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When you’re looking for delicious holiday recipes you think of savory dishes for pot-lucks, sweet desserts for gatherings and eye-catching side dishes for entertaining. But you don’t often think of healthy recipes for the holidays. That’s OK - we’ve got you covered with these allergy-friendly recipes perfect for Christmas, Easter, New Years parties, summer picnics and any holiday occasion. And all the recipes are within The Essential Oils Diet principles for Fast Track or Lifestyle eating habits.

Sam’s Easy Bruschetta Recipe

This easy bruschetta recipe is bursting with bold, robust Italian flavors. Simple to modify for an allergy friendly side dish or appetizer!

Mama Z’s Homemade Hummus

The main ingredient in hummus is the garbanzo bean or chickpea. This Fast Track recipe is perfect for hunger control and weight loss.

Warmed Holiday Punch

This holiday punch is a warm and delicious refresher to serve at any get together or celebration. You can make it ahead of time and freeze it.

Mama Z’s Vegan Pumpkin Dip

The amazing taste of Fall is in the air and this vegan pumpkin dip is a great way to satisfy that sweet tooth in a healthy way!

Fresh Tomato Salad Recipe

This sweet and tangy fresh tomato salad recipe is quick and easy to make and perfect for garden parties! You will love this summer salad.

Lemon Tea Bread

I love serving my homemade Lemon Tea Bread along side my Italian dishes. This bread has enough sweetness to enjoy as a dessert after dinner.
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Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays where people think about homemade food from dinners to beverages to desserts and more. How do you cook a Thanksgiving dinner when you have food allergies and sensitivities? Try our gluten-free gravy for your turkey or sugar-free pie to avoid inflammatory ingredients. 

Christmas is a time for sweet treats, cookie recipe exchanges and decadent desserts but no one wants to worry about the pain and pounds that comes with poor food choices. Better to use natural sweeteners and other anti-inflammatory ingredients. This will allow you to enjoy your holiday celebrations without guilt or fear of making disease worse. 

Dairy is also a huge inflammatory ingredient so finding dairy-free recipes can be so helpful. For example hot cocoa is a winter holiday classic and you’ll love this sugar-free, dairy-free hot chocolate recipe. For dessert, try a no-dairy cheesecake too – you won’t regret it. If you have a summer gathering you have to try the coconut milk ice cream recipes so you can enjoy a yummy treat. 

All the recipes we develop at Natural Living Family are designed to help you meet your unique dietary needs – no matter what those needs are. All our recipes are sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free…even the holiday recipes and desserts. That’s why these recipes are perfectly designed for anyone on a whole food diet, or if you are following an anti-inflammation diet. If you are eating clean and looking for family-friendly recipes, look no further. All the recipes follow The Essential Oils Diet book principles so they are nourishing and nutritious. 

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