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By Rev. James Randolph (Righteous Preachers’ Network)

Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Proverbs 11:14

There are lots of gadgets in the cockpit of an airplane, but when the pilot checks the direction of his flight, there’s one reading he’ll always check first. Altimeters are instruments that help determine altitude and, if off by just 1/10th of a degree, can prevent someone from reaching his destination.

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Similarly, if our spiritual altimeter is off just by just a smidgen, we’ll never reach the high calling that we have in Christ.

Pride, rebellion and disobedience have been since the fall of man. When knowledge and wisdom are mixed in, these vices are not as easy to detect when one has been walking with God for a while. A lot of men and women in leadership get caught up in this, and don’t even realize it until they are way off course.

That is why it is important to have proven, strong mighty men of valor and women of righteousness around you as you walk with God. Having a few Godly men and women to speak the Word and truth to you will help keep you on course, and will cause you to adjust your spiritual altimeter.

Don’t miss the mark because of 1/10th degree. Stay true to the course!

After being dramatically saved in prison over 25 years ago, Reverend James Randolph has devoted his life to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. An encourager, exhorter, preacher and big brother to many in the Kingdom, Reverend James is the Director of Dr. Mark T. Barclay’s Righteous Preachers’ Network; a global organization designed to strengthen the hands of the preachers, advise and encourage them in their endeavors to accomplish all that the Lord Jesus has commanded them to do. Happily married to his beautiful wife, Dawn, Reverend James resides in Midland, MI.

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