Homemade Tile Cleaner Solution
  1. Fill mop bucket or glass bowl with hot water first to prevent bubbles.
  2. Add vinegar and essential oils.
  3. Stir well.
  4. Use to mop your tile floor or clean your bath tub.
  5. If you prefer a spray for your shower tile, use the same steps to mix in a spray bottle and apply to bathroom tiles as needed.
* Essential Oils for Cleaning:

Tea Tree – is an anti-fungal and kills mold
Lemon – kills bacteria
Eucalyptus – kills dust mites
Pine or Fir Needle – antiseptic and leaves a pleasant smell
Citronella – wards off bugs
Recipe by Natural Living Family with Dr. Z & Mama Z at https://naturallivingfamily.com/homemade-tile-cleaner/