Homemade Nut Butter Cups
  1. Melt coconut oil and chocolate in a small pot on medium heat. If using cocoa powder (it can be very buttery), so start with a little honey, liquid stevia or coconut sugar & sweeten to taste. No sweetener if using baking chips.
  2. Once it's barely melted then add peanut butter. This allows nice chunks in your nut butter cups.
  3. Line mini muffin tray and pour into mini muffin papers. Put it right in the freezer. Once frozen, put into freezer bags and back into the freezer for storage.
"Study Cups" Variation: With one single batch, add 1 Starbucks VIA instant coffee grinds packet or 1 teaspoon very finely ground Bulletproof coffee to juice up your peanut butter cups with some caffeine.
Recipe by Natural Living Family with Dr. Z & Mama Z at https://naturallivingfamily.com/recipes/homemade-nut-butter-cups/