One of my favorite cleaning combos is lemon essential oil and baking soda! This essential oil homemade all purpose cleaner recipe is super easy to make and you can make and store for convenience or make up a batch as you’re cleaning.

Baking soda is naturally deodorizing so it’s great for cleaning anything from your kitchen sink to your glass stove top, pots and pans, bathtub, or the pet’s water dish. Lemon essential oil is also great at killing off bacteria which causes odors and the fresh scent is always a welcome addition on cleaning day.

Another great use for this homemade all purpose cleaner blend is to use as a carpet deodorizer! Sprinkle on and let sit overnight. Then vacuum! The baking soda draws the bad smells out of the carpet and the lemon helps too. (Be sure to test a small spot first to make sure your carpet or upholstery is color-safe and won’t fade!)

How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Homemade All Purpose Cleaner with Baking Soda by Mama Z

For less stubborn areas, try my DIY Kitchen Cleaner recipe!

Which other oils can you think of that would be good for a clean smelling essential oil DIY all purpose cleanser?

Great for cleaning sinks, pans, stovetops and more!

Ingredients for Essential Oil Cleanser Recipe

Instructions for Essential Oil Cleanser Recipe

  1. Mix baking soda and lemon essential oil together and store in a glass container. I like cheese shakers for this because they make it easy to use, but any glass jar will do!

Use as you would a normal cleanser, making a bit of a paste with water and scrubbing with a clean damp cloth. Rinse.


For a little extra cleaning power, spray the soiled area with white vinegar before sprinkling on the cleanser and add an additional drop of a citrus oil like orange or grapefruit!

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