Today’s show is all about detoxing your home and your life…starting with your heart. #DetoxHomeAndHeart

Many Christians embrace Western medicine but question if natural remedies are in-line with Biblical living. What’s the truth? We discuss how we live a natural life God’s way. We talk about educating people on this topic to clear up the confusion. We also discuss how Mama Z’s participation in beauty pageants helps her achieve a well-balanced life.

After sharing some exciting announcements, we’ll get into detox in depth. Sin is a toxin and that one of the most important ways to detox your life is to get right with the Lord. He can direct your steps to a clean and healthy mind, body and soul! We will share what you can do RIGHT NOW to change this. 🙂

So now, where do you begin? We’ll take the confusion out with some practical, easy steps to detox your kitchen and pantry. We’ll also discuss the question of whether or not plastic is safe to use and what we do in our home.

And you don’t want to miss today’s natural living tip – an easy recipe for safehand sanitizer! Join us today to get started detoxing your home.

Listen to Natural Living Family Podcast Episode 25 – Detoxing Your Home Kitchen and Pantry

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Natural Living Family Podcast, Episode 25 Transcript: Detoxing Your Home Part One – Kitchen, Pantry and Emotions

The contents of this presentation are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This presentation does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

[0:00 – 1:00] Prelude

Mama Z: So, the other tip is my secret love affair. Except it’s not that secret, because you knew exactly what it was. And he said, “The label-maker.”

Dr. Z: If there is any threat to our marriage, it’s the label-maker.     

Mama Z: It’s the label-maker.

Dr. Z: You love that label-maker.

Mama Z: So, we have three label-makers. We have one downstairs.

Dr. Z: A backup to the backup.

Mama Z: And so, yea, everybody laughs because at the pageant, I always have a backup. And then I always have a backup to the backup. And my trainer was actually funny. She needed to borrow a dress. And I was like, “Wait, I have a backup to the backup.” So, see that’s why you always have that, because then if you have a backup, or a backup to the backup, then you won’t need them, because you’re all set.

Dr. Z: But why do you get mad at me when I buy three of the same things at the store? It’s the same concept.

Mama Z: No, you bought eighteen shirts because you liked the style of the shirt.

Dr. Z: No, it’s a different color, though. And it’s not eighteen.

Mama Z: Zielinski, seriously.

Dr. Z: Yea, I finally find a shirt that fits me good.

Mama Z: Eighteen, eighteen.


[1:05 – 1:43] Introducing Detoxing Your Home

Dr. Z: Hey there! Dr. Z here.

Mama Z: And Mama Z. And welcome to the Natural Living Family podcast. This is episode 25.

Dr. Z: Each week we invite you into our home to talk about how you can master the art and science of natural living. And you’re going to love today’s topic. Were going to be giving our very same tips that we use each and every day to detox our home and our life.

Mama Z: Awesome! So, come on in and get comfortable. After all, you’re one of the family, our natural living family.

Dr. Z: But before we dive into all the fun today, we’re excited to share a special note about today’s sponsor.


[1:44 – 2:05] Sponsor Spotlight: Thrive Market 

Mama Z: As a special gift to our Natural Living Family podcast listeners, Thrive Market is giving you twenty-five percent off your first order.

Dr. Z: Plus a free thirty-day trial. Simply go to to find the special link so you could redeem this deal on the show notes from today’s episode.


[2:06 – 3:25] Diffuser Reveal: Anti-Anxiety Summertime Blend

Dr. Z: Hey there, everybody. Welcome to the show today.

Mama Z: Absolutely.

Dr. Z: All about detox.

Mama Z: Yes!

Dr. Z: Detox your home, detox your life. This is part one. And we’re going to focus on kitchen and pantry. And if Mama Z gives me enough time, I’ll cover emotional detox.

Mama Z: Well, but before that, I have to definitely talk about some of our reviews.

Dr. Z: But what about the diffuser?

Mama Z: So, is this a diffuser do-over? Last time we had the diffuser going, and it stopped.

Dr. Z: Yea, I think I pressed the wrong button, because the diffuser stopped. So, we had the same blend as last week.

Mama Z: We do.

Dr. Z: Which was five minutes ago, because we just finished filming. But what is the blend for those people who don’t know?

Mama Z: If you haven’t had a chance to try this, you really need to. It’s lime, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and tangerine. Or you could use orange. But it’s fabulous.

Dr. Z: Yep!

Mama Z: It’s very summery. It’s happy. It’s anti-anxiety. It’s all of those good things. So, just enjoy it in your diffuser, equal parts of all of those things.

Dr. Z: Awesome! What else you got?


[3:25 – 6:44] Testimony Time!

Mama Z: So, I never get to read the stars. Plus, there are five stars here on this one. And the title is “Exciting!”

Dr. Z: Read the stars? What do you mean? What are they?

Mama Z: All of our reviews.   

Dr. Z: The reviews, okay.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: I was like, how do you read the stars? That’s why you don’t read them, because you don’t know what they are.

Mama Z: Well, I like the stars. Okay? I like the stars.

Dr. Z: So, what are you reading right now? These are people that write reviews.

Mama Z: This review, Apple podcasts from the United States of America, MarcyS64.

Dr. Z: Thanks, Marcy! How many stars?

Mama Z: Thank you for the five stars.

Dr. Z: Five stars? Aww.

Mama Z: Yes! She said, “Love this. You guys are making natural living so exciting. Calm down, Eric. People will gladly listen more than one hour. Let Mama Z talk. I love you!”

Dr. Z: Hah, hah, hah! All right. So, we hired a podcast production agency when we first started, because I was kind of clueless. It really is. It’s a little overwhelming. There is stuff you’ve got to do. That’s why we actually hired Chris. Chris, are you there?

Chris: Yessir!

Dr. Z: You heard Chris. He’s our audio extraordinaire. He actually does video awesomely as well. So, we record this on video. We put it up on YouTube and Facebook. We had no idea what we were doing. And so, I hired a company to help, because there’s like hosting, and how to get this podcast up on iTunes, and how to get it up on Google Play, and all this stuff. It’s like, oh, what do you do?

And you want people to find us, right? And so, the guy told us, “Hey, you really don’t want to go over sixty minutes. Like that is the max. The turkey is done. Take it out of the oven. People just don’t want it.” And so, we have a timer.

Mama Z: And we always break it.

Dr. Z: Last week, we did good. Last week, we were at like 61 and a half minutes; but anyway.

Mama Z: I don’t know if I ever really look at the timer until it’s all over, really.

Dr. Z: I know.

Mama Z: It was a really good idea to have a timer.

Dr. Z: It is; it’s nice.

Mama Z: In theory it was great.

Dr. Z: 6:57.

Mama Z: And you know, our handyman extraordinaire, Mr. Mike, he did a great job putting that timer thing up there.

Dr. Z: Yea. Because we do this in our home studio basement. We do actually a lot of video.

Mama Z: And until the last time when we lost power, it actually kept time, too.   

Dr. Z: We have to reset the timer. So, that’s the context for MarcyS64. We love you, Marcy. Thanks for the review.

Mama Z: Hey, let’s do one more, from Canada.

Dr. Z: Yea, a couple of more. What’s this one, Canada?

Mama Z: Okay, this one is “Natural Living Family,” five stars.

Dr. Z: I read that one last week.

Mama Z: You read this one last week?

Dr. Z: Yea, go down to “Real,” that one.

Mama Z: Okay, “Real.” Five stars again.

Dr. Z: Five stars! Thank you!

Mama Z: This is Kathy. And Kathy says, “You guys are real, loving, truthful, and dedicated. Thank you for all your sharing of all your knowledge with oils, health, and just living in the real world. I’m so glad it’s all biblically based. I can finally relate. I never would have gotten into oils if I didn’t know it was okay to be a Christian and do oils. God is so good all the time. God bless you guys. Here’s to learning! -Kathy.”


[6:45 – 11:21] The Truth Revealed: Natural Remedies, Pharmaceuticals, and Christianity

Dr. Z: You know, that reminds when we were on Christian Broadcasting Network last year, when Laurie Johnson, the health reporter, came to the house.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: And she did her little segment on us, which was really cool. They put the segment up on The 700 Club. It was one of their commercials.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: Lord God, help us. Y’all, Christians can be some of the most close-minded, bigoted, ignorant people on the planet with self-righteous indignation, especially like with the purity movement. People were like lambasting Pat Robertson and CBN for hosting essential oils because they are “devil oils.” “How dare you put up this New Age devil oil stuff,” blah, blah, blah! I mean, like the comments on CBN, the comments on The 700 Club Facebook, I couldn’t get over it. I was appalled. I was shocked. Yet it reminded me and reinforced why we do what we do.

Mama Z: Yea, it’s all about education.

Dr. Z: Period. It’s ignorance, and ignorance based out of fear.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: And somehow…This is a kind of a good segue into our topic today, “Detoxing Your Home and Your Life.” Somehow in the faith of Christianity, the church has accepted medicine as being godly, as being accepted. So, you could go to the medical doctor to get a pharmaceutical intervention, which if you kind of look at the Greek word, pharmakeia, you’re looking at kind of witchcraft back in old times. It makes you wonder what exactly are we doing here? That’s a whole other topic, by the way. The church is okay with that. But you start introducing things that are “natural,” especially from the East, and it’s Devil.

Mama Z: Well, when you said it, I was going to say, I haven’t gone into a lot of churches. I have gone into some that have changed their ways, but they didn’t have non-natural air fresheners and hand sanitizers everywhere. And that’s why I’m so proud of our church back home, because they’ve got diffusers everywhere, and they’ve got healthy hand sanitizers. And they are cutting edge as far as really adapting over to a natural, more healthy lifestyle.

And if we’re not all changing, it goes back even to the question that I got on stage about growing. We should be constantly evolving and growing until the day that we die. And that’s beautiful, because everything has its time and its season. And we all know need to be growing, especially in our natural living journey.

You know, when I was in business college, I’ll never forget, they said that the words of a dying business are: “That’s the way we’ve always done it, so that’s the way we’re always going to do it.” And at the time, I actually had worked for the county government. And I remember questioning just certain methods and stuff like that. And that was one of the responses I had received. And so, it was cool, because I watched leadership change and other things change and them being open to new ideas and thinking how cool that was, because we had talked about that. But we have to think about it in terms of ourselves, too.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Mama Z: And if we’re not growing and changing, if we’re going to always do it that same way…And it’s okay to have systems and things that are in place, but also to be able to mold and adapt as we grow and change.

Dr. Z: So, Kathy, thank you so much for pointing that out. And we praise God with you that through our work and other people’s work, educating the world, letting Christians know that using essential oils is fine. Eating a good diet is good. Just because “New Age” people might do some of the same things.

You know, stretching isn’t bad, but how do you manage yoga? Like we actually help people do that kind of stuff, because there is a definite spiritual endeavor that people go through when they do certain things. And we want to let people know that if you do things in Christ, and if you honor God, honor your body as the temple as the Holy Spirit, He will really direct your path.


[11:22 – 15:29] (Re)Defining Our Perspectives

Dr. Z: And so, we’ve gotten some slack. And we’re going to talk more about that, actually. We’ve got to talk about that, because last week was all about, we kind of wrapped up this little mini-segment about kids, raising healthy kids that love natural living. But the first part, the big part of the show was about your pageant and you winning Mrs. Georgia. We’ve gotten some slack from the purity people in the church. Like “How dare Mama Z wear a bathing suit in public.” Like what are you going to do when you go swimming?

I’ve got to say, your evening gown was extremely tasteful. It was beautiful. It was gorgeous. It was not smutty. It was not revealing. You have a beautiful figure. And your dress was a contour of your hourglass figure. And it was gorgeous. And again, y’all, you could see the videos on the website, Facebook, You Tube. We’ve got a lot of stuff out there. And I’ll just tell you flat out, y’all.

Mama Z: See, I actually don’t read the negative stuff.

Dr. Z: Yea, I help monitor that stuff. And you know what I do? I ban people. Like I don’t just delete comments. I want to create a positive environment.

Mama Z: A positive environment.

Dr. Z: A positive environment that’s very encouraging for people that follow us. And if someone is going to come out and just be ugly, you’re gone. Like you get a zero warning when it comes to that kind of stuff. We don’t need that.

Mama Z: Last year, I do remember somebody commenting, and it was probably long before you had gotten in there to delete people.   

Dr. Z: They’re like, “Why can’t I see your stuff?” Because I banned you, because you were being mean. We don’t want meanness.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: I forgive you. I love you, but uh, uh, gone.

Mama Z: See, I’m all about education. And one thing that our employees reached out to me privately afterwards was like, “I’m so glad that you educated people about why the pageant, why doing this.” There are some pageants out there that have exercise gear.

But when it comes to physical fitness and swimsuit competition, you really can’t hide anything. And you can hide stuff in exercise pants. And I think it’s really important, because it is very traditional in that way. And that’s one thing I’ve always admired about the pageant, is it really makes you focus on each and every area, because we all want to be well balanced.

And it really takes having that grace and beauty of the evening gown, and physical fitness in swimsuit competition, and the composure for your interview, not just onstage, but personally with the judges. And there are so many different components. And it really focuses your training to be well balanced in all those areas. And I think they’re all good skills for all of us. And one of my favorite things is the swimsuit.

Dr. Z: Let’s save this for next week. I think I’ve got our topic for next week. What do you think about this?—I’m actually writing it down—pursuing your dreams when people are against you, or pursuing your dreams in the face of opposition. I like that better.

Mama Z: Well, hey, this is a part two that you came up with this time, not me. Usually I do the part twos, but you did this time. So, we’re going to have to go to episode 27.

Dr. Z: Okay, we’re going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about pursuing your dreams in the face of opposition. And we really want to uncover especially the judgment in the church. And we want to uncover when people are against you, even family or friends when they might be misguided. Often times people, and this is the one thing again, I’ll ban you so you can’t leave hateful comments anymore. But I understand. I’ll shake your hand. I’ll hug you if I see you out in public. I get a lot of this is based out of ignorance.

Mama Z: And fear.

Dr. Z: And trying to help, and trying to do what’s right. It’s self-righteous indignation. But we’ll talk a lot more about that. We’ll cover that in a couple of weeks, okay?

Mama Z: Yes, I will.


[15:30 – 23:36] Current Announcements

Dr. Z: Okay, we’re going to cover that. So quick announcements. What have you got? What’s going on?

Mama Z: Well, we have the Lavender Festival coming up.

Dr. Z: The Michigan Lavender Festival.

Mama Z: Yes, the second largest outdoor activity in the state.

Dr. Z: In the state! Like how many thousands? At least two-thousand, right?

Mama Z: It’s more than that?

Dr. Z: How many?

Mama Z: Like thirty-thousand?

Dr. Z: Yea, thirty.

Mama Z: Thirty-thousand.

Dr. Z: That’s a lot of thousands.

Mama Z: It’s a lot.

Dr. Z: How many times are you speaking?

Mama Z: A lot.

Dr. Z: Lord help us! How are going to do it? How are we going to do it?

Mama Z: By being balanced and talking about all the different areas, from exercise—man, it sounds like a pageant—from exercise, to the recipes in our book, healthy living. And we’re going to combine all of the different therapies and things that we use with essential oils. And our awesome recipes that incorporate anti-inflammatory and allergy-friendly ingredients.

Dr. Z: Do you remember the days?

Mama Z: The 11th through the 13th.

Dr. Z: So, if you’re local to Michigan, the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds in Imlay City, we’re keynoting the event. We’ll be at the big huge tent in the middle of the whole festival three days in a row, signing books, The Essential Oils Diet. Actually, we’ll be having some of your classes. Your Salads Class, by the way, your Italian Class, your Garden Class are just flying off the shelves. People love it. And by the way, for those of you who follow us and who buy our stuff, thank you.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: We really, really do good, we try, we really try to do a good job keeping things affordable.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: Like uber-affordable. And so, one thing we’ve heard from a lot of y’all, some of you buy more than one thing. Some of you buy everything. And so, we’re coming up, we’ll put the cat out of the bag. This is why it’s fun being in the podcast, because no one else hears about this stuff. We’re finalizing… And don’t get me wrong—I wish I could snap my finger and have this done tomorrow. It is a ton of work. Like Mama Z has no clue.

Mama Z: No.

Dr. Z: And I really have no clue really what it takes, because I’m not with her training for her pageant.

Mama Z: You’re always like, “Oh, you’re doing that? Okay.”

Dr. Z: It’s kind of like home birth. Like I have really no idea what’s it like giving birth. And so, I’m kind of equating this to this.

Mama Z: Yea, you just told me that it was just a good workout. Like flex your muscles, that’s a contraction.

Dr. Z: Your uterus is a muscle. It’s a contraction.

Mama Z: Yea, and I guarantee you that if you experienced it…You know what? I saw the best You Tube video of this guy experiencing labor contractions with a labor thing on his belly.

Dr. Z: And he was crying?

Mama Z: He was whimpering. And then his friend kept giving him level ten contractions. And he was controlling it in the car. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard, so hard. Anyway, I want to get you one of those someday so I can video tape you.

Dr. Z: I kind of equate this to like I having no idea about home birth. I wish I could snap my fingers. And just so y’all know, it is a huge like six-month, full-time, multiple people undertaking to do this. But we’re creating a membership that people can get like an all-access pass to everything that Mama Z is doing and that we do. Because we’re coming out with an exercise class. You have three more cooking classes that you’ve got. Chris, are you ready for being busy?

Chris: Yessir.

Dr. Z: Chris is like, “Man, how are we going to keep up?”

Mama Z: I told Chris today, I said, “Hey, you’re going to be so happy. I went to the cooking store when we were at the Phipps Mall yesterday. And I got these clear nesting bowls, from herbs to the different size ingredients.”

Dr. Z: Nice!

Mama Z: Now you can see everything in the bowls. And then it will be super easy. And they’re actually used for cooking bowls like that, for those specific purposes.

Dr. Z: And that was one thing we got. After doing The 700 Club and Tampa Daytime, and Atlanta Friends and Neighbors, and CBS Local Atlanta, we’ve been told by so many people—and we’re talking producers, and we’re talking on-stage or on-air anchor people and TV personalities—that we should have our own show. So, we’re pursuing that.

Mama Z: But in the thick of it, when I created a lot of these recipes, it was out of necessity. It was because those ingredients weren’t right for my body, for our family. We wanted to make them good for our body and healthy. And so, we made all these changes, which were allergy-friendly and anti-inflammatory.

Dr. Z: Right.

Mama Z: But I guess you don’t really realize that nobody is doing that.

Dr. Z: No.

Mama Z: And there is no really Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart these days like that, per se.

Dr. Z: In a healthy version.

Mama Z: Yea, in a healthy version.

Dr. Z: A healthy version.

Mama Z: And so, I’ve always been asked if you were ever to be on a magazine, what would you want to be on? And I could list a lot of them. But one of them that covers everything is Better Homes and Gardens. I read it for decades. And it covers the recipes. It covers the home. It covers the flowers and the different stuff. And those are things that are just natural, because that’s the environment that I grew up in with my mom and dad and stuff.

And so, I hope that with having this access to people through TV and other areas like this podcast, it’s been such a blessing, because we can help other people be able to recreate the same magic in their own house, literally. It’s such a blessing that we have been given the freedom back to have more of a slow food movement, a slow family movement, and just to enjoy your space and time with one another and have it be a healthy life-giving place.

Dr. Z: And so, yes, this is episode 25 of the Natural Living Family podcast, “Detoxing Your Home and Your Life,” part one. We’re going to cover the kitchen and the pantry. And what Sabrina shared is the foundation. That really is the foundation of what it means to live a detox life. And so, what’s the why behind all of this?

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt nothing causes a metabolic burden that will lead to chronic inflammation, which will ultimately lead to poor immune system health or gut health, poor skin health, poor mental health than having a toxic overload or suffering from a toxic overload in your body. And that is through a variety of different ways. And that is through a variety of different mechanisms. So, whether it is the air that you breathe, the water that you drink, the food that you eat, the products you put on your skin—

Mama Z: What you clean with.

Dr. Z: Everything is either going to be life-giving or will be seen or perceived by your body as a toxin because your body has neuro-receptors and mechanoreceptors and all these different receptors.

Basically, look at them as a lock and a key mechanism. Okay, so, when you’re trying to unlock a door to produce a hormone, to produce joy, to produce healthy digestion, there has to be the same thing with insulin receptors. You’ve heard of these things, right? Well, if the lock and key mechanism is broken, if you’re trying to use a key that’s missing a tooth, aka a toxin, the body doesn’t know what to do with it.

And so, the body kind of reacts in a haywire situation. It becomes this sympathetic fight or flight response that ultimately leads to inflammation. That’s why synthetic fragrances have been linked to autoimmune conditions, neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia, cancer. So, toxins will ultimately slowly break down your entire body. That’s why we’re seeing obesity on the rise. That’s why we’re seeing cancer on the rise. That’s why so many people are dying at such a young age. Or they’re living their old age on ten to fifteen different medications, which has become the norm.

So, detoxing your home and your life, you have to start with the why? And the why is, I hope, you want to as Christians, as people in the body of Christ, I hope and pray that at this time you’ve been listening and tuning into our podcast that you really want to honor your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.


[23:37 – 34:04] An Invitation to Christ and a Detoxed Life

Dr. Z: If you’re not a Christian, we invite you to join the family; we really do. We don’t do this often. But periodically we invite you; we invite you to look at your life. We invite you to look at your relationship with your Creator. We invite people who don’t know Jesus as their Lord to consider what that means, and to realize that the things that we’ve done in our lives, the sins that we’ve committed, the wrongs that we’ve put out there into the world, have separated us from a very perfect eternal God.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: And it’s only through the sacrifice of a man, Jesus, the Son of God, who died on a cross over two-thousand years ago that paid that price.

Mama Z: Our Savior.

Dr. Z: Amen! And so, if you’re tuning into this show and if you’re listening even for the first time, or if you’ve been listening for weeks now, we invite you to come home. Come home to your Father, a Father who loves you unconditionally. It doesn’t matter what you did and what you may be doing. There is healing, there is forgiveness, there is a slate that can be clean. And to us, living a detox life starts with detoxing your spirit, detoxing your emotions, detoxing your mind.

And so, God loves you. And I know you’ve heard it. He sent His Son to die for you. Yet it’s so simple, so many people get hung up on that. And it’s the same thing with sin. Look at sin as a toxin, a very real toxin that will affect your whole existence. And so, in the spirit of detoxing your home and your life, get the foundation. Get the foundation, come home. And if you don’t know how, if you don’t know what it is, I didn’t accept Christ and I didn’t receive this gift of salvation at a church personally. You did.

Mama Z: I did.

Dr. Z: I didn’t. Very different.

Mama Z: For me, it was Easter 2004, at Living Word Church on that Easter Sunday, that morning.

Dr. Z: I was at someone’s home. And I remember I fell on my knees. And we’re going to interview him, by the way, Enoch. That was in Enoch’s living room. And I was at the point where I needed it. I knew it. I was trying to live this life alone, a life without purpose. I was depressed. I had suicidal thoughts. I was addicted to you name it, alcohol, cigarettes. I was doing drugs all the time. I was a wreck, smoking. And I knew there was something drawing to a life, a life worth living. I knew there was something that I was doing at a very deep level.

And I just remember falling on my knees. Enoch shared with me the Gospel. And I had heard the Gospel so many times up until that point. But it never hit home. I was like, “I don’t need that Jesus stuff. I don’t need religion. I’m good. I don’t need to change. I don’t need to accept Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.” I made fun of it.

Mama Z: And I have had friends; actually, I had a friend that had received Christ as a professional baseball player in baseball chapel. They called it something on the road. And there were a few times now that the thoughts had really crossed my path, but I didn’t know what that meant. And really experiencing praise and worship for the first time, and experiencing the love of Christ through the people that I was around in the church family. It was a very real experience.

Dr. Z: You encountered God.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: See, that’s the word I’m looking for.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: We have been designed by God, created by God, to encounter Him, to have intimacy with Him, to be one with Him.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: And you know it, those of you who have experienced this. And those of you who haven’t, and you feel that emptiness, that emptiness is that encounter. And that is the wooing of the Lord drawing us back home. And the world is like, “You don’t need it.” The world is like, “Fill it up with sugar. Fill it up with drugs. Fill it up with sex. Fill it up with work. Fill it up with money.” All of that is emptiness, right?

And so, you can encounter God now. We all do. And the one thing that kind of blows my mind, again, y’all have got to listen to our first couple of podcasts we have in episodes 1 and 2. You’ll hear our story. Like we did not want this, especially me.

Mama Z: Oh yea, I remember. And it was funny, because God had already kind of showed me a little bit. And he was like, “I never want any of this.”

Dr. Z: Yea. This wasn’t on my “five-year vision board.”

Mama Z: We don’t do vision boards.

Dr. Z: But still, you know what I mean? It wasn’t on it.

Mama Z: And I remember thinking, “Well, you might not have a say in all of that.”

Dr. Z: No. And so, let me just share this. This is part of it. Trust me, it’s part of it, like detoxing your home and your life. I mean it’s all part of it. It’s all part of it. Once you get your why rooted, once you become fueled, there’s like this Spirit-filled, Holy-Spirit just power that comes upon you. The Bible is clear. I love the Bible, by the way, the truth, the words of God. It gives you what you need.

You know, the book of John talks about—not the Gospel of John, like 1 John-talks about how the Holy Spirit teaches all things. We don’t even need people to each us stuff. A lot of things that we teach y’all, you don’t learn in books.

Mama Z: Right. Even when I was doing my recipes, I would pray over my hands. “Lord, I know not what I am doing, but You do. So, help guide my hands, because I know I’m going to need your help.” And there were just so many times that God would create miracles in the kitchen. Yes, the gift of hospitality is one of my gifts. But planning for a question mark amount of people that were coming to my house to have meals, and I would always have the right amount of things. And just different stuff over the years where God would bless and multiply my time, and just so many different miracles in the kitchen.

Dr. Z: You know, a lot of folks are claiming the universe speaks to them and intuition. And yes, I do believe God has given us common sense. But to live a truly healthy, detoxed, abundant life, we need to be Spirit-led. And for many of you, I know it. Just by the shear number of people that listen to this podcast, follow our website, watch our classes and documentaries and things, some of you are really, really sick, and you’re desperate. And you just don’t know what to do. And you go to the doctors, and the doctors don’t know what to do.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: Some of you are dying, and you’ve been given a death sentence. I believe there’s a solution. And I believe there is a God who loves us and a God who wants to see us live an abundant life. I know that Jesus said the thief, the enemy, satan, has come to steal, kill, and destroy. But “I came,” Jesus said, “to give you life to the full,” right?

Mama Z: Amen.

Dr. Z: And so, how do you do that, when you don’t have any idea. Like Enoch, forty-five to fifty years ago, when the microwave first came out as God’s gift to humanity, the Holy Spirit told him, “Don’t use this thing. It’s bad.” And he didn’t. And everyone thought he was crazy. It created issues with his wife at the time. Well, we know now how harmful, how detrimental microwaves are, and what microwaves have been linked to, actual disease, and the EMFs that they cause.

Mama Z: Well yea, the original microwave that I had was like the original Amana microwave in my apartment. And when you turned it on, it actually disturbed the TV. I remember trying to make microwave popcorn during the Miss America competition. I was recording it. And they were like, “Stop, stop, stop! It’s messing up the broadcast.”

Dr. Z: That’s good for your food? That’s good for your body? What do you think it’s doing?

Mama Z: It went uhhhhn!

Dr. Z: Enoch was Spirit-led. And that’s where it is. How to detox your home and your life? First of all, give it to prayer. So, give it to prayer, and then kind of wrap up the discussion about Christ. You can accept Christ right now. You can commit your life to Him. And it’s as simple as just letting go.

I would invite you to fall on your knees, open up your hands, and just close your eyes. And say like, “God, I’m done. I’m done living this life. I need you. I love you. I believe in you. I know that Jesus died for me.” The Bible says if you believe in your heart and speak with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, you shall be saved. It’s that simple. You don’t need to do anything else. And knowing that you can’t earn it, that He paid the price, and say, “I want to live for you.” And invite the Holy Spirit in your life. Say, “Lord, fill me with Your Spirit. Come into my world”

Mama Z: Yes. And after that, you need to find a group of people to fellowship with.

Dr. Z: Yea.

Mama Z: You’re going to be iron that sharpens iron.

Dr. Z: Someone to help you, support you, a local natural living family.

Mama Z: Yea, the discipleship.

Dr. Z: Yea, a good church.

Mama Z: It’s so important.

Dr. Z: What are some of the fun little things? You know, this is a good place to break, as we look at the timer, thirty-two minutes. So, this is a good place to break. We’ll get a quick word from our sponsor. And then we’ll just drop a bunch of like kitchen and pantry and emotional detox. I don’t think we’ll get to emotional detox.

Mama Z: Are you doing a part 3?

Dr. Z: Probably.

Mama Z: Oh man!

Dr. Z: A word from our sponsor.

Mama Z: I didn’t say it this time.


[34:05 – 34:45] Sponsor Spotlight: 

Dr. Z: There’s nothing like hearing the doorbell of the delivery person, letting me know that a Thrive Market package has landed on our doorstep. It’s like Christmas time every time we get a package.

Mama Z: Yes, from ingredients to snacks, it’s so awesome. And the kids go nuts.

Dr. Z: We love Thrive Market, the convenience, the price, and just the movement, because we know that every dollar spent goes towards a more sustainable, healthy, natural world. So, if you haven’t joined, then what are you waiting for? You’re going to absolutely love it.


[34:46 – 41:25] Start Detoxing Your Home—and Life!—TODAY

Dr. Z: All right, we’re back, episode 25, “Detoxing Your Home and Your Life,” kitchen and pantry.

Mama Z: Okay, some really low hanging fruit: Throw away all of your plugin air fresheners. Throw them away. They do a lot of negative. And what you want is your plugin diffuser, like what we have in our podcast for those on YouTube.

Dr. Z: Yep.

Mama Z: It’s four to six drops of essential oils with cool water or warm water, and that is acceptable. But any of your artificial air fresheners, it really takes two to three weeks to really get those chemicals out of your system. And then, when you go in somewhere that has the artificial fragrances, you won’t be able to take them anymore. You’ll be like, “No way. No thank you.”

Dr. Z: Kitchen and pantry. So, a lot of people have those smells in the kitchen.

Mama Z: Yep, they do.

Dr. Z: It’s a big deal. You want to make your kitchen smell like Christmas cookies. So, you go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond or whatever, Bath and Body Works. Don’t do it.

Mama Z: Right, because once you detox from that, you’ll be able to come up with so many more of your own blends with real natural scents. And they’re so much more life-giving. The other low-hanging fruit is throw away all those hand sanitizers. You know, what people don’t realize is, just like how broad-spectrum antibiotics can be detrimental and can cause a lack of balance in your body, it can cause women to have a yeast infection or Candida overgrowth because you’re killing off too much bacteria.

Now hand sanitizers have caused so many problems with mass bacteria going away, that it’s created super-bugs. And we want to make sure that we’re taking care of our skin. We’re really concerned about our gut; but you’ve talked about leaky skin, not just leaky gut. And you can easily make with a few ingredients a healthy hand sanitizer, using water and essential oils and some aloe vera.

Dr. Z: We’ll give the recipe at the end. Okay, so, that will be the natural living family tip.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: And so many people use hand sanitizer in the kitchen. Again, this is a kitchen and pantry thing.

Mama Z: Yes, absolutely. And the thing is, is that you can get the same benefit utilizing essential oils, but not doing this broad-spectrum killing of all of you bacteria. We need to keep some of our good bacteria so that it helps to create balance on our skin.

So, another thing, because we’re going to give that recipe as the tip, I’ve got to share with you your herbs and spices. I keep mine in small glass jars, and I write the date on them, on the bottom, because believe it or not, your herbs, your dried herbs and spices, only have a shelf life of one year. So, if you still have herbs and spices from your wedding, I guarantee that they may or may not, depending on when you got married, be good anymore.

The other thing is you don’t want to open your herbs and spices over your hot boiling stove or over your burners and dump them in, because you’re going to trap the moisture. And it will cause mold, and you can really age the herbs a lot faster.

Dr. Z: I didn’t know that before I met you. That’s a good tip.

Mama Z: And also, I was my mom’s assistant at her cooking classes. And I remember smelling and nodding as she said that. And I’m like, “I totally just saw myself yesterday pouring things in and trapping the moisture in there.” So, we all make mistakes. And it’s about learning the difference and then moving towards something better.

So, what I recommend is putting the date at the bottom in sharpie, because if you have glass, all you have to do is use your lemon essential oil, get it off, and put a new date on. That way you always know that when you got it, and then you go from a year in that time frame, because you don’t know when the store has it.

So, the other tip is my secret love affair. Except it’s not that secret, because you knew exactly what it was. And he said, “The label maker.”

Dr. Z: If there is any threat to our marriage, it’s the label-maker.

Mama Z: It’s the label-maker.

Dr. Z: You love that label-maker.

Mama Z: So, we have three label-makers. We have one downstairs.

Dr. Z: A backup to the backup.

Mama Z: And so, yea, everybody laughs because at the pageant, I always have a backup. And then I always have a backup to the backup. And my trainer, it was actually funny. She needed to borrow a dress. And I was like, “Wait, I have a backup to the backup.” So, see that’s why you always have that, because then if you have a backup, or a backup to the backup, then you won’t need them, because you’re all set.

Dr. Z: But why do you get mad at me when I buy three of the same things at the store? It’s the same concept.

Mama Z: No, you bought eighteen shirts because you liked the style of the shirt.

Dr. Z: No, it’s a different color, though. And it’s not eighteen.

Mama Z: Zielinski, seriously.

Dr. Z: Yea, I finally find a shirt that fits me good.

Mama Z: Eighteen, eighteen. Do we have to take a field trip, because we’re going to your closet? And don’t worry.

Dr. Z: But I do a good job giving away to the Salvation Army or Food Pantry. I typically don’t accumulate. I’m like, okay, let’s get rid of the old. I’m on to the new. It’s not eighteen.

Mama Z: And my friends always tease me, because I do everything in either alphabetical order or color order. And so, what is color order? That would start with white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, gray, gold.

Dr. Z: Yea, you’ve got to get the transcript for that one. That was quick. And we do have the transcripts, by the way.

Mama Z: Yea, we sure do. And don’t worry, I organize everything that way. So, my friends tease me because I do organize.

Dr. Z: Yea, label-maker; the love affair with the label-maker.

Mama Z: Yea. So, everything is labeled, whether it’s herbs and spices, every container, every jar. Everything has exactly what’s on there, because I don’t want anybody guessing. And if you think you’re going to remember what you put in X, Y, and Z in the pantry, you aren’t.

Dr. Z: Ain’t going to happen.

Mama Z: It’s not going to happen.

Dr. Z: No.

Mama Z: And I memorize everything that’s in every store and where it’s located. And still sometimes, if you don’t write a list to go to the grocery store, you have grocery store amnesia.


[41:26 – 49:06] What About Plastic? Isn’t Plastic Bad?

Dr. Z: Hey, a quick thing about pantry. We have this toxic-free healthy home makeover tour. By the way, it’s a great opportunity to see how we live. Mama Z walks you through a tour of the kitchen, the pantry, the bath, the laundry room, and the garden. And you can go to Or you could go to our website and click on the Masterclass button, and you can get a free viewing. And it’s a forty-five-minute video that walks you through the home. It’s a five-part video home tour.

Now, we got some slack. People criticize us for having plastic in our pantry. Now, let’s cover this for a minute. Like, (A), it’s one-hundred percent impossible to avoid all plastic.

Mama Z: Especially with children.

Dr. Z: Yes. So, here’s the thing.

Mama Z: We have a lot of things in glass, though.

Dr. Z: There is bad, bad plastic. And we have an article about “The Truth about Plastic.” There are certain plastics you want nothing to do with.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: And there are other plastics that are medicinal-grade PET plastic, or thicker grade that are okay. It’s not like you’re going to put some dry good in your plastic container like Tupperware and it’s going to leach horrible chemicals in it. The problem with plastic is when you put a liquid in it especially, and it gets heated outside, aka your bottled water. What do you think happens to your bottled water?

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: And that’s why most bottled waters taste like yuck, because you could taste the residue of the plastic in it. And they’re in these often-times non-refrigerated cargo, whether it’s a train, a plane.

Mama Z: And it’s hot, cold, hot, cold.

Dr. Z: And it’s horrible.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: So, just so you know, when it comes to pantry, glass is best.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: But, if you can’t afford glass or if you’re concerned because you have lots of kids like we do, we try to incorporate glass on the top shelf above the kids reach and then plastic below. But I love the Snapware, this new Snapware stuff.

Mama Z: Yea, that’s glass on the bottom and plastic on the top.

Dr. Z: It’s perfect.

Mama Z: We’ve had a few breaks. But overall, it’s pretty strong.

Dr. Z: Yea. And here’s a good tip, too, for plastic and glass. We reuse our glass. So, if we were to buy like whatever, some kind of quart jar of some sort, we’ll reuse that. And that will give you a storage thing. Like that ice tea that you make me every day. I love it. We get these thirty-two-ounce glass containers.

Mama Z: Like if it’s a pure, unsweetened cranberry that’s not from concentrate, sometimes I’ll alternate that in with my shakes, because it’s unsweetened.

Dr. Z: So, you like cranberry juice at the store in a glass container.

Mama Z: Yea. I take off the label.

Dr. Z: You take the label off.

Mama Z: And I utilize the lemon essential oil to get the label off.

Dr. Z: And the glass container becomes part of the system.

Mama Z: What we do, yea; part of the system. Or the Vons bottles when we’re on trips.

Dr. Z: I love Vons kombucha.

Mama Z: I get the Vons bottles, the kombucha bottles. We’ve taken off so many labels that if my nails could show you or if my manicurist could tell you, they can always tell when I’m busy scraping things with my nails in the kitchen.n

Dr. Z: So, that’s how we stock up on a lot of our glass stuff, too, is by the containers that we get.

Mama Z: Recycling.

Dr. Z: Yes, and that’s another way. So again, hey, don’t judge us for having a little bit of plastic in our house. If you’re on a picnic eating with a plastic fork, it isn’t going to kill you. Let’s bring a little bit of common sense and balance to this discussion.

Mama Z: Right. So, the other thing is that we use the totes, the large totes, because we’ll have a lot of our back storage. So, things that we use regularly, we’ll have all those things stored. Just so they’re in airtight containers.

Dr. Z: Big totes.

Mama Z: Bit totes, with the longevity. Now each one has a different thing; so, like teas, for example. We’ll have a lot of our teas in one.

Dr. Z: Let’s step back for a second, though. We kind of jumped in the pantry. Okay, we’re talking bulk. We’re talking you go to Costco. We’re talking there’s something buy one get one free. What do you do storage wise? A great storage technique is to buy a tote. And I’m trying to think of the size. But these things are like two to three feet by one foot deep, right? I mean these are bigger totes. These are storage totes.

Mama Z: They’re storage totes.

Dr. Z: Mama Z buys clear totes that she categorizes based off of like theme.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: So, you’ve got the tea tote. You’ve got the whatever.

Mama Z: The condiment tote.

Dr. Z: The condiment tote, the pasta tote, whatever, right? And then you fill your stuff in there.

Mama Z: Dry goods, yea.

Dr. Z: Yea, your dry good tote. And again, you watch the home makeover tour, and you’ll see exactly the different totes that we have. And Chris, by the way, this is a definite 2020 project. You want to take that to another level, because people like storage. And proper planning prevents poor performance. Have a whole course about that, because we’re on a budget, too. But anyway, I wanted to give people context about the tote thing. Like what do you mean, totes? Why are you talking about totes?

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: But that’s a great way that we’ve been able to detox our pantry, is having preparation.

Mama Z: And when we first started the tote deal—

Dr. Z: We didn’t have a pantry.

Mama Z: Well, we had a pantry, but we found that in the South, (a) it was super hot, and (b), there were all kinds of weird bugs in Georgia. And I was

kind of weird about my food bugs, anything. And so, I figured it would all be airtight, and then totes were so much safer. And so, it just became a really good way to store things, too.

Dr. Z: Yea, cockroaches are the state animal down here.

Mama Z: Oh yea.

Dr. Z: Here’s the thing, though.

Mama Z: Any warm weather climate, it doesn’t matter how clean you are, you are going to see some of these interesting bugs. One thing I always love going back home and visiting in Michigan in summertime is you never really have to turn a light on before you go into a room when it’s dark.

Dr. Z: Yes.

Mama Z: And I noticed that in Georgia, sometimes things move or other things fly. Thank God, in this house, I’ve only ever seen two of these lovely creatures.

Dr. Z: Yea, they fly.

Mama Z: They fly.

Dr. Z: You make a good point. So again, we’re talking about detoxing your pantry. Of course, you’ve got to know what to buy and what not to buy. And you really kind of have to watch the class and watch it for free. But go to our website.

Mama Z: Yea.

Dr. Z: You get this concept. But we do want to give them like really, really stay-away-from-these kind of tips. But storage is key. It doesn’t matter how big your home is. We have a makeshift pantry that is, what is it, like the storage area under the stairs?

Mama Z: It’s just the extra space under the stairs.

Dr. Z: And people that used to live here, they used it to throw in their vacuum cleaner and just junk. So, if you have like an area, it could be your basement, it could be your garage. If you live in a one-bedroom apartment.

Mama Z: It used to be in our basement.

Dr. Z: Whatever it is that you could do, I mean storage totes are great. Like basically, you are just expanding your pantry now.

Mama Z: And when we went from the little one that we made from Lowes or Home Depot to a rolling rack that we found at Costco. It fit a number of totes, and we made it work. And we had two of them in the basement. But boy, we tried here and on a wood floor, even with the best casters, it was making an indentation in the floor. So, we had to come up with something more permanent.

And so, I hope you enjoyed what we did with our pantry. And I am sure that you can find your own creative way to work within your space. But it really, really helps when you can maximize your space and utilize it for what you and your family need.


[49:07 – 55:55] The Essential Oils Diet Book: Your Survival Guide to Detoxing Your Home

Dr. Z: Hey, if you haven’t, y’all really need to get the book The Essential Oils Diet because chapter eight is all about detoxification strategies. I’m going to cover a couple today. And page 206 is Mama Z’s kitchen and pantry makeover. So, there is a list of no less than fifty items that we fill our pantries with, including all-purpose gluten-free flour, such as Trader Joes, Bob’s Red Mill; almond butter, almond flour, apple cider vinegar (we love the Bragg brand), raw organic; aluminum-free baking powder, such as Rumford; baking soda, Bob’s Red Mill again; Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, that’s a great substitute for Worcestershire.

Mama Z: And soy.

Dr. Z: Fast forward to manuka raw honey, such as Wedderspoon or Manuka Health; mayonnaise made with avocado or grapeseed oil, such as Primal Kitchen or Follow Your Heart; pink Himalayan salt, such as Natierra Himalaya. I love how we made sure to put down the brands, because these are good brands.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: These are good brands. Vanilla bean organic powder, such as Sunny Day Naturals; vegetable bouillon, organic, such as Rapunzel, which contains no hydrogenated oils; flax meal, again, Bob’s Red Mill is so good for a lot of that stuff; ghee organic, grass fed from cows, such as Pure Traditions. I mean there is so much stuff that you want to stock your pantry with. And I’m throwing a lot of this out there, because what do you do?

Pasta Joy and Taste Republic for gluten-free brown rice pastas, and Capello’s gluten-free almond flour pasta. Living Fuel, our dear friends, a whole meal super food, greens, berries, plant-based protein if you’re training. We love grade A darker C maple syrup, such as Coombs Family; gluten-free cooking oats, such as Bob’s Red Mill. I know I’m reading a lot out there. I’m telling you, this is gold. You’ve got to go back to the website and get the transcript.

We always like raw cacao, organic non-GMO from Natierra or TerrAmazon; chia seeds, such as Nutiva Organic; coconut flour, Bob’s Red Mill again. Canned is the big one. “Where do I get this coconut milk?” Well, we love Native Forest organic and unsweetened. There are so many things.

Mama Z: Right. And one tip is, if you’re going to make the coconut whipped cream, you’ve got to make sure that you shake your can. And you want to pick up the ones that you don’t hear the sloshing on the inside.

Dr. Z: Yep. So, another question we get is what do I do if I like chocolate? Well, enjoy life. Many chips are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free. Lily’s dark chocolate chips are also stevia sweetened, without any added GMOs, and they’re vegan and healthy.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: So, you get the book. Get the Mama Z’s kitchen makeover. And also, go through chapter eight, because we talk about how to survive without a microwave. And Sabrina, I know these are a lot of tips on the second half. We’re going to be giving the hand sanitizer tip. But when you’re trying to detox your kitchen and pantry, you first need to take out the junk. Take out the sugars, the conventional flours, the bad ingredients that you know. And if you don’t know, the book teaches you really a lot of the details about it.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: But things that are inflammatory. And we’ve converted. A lot of your Worcestershire and your condiments are filled with sugars and gluten and preservatives.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: Well, we’ve got the solution. I just listed out like twenty-five of them. But how do you survive without a microwave? Do you need to the book? Or do you know it off the top of your head? What have you got? This is page 170. I love this.

Mama Z: Well, one of the biggest things is reheating your food. People are like, “What do you do to reheat your food?” And when we got a convection oven, it had a reheat feature. And it was 325 for fifteen minutes. And during that fifteen minutes, that was warming it up all the way there. And so, it gets to 325 part way there. But that usually is good enough to warm up your food.

And another one is, “What about that popcorn? We want that microwave popcorn.” And so, we have actually a popcorn popper. You can get a Whirly Pop. And that makes it very, very easy to do that.

Dr. Z: Yep, yep, yep.

Mama Z: One of the top things was, “How do I melt butter?” And so, taking a two-cup glass measuring cup and put it in there for 325 to 350 and letting it melt. So, there are so many different things that you can do. And those are just a few of the top tips.

Dr. Z: So, overexposure to low level EMFs have been “shown” from the book, aka your microwave, to produce a horrifying list of health problems like sleep disorders, headaches, fatigue, concentration and attention dysfunction, memory change, dizziness, irritability, nausea, tingling, restlessness, you name it. This is from just being around a microwave that’s being used all the time.

How do you detox your kitchen? Mama Z said stop the airborne pathogens that are out in your aerosols and your hand sanitizers, your cleaning products. Get rid of your microwave. How do you detox your pantry? Just take out the bad stuff and replace with the good. And the thing about it is, if you go watch the home makeover tour—again, You’re really good, Mama Z, at systematically helping people go at the right pace that they can go at.

Mama Z: Right.

Dr. Z: It’s just not, “Hey, I’ve got fifteen-thousand dollars. Let me redo everything.”

Mama Z: No.

Dr. Z: This isn’t like a home and garden network thing.

Mama Z: It took us fifteen years.

Dr. Z: It took us some time. Let’s wrap with that.

Mama Z: Take some of the tips. And I encourage you to watch it. It will encourage you and inspire you. It will give you new ideas, especially if you’ve been on this voyage for a while. If you’re new to it, it will get you started. And just keep praying about what the next area is of detox. But just make sure you definitely watch the tour, and take all that information in, because I know it will bless you and your family.

Dr. Z: Yep. And this goes way beyond buying “organic food.” There are so many different things that you can do to navigate the process. But folks, we really appreciate this time.

Mama Z: Yes.

Dr. Z: This is going to be a two-part series here, maybe three-part. We haven’t touched on emotional detox yet.

Mama Z: We’ll get there.

Dr. Z: But you know what? We focused on setting the foundation.

Mama Z: Absolutely.

Dr. Z: Really getting our lives right with God through Christ, having the why, honoring our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit; realizing that we reap what we sow, and we can do some very sound, proven strategies to detox our kitchen, our pantry, and soon you’ll learn next week, laundry, bath, and garden.

Mama Z: Detox your lifestyle, natural living family.

Dr. Z: It is more than possible.

Mama Z: Awesome!

Dr. Z: So, thank you for joining. And we want to wrap up today’s show with a special natural living tip for you.


[55:56 – 57:10] Natural Living Tip: Immune Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Z: So, for a natural living tip for you, Mama Z shared earlier how dangerous hand sanitizers are. Well, the easy solution to a conventional hand sanitizer is to get a one-ounce glass spritzer bottle. You can get it on Amazon or your local arts and crafts or health food store. And it’s super cheap by the way, just a buck or two.

And you get ten drops of an organic grain alcohol, highest proof you can get. You get ten drops of an essential oil, ten drops of witch hazel, and ten drops of aloe. And you fill that up with water, and you’re good to go. It’s that simple. And what essential oils you want to use? Really whatever you want. Mama Z is great at switching it up, depending on the season. If you want to enjoy some nice relaxing, calming effects at night, get some lavender in there. If you want just energetic—

Mama Z: Peppermint.

Dr. Z: Yay!

Mama Z: Lemon, tea tree.

Dr. Z: If you want mood bosting,

Mama Z: Your favorite immunity blend. We like orange, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, and clove, equal parts. And that is our immunity blend.

Dr. Z: That is a hand sanitizer. It saves your hands. It saves your skin microbiome and stops the onslaught of chemicals that are in many people’s kitchen. So, make it and enjoy.

Mama Z: Yes.


[57:11 – 57:54] Sponsor Spotlight: Thrive Market

Dr. Z: As a special gift to our podcast listeners, Thrive Market is giving you twenty-five percent off your first order.

Mama Z: Keep in mind, Thrive Market’s prices are already twenty-five to fifty percent off. And now, they’re giving you an extra twenty-five percent off your first order, plus a free thirty-day trial.

Dr. Z: Now many of you are going to be making a grocery run this week. So, why not give Thrive Market a try and shop from home?

Mama Z: Simply go to to find the special link so you can redeem this deal on the show notes from today’s episode.

[57:55 – end] Detoxing Your Home Episode WrapUp 

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Mama Z: And Mama Z.

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Mama Z: God bless!

Dr. Z: Bye, bye!

Natural Living Family Podcast Episode Twenty-Five Highlights – Detoxing Your Home

  • What’s in our diffuser & praying for our leaders & pastors (2:09)
  • The truth about natural remedies, pharmaceuticals, and Christianity (6:43)
  • Creating a positive environment in natural living (11:21)
  • We’re appearing at the Michigan Lavender Festival (15:28)
  • Announcements: All-access membership to everything we do is in development now – and our own show! (17:08)
  • An invitation to Christ and a truly detoxed life (23:34)
  • Getting rooted and fueled with Holy Spirit power gives you what you need (29:00)
  • Start detoxing your home – How to detox your kitchen and pantry (34:42)
  • Our nontoxic home makeover, the question of plastic and using totes (41:20)
  • The Essential Oils Diet book: your home detox survival guide (49:01)
  • Natural living tip and episode wrap (55:29)

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Favorite Quotes from Episode 25 – Detoxing Your Home Part 1

“If you do things in Christ, honor God, and honor your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, the Lord will direct your path to abundant living.” – Dr. Z

“When I was creating recipes, I would pray: ‘Lord, I know not what I am doing, but You do. So, help guide my hands, because I know I’m going to need your help.’ And God would create miracles in my kitchen.” Mama Z

“Everything you encounter, use or eat is either going to be life-giving or will be seen or perceived by your body as a toxin.” – Dr. Z

“Come home to your Father, a Father who loves you unconditionally. It doesn’t matter what you did and what you may be doing. There is healing, there is forgiveness, and there is a slate that can be made clean.” – Dr. Z

“Look at sin as a very real toxin that will affect your whole existence.” – Dr. Z

Detoxing Your Home and Life, Part 1 – Podcast Episode 25

A Special Gift from Our Sponsor...

And before we get any further, we want to give a huge shoutout to our friends at Thrive Market.

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We are grateful for their belief in us and this podcast and are proud to introduce them as our podcast sponsor!

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