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“Beginner-level essential oil information abounds, but when one begins to seek out evidence-based protocols for more complicated ailments, finding information you can trust is incredibly difficult. The Essential Oils Apothecary is the volume I wish I had years ago.”

– Jill Winger, Bestselling Author of The Prairie Homestead Cookbook and host of the Old Fashioned On Purpose Podcast

“Essential oils are powerful medicine, and nobody knows more about them than Dr. Eric and Sabrina Ann Zielinski. If you’re looking for both state-of-the-art science and practical, hands-on information, this is the book you need.”

– Kellyann Petrucci, ND, New York Times Bestselling Author,
Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet


Isn’t It Time We Addressed Chronic Illness As a Whole?

Let’s face it — the events of 2020 didn’t create a health crisis, they simply revealed it.

The fact is, more than 133 million Americans live with at least one chronic disease.

That means more than half the American population deals with persistent illnesses like:

  • Blood sugar concerns
  • Memory issues
  • Sleep troubles
  • Chronic joint pain
  • Compromised heart health
  • Hormonal trouble
  • Obesity

And far too many others that make chronic disease sufferers vulnerable to a slew of other health complications.

…That’s not normal.

And yet, those suffering— who suffer not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually— are conditioned to accept their condition as a hopeless life sentence.

For some people, their doctor prescribes expensive medication that masks their symptoms… At least, for a while.

For others, they’re told it’s all in their head, left without any answers at all.

In fact, it’s almost as if our healthcare system is becoming deafer to the tired screams of chronic illness sufferers every single day…

This institutionalized neglect leaves most sufferers with unanswered questions like…

  • Why does having one chronic disease often lead to having another?
  • How come our ancestors rarely dealt with chronic disease?
  • Or even more concerning – why does the U.S. have significantly higher rates of chronic disease than any other country on the planet?

The Essential Oils Apothecary takes essential oil application one step further than ever before— offering hope, clarity, and more than 150+ evidence-based protocols for bringing comfort to complicated, chronic conditions and nagging symptoms that rob people of an abundant life.

Without looking at chronic disease as a whole, conventional thinking says these questions are irrelevant— maybe even foolish.

But when we take a closer look?

These questions are all connected, and their answer holds the key to reclaiming our God-given right to abundant health, happiness, and freedom.

Now, it’s up to us to put the pieces together to heal…

To take control of our own wellbeing…

And to stand up against the most dangerous phrase in the English language: “There’s nothing you can do…”

Because, dear friend, those words could not be farther from the Truth…

And now there’s an entire book to prove it.

The Essential Oils Apothecary Book

Written as the very first layperson’s guide to understanding chronic disease holistically, The Essential Oils Apothecary is the missing link many chronic disease sufferers are looking for.

In fact, for thousands of years through a variety of forms, essential oils have addressed physiological disharmony in our bodies and helped bring them back into balance.

So, why wouldn’t we reach for these powerful, natural gifts as a complementary therapy when dealing with chronic disease?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a health and wellness practitioner who wants to empower their patients or clients to take control of their condition…

A chronic illness sufferer who’s sick and tired of being sick and tired…

Or someone who simply knows it’s time to deepen their understanding of one of God’s most incredible healing gifts to mankind…


The Essential Oils Apothecary is an eye-opening reference book that proves it’s not only possible, but often life-changing to support conventional treatment for chronic disease with proven alternative protocols like essential oils.

And now, backed by years of research, expert praise, and experience helping over 3 million people each year through their blog, courses, and online Natural Living Family community, it’s the Zielinskis’ intention that The Essential Oils Apothecary gives you the answers you deeply deserve.

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What Experts Are Saying About The Essential Oils Apothecary

Dr. Amy Myers

A Practical Approach

“The Essential Oils Apothecary is the most comprehensive essential oils resource I know. Dr. Eric and Sabrina Zielinski make a clear and thorough investigation into the safe and effective use of essential oils for chronic disease management. I highly recommend it!”


– Amy Myers, M.D. New York Times Bestselling author of The Autoimmune Solution and Thyroid Connection

Aligns Ancient Wisdom With Modern Day Science

“With their practical approach, Dr. Eric and Sabrina Zielinski clearly lay the groundwork for harnessing the healing power of essential oils. Their healing recipes and soothing remedies—all backed by science—will teach you how to successfully manage debilitating chronic conditions and nagging symptoms.”


-Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, National Bestselling Author of Ancient Remedies and Founder of the World’s #1 Most Visited Natural Health Website,

The Most Comprehensive Essential Oils Resource

“The Zielinskis are on a mission to make essential oils the missing link in 21st century medicine. Their Essential Oils Apothecary offers clear cut evidence-based strategies for treating the 25 most prevalent and urgent health conditions of the day with practical recipes, internal remedies and diffusions. This book does a masterful job in aligning ancient wisdom with modern day science to soothe body, mind, and spirit with super natural plant power!”


– Ann Louise Gittleman, Award-Winning Multiple New York Times Bestselling Author of Radical Longevity

What’s Inside?

Part 1: The Healing Power of Essential Oils

First, Dr. Z and Mama Z explore the nature and causes of chronic disease, briefly touching on foundational essential oil knowledge.


  • Discover why chronic disease happens and why it’s more common than ever
  • Receive a quick refresher in essential oil basics
  • And of course, learn how to detoxify your home to get out ahead of chronic disease in the first place

Part 2: Using Essential Oils For Chronic Conditions

Designed to be referenced at any time, Dr. Z and Mama Z’s clear, step-by-step instruction show readers how to start managing the causes and symptoms of chronic disease with essential oils.


  • Find comfort in more than 150 targeted natural protocols to help manage concerns around sleep, stress, substance abuse, intimacy, and more
  • Learn the how and the why behind every essential oil recipe
  • Follow along safely and easily with charts, safety tips, and Dr. Z and Mama Z’s real-life examples

Part 3: Advanced Strategies and Protocols for Chronic Disease

Eager to dive into advanced applications? This final section addresses how essential oils can be used to manage more complicated chronic health issues, backed by an unprecedented amount of evidence and scientific research.

  • Gain clarity around why these more complicated chronic diseases are sweeping the planet and how to approach them with compassion, curiosity, and hope

  • Open your eyes to more than 50 ways to calm symptoms and causes related to “hopeless” prognosis (and why they’re not always as “hopeless” as we’re led to believe)

  • Practice protocols safely with extensive drug interaction charts and guidance

Own Over 150+ Science-Backed Essential Oil Recipes for Managing the Causes and Symptoms of Chronic Disease Like Stress, Sleep Troubles, Intimacy Issues, Inflammation and More

Whether you apply them topically, ingest them, or diffuse them in the air, essential oils are scientifically proven to work on the body’s physiology gently and quickly.

Using oils from more than 70 aromatic plants—from copaiba and lemongrass to turmeric and ylang ylang—The Essential Oils Apothecary is full of trusted recipes, including:

  • The Earthy Wood Inhaler – “Forest bathing” is the act of immersing oneself in nature to ground and recenter. This earthy blend brings nature inside and offers an easy way to “forest bathe” on demand.
  • The Immune-Boosting Diffuser Blend – Nearly every chronic disease is traced back to a compromised immune system. This bright blend helps add an extra layer of support against airborne pathogens.
  • IBD Synergy Capsules – This soothing blend is a gentle mixture of coriander, Melissa, and peppermint to soothe and promote gut health
  • Extra-Strength Bone and Joint Salve – Chronic joint discomfort can keep sufferers from the activities they love. Enjoy natural, on-the-spot comfort with hemp, frankincense, lavender, and wintergreen.
  • Sensual Body Spray – Chronic disease often affects intimacy. Reignite the spark with an alluring mixture of natural, soothing scents that relax the body and mind.

More Praise For
The Essential Oils Apothecary

A Reference Book to Be Referred to Regularly

“Admittedly, I didn’t read this book from cover to cover. Why? Because this is a reference book to be referred to regularly, maybe even daily. I don’t expect it will likely find its way to your home library’s shelf anytime soon, but I suspect it will rest cozily on your pillow or next to you on your bedside table, waiting for you to actively look up this and that for all of those in your life who so need this information.”


Joette Calabrese, International Homeopathy Practitioner, Author, Speaker

A Treasure Chest of Detailed Information and Insights

“This book is a treasure chest of detailed information and insights. Dr. Z’s deep understanding of natural health and living a vibrant life will no doubt inspire you to use essential oils to care for yourself and your loved ones. The Essential Oils Apothecary is truly breathtaking in its scope. I consider this is a must have, one-of-a-kind reference book that you’ll use for a lifetime.”


– Marc David, founder of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and bestselling author of Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet

A Must Have for the Modern Day “Health Library”

“Essential oils are part of many traditional healing approaches. The Essential Oils Apothecary merges these traditional uses together with available science to provide helpful techniques and recipes to harness their benefits, with a focus on holistic healing for a range of chronic illnesses. It’s exciting to see all the creative ways of how essential oils and lifestyle changes can be applied for overall healthier living – this book is a must have for the modern day ‘health library!”


– Deanna Minich, PhD, nutritionist, educator, and author of Whole Detox

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And other quick and easy recipes you can use safely on your own terms…

PLUS, a Digital eBundle Full of Beautiful, Printable Charts + Cut-Out Recipe Cards Straight From The Essential Oils Apothecary ($97 Value)

PLUS, a Digital eBundle Full of Beautiful, Printable Charts + Cut-Out Recipe Cards Straight From The Essential Oils Apothecary

($97 Value)

Brush up on advanced essential oil guidance at a glance with printables like…

  • Plant Parts That Produce Essential Oils
  • DIY Dilution Guide
  • Roller Bottle Guide
  • Photosensitivity Guide
  • Exhaustive Drug Interaction Chart on Essential Oils
  • Exhaustive Chart on Essential Oils with Cancer-Fighting Properties
  • Treating Ailments Common to the Elderly

Plus, add to your foundational recipes with 6 easy cut-out card recipes, including…

  • Basic Bath Salts Recipe
  • Basic Body / Massage Oil Recipe
  • Basic Diffuser Recipe
  • Basic Capsule Recipe
  • Basic Inhaler Recipe
  • Basic Roller Bottle Recipe

In short, ordering The Essential Oils Apothecary now grants you instant access to FREE exclusive resources to enhance your learning…


Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to these resources to come back to over and over again at your own pace as you need them.

Knowing All Your Options Is Your God-Given Right

From here, it’s up to you to seek the truth about managing chronic conditions with safe, alternative protocols, and The Essential Oils Apothecary is the best place to start.

This book is for anyone who…

  • Feels confused and frustrated in the face of a chronic disease diagnosis and wants a natural way to complement their conventional protocol
  • Seeks to understand the connection between America’s growing chronic disease epidemic and our modern lifestyle
  • Wants to incorporate natural preventative methods to keep themselves and their families healthy
  • Is supporting a loved one who is facing a chronic disease
  • Teaches or practices wellness on patients or clients with chronic disease who feel called to dive deeper into essential oils
Or simply anyone who wants to equip themselves with the most powerful, proven natural remedies on the planet to live in abundant health.

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The Essential Oils Apothecary Book




About Dr. Z, Mama Z & The Natural Living Family


DR. ERIC ZIELINSKI is the author of the national bestseller The Healing Power of Essential Oils, and he has pioneered natural living and biblical health education since 2003.

Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher, and chiropractor, Dr. Z started in 2014 with his wife, Sabrina Ann, to help people learn how to safely and effectively use natural remedies such as essential oils.

Now visited by more than three million people every year, has rapidly become the number one online source for biblical health and non-branded essential oils education.


SABRINA ANN ZIELINSKI is the author of the bestselling book, The Essential Oils Diet. As the Mrs. Georgia 2019 beauty pageant titleholder, Sabrina has used her natural living platform to inspire millions across the globe to reach their health goals.

The mastermind behind the allergy-friendly food recipes and do-it-yourself remedies featured on their website and in this book. She is “Mama Z” for many fellow moms looking for natural ways to care for their families and teaches people the safe and effective use of essential oils.

The Zs are on a mission to help people enjoy a healthy, abundant life. They are determined to set an easy-to-follow example for our future generation and create, through natural means, a healthy world; one nutrition-packed meal at a time.