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Essential Oils Diet Book Essential Lifestyle Approved Recipe

My Homemade Berry Lemonade Recipe is a refreshing beverage. This fruity drink is delightful, crisp, and full of vitamin C. If you’ve never had homemade lemonade before, you’re in for a treat! Many store-bought drinks contain dyes and other toxins. You’ll have such peace of mind knowing this lemonade is toxic-free. Bonus: Kids love it!

Natural sweeteners and fresh fruit will revitalize your body from the inside out. The best part? This strawberry lemonade is easy to make. I know you’ll love it as much as we do!

Why Avoid Store-Bought Juice

Store-bought juice may be convenient, but convenience isn’t always best! To keep your body healthy and strong, say no to these artificial beverages. Here are just a few of the many reasons you should avoid these drinks.

Hidden Sugars

Store-bought juice labels can be misleading. Consumers think they’re purchasing healthy, fruit-based drinks, but these beverages contain very little fruit. Instead, they’re loaded with multiple forms of sugar.

Aside from plain sugar, you can expect to see high-fructose corn syrup. Corn syrup consumption can lead to diabetes, heightening your risk of obesity. (1) A diet full of toxic sweeteners and soft drinks also means inflammation-related diseases, like gout, are likely to flare up. (2)

Why consume juice made with sugar when you can enjoy this natural strawberry lemonade recipe?

Red Dye 40

Red Dye 40 is added to many products, including juice. It’s also one of the most toxic additives that should never enter your body. Some countries have even banned this ingredient! Many people find they have allergic reactions to this dye.

If you have little ones, you may want to consider eliminating this toxin from your diet. Studies have shown that it causes behavioral issues in some children. (3) Initially, researchers thought this was due to the sugar that often accompanies these dyes but found that the dyes themselves can affect chemical levels in the brain. (4) We can’t afford to take that gamble!

There may be some good store-bought options, but they are usually pricey. Homemade lemonade is inexpensive, uses healthy sweeteners, and is naturally gorgeous, thanks to luscious strawberries.

Healthy Lemonade Ingredients

This recipe uses the freshest ingredients and is a fun twist on a classic. I think it tastes like Summer in a cup! Here’s what you need to add to your shopping list.

Fresh Lemon Juice: Bottled lemon juice has nothing on fresh! For this recipe, you’ll need about 8 large lemons. If you’re a real sourhead, you can always add more.

Lemons are full of vitamin C, which is excellent for cardiovascular health. (5) This citrus juice can also boost your immune system. I’ll often juice lemons at the beginning of the week and refrigerate the liquid in a glass jar to save time.

I use fresh lemon juice in my teas, Lemon Abundance Tea Bread, and this drink!

Organic Fruit: This ingredient adds sweetness to the lemonade and gives it a gorgeous hue. Some of our favorite combinations include:

  • Strawberries and raspberries
  • Pineapple and strawberries
  • Mixed berries (blueberries, strawberries, etc.)
  • Mangoes and strawberries
  • Strawberries and peaches

Get creative! You never know when you’ll find your new favorite combination. The lemonade featured was made with 8 ounces of strawberries and 8 ounces of raspberries.

Sweetener: This strawberry lemonade recipe uses natural sweeteners; no sugar needed! One of my favorite natural living tricks is to add multiple sweeteners to a recipe. This hack gives treats a full-bodied flavor.

This recipe uses liquid stevia and honey or Grade A Dark Amber maple syrup. Liquid stevia blends beautifully into any recipe, and it doesn’t have an odd aftertaste. I love using vanilla-flavored stevia as it complements the fruit well!

Syrupy sweeteners are great additions to drinks. Lemon and honey is a classic combination that tastes terrific, while maple syrup adds depth. When purchasing these ingredients, look for raw honey, as it’s minimally processed. If you’re having trouble finding suitable maple syrup, you can always find it online.

Purified or Distilled Water: Tap water contains toxins that can cause diabetes, dental issues, and congenital birth disabilities. We recommend using purified or distilled water whenever possible. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck with loads of plastic bottles, though! In-home filtration systems are affordable and easy to install.

Make My Berry Lemonade Recipe

Making this recipe is a breeze! You should note that it needs at least an hour of chill time. This extra step ensures that all the ice melts and the flavors mesh.

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe: A Refreshingly Healthy Drink!
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2 quarts
  1. Juice the lemons to yield 16 ounces and set aside.
  2. Add the fruit, stevia, and water to a blender. Process until smooth. Add honey and pulse to combine. Add the lemon juice and blend until mixed.
  3. Add the fruit mixture to a 2-quart glass container. Add water and ice to the top of the jar. Chill for at least 1 hour. When the ice is fully melted, the drink is ready.
  4. Serve over ice and garnish with mint and lemon slices, if desired.
* Use all stevia to make this recipe suitable for the Fast Track portion of the Essential Oils Diet Plan. Use 6 droppersful of liquid stevia. I like using 3 droppersful berry-flavored, and 3 droppersful vanilla.

Step One: Juice the Lemons

Juice the lemons to yield 16 ounces and set the juice aside.

Step Two: Create the Fruit Puree

Add the fruit, stevia, and 1 cup of water to a blender. Process until smooth. Add the honey and pulse to combine. Last, add the lemon juice and blend until mixed.

Step Three: Add Water and Chill

Pour the mixture into a 2-quart glass container. Add water and ice to the top of the jar and refrigerate for at least one hour. When the lemonade is chilled and has no ice remaining, you’ll know it’s ready to drink.

Serve over ice and garnish with mint leaves, if desired. Enjoy!

Mama Z Pro Tip: Add sparkling water for a fun twist!



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