Homemade Nipple Cream For Breastfeeding Moms (For Cream)
  • ½ cup calendula-infused oil
  • ½ cup organic cocoa butter
  • 2 ounces of beeswax OR shea butter (optional) if a thicker product is desired
  • 8 drops essential oils – suggestions: lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil
  1. Melt together the infused oil and cocoa butter. If using, melt the beeswax also.
  2. When melted, remove from heat and add essential oil.
  3. Store the cream in a sterilized glass jar. It should last for up to 6 months if not sitting in sunlight.
  4. Apply a thin layer to your dry nipples and areola between feedings.
  5. For even more soothing benefits, cool the cream in your refrigerator before applying it.
Recipe by Natural Living Family with Dr. Z & Mama Z at https://naturallivingfamily.com/homemade-nipple-cream/