Hey everyone, as we're here visiting family on holiday, we were looking back on this year at the things that we've been through and done, and now we wanted to THANK YOU and do something special for all of you!
We're really proud to say that we've educated and touched the lives of 5+ million people this year through our website, video courses, books and more—and we are grateful for each and every one of you!
That’s why in order to thank all of you that are part of our family and tribe, we've put together a special Black Friday Sale with massive discounts on all our products. So if you've been wanting to join one of our courses, there's never been a better time to do it as we have discounts up to 95% off – that you're not going to get any other time of the year.

Our BFF's!

You know we like to bring you good things, right?!?

So, this year, we've gathered our BFF's (Black Friday Favorites) – what we feel are the best deals on some of the best natural living products around. Hope you enjoy!

Dr. Z & Mama Z Specials

Essential Oil Goodies

Detox & Healthy Living Goodies

  • Toxic Free Health Home Makeover Bundle (95% OFF – Digital Only – 40,000+ people have watched our 5-Part Video Home Tour and you won't get a chance to pick up the bundle this cheap again until next year!)
  • Beat Cancer God's Way (89% OFF – An evidence based, Biblically inspired approach to abundant life health & wellness. Dr. Z's first online class that has been an annual Black Friday favorite since 2016!)

Goodies from Our Friends

Starts Wednesday (Nov 21

  • Transfer Point Beta-1, 3D Glucan (Up to 40% OFF the #1 Most Research Immune Supplement in the World)
  • AirDoctor ($300 OFF – By far the best air purification system we've ever used. A Must-Have for anyone wanting to live in a toxic-free home)
  • AquTru ($100 OFF – The easiest to set up, most affordable water purification system in the world. Get ready to LOVE water again!)

Starts Friday (Nov 23)