, in order to make sure that it is a combination of something that you want to have within your house.

So, we think left to right. In our bathroom we have our built-in soap dispensers, one on the left and one on the right. So, because we think left to right, I have soap on the left, oil on the right. Do whatever feels natural for you and your household. And if it’s not something one-hundred percent natural, then just label it and call it good.



[25:53 – 27:59] Sleep: Your Immune-Boosting Secret Weapon

Mama Z: So, one of the other things that’s important to keeping your immune system up is your sleep. And I have a few combinations of different sleep oils. I know in talking to people that has been one of the key factors to sleep. And we’ll talk about exercise and how that helps as well. But you really have to make sure that your body has the sleep that it needs. Everybody is a little bit different.

And so, I’m going to just touch on a few of the different sleep blends that we mentioned, not just on our website, but what we use in our products here at the house. Patchouli and cedarwood; lavender and vanilla absolute, one of my favorites; vetiver and Roman chamomile; palmarosa, ylang-ylang, bergamot, lavender, sweet marjoram, Roman chamomile, and valerian; Roman chamomile and rose and palmarosa; lavender, clary sage, ylang-ylang, and vanilla (I think that’s a Dr. Z favorite right there); geranium, sweet marjoram, patchouli, sweet orange.

And so, definitely use the oils that you are using. You can use a lot of these oils by themselves. But come up with different combinations. And find out the combinations that work well for you. And in order to figure that out easily, try some of the combinations, relisten to this, and try them in your diffuser. And if you do really well with them, then maybe it’s a time to make a little blend in an empty bottle of essential oils, so that you incorporate them in some of the other things like your body products.

Give yourself a good foot massage before going to bed, or in your bath, or whatever. Definitely the detox bath, which we’re going to talk about the kids’ protocol of that later; but you can read that easily on our website, to find out the adult bath. And we mentioned it a few podcasts ago as well.


[28:00 – 30:16] Exercise and Immunity

Mama Z: The next factor is exercise. Exercise is so important, especially making sure that you do high intensity interval training, because working your body smarter, not harder, is important. But it’s also going to help improve your sleep. And if you’re doing the things that you need to for your body and working your body out, because your body has a lot of muscles, and you need to work those things in order to properly have them do what they need to do. But they also need that proper release.

And you’ll find if you do work your body out the way that you need to, that your body will require sleep. It will actually improve your sleep. So, use the essential oils that help with sleep, as well as working out your body, and helping release that lactic acid. I know we talked before about magnesium and other things like that that will help your body release the lactic acid.

Soaking in those Epsom salts, all are really good factors to help your body release so that it gets the absolute release of sleep at the end of the day. That’s really going to make you more alert, and you’re going to be more vibrant the next day. But it’s also going to help your body keep its natural immune-boosting strength up as well.

Dr. Z: We cover all of these topics in actual great detail in previous episodes. We just talked about exercise in one episode, just about sleep and rest and recuperation. And the next point is going to be about food. And even in a couple of episodes we covered the most important things in life, right?

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: When it comes to your health, I kind of feel God saying to us, like Peter said, “I’m not going to get tired of reminding you of these things.” You know, the book of Peter talks about “Add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control.” And he goes, “I’m going to keep on reminding you of this stuff until you really get it.” And that’s our mission, that’s our purpose, to reinforce the fundamentals. Because until we get the fundamentals down, like any athlete will tell you, like any musician or artist will tell you, you’re never going to be able to advance.


[30:17 – 34:35] Nutrition and Immune Function – Prepping for flu season

Dr. Z: And so when we cover food, it’s kind of covered in a different spin because we need to realize that every bit of sugar and every bit of negative hurtful food that we eat will actually hurt our immune system. So, even though we talk about food a lot and sleep a lot and exercise a lot, even though we mention this immune-boosting blend and all these blends until we’re blue in the face, have you noticed watching along with us, if you’re watching on YouTube or listening to this podcast through iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play or whatever. Have you caught on to what we’re trying to drop here?

It’s like thirty-some episodes. And it’s consistency. That’s the key. And so, if you spend ten months of your year eating like junk and not being healthy and not getting good sleep and filling your body with chemicals, then like “Oh, it’s flu season. Let me try to be healthy now.” It’s not going to work. And the flu shot can’t prevent that and reverse all the damage done. So, it’s about a holistic lifestyle.

And when it comes to food, the bottom line is this. Realize you have a direct impact on your immune function by what you eat. And the key is sugar. You have to avoid sugar. And nothing can compromise–and this is proven– nothing, nothing can compromise your immune system as immediately, as profoundly, as sugar can. It’s as bad as standing right in front of a giant-size flu virus.

I mean the sugar will actually, and it’s scary to think about. If you drink a Coke, or eat whatever it is, a couple of tablespoons of sugar worth of food; if you have that amount of sugar in a serving, which you do every time you have a dessert, every time you have a soda, every time you whatever; if that happens to you, you’re immune system essentially shuts down for five hours. It takes about five hours of immune function to cleanse your body to the best of its ability of that sugar. That’s scary.

Mama Z: And we’re not just talking about sugar, meaning like you turn over the back of the packet. You’re not reading any of the ingredients. You’re like, “Oh, this has two grams of sugar. This has six grams of sugar. This has fifteen grams of sugar.” No, we’re talking about reading the actual ingredients.

Dr. Z: Yes, exactly.

Mama Z: Because if it’s something that naturally is sweetened by being a fruit, a vegetable, or other things like that, yes, it’s going to have carbohydrates. And that may be sugars, so to speak, good natural sugars. We’re talking about read the actual ingredients on every single package. You’ll get very familiar with those packages.

And guess what? If those companies sell off to bigger companies, you still have to look over those ingredients, because I have seen where natural products have actually changed ingredients. So, it’s always a good practice to look at the back of your packages, every package, as to what you’re eating, if it’s going to be something other than what’s in the natural fruits and vegetables section of your store.

Dr. Z: You’re looking for sugar, cane juice, evaporated cane juice, organic sugar, organic evaporated cane juice, maltodextrin, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, glucose. And there’s a list, but those are the main ones.

Mama Z: There are over a hundred different things that are all sugar. So, when you look at a product and you “like it,” where we’re naturally more addicted to sugar in this culture, look to see if one of those euphemisms that’s in the ingredients is really just “sugar” or processed sugar.

Dr. Z: Yep. So, preventing flu, in summary, is really as simple as doing things that will enhance your immune function, getting good rest, exercising, eating proper food. We’ve talked about this so many times before, avoiding toxins, right? Now is not the time to go on benders and binge alcohol drink. That will crush your immune function, like that kind of stuff, right? Use natural therapies like essential oils, our immunity blend, and other blends, just to enhance your immune function.


[34:36 – 35:35] So You Got the Flu. Now What?

But what do you do when you’re sick? And it’s going to happen sometimes. And you know one thing we didn’t talk about? The underlying suspicion of all of this is why these things are so important is because they help cleanse your body and prevent oxidative stress. But also, that word stress is a big deal. Now is the time to be focusing on stress-relieving techniques.

You could be eating great, exercising, doing essential oils, and sleeping. But if you’re chronically stressed, I mean like something really, really tough is going on at work or at home, that’s going to wear you down, too. So, that in a nutshell, is how do we get to the point where our body is functioning. And stress really is key.

But what do you do when you’re sick? I mean, there’s a lot. And so, it’s going to happen. Eventually stress is going to get the better of you one day. Maybe you slip up on your food. Maybe you don’t exercise for a few weeks a month. Maybe whatever. And what happens when you get sick? We’re going to cover that after the break.



[35:36 – 36:41] Special Invitation: Hope for Breast Cancer

Mama Z: More than half of you listening to this will be affected by cancer at some point in your lives, either personally or through a loved one.

Dr. Z: The first thing that goes through your mind is dread, fear, and a never-ending question, can this be cured?

Mama Z: My dear friend, Angie, went through this exact experience, a wonderful mom and wife. She was the picture of health. And a breast cancer diagnosis in 2017 shocked her to the core. It changed everything for her.

Dr. Z: The “Hope for Breast Cancer” documentary follows her story as she navigates the maze of cancer therapies to uncover some shocking truths about herself, her faith, and about her health.

Mama Z: Visit (that’s h-o-p-e-f-o-r breast cancer dot com) to reserve your seat for the upcoming global premier and to be the first to watch the free viewing when it airs.

Dr. Z: We promise tears, laughter, and most of all, hope.


[36:42 – 42:58] What to Do If You Get the Flu (Hint: Your Kids Know!)

Dr. Z: And we’re back, episode 37, “Prepping for Flu Season.” So, what do you do when you’re sick?

Mama Z: What do you do when you’re sick?

Dr. Z: Well, I’m asking you. This is your show.

Mama Z: Yea, okay. So, the very first thing—

Dr. Z: I pray. I do. I pray.

Mama Z: Yea, you’re usually like, “God, forgive me if I did anything that made me sick.”

Dr. Z: Yea, I do, because I take one-hundred percent responsibility, whenever I’m sick, if it’s my fault. And it’s usually stress. And it’s usually anxiety or worry or fear.

Mama Z: See, for me, it’s usually that I’ve run my body down.

Dr. Z: That’s not good. You need to repent. “Lord, I’m sorry for not being a better steward of my temple. I do.” Like, “Lord, I’m sorry. Heal me.” And He’s like, “I gave you an immune system. It will heal in proper time.”

Mama Z: Well, and we do a good combination of things. The first thing is usually a detox bath.

Dr. Z: Yep.

Mama Z: And we do our immune-boosting shot, or your natural flu shot. And also,

Dr. Z: Speaking of which, stay tuned for the natural living family tip, where I’m going to give you our multi-purpose infection roll-on blend from The Healing Power of Essential Oils. So, for those of you who have the book, it’s page 131, called “the multi-purpose infection-fighting roll-on.” So, you’ll get that at the very end of the show.

Mama Z: I also like to juice and do some ginger in there. And we like to make a vegetable broth. And I’ll usually add a little cayenne pepper to the vegetable broth to help move stuff through my system. And a good broth is as easy as not opening a little carton. It’s as easy as taking and washing some fresh organic vegetables, cutting them up, and putting them in some good purified or distilled water, and like cooking them to get all the nutrients. A good vegetable broth is actually super-healing. And so, we’ll do that a lot as well.

And a couple of times a year we’ll have a good naturally-raised, organic turkey. When we do that, we actually will cook the bones down and make some bone broth. And I make them into large ice cubes and then store them in the freezer as well. So, we’ll make some kind of broth. And I find that’s super helpful.

Dr. Z: You know, let me give you this as an overall tip. Look at what your kids do. And if you don’t have kids, find some kids. Find some sick kids, and see what they do. Kids are so in tune with their bodies, that what’s the first thing that kids do?

Mama Z: Our kids would be like, “I need the roll-on for immunity.” That’s so cute.

Dr. Z: But not that. Like when the kids are really, really not feeling well, which happens, they sleep, and they sleep, and they sleep. And guess what they don’t do? Eat, like anything. I mean a sick kid, they don’t want to eat. They’re just like, “I just want to rest, lie down.”

Mama Z: And we’re like, “Oh, wow! This is awesome! I’ve never had a child like this that’s so cuddly.”

Dr. Z: Well, now.

Mama Z: Yea, more like, “It’s awesome. We get to actually cuddle for like a couple of hours.” Bella is like the biggest cuddle-bug, especially when she’s not moving.

Dr. Z: I know. She’s really active. We have really active kids. So, I

Mama Z: So, if they slow down, then we know like something is not right.

Dr. Z: Yea really. And I take a lesson from the kids. I mean really, look at it. So, what I’m saying is stay hydrated. Don’t eat much, like at all. Definitely don’t eat like heavy stuff. Again, grandma, chicken noodle soup, Mama Z’s vegetable broth. Really stay with hydrating, light liquids, just a lot of liquids.

And you’ll find that with some extra rest; but the thing is, sometimes you’ve got to get going. And I find that especially if you have to work, I’ve been sick, and I’ve had to work. I can’t take a day off. What do you do? Really, really don’t drink coffee. Like as much you might be tired and you need the boost of energy, that will make you feel horrible. Coffee when you’re sick is just yuck.

Mama Z: I’ve never done that.

Dr. Z: Yea. And the body, I’ve found that the body does not respond well at all to caffeine. It’s like the body just needs rest. And it won’t even produce the adrenaline that it normally does, because it’s in repair mode. And I’ve learned just suck it up. God willing, you can take a day off or two from work and just rest and do those normal things.

But practically speaking, the things you don’t want to do, you’re staying away from breads. You’re staying from meats. You’re staying away from dairy, anything that could be phlegm-producing, inflammatory, anything like that, you’re eating. I just love soup. I could just live on various soups.

Mama Z: And Bella usually wants my essential water concentrate in my water bottle, that I have diluted down and has electrolytes in it. She will really desire that. And it’s interesting, because when you said watch the babies, we’ll be at running club, and she’ll get to a point and she won’t want her water bottle. She’ll just want mine, because it has all of those things in it. And it’s like that’s just her natural

Dr. Z: Instinct. One thing you might not be thinking about is go to the chiropractor. It has actually been proven by research. And when I was a chiropractic researcher, I was floored, because I wrote a report on that. Like the research showing how chiropractic adjustments and aligning your nervous system really helps the body fight the flu, boost immune function. It’s pretty profound. So, I would definitely go to the chiropractor.

Mama Z: Oh, yes.


[42:59 – 47:26] Prepping for Flu Season – Doctor Care vs. At-Home Care

Dr. Z: And one thing to consider is unless something becomes really serious, and how do you know if it’s serious? Practically speaking, dehydration, you might throw up, you might vomit, you might have a little bit of diarrhea; but it should be manageable. Like if it gets to the point where you are just losing too many liquids, you might need support. You might need to go to the emergency room. You might need to, but it’s rare.

I just want to stress to you the fact that ninety-nine percent of the cases, you don’t need to go to the doctor for the flu. And when you go, they’re just going to give you an antibiotic, which is completely useless, because it’s a virus, not bacteria. So, that’s a waste of time. And so, for the most part, unless you’re dehydrated…And type up signs of dehydration. Your skin will start changing, color and texture.

Mama Z: Your lips are really dried out. That is a good indication your body needs—

Dr. Z: Vertigo.

Mama Z: You need to start your immune-boosting things, because that’s one of the first signs. And know your body’s signs.

Dr. Z: Yea, I’m trying to talk like when you need to go to the doctor, because most people are rushing to the doctor for the flu. And you’re wasting your time. You should not be going to the doctor for the flu. You should be able to do the things that we’re sharing, because that’s exactly what grandma did, and her grandma, and her grandma’s grandma.

And so, just trying to reinforce the fact that unless it’s life-threatening and serious, you should be able to manage it. You know, monitor your temperature. As long as your temperature is below 104, you should be good to go. Of course, if you have any medical issues, if you’re on drugs for a medical condition, obviously you’ve got to consult your physician, because who knows what will happen. But just be careful. Don’t run to over the counter to get flu medicine, which God knows what’s in that stuff. You know what I mean?

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: It’s so common sense, when you see how easy it is to take care of yourself. And I’m telling you, it brings us back to the 40s and 50s and 1960s and 70s, before medicine trumped wisdom. And they’re like, “Hey, we’ve got the solution for everything.”

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: I just go back. I was raised in the 1980s. This is what mom did. You know, you didn’t go to the doctor.

Mama Z: When you recognize the signs of your body, that your body is starting to be compromised, then start those things early.

Dr. Z: Yep.

Mama Z: That way, like our family, we really don’t usually see it past that point. And that’s ideal, because, you know we’re going to come across stuff in the air, where we’re at, our environment. We go in a lot of places with other people that are sharing all of those things. And we want our immune systems to be strong enough to handle those things. But we have to recognize that we might have threats that might be too much for our body. And when you get on the other side of it, if you’ve handled a lot of those things naturally, to allow your body to overcome them, then you’re going to strengthen your immune system, as well.

Dr. Z: Yep. So, do what you need to do. It’s called palliative care. Do what you need to do to take care, to rest, to sleep, to soothe achy muscles. For me, for example, whenever I get the flu or anything like that, I get really achy. I get really, really achy all over my body. And it’s like that’s usually the worst thing for me. And, you know, just sometimes you’ve got to grin and bear it, and realize that it’s going to pass.

And take some extra time. Again, hopefully you can take a day off. I would encourage you to take some time. And that’s when you listen to some very soft, sweet, ambient Christian music, if you have some worship music. Or listen to the Bible on CD. I usually take it as a time, like you know what? My body is here. Even if I fall asleep, I’m going to get the Word of God through osmosis. So, I love that. I really do.

And also, I want to encourage you. This is something practical that we often times forget. But get sickness as a sign that your body is trying to tell you to stop. And that’s like you, what you said. It’s usually when you run yourself into the ground. And then you’ll sleep for a couple of days straight. It’s like your body is saying, “Stop, stop, calm down.”

Like see it also as not a bad thing. See, especially the flu, as something, and colds and little sinus issues, as the red light saying, like your car dash, something is wrong with your engine. This is a sign that something is not working well in your life. And often times if you really pray about it and have an open heart, God will share with you something. Like you know what? You’ve really got to nip this in the bud. Like you’ve really got to focus on this. You’ve really got to focus on that.


[47:27 – 51:53] Prepping for Flu Season – Essential Oils to Use During Flu Season

Mama Z: And, of course, don’t forget to use your essential oils. Some of my favorites during times of sickness are orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and a lot of the menthol essential oils. And I like to mix them with some of the citrus. What about you?

Dr. Z: Yea. It all depends on what it is. Oftentimes because I’m achy, I will be using wintergreen or spearmint or copaiba or frankincense or anything that could help with aches and pains. Marjoram is great for that, and basil. Make it like a topical application. I just like diffusing, especially depending on what it is.

You know, that’s the nice thing about what we offer on our website and also the book, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, blends for all kinds of different things. So, if it’s nausea you’re dealing with, or headaches, or maybe you’re just kind of down in the dumps. You just want to perk your mood up. I mean there are little strategies for all of that little stuff, which is fund.

But one thing we always do, we mentioned this, I think, last week or two weeks ago, my flu shot. And we came up with my immune-boosting shot in response to coming down with pneumonia. I mean antibiotics didn’t work. And real quick, we put this everywhere, because it really, really works.

And I’ll never forget Ken, our handyman, who was doing a lot of work on the house. He got sick. And they were here for what, three months, doing work on the home?

Mama Z: Yea, he and Mr. Mike. And now, Mr. Mike will even ask. He’s like, “Do you have some of that stuff you make up?”

Dr. Z: That was when Ken wasn’t feeling good. And Ken is like, “Hey, I’m just not feeling good.” You know, they were trying to get the job done.

Mama Z: Well, he asked for prayer. And then you were like, “And how about you have some of this?” And you kind of looked at it.

Dr. Z: That was wonderful. You know, at the time, he wasn’t a Christian. He asked for some prayer. And he was at the house. And we were still, because we had so much to do on the home, a lot of renovations, it took us a couple of months to move in. And he got sick. I gave him the immune shot, the immune-boosting shot.

And he came back the next day. He goes, “Uh, let me ask you something about what you gave me.” I’m like, “Oh man. Am I going to get sued? What did I do?” And he’s like, “Last night, I was just sweaty.” He goes, “I sweat through my sheets twice and like three pairs of clothes. And I don’t know what it was. But I woke up this morning, and I feel great. Was that normal? Like, what happened to me?”

And I’m like, “Brother, your body just cleansed itself. You just did some detox. Amen!” He goes, “I just felt so hot.” I go, “Yea, there’s a little bit of cinnamon and clove. They’re warming oils.” But, you know, again, our immune-boosting blend.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: So, the flu shot is, you go on Amazon. Type up lipospheric vitamin C. Get a packet of lipospheric vitamin C. And you get, I don’t know off the top of my head. I just use a little bit of coconut oil, a teaspoon of coconut oil, half a teaspoonful of Himalayan Pink Salt, a little bit of pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon. You mix it all together with like a teaspoon of honey. I like raw manuka honey, which is super healing. And the kids love it. Like the kids think that’s candy. I always think about Mary Poppins and the song.

Mama Z: And Bella calls it butter.

Dr. Z: Well, no, with butter.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: Yea. Oh, that’s the other thing. Okay, so, like the song, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” What I’ve done is to basically stretch it and also to give the kids a little more oomph to it, a little more, I guess, I don’t know, substance, I’ll add some almond butter to it.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: And so, now Bella calls it butter. She’s like, “I want butter.” I’m like, “Okay, cool.”

Mama Z: And then I’ll give her some butter, and she’ll be like, “Daddy butter?”

Dr. Z: She likes that.

Mama Z: She’s like she wants daddy’s butter.

Dr. Z: It’s just a drop or two of essential oil. So, that’s it. Like, I’ll tell you, when I get sick, I’ll have that three to four times a day, and then maybe even double the recipe for two days. And I’m just overloading my body with . . . And again, cumulatively, you’re only having like four or five, maybe six drops of essential oil in the entire day if you break it up in five different doses, which is well within your daily limits of stuff. It’s not a lot. So, people don’t need to worry about overdosing on essential oils.

But you know what the cool thing is, though? All these different things that we do, one thing for people who have kids, what do you do for kids? Because the flu can get messy, diarrhea, vomiting, yuck.


[51:54 – 58:14] The Power of a Detox Bath

Mama Z: So, even with adults, I always like to start with the detox bath. And we’ve given that recipe before. But for kids, of course, this is on our website. But you have to look deeper to find the kids one. For kids, we’ll do a half a cup of Epsom Salts in the bath. And then we’ll do a half-tablespoon of carrier oil, with one drop of lemon and three to four drops of lavender.

Dr. Z: Not coconut oil, because it will plug your pipes. Not a carrier oil.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: No.

Mama Z: So, we use like jojoba is my favorite, really. Fractionated coconut oil, you can use that, and an eighth of a cup of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.

And so then, I put everything but the oil and oils in first. And then I take that in my hand, the essential oils and the carrier oil. And then I run it through the bath. And, you know, soaking the kids really, really helps. For adults, it’s thirty to forty-five minutes. I wait to try to see if I can get our older kids in there for about thirty minutes.

And I make it fun. I’ll put their little iPad on the toilet and have it playing for them, because that’s about the only way you can get them to stay in the bath long term unless you dump all the toys that you want. But if they’re not feeling good, they’re not really wanting to play with the toys. But they’ll watch a movie.

So, I’ll soak them. I’ll put essential oils in my Mama Z’s oil base on their body. And then I’ll dry out the tub. Then I’ll put the comforter in the tub. And I actually will roll up the comforter at the one end, so it gives them like a pillow. And so, once they’re done bathing, I want them to kind of hang out there. I figure two things. They’re real close to the toilet in case they’ve got to go out of any end.

Dr. Z: Damage control.

Mama Z: Damage control. It’s a lot easier to hose her down in the tub than it is any other spot. And we’ve done it. So, the other thing is that if it’s pretty contained like that, then make them just kind of hang out and rest and just watch movies on their iPad. And then I can go and give them some more essential oil body rub. I have the diffuser going.

And it’s nice, because in our Jack and Jill bathroom, we have the doors wide open and fans and all of that kind of stuff, so it keeps a really good air flow. And it works out really good, because it really helps them shed whatever is going on quickly. And if they’re not feeling good for a couple of days, I’ll let them kind of stay in there. And I’ve found that they actually like it so much that they’ll get a bump on their elbow and they’re like, “Oh, I think I’ve got to stay in the tub.”

Dr. Z: Yea, they love it. It’s like camping.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: They’re just hanging out. They have the bucket next to them. They like to get the bucket.

Mama Z: Yea, the red bucket.

Dr. Z: And really it’s kind of cute. They get the bucket. They go in the bathroom, and they’re like, “I need to go in the tub.” They just want to be on their iPad.

Mama Z: So, one time I took Elijah up to the chiropractor. You know, he wasn’t feeling good. He had been in the tub. And I told him, “Whatever you do, do not let the red bucket go.” So, he had fallen asleep. And he was like his legs were around it and his arms were around it on his way up to the chiropractor. He fell asleep. And I went to wake him and get him out. And he would not let go of the red bucket. He wasn’t quite awake yet. But he got it. You become one with the bucket if you’re not feeling a hundred percent.

Dr. Z: All you need. We’ve had it. All you need is a couple of accidents and you learn to be quick with the bucket.

Mama Z: Yes, yes. We have one on the upstairs floor and one on the main floor.

Dr. Z: Yes. We’re not giving them favorite foods.

Mama Z: No.

Dr. Z: We’re not giving them, again, a lot of the stuff that we know like could hurt them or cause any kind of inflammation or mucus, or any treats or anything. They’re doing a lot of liquids.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: And they could be crying until they’re blue in their face. And we’ll stop them. Like, “No, this is not going to happen.”

Mama Z: Well, we learned our lesson by putting them on the couch. And if we have one offender, we’re going to be really skeptical of the other kids until we kind of make it to a point where they could potentially come down with something. And we just kind of go through that same protocol. And it works. And they will ask for certain things that they know that we do, whether it’s oils, or whether it’s the flu shot or butter, whether it’s having a detox bath or going into the tub to rest, or whatever. And they realize kind of your protocol. So, when you find a system that works well, then work that system.

It’s the same thing every time. It might be different oils. We might need different things. But I find that it’s really, really helpful. And they know what to expect. And they kind of know what to ask before we even do it.

Dr. Z: Yep, yep. And just look for some really nice, easily-digested type of foods our pre-digested foods, anything in a blender, making a smoothie. You could type up chocolate avocado mousse on our website. That’s wonderful, getting some avocadoes and putting them in the food processor blender. You can add a little bit of beets in it. You can add some fruits to it, like banana. You don’t have to sweeten it at all. Just a little bit of stevia, or just keep it unsweetened, like mango or pineapple sweeten it. Like that’s really smooth. It tastes like a treat. But at the end of the day, you’re giving the children and yourself a lot of nutrition in that. And it’s super easy to digest.

I mean just little things. And then you get out when you’re feeling sick from feeling better, and now you’re feeling better, and these are like, oh, you crave healthy foods. You’re craving some good stuff. But just little tricks of the trade, things that we have learned.


[58:15 – 1:01:29] Handling “Flu Panic” through the Holiday Season – Prepping for Flu Season

Dr. Z: And we just want to kind of put a pause on the flu panic, because we know what’s happening. We know what the media is saying right now. And people are going nuts about the flu, and we don’t need to. We really don’t need to. There is no flu outbreak. There is no global crisis right now. This is something that people have been dealing with for thousands and thousands of years. And ultimately, it’s in the palm of our hand, and we can do a great job warding it off.

So, we just speak abundant blessing over you all. And we pray that you’ll have a flu-free flu season, and that your fall will be filled with health and just wonderful wellness. And you know what? Let’s get ready for a wonderful holiday season. Like I look forward to when we do our prepping for the holidays, because that’s always a favorite class that we teach to our natural living family. And we’ve never done a podcast on that.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: So, I really look forward to a couple of weeks, this November and December, after we launch and premier the Hope for Breast Cancer documentary. I look forward to doing some Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s stuff. And that’s really what this is about.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: Fall is the beginning of a new season. It’s the beginning of . . . I really love fall for a lot of different reasons. And I don’t want people to be afraid of fall, which they really are, some people, because of the flu. Forget it! Don’t be afraid of the flu. The flu should be afraid of you.

Mama Z: That’s right. And then, we go into talking about some of these other classes that just give you some of the practical application pieces, beyond what we’ve given you today, to kind of gear your holidays and stuff like that. Because ultimately, that’s when people end up getting sick, after the holidays. Their bodies are run down on bad food and all of that stuff. But that doesn’t have to be the case. So, we’re going to arm you there, too.

Dr. Z: And it’s probably no coincidence that so many people get the flu right after Halloween, after doping themselves up with all that sugar junk.

Mama Z: I know it. And at Thanksgiving, and then you’ve got

Dr. Z: There’s a reason. It’s like there is a reason.

Mama Z: And you’ve got Christmas. So, we’ll keep an eye on it.

Dr. Z: We’re going to do this, y’all. We’re going to have a great, wonderful fall season. Enjoy the changing of the colors. Enjoy just God saying, “You know what? Now is a nice time, especially if you live in an area where you have fall.” Now is great time to just settle in, a great time to look at.

I just don’t know what to say. It’s not death. But things just slow down. You know, I don’t look at it as death. I look at it as things becoming dormant. Things are becoming, things are not vibrant like they were in summer and spring. Things aren’t growing so quickly. It’s a nice season just to scale back and get ready.

Refocus on what’s really important. And maybe you might need to listen to the podcast episodes a couple of weeks ago, where we talked about the three most important things. Like that’s kind of what fall is. It helps me refocus, because you’re not spending as much time outside if not’s so warm. And there’s more family time, more Yahtzee and monopoly.

Mama Z: In other climates, fall means snow already.

Dr. Z: Yea, we’re going to talk about that.

Mama Z: But that’s the truth. So, yea. And to wrap up today’s show, we have a natural living tip for you.


[1:01:30 – 1:02:24] Natural Living Tip: Multipurpose Infection-Fighting Roll-On

Dr. Z: Well, this is straight from The Healing Power of Essential Oils, page 131. This is our multipurpose infection-fighting roll-on. You get two drops of lemongrass essential oil, two drops of sweet or wild orange, two drops of oregano, two drops of tea tree, two drops of thyme.

And then what you do is you put all of those in a ten-milliliter glass bottle and fill that puppy up with fractionated coconut oil. And if you find yourself with a weakened immune system and you come down with infection, whether it’s bacterial, fungal, or viral, try this multipurpose roll-on. And you apply and add to that twice a day while battling an infection.

And here’s a good note. Do not use for more than three weeks at a time. You discontinue use immediately if you experience any adverse reactions. And be careful. Don’t use on an open wound, because you have to be very careful. These are super, super strong essential oils.


[1:02:25 – 1:03:00] Special Invitation: Hope for Breast Cancer

Mama Z: Don’t forget the free screening of The Hope for Breast Cancer documentary starts November 6.

Dr. Z: Simply go to That’s h-o-p-e-f-o-r breast cancer dot com. And you’ll get instant access to some behind the scenes footage and some other sweet goodies while you wait for the film to premier.

Mama Z: And please, share this with a friend. The information and hope shared in this film could be a world of difference for someone in need. God bless!


[1:03:01 – end] Episode WrapUp

Dr. Z: All right. Hopefully you enjoyed this flu season tips podcast. Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoyed the show. And as a reminder, you can find all of the Natural Living Family podcasts, episodes, show notes, and transcripts on

And while on our website, don’t forget to sign up for our weekly podcast newsletter, which includes a personal invite to join Mama Z and me one on one, with more than five-thousand natural living lovers just like you. And don’t forget, please subscribe to our podcast and leave a review. We love hearing what you have to say about our show. Well, as always, this is Dr. Z.

Mama Z: And Mama Z.

Dr. Z: And our hope and prayer are that you and your family truly experience the abundant life. God bless!

Mama Z: Bye, bye!

Natural Living Family Podcast Episode Thirty-Seven Highlights

  • Topic intro and what’s in our diffuser (3:11)
  • Testimonial time (4:45)
  • Hope for Breast Cancer Documentary (7:50)
  • Getting ready for flu season (9:02)
  • Fighting the flu with an essential oil immunity blend(15:11)
  • Are essential oils effective against resistant strains? (20:35)
  • Sleep: your immune-boosting secret weapon (25:53)
  • Exercise and immunity to survive flu season (28:00)
  • Nutrition and immune function (30:17)
  • So you got the flu. Now what? (34:36)
  • What to do if you get the flu (hint: your kids know!) (36:42)
  • Doctor care vs. at-home care (42:59)
  • Essential oils to use during flu season (47:27)
  • The power of a detox bath (51:54)
  • Handling “flu panic” through the holiday season (58:15)
  • Natural living tip and episode wrap (1:01:30)

Favorite Quotes from Episode 37 – Prepping for Flu Season

“We’re not afraid of germs because we want our immune systems to be strong.”– Mama Z

“My aunt always said, ‘Eat a tablespoon of dirt if you want to increase your immune system’.” – Mama Z

“If you work out the way your body needs, you will improve your sleep.” – Mama Z

“Preventing the flu is as simple as doing things that will enhance your immune function: getting good rest, exercising, eating proper food, avoiding toxins, etc.” – Dr. Z

“Take sickness as a sign that your body is trying to tell you to stop and slow down.”– Dr. Z

People and Resources Mentioned in Episode 37 

Prepping for Flu Season - Podcast Episode 037


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