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Having white teeth has been “fab” for many more years than one may realize. But new natural teeth whitening hacks allow you to avoid the health risks associated with some of the common teeth whitening methods out there.

Seatle Times wrote an article with some details on the old ways different cultures would whiten their teeth. It’s rather… interesting. It involves anything from chewing on sticks, using acid then filing the teeth, and brushing with urine. Being that people would resort to these options, think about how long the teeth whitening trend has been around!

In the late 1800s, dentists used chlorine to stop and restore the yellow hint on teeth. This process continued until 1960 when dentist William Klusimer used Hydrogen Peroxide to create a peroxide-based whitening agent. Moving forward to 1989, another teeth whitening ingredient was introduced: carbamide peroxide. It exploded in the dental world due to it being claimed to show “fewer side effects.” Learn more about why we recommend THIS home whitening device.

What Causes Stains and Yellow Teeth?

It’s very likely that a lifetime of drinking coffee, munching on berries, and enjoying an evening glass of Merlot has gradually transformed your white and vibrant teeth into dull, stained, discolored duds. By understanding what caused your teeth to become yellow and brown, you can finally start to reverse the discoloration for good with our favorite natural teeth whitening device.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are the most common culprits of staining the outer layer of your teeth. Coffee, wine, soda, and other dark-colored favorites easily stain tooth enamel and leave your smile looking unattractive.


Age-related discoloration occurs when the inner dentin and outer enamel structures of the tooth both become discolored. It’s hard to avoid, especially since enamel thinks with age and allows discolored layers of your teeth to show through more distinctly.

Poor Habits

Of course, poor dental hygiene habits can make your smile look less than radiant. If you’re not already brushing and flossing twice a day, start now! You can’t change your poor habits in the past, but you can stop them now to help yourself in the future. You can quit smoking, cut down on sugar, and throw your teeth a lifeline.

5 Health Risks of Whitening Your Teeth

It’s no secret that having pearly white teeth is a never-ending trend. It boosts confidence, glows, and often time impresses the ones around you. It used to be a way for people to show they were wealthy and cared greatly about their image. Unfortunately, no one focused on the risks “traditional” teeth whitening can cause.


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Natural Teeth Whitening Hacks: Primal Life Organics Review

1: Horrible Bleaching Chemicals

Carbamide peroxide is the main ingredient in most standard teeth-whitening products. It breaks down into hydrogen peroxide to bleach the color of your teeth through chemical reactions. The ADA considers this a safe way to brighten teeth, but let’s stop to think about it: we are bleaching our teeth and exposing them to the same type of chemicals we’d use to clean a dirty bathtub. That shouldn’t be the standard for how to whiten teeth!

Research shows that strong whitening products, especially those containing between 30 and 35 percent of peroxide, can burn the soft tissue of the gums and create painful irritation. Many adults using at-home whitening kits have also reported systemic effects like an upset stomach and burning mouth and throat.

2: Unbearable Sensitivity Issues

Tooth sensitivity is by far the most common side effect of traditional tooth whitening. You probably recognize sensitivity as that gut-wrenching zing you feel when you eat something hot or cold, feel cold air blow across your teeth, or accidentally touch a tooth too hard. Whitening causes painful sensitivity because the peroxide must penetrate your hard tooth structure and expose nerves in order to oxidize the molecules that cause staining.

3: Gingival Irritation

Your teeth and gums go hand-in-hand, so of course when one hurts, the other suffers, too. Due to the harsh chemicals that are being used, it can cause harm to the gums. Typically, the irritation begins within a day of whitening and may last up to several days after the treatment. Healthy gums are usually moist and smooth, but whitening treatments can cause dehydration and demineralization so the teeth can appear whiter, causing the gums to suffer.

4: Tooth Structure Damage

When the teeth undergo an aggressive bleaching treatment, the structure becomes susceptible to damage brought by demineralization. There have been studies that show these treatments change the makeup of your tooth’s surface, as well as the microstructure of enamel crystals. Whitening your teeth could lead to them looking worse when their structure gets damaged? Doesn’t sound like a fair trade.

5: Harmful to Dental Restorations

There is a chance the peroxide being used overpowers the amount of mercury found in the materials being used to fill cavities. Based on the age of the cavity filling, time of application, and concentration of peroxide, harm can be done to your previous dental work.


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Best Natural Teeth Whitening Options

Don’t worry, there are other methods to whiten teeth other than using peroxide and bleach. The following are a few old and new remedies that truly work! No more peroxide, no more bleach, and definitely no more pain when you use these natural teeth whitening options.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Water Swish

Stubborn stains are the toughest to get rid of, but they’re no match for powerful and natural ACV. Combine a teaspoon of ACV with a ½ cup of water. Simply swish for 30 seconds, spit and rinse. Just be sure to avoid overusing this natural remedy because ACV is highly acidic and can erode enamel if misused.

Oil Pulling

Yes, oil pulling, another natural favorite! This traditional Indian folk remedy is more popular than ever before because it naturally improves oral hygiene, removes toxins from the mouth, and helps your teeth look a few shades whiter.

Oil pulling is simple — place a spoonful of coconut oil, sunflower oil, or another natural oil into your mouth and swish for 20 minutes. Once time is up, spit the oil into the trash and rinse your mouth. The gross toxins, bacteria, and debris in your mouth will be pulled out by the oil, leaving your teeth and gums healthier and brighter.

LED Light

LEDs, or “light-emitting diodes”, produce light differently than a standard incandescent or fluorescent light bulb. Though LEDs release extremely bright light when an electrical current is present, they don’t produce the wasted heat energy that other types of lights do. This makes it possible for LEDs to deliver total efficiency from the second they turn on.

LED light functions as a catalyst to the whitening process and accelerates the results of any natural whitening agent you apply to your teeth. Thanks to the power and efficiency of LED lights, you only need 10 to 20 minutes a day to see dramatic results.

The V3 Real White Teeth Whitening System offers an elite teeth whitening experience. Consisting of 3 treatment sessions – blue LED lights for teeth whitening, red LED lights for gum health, both lights for a 2-in-1 treatment – it takes your smile from “old and dingy” to “young and bright!”

Whitening Agent Made with All-Natural Ingredients

It’s important to remember that LED light technology can’t really whiten your teeth on its own. You need to apply a whitening agent for the LED light to stimulate. You know to skip the harsh peroxide, but what should you use instead? Try a natural gel-like Real White Whitening Gel instead! It is formulated with the very best natural ingredients to help your teeth look whiter and feel stronger: extra virgin olive oil, bentonite clay, and essential oils.


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It’s Simple and Safe

Using the LED and teeth whitening gel couldn’t get any more easy, convenient, or safe. Follow these simple steps for the best results or click here to watch a how-to tutorial:

  1. Apply Real White Whitening gel directly to dry teeth with your finger
  2. Insert the LED system into your mouth and choose which treatment you desire
  3. Let it rest on your teeth until the system turns off (it’s only 16 minutes; it’s done before you know it)
  4. Once treatment is over, remove the system and rinse it with warm water (you can rinse your mouth, too if you’d like, but the gel is so safe it can be swallowed!)

The system is cordless and rechargeable making it perfect for on-the-go use! Whether you’re doing laundry, cleaning the house, driving, or at your desk at work, you can whiten your teeth and support your gums.

Regular Oral Health Maintenance

The importance of regular brushing and flossing can’t be overstated. If you can diligently brush and floss every morning and night, you’ll stop plaque and tartar from forming on your teeth and gums, which means you’ll also stop stains in their tracks!

Just be sure to use the right oral care products. Instead of a conventional toothpaste loaded with toxins like fluoride, try using an all-natural cleaner like Dirty Mouth Toothpowder. A combination of bentonite clay, white kaolin clay, aluminum-free baking soda, and organic essential oils combine to re-mineralize your teeth, soothe your gums, remove plaque and bacteria, and give you a more confident smile. You can even make your own if you have the time.

Natural Teeth Whitening Hacks: Primal Life Organics Review

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Natural Teeth Whitening Hacks: Primal Life Organics Review

This natural V3 LED Teeth Whitening System will have you smiling more with bright white teeth and fresh breath! Get started in the comfort of your own home for less than $200.

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